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I couldn’t get enough of Ruby and another chance came three days later when I went to her apartment with the opportunity of giving her yet more sexual satisfaction and myself of course.

She said she wanted to try things that she’d dreamed of doing, but hadn’t done and wanted me to help her enjoy them. I was only too willing.

When I arrived she told me she’d been drinking all morning, water and mugs of tea and that her bladder was full to overflowing…in fact she’d already leaked into her panties, she lifted her skirt to show me the dark patch on the front and gusset of her light pink undies.

“You fucking old whore. So, what are these things you want to do?”

“Quite a few things. Some are a bit naughty.”

“Well, considering what we’ve done already, you’ll hardly shock me.”

“I know but, well, these things are really mmmm very naughty.” She said, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Go for it.”

“Ok! But let’s have some fun first.”


“Shall we have a drink first?”

“I’ll put the kettle on.”

“No.” She said. Then she picked up a glass, lifted her skirt and held it between her legs…pee gushed through her panties and filled the glass.

She drank half of it and handed it to me. I emptied the glass…she’d drank so much that morning her pee was clear, and tasted quite pleasant.

“Let’s undress but keep your stockings, suspender belt and your wet panties on.”

We stripped and I looked at her naked body. “Fuck, you’re gorgeous, despite being an ugly, fucking old piss whore. So tell me what you’d like me to do to you.”

It was then she disclosed the sexual secrets she wanted to try.

“Well, you mentioned my pee hole…since I was quite young, I’ve enjoyed m’mmm, well, playing with it,” she said.

“Oh! Yes.”

“I started to feel it and put my finger in and over the years it’s gotten bigger. Then I got adventurous, putting my finger further in up to the middle knuckle. I found it quite pleasant after awhile and there wasn’t any discomfort.”

“Oh! Really. Have you always played with it?”

“Yes and I still do sometimes.”

“You’re a fucking dirty cunt.” What Şerifali Escort other secrets are you hiding?”

“I wouldn’t mind being fucked up my ass.”

“Have you put things up there as well?”

“Well…m’mmm, yes.”

“There isn’t much you haven’t dreamt about.”

“I’ve always had a rape fantasy, but that couldn’t happen, I like sex too much.” She confessed.

“M’mmm, sounds interesting.”

At that point she said, “Oooops ” and hurried to the bathroom, her hanging tits swinging from side to side, but didn’t make it.

She stood, hands resting on the sink, her legs crossed, tightly…pee gushed into her already soaking wet panties, and poured down her stockinged legs onto the floor.

Still going, she sat down on the toilet, her pee splashing into the water below.

I was pretty desperate myself, and pissed over her sagging tits…she took my cock and put it in her mouth, drinking my piss.

“You fucking slut.”

She stood up still dripping from her soaking panties…as usual she wasn’t wearing her dentures and we kissed.

I love kissing ladies without their teeth…I don’t know why, I find it very erotic for some reason.

Anyway her tongue slid into my mouth, and tasted of my pee, plus loads of saliva.

I helped her remove her panties, wet stockings and suspender belt and we went to the bedroom where we continued kissing on the bed.

She rubbed my cock, while I fingered her cunt, our tongues in each others mouths, sucking in hefty amounts of saliva.

Eventually I moved down her body, first sucking on her long erect nipples, and gently biting them…this excited her a lot.

Then I moved further down over her saggy pubic mound to her massive pussy lips…opening them to expose her wet, sticky cunt, tasting of piss and female juices.

The aroma was for me was fairly strong and I loved it.

I licked her everywhere, but ended up sucking on her swollen pee hole, still dribbling.

Her clitoris was so hard and despite her age, her sticky juices kept seeping from her cunt.

“Oh! You’re such a fucking sexy bastard.” She said.

I moved to her Göztepe Escort clitoris and sucked hard on the massive erection and as I sucked on it, I decided to satisfy one of the things she yearned for and moved a finger to her pee hole.

I wiggled it about, pushing the mound down until my finger settled on the entrance.

I gently eased it in and was surprised how slack it had become.

With the sucking of her clitoris, which was now throbbing and fiddling with her pee hole, she was crying out with an orgasm.

Not holding back verbally, she said,

“Oh! Fuck…fuck…fuck, I’m coming, push it in, make me piss.”

Her whole body was quivering and gently I eased my finger in further.

With her clitoris throbbing in my mouth like a guy’s cock, wrapping my lips around the over sensitive head, I pushed and was more surprised when my whole finger slipped into her pee tube, stopping only when I touched something hard, which I guessed was the entrance to her bladder.

“Oh!…oh!…oh!.” She cried.

Suddenly pee was spurting out in all directions, squeezing passed my finger.

She was having such a strong orgasm, her clitoris was so sensitive.

When I finally stopped, she lay in a pool of piss, gasping and sweating.

“That was so fucking good.” She whimpered.

We kissed some more…she loved tasting her own piss.

“I need a bit of a rest.” She said.

“I expect you do, you fucking old cunt. I’ve got a few ideas.”

“I’d love you to stay for the night, please…please stay, “She pleaded.”

“Ok! and I’ll make sure you get what you deserve, you fucking slut.”

“Oh! Lovely.”

“What was it like, having my finger up your piss hole?”

“Absolutely heavenly, it’s still tingling up there, in a pleasant way, better than when I’ve done it myself, ever.” She said.

“I don’t think you’ve told me everything…what else have you had up there?” I asked.

“A candle a few times.” She replied.

“Get on all fours…I’m going to give you a treat.” I told her.

“Oh! Yes, like what?” She asked.

“You’ll find out, you bitch.” I said.

She got on Ümraniye Escort all fours, her ass sticking up in the air as she rested on her elbows

I started to insert it, at first just the bulbous head.

Slowly her entrance opened as my knob head enlarged, the rim of her hole gripping it.

“Oh!…you’re going to…to… fuck my piss hole.” She wimpered, as her opening swelled.

I pushed forward very slowly, making her gasp with pleasure, withdrew slightly and then back in.

Eventually it was in as far as my cock would go, maybe 4 or 5 inches of my 7 inches, before it touched her bladder.

“Oooooh! That’s so good…push…push.” She gasped.

I pushed gently and somehow urine gushed passed my cock, spraying everywhere.

I continued pressing her bladder inside, holding back as long as I could, wanting to come so much, her pee tube was so tight around my shaft.

I went in and out, as slowly as possible when I finally came pushing against her bladder.

My cock softened and slipped out.

I went down on her pee hole and as my semen began to ooze from the shrinking opening, accompanied by a small trickle of pee, I sucked it into my mouth.

I swallowed some, just as she said, “Save some for me.”

We ended up in a 69 position, so she could drain my balls of cum and I could get a mouthful of cum and urine from her pee tube.

A few minutes later, I kissed her and dribbled the mixture of cum, pee and saliva into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

We were both totally spent and needed to rest for a while…laying on the wet, sticky bed, cuddling.

“You’re a filthy old cunt.”

“What about you? You fucking bastard.”

After a fair while, she turned over and I cuddled up behind her.

So cuddled up behind her got me excited again, pressing myself against her ass. I didn’t expect to cum again, but I got a fair erection.

I decided to satisfy one of her other dreams and pushed my cock up her ass hole.

“Ooooh! You naughty boy…Oh! Yes, push it all the way up…Oh! Yes…yes…fuck my asshole.” She moaned.

As I said I was’nt going to cum anytime soon, so I was able to fuck her ass for some time.

“Being the fucking dirty cunt that you are, you’ll like the next thing I’m going to do.” I said.

“What’s that?”

“Just be ready to run to the toilet…I’m going to piss up your ass.”

“Oh!…do it…do it!” She whimpered.

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