Jen Fulfills Scott’s Fantasy

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Author’s note: This is part two of the story of Jen and Scott. Part 1 is called “The Love of my Life.” You don’t have to read it first, but it would help with understanding some of the text of this story. As always, comments are welcome.

My husband, Scott, wrote and told you of our first encounter with bringing other people into our bed in the story “The Love of my Life.” This is the story of how I decided to make one of our other fantasies come true: me seeing him with another woman.

After our night with James and Brent, I was more determined than ever to make his dream of having more than one woman in our bed a reality. I knew how excited he had become watching me with the guys and I knew that I would be just as excited to watch him with another woman. Just thinking about it would make me wet as hell. Scott is a very good-looking man. He stands 6′ tall, has thick brown hair with a beard and has a swimmers build. He is the sweetest man I have ever met and by far the best lover. Our first night together was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. He says he is lucky to have me. I think it is I who am lucky to have him.

When I went to work on the Monday after our “erotic weekend”, I couldn’t wait to tell my two best friends, Brenda and Lisa, about our experience. As I told them the story, they sat wide-eyed while interjecting an occasional “Wow! or “Oh my God!” I could tell they were getting turned on hearing of our antics of that night. Brenda and Lisa have been my best friends since grade school and we have always shared everything. Even a few of our boy friends in high school. I have known all along that both Brenda and Lisa had a crush on Scott from the first time they met him. I had seen the way they both looked at him, the way they always flirted with him and the way they dressed whenever they knew he was going to be around. After Scott and I got married, they both confided to me their infatuation with him and told me if things didn’t work out they were going after him. I told them good luck, because he isn’t getting away from me. I also knew that Scott thought both of them were very attractive women. I had seen him stealing glances at them and flirting back a little. Who could blame him? Brenda is 5’5″, around 110 pounds, with long dark hair, dark brown eyes and a very voluptuous body. Her measurements are 36c-24-35. Lisa is a petite blonde with brilliant blue eyes. She stands 5’1″, 102 pounds and she has very large breasts. Her measurements are 40d-22-34. Her hair is so long that it reaches the bottom of her cute little ass. They already knew what kind of lover Scott was from some of the stories I had told them about. I’m sure this only served to wet their appetite for him even more. (Along with wetting other things!)

I had pretty much decided that I was going to ask Brenda and Lisa if they wanted to help me with making our next fantasy a reality. I knew they wouldn’t say no and I also knew I could trust them. I let them stew a couple of days thinking about what we had done. I fielded several questions from them about what had happened and what Scott’s reaction to all of it had been. I told them that we both enjoyed it. On Wednesday, the three of us were out for lunch and Lisa finally asked if I was going to let Scott have another woman. I told them that I was seriously considering it, but didn’t know whom I was going to get. Brenda and Lisa looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. “Why not us?” Brenda asked. “I was already planning on asking the two of you, I just wanted to see how long it would take before you mentioned it.” I said. “After all, I know how much you two want Scott.” We spent the rest of lunch planning to surprise Scott on Saturday night.

When Saturday arrived, I got up early and told Scott that Brenda, Lisa and I were going shopping and would be gone most of the day. “But I thought we would spend the day together.” Scott groaned. I promised him that if I went with the girls now, I would give him a night to remember. He reluctantly replied, “OK.” Part one of the plan was off and running. I met the girls at the mall and we went straight to Victoria’s Secret to pick out new lingerie for our evening. Lisa picked out a stunning electric blue teddy with matching thigh high stockings. The blue of the teddy matched her eyes perfectly. The neckline came all the way down to her navel. It just barely covered her massive breasts. Brenda picked out a very skimpy white bra and thong panty set with a sheer white silk cover-up. The white lingerie was quite a contrast to her richly tanned body. I picked out a long green silk nightgown with slits all the way up the side with a pair of matching thong panties. The front bayan escort of the gown was lace and my breasts were completely visible through the fabric. The three of us looked sexy as hell in our new outfits. I knew Scott would be more than pleased.

We got back to our house about 6:30 p.m. Scott was sitting on the couch watching a baseball game. When he looked up and saw the three of us standing there I could tell he was a little disappointed. I walked over and gave him and kiss and told him we were going to try on some new outfits that we had bought and would only be a little while. He mumbled “Whatever.” And went back to watching the game.

The three of us went back to the bedroom and put on our sexy new outfits and fixed our make-up. I thought that all of us looked really hot and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Scott’s face when he saw us. I looked at the girls and asked them if they were ready. Brenda and Lisa replied, “Let’s do it!” in unison. I poked my head out of the bedroom door and hollered for Scott to come here, we needed him to tell us what he thought of our new outfits. I heard him mumble something as he turned off the TV. I turned and ran back into the room and stood between Lisa and Brenda, anxiously awaiting Scott’s appearance. He was still mumbling to himself as he entered the room. As he walked in, we yelled, “SURPRISE!” I thought Scott’s jaw was going to hit the floor. He was totally speechless. Lisa finally broke the ice by asking, “Well Scott, what do you think of our new outfits?” I watched as a smile spread across his face and his eyes met mine. I nodded my head and he quickly moved across the room to where we were standing. He pulled me into his arms first and kissed me deeply and then looked deep into my eyes and said, “I love you.” I just smiled back. At that point, Lisa couldn’t take it anymore and she grabbed Scott and kissed him. Brenda moved up behind him and pressed her body against him. I stepped back and watched as my two best friends sandwiched my husband between them. My pussy was getting extremely wet, so I slid my hand inside my panties and pushed my finger against my throbbing clit. I watched intently as Lisa and Scott kissed one another and Brenda pressed her breasts against his back, nibbling on his ear. Scott broke his kiss with Lisa and turned his head so he could kiss Brenda. As he did this, Lisa started unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it off of his shoulders. Then she reached for his jeans and pushed them down to the floor. Scott wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock sprang out of his jeans. He was hard as a rock. As he stepped out of his pants, Lisa dropped to her knees and took his manhood into her hands. She stroked the entire length of his cock, cupped his balls in her left hand, and held him by the base of his cock with the right. She flicked her tongue over his purple head, a string of his pre-cum attached them. She then took him all the way into her mouth and I heard him moan into Brenda’s mouth as he was kissing her. Brenda was running her hands all over his body, caressing his chest and ass. She had removed her tits from her bra and was rubbing her stiff nipples on his back. Scott broke his kiss with her and she dropped to her knees to help Lisa suck his cock. I moved in behind Scott and pressed my breasts against him as Brenda had been and kissed him on the back of the neck. I looked down over his shoulder and watched as the girls sucked him. Brenda was now taking his cock deep in her mouth and Lisa was expertly licking his balls. Sucking first one, then the other into her mouth. Scott had a handful of each of their hair, guiding their mouths on his cock and balls. He then pulled them both off of him and said, “Why don’t we move this to the bed?” All of us readily agreed. Scott lay down on the bed and Brenda went back to sucking his cock. Lisa pulled the snaps on the crotch of her teddy and straddled Scott’s head. I watched as she lowered her wet pussy onto Scott’s mouth. I could see his jaw working as he started to eat her pussy. She threw her head back, moaned loudly, grabbed a handful of his hair and ground his face into her steamy bush. “Oh, fuck yeah Scott, eat my pussy, baby!” she cried. “Stick your tongue deep inside me.” I had taken up a position where I could watch all that was going on. I could see Scott licking Lisa’s pussy and I could see Brenda sucking on his hard cock. I leaned back, slid my hand insides my panties and slowly started to finger fuck myself as I watched this steamy scene play out before my eyes. My husband was fucking my two best friends and I was sitting there fingering my pussy! This was totally hot!

Brenda stopped sucking Scott’s cock and removed her panties. She straddled his groin and slowly impaled herself on his stiff schlong. What happen next shocked me a little. Brenda leaned forward, pressed her breasts to Lisa’s back, turned her face to hers and kissed her. I had thought for years that maybe Brenda and Lisa had some bi-sexual tendencies, but I would have never dreamed of seeing it. But there it was for all to see. And I could tell Scott loved it too. He was still licking Lisa’s pussy and rubbing her tits, but he was also watching them kiss. I knew this would really turn him on, because he had told me when we were sharing our fantasies that if he ever had two women in bed they would have to do each other as well. I watched as Lisa opened her mouth and Brenda started to french kiss her deeply. Brenda’s hands were on Lisa’s hips, moving slowly upwards. When she got to Lisa’s tits, she took Scott’s hands in hers and they both rubbed her breasts together. The girls kept kissing for several minutes. Finally Lisa broke the kiss and looked over at me. She motioned for me to come over to them on the bed. I crawled up on the bed and she was on me like a shot. She grabbed my hips and pulled me close to her and kissed me. I had never kissed a woman before. It was different than kissing a man. Her lips were so soft. As we broke the kiss, she laid me back on the bed and moved on top of me. I wasn’t sure what to do, but Lisa knew exactly what she wanted. She whispered in my ear that she had wanted me for years and tonight she was going to have me. I looked over at Scott and Brenda. They had changed positions and Scott was now fucking her doggy-style. He had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face as he watched Lisa pull my gown from my shoulders and expose my breasts. She ran her hands over them softly, then lowered her mouth to my right nipple and started to suck it. It felt so good. Every nerve ending in my body was alive and on edge. I threw my head back and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her tighter against my heaving chest. She started to get a little rougher with my tits, sucking and pinching them as she explored each one. Her hand moved down my belly and was working its way under the elastic of my panties. When she touched my clit, I had a strong orgasm, drenching her fingers with my cunt cream. As I came down, I looked over at Brenda and Scott just in time to see him filling her pussy full of his cum. He was fucking her hard, his hands wrapped around her waist. Scott moaned loudly and told her he was filling her up. “Fuck yes, Scott, cum in my pussy! Fill me up with your hot cream!” she hollered. While I was watching this, Lisa had moved down my belly, removed my panties and had started licking my pussy. With the first lick, I felt an electric shock go from my pussy to my brain. I was so lost in the sensation that I didn’t notice Brenda moving over to straddle my face. I suddenly felt something hot and wet on my face. I looked up to she her there, Scott’s cum dripping from her cunt onto my face. I’m not sure what came over me, but I pulled her pussy down to my mouth and started to lick her. I could taste Scott’s cum and her pussy. I thought to myself, “I am eating my husband’s cum out of my best friends pussy! Oh my God!” This was my first taste of pussy and I loved it. And I must have been doing it right, because Brenda started to moan and grind her snatch into my face. She was moaning loudly and she said, “Oh, God, Jen, eat my pussy. I have always wanted to do this with you!” At the same time, Lisa was licking my pussy and asshole like a woman possessed. This was almost too much for me. I felt my second orgasm coming on just as Brenda grabbed my head, pulled my mouth tight against her and started cumming on my face. That started me cumming on Lisa’s face. She licked up all of my juices as I did Brenda’s. As we came down from our orgasm, I noticed Scott standing at the foot of the bed looking at Lisa’s hot ass. “Lisa, I think Scott wants some of you now.” I said. She smiled, turned to him, kissed him, then took his stiffening cock into her mouth. Lisa is an expert cocksucker and she had him completely hard again in no time. When they moved onto the bed, Lisa positioned herself over me on her hands and knees in a 69. I watched as Scott’s cock entered her and started to thrust. I raised my head off the bed and started to lick his balls and her pussy. Brenda had moved up behind Scott and was kissing him as he fucked Lisa. After fucking her for a couple of minutes, he pulled his cock out and said, “I have got to have some of your hot ass, Lisa.” She said, “God, yes! I love to have my ass fucked!” She looked back over her should at him and said, “Fuck my ass, now!” Scott looked down at me and told me to guide his cock into her ass. I reached up and positioned his cock head against her hot puckered hole. He pushed forward and his head popped inside her. At that point, she pressed back against him and took his entire length in her ass. He pumped her ass 4 or 5 times, then pulled his cock out of her and shoved it in my mouth. I was a little taken aback at first, but his cock tasted divine. He pumped my mouth a few times and then pushed his cock back into her asshole. This went on for a while, him fucking her ass, pulling out and fucking my mouth. I was so hot! I was mesmerized as I watched Scott’s cock pounding her ass, plus the feeling of her eating my pussy and ass at the same time was incredible. I was starting to get close again when Lisa shoved 3 fingers up my ass and latched onto my clit and started to suck it hard. My third orgasm came like a tidal wave, washing over me. As I was cumming, Scott was filling her ass with his spunk, and Lisa was cumming too. When Scott pulled his softening cock from Lisa’s ass, she leaned back and put her asshole on my mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her down tightly as my tongue greedily licked and sucked my husbands cum from her bung. I felt her flex her ass muscles and a huge dollop of his cum was deposited in my mouth. At that point, Brenda pushed Lisa off of me and french kissed me hard, licking some of Scott’s cum from my tongue. The three of us girls lay there and kissed for a while, our hands roaming over the others body. Scott was sitting on the edge of the bed; stroking his cock and watching us make out. Before long Brenda and Lisa moved into a 69 with one another. As I was watching them, I felt Scott’s hands on my legs. He spread them wide apart and slid his recharged cock into me in one smooth stroke. He leaned down, kissed me, and told me again how much he loves me. “I love you too, honey!” was all I could muster up to say. My body was still on fire and having Scott inside me was just what I needed. He fucked me with long, deep, powerful thrusts. His cock felt bigger than usual. He was so deep inside me, touching places that had me shuddering and arching my back off of the bed to meet his rhythm. After about 30 minutes the sound of moans filled the air and Brenda, Lisa and I all achieved orgasms at the same time. Scott pulled his cock from me and stood on the bed. “Come and get it ladies!” he said. We all gathered around him on our knees and took turns licking his cock and balls. Suddenly Lisa moved around behind him, spread his ass cheeks, and shoved her tongue into his ass. That was it for Scott. He started to shoot jet after jet of hot cum into Brenda and my mouths. We both had our tongues out and he coated them with a thick creamy load of cum. I leaned over and shoved my tongue down Brenda’s throat, sharing Scott’s cum with her. Scott collapsed onto the bed and shortly there after passed out. The three of us moved out to the living room to continue exploring my new found bi-sexuality. About an hour later, we also fell asleep, all of us in the bed with Scott.

I was awoke the next morning by the sounds of sex coming from our bathroom. I checked the bed and found that Scott and Lisa was missing. Brenda was still sleeping beside me. I got up and walked into the bathroom to find Scott and Lisa in the shower together. He had her leaned up against the wall and was pounding her ass so hard her feet was leaving the floor each time he thrust forward. She was moaning for him to fuck her ass harder and deeper and telling him how much she loved getting fucked in the ass. I cleared my throat and Scott looked over his shoulder and told me to join them. I opened the shower doors and stepped in. Scott turned and kissed me, never missing a beat on her asshole. I broke the kiss and decided that I would try what I had seen Lisa do the night before; lick his asshole. I dropped to my knees behind him and buried my face in his ass. My tongue searched out and found his puckered anus and I began to lick vigorously. After a couple of minutes I heard Scott roar out as he exploded inside Lisa’s tight ass. That set her off to, and she started cumming as he filled her. I was fingering my clit, and listening to them cum set me off as well. All of the noise had woke Brenda up and she was standing against the sink watching us, fingering herself to an orgasm as well. After we all showered and had breakfast, we went back to the bedroom and spent the whole day Sunday fucking and sucking each other to total sexual bliss. When the girls left, Scott and I made love one last time before drifting off to sleep in one another’s arms.

Brenda and Lisa are frequent guests in our bedroom now. We have even had them over when the guys from our first fantasy have been here.

There are more stories to come about our sexual adventures. Stay tuned!

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