Jean Teaches Love Lessons

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This story is a complete fiction. As far as I know, none of the events described ever really happened. Any resemblance to any person alive or dead is purely coincidental.


Her husband was away on his third week of a business trip and Jean was horny. Not that her husband was worth a shit as a lover. He was thirty years her senior with a fat belly and receding hair line. The only reason she agreed to marry him was because his family was “old money.”

The itch between her legs was getting worse. She needed a man or a boy right now, and she didn’t care which at this point.

She glanced out of the living room window and spotted him right away. He looked to be in his late teens or early twenties, at the most. Clean cut and handsome , light brown hair and a lean hard body. He seemed to be going from door to door obviously selling something. She knew right then and there that she had to have him. At the moment he was three doors down and moving her way.

She would just have time if she moved fast. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom and pulled off her cotton house dress. The bra and panties came off next.

Now naked she reached into her closet and grabbed a sheer black night gown and sheer robe. Jean put on the night gown and checked herself in the mirror: her 38 DD breasts were clearly visible through the gown ,the nipples pointing straight out. Her favorite perfume was on the vanity so she put a couple of drops between her breasts and behind her ears. She could smell the aroma of her own lust coming from between her legs so she pulled up her gown and put a few drops on her already damp pussy lips. Finally she brushed out her light brown hair so it framed her face and dropped around her shoulders. Lastly she slipped on the robe and tied it around her waist, leaving the breasts still visible in the sheer gown. A quick look in the mirror and she was satisfied.

Just then the door bell rang and she called down “just a minute I’m coming.”

Jean walked down the stairs and gave herself one final check in the hall mirror, then opened the front door.

“May I help you,” she asked in her very sultry voice.

The man who couldn’t be over twenty years old, stood there with his mouth open at the sight of her. He babbled, “gggood mmorning Ma’am. I’m here to interest you in a newly published Encyclopedia World Of knowledge.”

“Well come right in young man” she said and backed away from the door to let the young salesman into her living room.

She walked just in front of him giving the guy a good look at her heart shaped ass. She lead him to the couch and took the over stuffed chair directly in front of him.

Tell me she asked “what is your name.”

“I’m Billy Smith, I live just a couple of blocks up the street. “

“How old are you Billy.”

“I’m eighteen but I’ll be nineteen next month.”

She chuckled to herself, strange how young people try to convince others that they are older. While older people struggled to look young again. The most important thing to Jean was that he was legal age. Fair game, as they say, and the hunting season was open.

The boy tried to continue with his sales pitch, despite the fact that she had him quite rattled. She couldn’t help but stare at the bulge growing in the crotch of his trousers. Jean’s mouth was watering and she was licking her lips, like a hungry tigress ready to pounce on her prey. She leaned forward slightly to give him a better view of her large breasts through the sheer, black night gown. She knew the effect she was having on him and her pussy was dripping in anticipation of her seduction of this handsome young man.

Billy was trying his best to get on with his presentation. Even though he was constantly distracted by this woman’s staring at his crotch, her eyes seemed to be smoldering. Oh God those breasts, they are massive. He could clearly see her dark nipples through her night gown she was wearing. Didn’t she know that she was completely exposed in that see- through material.

Billy was feeling warm and the perspiration was starting to form on his forehead. Darn, he was getting hard. His cock was growing so large it hurt. He tried to concentrate on something else but his eyes and mind were drawn to this beautiful woman that was looking at him so strangely. He knew as soon as he got out of there, he would find a private place and masturbate to relieve the pressure.

Jean could see the bulge in his trousers was now a full tent. God, she had to have it, had to possess his whole body. She could see his face turning bright red and the perspiration on his forehead. “You poor thing” she said, “you look so hot and sweaty. Let me get us some cold drinks.” She was up and on her way to the kitchen before the boy had a chance to say yes or no to the drink offer.

Billy used the time that she was gone to straighten his trousers to hide the bulge as best he could. It was not an easy task though, since his cock had grown to eight inches, at least, under his pants. An embarrassing wet spot was Beylikdüzü escort clearly showing that no amount of fidgeting was going to hide.

Jean returned with a large glass of Coke on ice for Billy and glass of Diet Coke with a shot of Canadian Club for herself.

She handed Billy his drink and took a seat beside him on the couch. She made sure that she sat close enough to rub her soft thigh against Billy’s leg.

Jean took a sip of her drink and asked him, “Do you have any girl friends, Billy?”

He replied “Yes I still see a couple of girls from high school.”

“They are lucky girls to have a strong handsome boyfriend like you” she said. “You have a fantastic build, Billy.”

She noticed right away that the boy was starting to blush again.

“Tell me” Jean asked “what do you do with these girls when you date?”

“Oh, we usually go to a movie or to a dance sometimes,” Billy said.

“Is that all? I mean when I was a young girl and had a handsome hard bodied boyfriend like you I’d want to do a lot more then just dance or watch a movie.” As she said this Jean reached across and caressed Billy’s muscular chest with her soft hand.

She was enjoying her game, and she leaned even closer, pressing a breast into the boys bare arm. Her lips were only inches from his ear and her breath was like a warm tropical breeze.

A lock of Billy’s wavy hair had slipped down over his forehead and she reached up and with her finger tips gently pushed it back into place. Poor Billy was totally confused; he couldn’t talk and could hardly breathe.

Jean turned the young man’s face toward hers and pressed her soft lips against his. Her tongue wormed out from her lips and probed against his, inviting his tongue out to play. As she kissed him, her hand dropped down to his crotch pressing, firmly but gently against the swollen cock. Jean moaned against his lips and pressed her body even closer to his.

Jean held total control over him now. He was like a ball of soft clay to mold into what ever she liked. He was at her mercy and mercy was not at all what she had in mind for him.

She continued stroking his growing cock. When she thought the time was right she manipulated his zipper, pulling it down and reached into his jockey shorts and pulled out his cock. As she slowly stroked him up then down with her finger tips she whispered into his ear. “My what a nice piece of manhood you have there. It’s so big and thick I can hardly get my hand around it.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now, Billy?”

Billy could only shake his head , “No I don’t know what you are going to do.”

“I’m going to suck it, Billy, suck that beautiful cock of yours. Won’t that be heavenly Billy? Jean is going to make a man of you.”

Jean slipped down to her knees beside him. She eagerly unhooked his belt and trouser top. Pulled off his shoes and and tugged his trousers and jockey shorts down and off his feet. Her eyes shone as her pulled his cock up and out of the way and started licking his balls. She grinned as she watched the the look of wonder in his face. Have any of your girl friends ever sucked you off Billy?

He shook his head no.

“How about fuck you Billy? Have you ever fucked a girl?”

Again Billy shook his head in the negative.

Jean was grinning like the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland. A virgin! The boy was a virgin! This was like the icing on a cake. She was his first, this untouched little gem has never been touched by another woman. It was just too good to be true. He would remember her all of his life. How could he ever forget the woman that had made him into a man? Oh how she would train him into the perfect man. Women that she would never know would thank her for this day.

Jean held his cock straight up and plunged her mouth over it and pushed down as far as she could go without gagging on its monstrous size. She backed off all the way and licked around the mushroom head like it was a delicious lollipop. She plunged again and backed off just enough for another plunge. Her hand cupped his balls while she tickled the area between his scrotum and his tight ass hole. She swirled her tongue all over his shaft as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Faster and faster her head moved.

She heard him whimper, “Ma’am, if you keep doing that I’m going to shoot right into your mouth, honest I will.”

Jean froze right there in place. She backed off of his swollen cock and looked up at him. “No, no, no my pet, we can’t have you cumming too soon now can we, not until Jean is through playing with this marvelous toy you have here.”

She stood up and took the boy’s hand into hers. “Come,” she said pulling Billy to his feet. “Come with me.”

She led the boy up the stairs and into the master bedroom. In the middle of the bedroom she turned and took the boy into her arms. She kissed him passionately, pressing her warm soft body into his. She backed away half a step and reached down to the buttons on his shirt. Her hands Beylikdüzü escort were shaking but she managed the buttons one at a time. She finished unbuttoning the shirt and pulled it off his arms, throwing it onto a nearby chair.

Now that he was completely naked Jean took another step backward to admire his naked frame. It was beautiful. His wavy hair not cut too long in the girlish style boys seemed to like these days. Nor was it too short. His eyes were the color of tropical seas ,as much green as blue. They almost shone with a light of their own. A handsome nose, not straight, but it seemed to curl up ever so slightly. His chin was strong, almost like the chin one of those action hero toys. The shoulders were broad and his back was straight. There didn’t seem to be even the slightest slouch in his torso. The chest was a mass of hard muscles, tapering down to a hard flat tummy and slim waist. The boys cock was magnificent at least eight to nine inches long and three to four inches in girth. The tip was circumcised and seemed to bulge out almost arrow head shaped. His buns were cute and tight. It was hard to resist wrapping her hands around them or maybe take him across her lap and spank them with her bare hands. That would have to come later, though she didn’t want to do too much to the boy his first time out. His legs were almost as muscular as his chest twining down to his knees and then bulging slightly, forming the calves ,then narrowing back down to the ankles. Billy had the physique of a Greek god.

Billy was shaking slightly, not from cold, but from his passion.

As she looked Jean told Billy, “Now that I’ve seen you naked, I think it is only fair that you see me the same way.” She reached down and slowly, teasingly undid the tied sash that held her robe closed. She pulled slowly on one end until the knot came apart. The robe came wide open. After she shrugged the robe off her shoulders she let it fall silently to her feet.

Now the the only thing between her skin and Billy’s was the sheer gown. The gown had served it’s purpose. The sheer material had done more to enhance her body then hide it. She had used it to tease this young man beyond all reason. Now, though, the gown was in the way and had to go. She pulled the skirt up slowly to just below her pussy. She held it there for just a second or two, teasing him just a little more. Jean was enjoying her game and she wanted to drag it out as long as possible. Then she pulled the hem above her waist exposing her shaved pussy to his hungry gaze. Finally impatient herself to get on with this game, she pulled the garment up over her head and let it drop on top of the rode.

Jean slowly turned around on her heels giving Billy a view of her front, sides and back. She knew that her body could drive a man wild. She was proud of her narrow waist, heart shaped ass, the fine lined slope of her back and finally her DD breasts. Even though her breasts were large and heavy they stood strait out from her body. There was no question they could easily pass the pencil test. There wasn’t an ounce of visible fat on her body. She worked hard and denied herself to maintain her body and she was rightfully proud of it.

Jean seemed to glide across the carpeted floor to Billy and took him into her arms. Grinding her hips into his. Billy was a few inches taller then her so her pussy and his cock didn’t line up properly in the standing position. She could feel his stiff cock against her flat tummy. She bent down her head and started licking his hard stiff nipples each one felt like a hard pea against her tongue. She trailed her tongue up to his throat licking and tickling the tender area just under his chin. Then standing on tippy toes she crushed her lips against his mouth.

Billy was trembling like a dry leaf in the wind now. His legs felt like Jell-O and he knew his knees would buckle out from under him any minute now.

“Lets get up on the bed, Billy, where we can really have a party,” she said and she jumped up onto the California king sized bed. The bed was covered with an expensive looking imitation mink spread. Imitation or not, it felt luxurious against Jean’s skin as she lay there on her back with open arms inviting Billy to join her.

Billy was becoming bolder now. He lay down beside her, pulling her to him as he kissed her lips and reached over, caressing her breast, running his finger tips lightly over her nipples.

“Well, well, you are learning fast young man” she purred against his lips as he continued to kiss her while his hands explored.

Jean could not believe her luck: he was still a virgin but already a much more caring lover then her husband ever was. Her husband was the type of man that cared nothing for her needs. Just stick his penis into her box and bounce away until he climaxed. Then roll off her and just go to sleep. This always left her tossing in the bed frustrated and feeling like she was being used only a vessel for him to masturbate into. She would have to go into the toilet and use her vibrator to Escort Beylikdüzü at least give her some relief.

Jean knew one thing. This was the first time that she had cheated in her marriage but it was definitely not going to be the last. If she trained this young man right, she could use him over and over again. He would be at her beck and call to satisfy the burning hunger down between her legs.

It was true that she would be using him. But not in the same way that her husband used her. She would be teaching him. Telling him all the secret places that all women longed to be touched and licked. It was amazing how so many men really didn’t have a clue how to make love to a woman. If only men knew, if a woman is treated with respect, caring, and tenderness, most women will give back ten-fold for what they get from a good lover.

Jean rolled over onto her side facing Billy. He was still snuggling up against her body. She reached over and caressed his hair while he suckled at her breast. She gasped and held him to her nipple.

“Billy” she whispered, “would you let me teach you all the secrets of loving a woman.”

Billy looked up at her with a dazed expression on his face. He nodded his head in an affirmative.

She smiles and said, “Let’s start with my pussy.” She pushed his head down to her hairless pussy lips. He moved as she directed him. She peeled back her pussy lips. “Do you see how my pussy is all wet down there,” she asked?

“Yes I do. Why is that?”

“That shows a woman is aroused and ready to receive a man’s organ.”

“Oh yes, I see. Does that mean you are ready for me to put my thing in there?”

“Yes, Billy, but later, not quite yet. What I want you to do right now is examine my pussy closer” she said. “Billy do you see that little nob at the top of my slit?”

“Oh ya ,I see it” he exclaimed

“That’s called my clit” she told him. “It is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body,” she said to him. “If you touch it very gently or even better lick it with your tongue, I will go right out of my head with pleasure.” Then she told him, “if you keep doing that my pussy will bubble over or even squirt love juice all over the place.”

He looked up at her with an amazed look on his face. “Really he asked? I would love to see that.”.

Now was the time for her to take the plunge and ask, “Would you do that for Jean, Billy? Would you lick my clit for me? If you do I promise you, Billy, you won’t be sorry.” Jean held her breath waiting for his answer.

“Oh it smells nice and sweet, sort of like flowers but honey mixed together.” He told her, “How does it taste? Is it sweet like it smells? Yes, sure, I always wondered what it tasted like. Some of the boys at school told me that it tasted bad like old dead fish. But other guys thought it tasted nice and sweet. I guess since you smell so sweet you probably taste that way too.”

Jean let out her breath in a gasp. He was going to do it, he was really going to lick her pussy. Jean was so thrilled at the prospect that she was almost ready to cum right there and then. “That’s wonderful Billy and if you do I promise you I’ll give you pleasure without end.”

“Do you mean you will let me put my cock inside your pussy?”

Yes, Billy, if you want to fuck me I promise you I’ll let you fuck me to your heart’s content.”

Billy pushed her legs apart just far enough so he could get his head between her legs. At first he tentatively just touched his tongue to her clit.

Jean jumped just a bit like a spark of electricity had touched her clit.

“Mmmmm” Billy said, “It does taste like honey.” No reason to be tentative now, he started to lick her pussy in earnest.

Jean was squirming all over the bed. She locked both her hands in his hair and held his mouth in place. “Oh ,yes Billy, fuck me with that tongue of yours. God, what a wonderful mouth you have. Oh yes, eat me Billy, lick my clit right into heaven. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!! Oh Billy you are a dream lover” she squealed. “What a tongue you have. Oh my God, move it just a little fasted baby YES!! Oh my God YES!!!” She was bucking like a wild horse at breaking time. “Oh ,baby, just a bit harder. Ah, more honey, I need that tongue Billy!! Please, oh please make me cum!!!”

Billy slipped his hands under Jeans ass cheeks so he could hold her pussy in place. He pressed in and started licking her pussy in a frenzy.

“Oh Billy what are you doing to me. My God it is wonderful, Please, please don’t stop oh yes don’t you ever stop. No one has ever made me feel like this. Oh give me more!!!! Yes ,more, more, I want more!!!!!!!!!

Billy was licking her with a steady constant probe of his tongue and lips now. Jean’s clit was getting bigger as he licked her. He thought to himself, “I wonder if she would like it if I sucked her clit like she sucked my cock.” He put his lips around her clit and sucked it gently.

She went wild with this action and started to hump his face like she wanted to fuck his tongue as if it were a cock.

He was pleased with himself; he had done that on his own without her coaching. Maybe he should experiment a little farther and see what would happen. This time he dipped his tongue deep into her fuck channel. He licked it slow and deep.

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