Jennifer getting fingered in public

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Jennifer getting fingered in publicI was a Senior In high school and I really liked a girl named Jennifer just because she was so innocent. I knew she was a virgin and I knew she never had a boyfriend before, and she was just starting her Junior year. She was a beautiful tall blond with small perky breasts, a 6 pack from being a 3 sport star, and a big phat bubble but that she was so embarrassed about and she would always hide it. She was very shy when it came to any talk about sex and she would turn bright red if anyone ever mentioned anything about her ass. But when she played sports she couldn’t hide it in the uniforms and it would be bouncing everywhere and she started getting hit on a lot more. I knew I had to make my move soon and asked her out and slowly became friends with her and we started dating. Every kiss or touch was such a huge mountain to climb with her as she was so prude. It would take weeks to get to the next base with her but finally it was time to start rubbing her pussy and she knew it. We would talk about her girlfriends having sex and shaving their pussy’s and how they would talk about our dicks with each other, some of them had pictures of their boyfriends dicks and video’s of them having sex. Jennifer was so shy she would never do that kind of thing but it got her excited hearing and seeing her friends sucking cock and fucking.My buddy Jason went to the school in the next town over and we grew up together watching porn at each other’s house with his younger brother and a couple other friends so when he started hooking up with his girlfriend he used to take pics of her tits, pussy, and ass and video’s of them fucking and her sucking dick. The other guys would show off pics of their girlfriends too but everyone knew how prude Jennifer was so it was impossible to take any pictures of her. I told Jason that I was going to finger Jennifer on Saturday night down at the park that all of us guys always hung out at. There was this parking spot in the corner of the big parking lot where we had made a little place to hang out in a big bush and you couldn’t see in but you could see out. There was a street light right under the parking spot so you could see everything perfect. He asked if he could watch in the bush and I said sure since bahis siteleri I knew she would never know and he and the other guys all showed off so many pics and video’s of their girlfriends, I wasn’t even sure it was going to happen.So Saturday night came around and I told Jennifer that we were going to a nice restaurant so she wore a nice skirt for the first time on a date and I was so pumped up when I saw it because I knew I was going up it later that night. We had a nice meal and then I went to the bathroom to text Jason that I was coming down to the park and he said he was already down there with the boys, I said the boys? and he told me that his younger brother and our other 2 buddys were down there too. Jason and his brother went to a different school but the other 2 k**s were in my school and a grade behind Jennifer but they were good buddy’s that I grew up with so I said ok but make sure nobody says a word, and then I told them she has a dress on, lol. He said, oh we are ready, brought the lube. I was nervous now that I was about to hook up with Jennifer with my 4 buddy’s watching but was turned on too.We made our way over too the park and I backed into the spot under the street light and turned off the car. I leaned over to Jennifer and started to kiss her and was looking into the bush to see if she could see anything. She said is anyone around and I told her I always come here at night to play basketball at the lighted courts and nobody ever comes over here, little did she know she had 4 hard cocks on the other side of the bush looking right at her. I put my hand up her back and undid her bra and started rubbing her back, she was getting into kissing me and was rubbing my chest. I took her shirt off and her bra was already undone so I took that off too and started touching her soft little breasts, just stroking them and teasing her nipples. This was the farthest I had gotten with her expect for a few ass grabs here and there so I was feeling good about where we were going. I leaned back in my chair so she would lean toward me and get up on her knees to give the guys a view of her ass in the window with the skirt on. I had never even seen the view that they had right now and my cock was getting hard just thinking about it. I pulled up her canlı bahis siteleri skirt to show off her white cotton panties and I could see a little glimmer in the bushes, it looked like a phone, I knew they were going to take pics, at least they didn’t need a flash with the street light shining into the car like a spotlight. I grabbed her ass and put my hands under her panties for the first time. Her ass felt so good. We were making out so hard and I was grabbing her ass now so I said fuck it and pulled down her panties so all the guys could see was her bare ass and pussy, they saw it before I did, Jennifer let out a moan when I pulled them down and I could tell she was so horny. I just then figured out a way to get out of the car for a second and told her I had to take a quick piss but not to move at all. I gave her a kiss and opened the door leaving her there with no top on and in just a skirt with her panties pulled down and I didn’t even get to see her pussy yet. I got out of the car and closed it and went into the bush and saw all the guys with their cocks out and stroking them to Jennifer’s tight pink virgin pussy. We already had chairs in the bush but it was funny to see Jason and the guys with their pants around their ankles stroking their cocks. They saw me and were like holy shit look at that pussy and ass, holy shit you have to fuck her. I was like yeah right, they all had their phones out and Jason showed me all the pictures he had of Jennifer from her sitting in the seat with all her clothes on till now when she had her wet pussy just a foot away from all of them, If I would have put the window down they would have been able to smell her pussy like I did. I told them get the camera’s ready and went back to the car. Jennifer looked up at me and I sat back down in the seat and started kissing her again and slowly started rubbing her leg and moving up to her ass. I was squeezing it and pulling it apart and the guys could see her pussy just getting wetter and wetter, I finally started moving my hand toward her pussy and she wasn’t stopping me so I went straight to her clit and started rubbing it, she immediately started moaning hard and I then slipped a finger in her pussy. It was so hot and sticky in her virgin pussy I then pulled canlı bahis down her skirt all the way off her and the rest of the soaking wet panties too. I moved her over on her stomach and arched her ass so her pussy was right in my face and started sliding my middle finger slowly up and down her wet slit. She was all creamy and was moaning while I teased her pussy hole slipping my finger in just a little bit and then pulling it out and running it down to her clit. She started to push back on my finger when I got close to the sopping wet hole. So I put 2 fingers in my mouth and wet them really good and eased them into her pussy and started slamming them in and out of her. You could hear my fingers slopping in and out of her and she was moaning so loud. She started to reach for my belt buckle and then undid my zipper and pulled my hard cock out and started jacking it, It felt great and I could then start to hear her really moaning hard and she screamed I’m going to cum and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my fingers and my fingers were soaked with her juices spilling out of her tight cunt. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked on them, she tasted so good. She kept jacking me off and I shot huge streams of cum all in her face and hair, she was covered in cum. It was amazing. She opened her door after to put her panties and skirt back on so she was standing naked next to the car getting changed and I got nervous that she would hear them in the bushes so I started the car and put the radio on for some noise.We then got dressed and I dropped her off at her house, after she went to a gas station bathroom to freshen up and get all my cum out of her hair, lol. I then went over to Jason’s house where all the guys were and they had already downloaded all their phones pictures and video’s onto Jason’s computer and were making a video that we could all watch on his tv. The pictures and video of her were amazing, seeing her in her clothes sitting in the passenger seat to being naked with her fat bubble butt and wet pussy getting finger fucked was unreal. We all had our cocks out watching her getting horny and me undressing her. I was hoping they got a picture of the cum all over her face and in her hair and I was pleasantly surprised that they did. After everyone saw the pictures and video’s everyone wanted to see her get fucked and I made sure to bring Jennifer back to our spot the next weekend with the boys in the bush and gave her the hard stiff cock that she creamed all over.

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