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I was in the large two-person shower expecting Jenny to join me soon. As we had headed back from the beach, Jenny had indicated just before we got to the park’s shower stalls that she would join me shortly. First she had to take care of something.

Thinking that she had to pee I headed to the shower stalls. The showers were large rooms; each had their own door to the outside and had a shower and a changing area for a family of four. They were roomy but rustic. I found an empty room, hung my t-shirt on the handle so Jenny could locate it and entered. I stripped and started to lather up in order to rinse off the sand from our adventures at the beach. As I lathered up I thought I heard the door open and felt a momentary warm gust as if the outdoor air had penetrated the room, but then there was nothing.

As time passed I stayed in the shower hoping that Jenny would enter and we could lather each other up and fool around a little. When nothing had happened I peeked out from the curtain and saw Jenny standing there naked and quivering. The soft flesh on her round butt was shaking as if she were cumming. As the water cleared from my eyes I realized that she was standing there with a guy; they were both naked. He had one hand around her waist and backside and apparently the other hand was working vigorously between her legs. As she shook more violently he held her up until she finished. In shock I watched this transpire and then saw Jenny wrap her hands around this guy’s neck and kiss him on the mouth…intensely.

“C’mon, Massimo, I think we need to join my hubby.” As Jenny turned and faced the shower she saw me, laughed and said, “I guess you know I’m having company over for dinner, honey.” They both chuckled and pushing the curtain aside crowded into the large shower with me.

Massimo was a muscular, dark-haired, dark-eyed Mediterranean looking man, whom we had met earlier on the beach and who was also sporting a thick, long erection. He had been aroused by getting Jenny off.

Jenny made sure her soft butt brushed against my penis as she entered the shower. It was as if she were telling me this is what you could have had today, but you screwed up and now Massimo is going to have fun with me. She was right. I had screwed up royally.

Earlier that day Jenny and I had been out at the beach. We had hoped to sun in the nude since much of the long beach in this park is deserted. And backing up to the beach were sand dunes with secluded areas that one could disappear into for a little fun. In fact that morning we had gone back in the dunes, gotten naked and pleasured each other orally. When we returned to our beach blanket there were now three college-age girls sitting right near us. They were all playing in the water when we returned and were very naked. Apparently it didn’t bother them that other folks were walking by on the beach. They told us later that they were so cute and so pleasant that no park officer, man or woman, ever did anything with them, just as long as they stayed away from the crowded public beach.

All three girls, Denise, Liz, and Syrena were all slender but big busted, with perfectly rounded butts and completely shaved between their legs. When they came out of the water they offered some of their lunch to us and finally convinced both Jenny and I to shed our clothes.

That’s when the trouble began. When the three saw the size of my manhood just hanging their six inches long at rest and several inches thick, they became very intimate with their touching of my body. Soon Jenny had become an afterthought. The three girls were young and full of sexual energy and my ego soon took over. So when the three invited us into the water, like a dumbass male, I simply ignored the fact that Jenny was left alone on the beach and followed the girls into the lake. Jenny didn’t follow for various reasons but I didn’t notice. I was having too much fun wrestling naked with the girls in the water, playing games of chicken, and throwing a Frisbee back and forth in the waves. There were many tumbles into the water where I had three naked, young women grabbing me and rubbing up against me. The expected soon happened; I got an erection, which drew their interest even more. Soon as part of the game each of the girls would try to distract me by backing her nubile, firm backside up against my erect penis and tried to force it to slide between their legs. Or they would touch me with their hands which got me even more excited and erect.

The whole time I didn’t pay any attention to my naked wife on the beach; I was having too much fun gaming and flirting. By the time my brain finally moved from being in the head of my penis it was too late.

What I had failed to see was that several very handsome and well-built young men had stopped by to converse with Jenny while I had been preoccupied with Denise, Liz and Syrena. In fact when I realized that I had been remiss in not ensuring that Jenny joined us in the water I looked to the beach and saw an Italian looking guy standing naked directly Antalya Escort in front and close to Jenny on the beach chatting with her. I did not see any physical contact, but I felt I needed to reconnect with Jenny, partly out of guilt and mostly out of jealousy.

As I headed out of the Lake Michigan surf and up the beach towards our blanket, I noticed that this guy’s penis was more sizable than mine and he was standing very close to her with it only mere inches from her face. However, as I drew closer, I noticed that they were simply talking; no touching was going on. I hurried a little faster to interrupt Jenny’s conversation with this guy. I was jealous and feeling guilty at the same time.

As I got to the blanket Salvo introduced himself, “Mr. Mark, your wife and I have been sharing verbal intercourse while you were playing in the surf. I hope you don’t mind.” He had an Italian accent but his English was pretty good, so the reference to intercourse disturbed me. He continued, “My wife, my brother and I happened to be passing by, and Maria asked your wife, Ms. Jenny, if there were somewhere private nearby. Your wife showed us the spot where you and she had been just this morning. Ms. Jenny was MOST HELPFUL,” he emphasized. “My Maria…she is still back in the dunes with Massimo, my brother. They are still being ‘helpful’ to each other.” That remark really got me wondering what he meant by helpful and how ‘helpful’ Jenny had been with the three of them.

I shook his hand, but I noticed when I looked at Jenny that she was grinning at my foolish self as if knowing that I had hurried up the beach because I felt threatened by a handsome, well-endowed man like Salvo. “You look like you had a good time, dear. So has Salvo. And so have I. And he has a brother, Massimo, who just arrived here in the US. He’s ‘assisting’ Maria still,” again the odd emphasis, “Salvo and I already took care of business…if you know what I mean,” she said, grinning from ear to ear.

I looked down and noticed that I was still sporting an erection from fooling around with the girls, but then so was Salvo and his looked a little shiny like he had recently had sex.

Jenny noticed my eyes and where they were looking and cooed, “Salvo and Massimo are new to the US but both know how to have fun, especially with a woman who is lonely while her husband is off playing elsewhere,” she taunted. Then she leaned back and opened her legs so I could see that her labia and nymphae were quite engorged and open, and there was the slight evidence of a white creamy substance at the opening to her vagina which she was now so comfortably displaying to this stranger and to me. Was it cum from Salvo or Jenny’s own or were my eyes playing jealous and guilty tricks on me? Had Jenny disappeared back in the dunes where we had been just this morning and done it with Salvo or Massimo or both? And were Massimo and his sister-in-law now doing it back there and was Salvo OK with this? My head was spinning.

Just then we were interrupted by Massimo and Maria coming out of the dunes. They were laughing heartily; they clearly were in a good mood. Maria was an Italian beauty: olive colored skin, long, thick, jet black hair, dark eyes, a full figure with rounded, heavy breasts, full hips, and a slightly rounded belly. They were both nude as were the rest of us. Maria looked positively radiant as if she had just had sex with someone. Her pink nymphae were exposed beyond the patch of dark pubic hair indicating that she was either ready for sex or had just engaged in sex.

She walked right up to Salvo and wrapping her arm about his waist, smiled radiantly at him and said, “Thank you, Salvo. I needed that. Massimo took care of my problem. Did you find relief too?” He didn’t respond. He just held her close for a minute and kissed her passionately.

Now I paid attention to Massimo. He was very muscular like his brother, was dark skinned, dark haired, but had piercing hazel eyes. He was also very hairy like his brother and sported the same male equipment like his brother, albeit somewhat larger than Salvo. His equipment was not aroused but it was large nevertheless. It too was shiny as if he had just finished with intercourse.

“I think it’s time to head back for the evening,” interjected Jenny. “Mark, I see your lady friends are dressing and departing. We should do the same. Don’t want to get stuck out here on the beach after dark. It gets chilly. Mark, can you grab my things.” With that she hugged Maria, kissed Massimo and Salvo, and slipped her swimsuit back on. As she had kissed Massimo, she had leaned in to his ear to tell him something and he chuckled. We headed off in different directions as we approached the beach facilities.

Now here he was a few feet from me, naked and holding my wife in his arms. “Mr. Mark, so glad you allow me, Massimo, to bring a pleasure to your wife. She beautiful woman, and I take good care of her. I take care of Maria for Salvo; I take care of Ms. Jenny for you. You no worry. You can Antalya Escort Bayan watch and see I treat her well.”

I was flabbergasted. Massimo believed he was doing something I wanted for Jenny. I don’t know what Jenny had told him or if he assumed all Americans were swingers. Or…he and Jenny were bullshitting me and were getting it on but making it appear as something I wanted or didn’t mind.

“He is so wonderful, don’t you think, Mark? Look at him. So perfect in all the right ways,” Jenny stepped back and ran her right hand down his hairy muscular chest, down his hairy groin and encircling his large penis with her fingers slid her fingers down to the head of his uncircumcised penis and slid the foreskin back to reveal an engorged mushroom cap at the tip of his penis. “I’ve never had a penis like this. Don’t you think his is marvelous?” she smiled at me and then winked as she turned back to face Massimo.

Massimo wrapped his hands around Jenny’s gorgeous butt and lifted her up in the air. His sizable penis was now positioned between her legs and fully erect. While one of her hands was wrapped around his neck, Jenny’s other hand found his penis and positioned the tip so it joined with the opening to her vagina. Massimo didn’t need any encouragement. With a long, single thrust he was inside Jenny and soon rocking her up and down on his sizable member. Effortlessly he cradled her slender body and guided her up and down and side to side on the hot, long penis that he had been blessed with. In no time Jenny was audibly reacting with moans, groans, and then cries of passion. All this in front of me!!

It wasn’t long before she and he were both cumming. She let out a cry of climax and he groaned as he released into my wife. To his credit he still held Jenny up and against his chest. I could still see the length of his cock sticking out from my wife’s vagina. Her labia were pulled out by his girth. He caressed her back and backside with one hand while holding her up against his body. She soon responded by kissing his neck, his ears and then his mouth; he soon stiffened and they were at it again.

The whole time warm water is raining down on them in some sort of erotic shower. Massimo moved Jenny against one of the tile walls and now he really vigorously fucked her. I watched and heard her butt slap repeatedly off the slick wall and watched as she soon was crying out, “Oh, god, Massimo. Yeah, baby. Oh-oh-oh, right there! Oh yeah, oh god, right there! Oh, god, yes…yes…right there…don’t stop…oh,god…oh,god…ohmigod.” And with that she let out a guttural, animal-like cry and shook violently from another incredible orgasm. She was so loud I was sure that others in the adjoining shower rooms were hearing her.

I couldn’t take it anymore. No matter what I had done with Syrena, Liz and Denise, I couldn’t take it as Jenny got off riding another man’s dick. As I changed, though, I heard her again, “Oh, BABY…Oh, BABY, OH, BABY…OH, GOD, MASSIMO…YEAH, BABY…THERE, RIGHT THERE…FUCK ME DEEPER, BABY…YES, YES, YES…GIVE IT TO ME…FUCK ME HARD…LET…ME…FEEL…ALL…OF…YOU…OH…MY…GOD!!!…UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHH…OH, JESUS, MASSIMO, I’M GOING TO CUM…OOOOOOHHHHHHH!”

I had to admit; Massimo was incredible. No wonder Salvo’s wife wanted his action filling her up.

As the repeated slapping of Massimo’s wet body continued and Jenny’s cries kept going I started to leave, but heard this, “Ms. Jenny, I’m cumming. It’s big. Oh, bella, that’s good. Oh my, it will be big one.” And then he groaned for a long time and I heard Jenny say, “Oh, Massimo, I can actually feel you filling me inside. Oh, my, god…that feels so sexy and so good.” I then heard passionate kissing as they clung to and embraced each other. I left.

I returned to the tent and that’s when I noticed that Syrena, Liz and Denise were nearby. I just hadn’t noticed them at the campsite near ours until they had been naked. It brought back memories of that afternoon. And I wondered how Jenny knew I had gone pretty far with the girls. I had thought it was all hidden in the cold waters of Lake Michigan.

As I said earlier we had just been frolicking in the cold surf, albeit butt naked. And we had graduated to games with a Frisbee at first, then to leapfrog, and then to more aggressive games of chicken. My naked wet skin and especially my naked wet penis were making a great deal of contact with the nubile, young bodies of Syrena and Denise. Liz tried to keep the contact down; she apparently had a boyfriend…a hint I should have taken as Jenny waited alone on the beach watching me carry on foolishly with three young naked women.

As Syrena and Denise rubbed up against me with their naked wet breasts, butts, and bald genitals I got aroused. Then Liz changed her mind. It was actually Liz who first dove under the water and who snared the head of my penis between the lips of her mouth. I felt her hand tug on my testicles as she proceeded to suck on me and not let me penis go. If I tried Escort Antalya to move away her teeth would come out and she would bite the shaft of my hardening penis. But with the cold water and the hotness of her mouth as she sucked on me, I was soon not resisting.

Liz soon came up for air. “Damn, I was hoping you would cum. I wanted to see if you cum more with that whopper hanging between your legs, than Dave does (Dave was her boyfriend). It soon turned into a competition between the three until I finally couldn’t hold back and ejaculated into Liz’s mouth. “Yep, definitely more cum,” she laughed as she came up out of the water and showed Denise and Syrena and me the mouthful of white semen she had. Then she swallowed it, although there was a little dribble of my semen on her chin. Denise ran her finger across the trail of semen and licking her finger, remarked, “Tasty too! Sweet but salty!!” All three girls laughed loud and then all tackled me into the water in a heap of nude, warm bodies.

My fingers soon found their way between two of the girls’ legs and I was soon diddling them with a finger hooked inside their vaginas and my thumb rubbing the little clit at the top of their labia. I wouldn’t let go, similar to what Liz had first done. And as we all surfaced for air in deeper water that hid what I was doing I could see from the pleasured looks on Denise’s and Syrena’s faces that I was fingering them well; neither one moved away. “Oh, my, you do know where to play with me,” said Syrena. In her case I now had two fingers inside of her vagina and was alternating a constant rhythm on her g-spot. At the same time my thumb massaged her clit side to side. With Denise I was keeping up a steady circular rubbing motion on her clit and basically holding my hand in the right position by having slid three fingers up her more open vagina; she was the one of the three who was married, like I was. This hadn’t stopped her from engaging me in sexual play early on. I learned later that the three considered this to be their semi-annual wilding when they got away from husbands and boyfriends, school and work, and let it all hang out.

I was elated and had completely forgotten Jenny sitting on the beach. I was in to it, brother!! Little did I know how this stupid philandering would bite me in the butt, or maybe more appropriately would end up pleasuring Jenny’s sweet butt as she sought revenge.

Liz, getting bored because nothing was happening with her, dove under the water and soon had my penis locked between her lips again while she coaxed me into hardness. She came up for air when I was sufficiently erect and then her hips moved up against me and with her hand she centered the head of my penis between her labia and I was in!! Oh my god, what a sensation: the cold water lapping at my naked body and especially my testicles and the absolutely slippery, wet warmness of Liz’s vagina.

Incredibly we all ended up cumming about the same time and if it hadn’t been for the noise of the surf I’m sure Jenny would have heard the girlish cries of Liz, Syrena and Denise and my loud groan as we all came in or on each other. The water briefly showed some floating semen and the frothy cream from each woman’s vagina before the surf pulled it away.

As usual the girls, like most women, were energized by cumming and that’s when began the chicken fighting. The girls were relentless in trying to move their backsides against my cock and trying to get us into shallower water so my erect penis would be out there for all to see from the shore. I think the girls impishly wanted to show Jenny what I was up to. In deeper water they would also try to position themselves so that my penis rubbed them between the legs or inserted into their vaginas. In Liz’s case I actually penetrated her anus when the waves rocked her in the wrong direction as she tried to mount me. My ego was tripping and I put thoughts out of my head about Jenny being alone on the beach. What a fool!!

Little did I know that my wife was quicker on the uptake than I was, saw an opportunity for evening the score, and told a sob story to Salvo, Francisco, and Maria, that led to her own adventure that day and the next. In the end Jenny was one who showed me what for.

So here I was back at the tent and Jenny didn’t show up for a while. I guess she and Massimo had a long and close encounter in the shower room. When she did come back she was all beaming and energized. What did I tell you: a woman has an orgasm and she wants to take on the world. She acted as if I hadn’t been playing with the three women in the campsite next to ours and in fact went over there and came back with a sleeveless dress.

“What’s up?” I asked her. “Oh, Maria, Massimo, and Salvo want to check out an American club and your little friends over there know just the place. In fact it’s always a part of their wild weekend. It’s a once a year party that’s supposed to be out of this world. They let me borrow this little nothing to wear there. Do you want to come?” Still being upset that I had just seen her get off three times within inches of me I responded, “No, but have a good time. ” That too was stupid!! This wasn’t going to stop Jenny energized by the incredible, naughty, erotic time she had just had with a stranger from continuing to have a good time.

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