Jay’s Reward

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“Ok. Tell me again why I’m here?” Melissa smoothed her blouse as she checked herself out in the bathroom mirror.

I finished putting on my lipstick, and turned to face my friend, “God god Melissa. I told you. Jay helped me out in part because I promised him a fun night with me and a friend. You are the friend.”

Melissa gave me her usual winning smile, “It’s killing the gay cowboy that he couldn’t be there!”

“We’ll have to make it up to him. Ready?” I checked out my look in the mirror as I grabbed the car keys. Nicely fitted jeans, loose blouse, pumps. Perfect. Glancing at Melissa, I smiled at her natural beauty. Blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes, a friendly smile, a killer body. Even a straight girl could get wet. I had to look away just so we could make it out the door.

For those of you not following along, my name is Kirsten. I am 25 years old, a true redhead. My build is somewhat athletic, not real curvy but a respectable 32C up top. Standing 5’3″, I weigh about my 135 pounds which, I have to admit, I carry fairly well. “Critically cute” as I’ve been told on more than one occasion.

Tonight, Melissa and I were off to fulfill my promise to the Dungeon owner. Jay had helped in my quest to get back at the asshole co-worker who had blackmailed me into fucking him and his friend. Melissa? Well she was my first same-sex partner. Melissa and her husband Jordan were also into exploration, and we had already had a number of mutually satisfying adventures. Jordan had been called out of town at the last minute for work, but he had assured Melissa that he was cool with her going along without him. As long as he got pictures. Men are such perverts.

We were meeting Jay at his place which I knew fairly well by this time. He had constructed his “Dungeon” in a third floor walk up attic space. It was a space he rented out, and it was the room my coworker introduced me to when he blackmailed me. It was also the room where I extracted my revenge.

We parked on a side street and walked up to the front door. Jay answered our knock with a big smile on his face, “Kirsten! Demented clown girl! Come in!”

“Jay, you remember Melissa.” I gave Jay a kiss on the cheek as I walked in the door.

Melissa followed me grinning from ear to ear, “So this is reward time huh?”

Jay laughed, and closed the door behind us.

“Upstairs?” My eyes glanced to the stairs that led to the third story room.

“Not tonight. I have something else to show you ladies.” Jay looked at each of us in turn, “If you are interested…”

Melissa and I looked at each other, then turned back toward Jay. I was curious about what else Jay might have to offer. When I talked to him previously about setting up a time to fulfill my promise of some fun, I had found out a number of interesting things about him. Jay had always been single, he worked in the tech field, and, most interesting, he “trained” both doms and subs.

I shrugged and answered for both of us. “Sure. Lead on.”

We walked through a downstairs hallway and through the kitchen. He opened a door on the far side of the room that looked like a pantry, but was really a small closet with another door in back.

“Ready?” He paused with his hand on the doorknob of the second door.

When we both silently nodded, he swung open the door and flicked a switch on the wall inside the entrance. An overhead light revealed wooden steps that led down into the basement.

“This way then!” He cheerfully instructed.

The stairs led down to a short hallway with a bathroom straight in front of us. The wall on the right was cement block. On the opposite wall, about ten feet down the hall was another door. He opened that door and stepped inside.

“…Are you sure he’s not like…a serial killer or something…”Melissa whispered under her breath.

I giggled. “…hope not…”

We entered the room that was his real dungeon. It was darker, both in lighting, and in mood, to the room upstairs. And it was big. It must have been the length and width of almost the entire upstairs. The walls looked like they were made of stone, and the ceiling was crossed by rough cut wood beams – both fake as Jay showed us. To the left were his stocks. He had a standing stock, a kneeling stock, and one that just had opening for one’s feet. He also had a heavy wooden chair with shackles bolted to the armrests and the legs which looked too much like an old electric chair. In the far corner, he had an examination table that would have been at home in an OB-GYN examination room. Various medical looking implements were laid out on a rolling cart next to the table.

In another area, a sex sling hung down from the ceiling. Against the right wall, stood several industrial looking metal contraptions: A large cage, a “fuck” bench, a stockade with chest pad. A couple machines with dildos fastened to the ends of poles stood next to the other pieces.

A low table was in the middle of the room. It was a little lower casino şirketleri than a bed, thickly padded, with an number of pillows strewn about. Leather cuffs were mounted at the top and bottom of the table. On the walls, hooks held a wide variety of cuffs, chains, ropes, leather makes, spreader bars, whips, and crops. Various toys were displayed on an industrial metal shelf.

I gasped as I took it all in, “…Jay…what the fuck…”

Melissa was simply speechless.

Jay just shrugged. “I’ve been collecting and building shit for years. A bit kinky I know, but you would be surprised how many people are into this type of thing. And I’m single so…not hard to pursue my hobby…”

“… you use this space for…” I was still looking around in amazement.

“Well. Mainly for some of the training we talked about before.” He just grinned, “But mainly for special parties…”

“…my god…” Melissa whispered, “…doesn’t anyone just…well…fuck anymore?”

I watched as Jay circled close around behind my friend. He traced his fingers along her neck and whispered in her ear, “My darling Melissa…all we DO is fuck…”

Melissa shivered as a chill ran along her spine, “…well then…”

Stepping in front of her, Jay began undoing the button of Melissa’s blouse as he stared into her eyes. I heard my friend moan as Jay finished with her blouse and undid the top button of her jeans.

“Do you like to fuck Melissa?” He whispered.

She just nodded as Jay slipped the blouse off her shoulders letting it fall to the carpeted floor. I watched transfixed as Jay slipped Melissa’s jeans over her hip, bending down to push them down around her ankles. He gently lifted up each foot removing her shoes, and then he slipped her jeans the rest of the way off.

I could tell Melissa was trembling as she stood there in her bra and panties. Jay stood back up. He reached forward and undid the front clasp on Melissa’s bra Her nipples were stiff as her took her bra and tossed it aside. Grinning, he left her standing there almost naked as he walked over to me.

I shivered as I waited for him to undress me; however, he just stopped beside me and motioned for Melissa to come over. She looked like she was in a daze. From past encounters I knew that the look on her face reflected pure animal lust. I knew that she was beyond turned on, and that her pussy was most likely already soaking wet.

Jay traced his fingers across my cheek moving them slowly down my neck and into the V of my shirt. He brushed across the top of my breasts, and I shuddered with anticipation.

“Kirsten told me you like girls…” Jay teased.

Melissa’s smile was seductive and she lips her lips as she nodded in response.

“Maybe you could help me undress Kirsten…?”

Jay stood behind me, his arms circling around to undo the buttons on my shirt while Melissa unbuttoned my jeans. Her hand slipped under the waistband of my panties moving down my smooth skin to my shaved pussy. I groaned as her fingers trailed lightly just to the side of my clit. My shirt fell off my shoulders; my jeans were tugged down to my ankles, and I moaned as Melissa slid a finger into my wet pussy.

Jay caressed my tits from behind as Melissa kissed my neck while she ran first one, then two, fingers slowly in and out of my cunt. My body was burning as I spread my legs and leaned back against Jay.

“…mmmmm…” I was purring with pleasure.

I groaned when Melissa removed her fingers to remove her panties. Jay took me by the arm, pulling me across the room toward the cage and fucking machines. I was pulled over next to the fuck bench, and Jay moved me around into position. I knelt down on the two leg supports and leaned forward so that my torso was supported by the middle brace. My forearms were positioned on the higher, padded armrests. Jay locked my feet and hands into the shackles on the braces, and he moved a smaller chin support into place. A metal collar circled my neck. I was strapped tight, on my hands and knees, and while I could move a little, I was pretty much trapped.

Melissa moved around in front of me grinning like a fool, “Nice.” She squatted down and kissed me, “…ready to have some fun…?” She teased.

I gave her a tight grin willing her to read my mind – Just wait. Your turn will come.

Jay moved behind me, and I could hear the sound of something being heavy being moved into position. Looking over my shoulder, Melissa caressed my cheeks softly, “…ooo…I think you are going to love this…”

The humming of a motor caught my attention. I tried to look around to see what was behind me, but my head was held tight. I felt something large press against the entrance to my pussy, then recede, then touch me again. Fingers caressed the smoothness of my pussy, then pulled my lips apart. The head of a dildo pressed into me and then pulled out as it dawned on me that Jay was positioning one of his fucking machines.

I groaned casino firmaları as adjustments were made and the artificial cock pushed deep into my wet pussy. The strokes were deep and agonizingly slow. I squirmed with each unrelenting stroke, little whimpers and moans escaping from between my lips. Melissa was standing in front of me, and she pressed her pussy up against my lips. My tongue flicked out, sliding lovingly against her set slit. She moaned and stroked my head as I licked her smooth pussy. Melissa sighed as she slowly humped my face.

Warm familiar feelings were flooding throughout my body. My cunt was being deliciously and slowly fucked, and the taste of Melissa’s pussy was on my tongue. I could hear Jay messing around with something else, but I was too involved in my own building pleasure to pay him any attention.

Small, light vibrations on my clit caught my attention. At first I thought Jay was licking me, or stimulating me with his fingers, until I felt the roundness of something press lightly into the area just under my clit and just above where the dildo was endlessly sliding in and out of my cunt. A low hum filled the room as the vibrations on my clit intensified. Suddenly, Melissa was pulled away, and a ball gag was quickly strapped around my head.

I watched as Jay pulled Melissa over to the low table. The vibrations against my clit were making me squirm as the sensations built. It was maddening. The device was positioned perfectly to drive me insane. Not enough force to get me off quick, but not too little to prevent the inevitable.

I groaned around the gag in my mouth, trying to wiggle my pussy down against the toy teasing my clit. The slow thrusts from the fucking machine just added to my torture.

As I watched, Jay postponed Melissa on the table, pressed her chest to the surface, and locked her in place with a doggie style locking spreader. Her legs were forced apart, and her arms pulled between her legs. Jay locked Melissa’s wrists in place next to her ankles , and turned her head so that she was facing me. The look on her face was a mixture of lust and fear as Jay approached the wall where a variety of whips and crops hung.

An orgasm was building deep within the depths of my pussy. I struggled against my bonds, trying to press myself harder against the maddening vibrations that teased my sensitive clit. Jay pulled a leather flogger off the wall and smiled at Melissa. I could see her tremble as Jay crossed the room. Little fingers of electricity shot through my body as I groaned under the never-ending assault from the machine. Melissa’s eyes locked with mine as the first stroke landed on her upturned ass.

“…Ahhhhh…Shit…” Melissa groaned.

As the second harder blow landed, Melissa screamed and her body jumped. At the same time, I hit the point of no return, and I came hard. I moaned loudly around the gag in my mouth as the vibrations against my clit and the fucking of my pussy continued without mercy. I squirmed and groaned as I tried unsuccessfully to get away from the feelings that were now almost too pleasurable to bear.

Melissa closed her eyes as Jay started to slowly whip her ass. I could beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead, my own damp bangs hanging down in my face. She groaned as Jays strokes came harder and faster. My orgasm faded as a second one started to build right on the heels of the first. I felt like I could crawl out of my own skin. The sensations felt so good but were almost unbearable.

I heard a guttural yell, and I looked up at Melissa to see her body bucking hard against her restraints as she came hard. Jay was running the handle of the whip up between her legs and stroking her pussy.

“…oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…” Melissa moaned each time the handle touched her clit. Finally, she shuddered as she rode the initial wave of her own orgasm. She jerked and trembled as little aftershocks worked their way through her body. Jay dropped the whip on the floor, and walked over to where I was still twitching and groaning.

“Having fun?”

I could only groan around the ball gag. I watched expectantly as he disappeared behind me. I sighed with relief thinking he was going to let me free. My whole body spasmed as the fucking machine’s speed increased without warning. My eyes flew wide open as another adjustment increased the pressure and speed of the toy pressed against my clit.

Jay removed the ball gag, and I gasped, trying to catch my breath. “Oh fuck Jay…Fuck…I can’t…oh shit…Jay…please…no…Jay…”

Another orgasm slammed into me like a battering ram. The machine was unrelenting ramming in and put of my dripping cunt.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” I screamed as my whole body clenched in the most intense orgasm I had ever know. “SHITTTTTTT!!”

Every muscle in my body twitched, spasmed, and jerked violently as overwhelming sensations rocked my world. I was gulping in huge breaths as I and moaned and tried to move my sensitive areas güvenilir casino away from the machines that were driving me insane with pleasure. Just when I thought I could not take anymore, my pussy was suddenly empty. The vibrations on my clit stopped. The room was filled with my ragged breathing as I tried to catch my breath. I collapsed against the frame that still held me tight.

“So ladies?” Jay walked around so that we could both see him, “Feeling good?

We both nodded weakly as Jay moved to undo my bonds. I stood on wobbly legs, and Jay moved over to Melissa. I waited for him to set her free from the spreader bar, but he unzipped his pants and knelt behind her.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you…” He hissed as he pressed his bulging cock head against the entrance to her pussy. “You are so fucking wet. You MUST have enjoyed yourself.” Jay grinned as he slid the head of his cock up and down Melissa’s dripping slit.

Melissa sighed as the tip of his cock entered her pussy. Jay caressed her back as he slid deeper into her cunt. I stumbled over the the table, and knelt down next to them as Jay started to slowly fuck my friend.

I kissed Melissa on her forehead, and then reached underneath her to lightly trial my fingers against her clit. She moaned and opened her eyes as I bent over to kiss her on her lips. I gently stroked her pussy just above and to the side of her most sensitive areas as we locked lips in a deep passionate kiss. She groaned as my tongue explored her mouth. I pulled back for air and started to caressed her clit directly. Melissa moaned as I increased the intensity of my strokes. I could tell she was building to another orgasm as her body started to twitch and tense. I glanced up at Jay who immediately increased the force of his thrusts. Her body tensed each time Jay slammed into her,.

Melissa was close to cumming, and Jay picked up the face. As he slammed into Melissa over and over, I bore down with my fingers.

“OHHHHH GODDDDDD!!” Melissa’s body shuddered and jerked as she came. “Please…please…please…oh fuck…fuck…oh goddddd…yessss…fuck me…”

I thought she was going to pass out as she screwed her eyes shut and yelled out in pleasure. Jay rammed into her pussy a few more times, pulled out, and reached over to grab me by the hair. I barely had time to part my lips before he came. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth as he shot his load. His cock twitched and launched a second load as I greedily sucked on his dick.

He shivered and let out a loud moan as I sucked on his cock. Finally, he pulled out and wiped his dick on my face. We were all breathing heavily as Jay finally let Melissa free. She collapsed on her side. “…Shit…that was…oh…god…”

I crawled onto the table and snuggled up against my friend. Wrapping my arm around her body to cup her tit in my hand, I kissed her lightly on the back of her neck. As she came down from her organs, I caressed her tits and planted small kisses on upper back. Melissa purred as my hand lightly ran over her bare skin, from her nipples down her belly, and along her thighs.

She rolled toward me and laid on her back. Our lips came together again as our hands explored each others bodies.

I shivered as her fingers slid along the wet slit of my pussy. Pushing up on one arm, I bent over her, taking a tit into my mouth. I teased her rock hard nipple with my tongue as Melissa sighed. I licked my way down her body, rotating mine so that my pussy was near her head. I straddled her, burying my tongue deep into my friend’s pussy. She returned the favor and licked at my slit as we both groaned. Jay stood off to the side stroking his cock to another erection as Melissa and I explored each others sensitive regions with our lips and tongues. I was lost in the sensations of my friends tongue when I felt the head of Jay’s cock at the entrance to my pussy. I sighed as he slipped inside.

I buried my face between my friends legs as Jay began to fuck me. Melissa’s tongue expertly circled my clit, and I cried out softly as a small, gentle orgasm washed over me. Gripping her ass, I held Melissa tight to my face as I did my best to get bring her to another orgasm. She squirmed and moaned as I sucked on her clit. My pussy was suddenly empty, and I could tell by sudden absence of her tongue on my clit along with the sounds coming from my friend that Jay had his cock in Melissa’s mouth.

Jay went back and forth between my pussy and Melissa’s mouth we continued to lick each others pussy with increasing intensity. I bit gently at Melissa’s clit as Jay’s cock slammed back into me. Melissa sucked on my own engorged clit, and intense feelings shot through my body as another orgasm hit. My cries of pleasure were muffled as my face was buried in Melissa’s soft, warm pussy. I moaned as I sucked hard on her clit. Her hips bucked as her orgasm hit, her moans chocked off by Jay’s cock buried in her mouth.

I heard Jay call out, and I heard Melissa gag as Jay came in her mouth. Jay pulled out and wiped his cock on my ass. I collapsed on top of Melissa exhausted. I could feel her chest heaving against my body before I rolled off of her onto my back. Jay fell to the table next to me.

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