Janie and Helene

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This is another story from the Janie Does College series.

Finals were over and it was time to drive home for winter recess. I did not have any plans for the break besides relaxing, hanging out with my family, working at a local café, and missing sex.

My boyfriend, Al, was also going to his hometown for the break, about 400 miles away, and we had not planned to visit each other. This meant I wouldn’t get laid for another four weeks! Our relationship was stale; sex was all he was good for. Although we had spent over 3 years as a couple, we had been fighting quite often. He was graduating soon, and both of us knew our relationship would probably fizzle after he moved away from our small college town.

After the hectic holiday season subsided, I had time to contact some of my old high school friends. Helene was one of those friends; I had known her since about age 15. She was tall and curvy, with 36D breasts only slightly smaller than mine. She had natural dark strawberry blonde hair with light streaks, a slight smattering of freckles, and grey-blue eyes.

Helene was loud, bold, and dressed risqué despite her large frame. “Sexy” is a term men used to describe her; she just had this way about her. She reminded me on Anna-Nichole Smith in her heavier days (though not heaviest days!) and wasn’t afraid to flaunt her round hips, small waist, and thick thighs. She definitely was too big to make the cover of Playboy, but could have easily been the next Lane Bryant model.

I had been attracted to Helene all through high school. Despite all the time we had spent together discussing sex, boys, and relationships, we had never been intimate physically. In high school, I was too timid to seduce her, and she never made a pass at me.

It was good to see Helene, she hadn’t changed a bit. We met at her parents’ house and she was wearing a very sexy black/maroon bustier with black pants. Her make-up was done in the classic Betty Page style: high arched eyebrows, long lashes, deep-red lips.

We discussed relationships on the patio over mojitos. She was dating about four different men at the same time. Then I told her about my issues with Al, how I wanted to leave him but…Blah, blah, blah.

“Sounds like you need some new dick,” Helene joked. “My Guy
, Josh, is coming over later for a BBQ. He might bring a few male friends with him,” she raised an eyebrow at me.

“Are any of them cute?”

“Well, one is pretty hot. His name’s Eddie and he’s enlisting in the Army soon. He’s a couple of years younger than us, but that makes him trainable, right?” she laughed.

I just rolled my eyes at her before asking, “What’s Josh like?”

“Josh is adorable. Large hands, large shoulders, large cock. He has the Three L’s,” she said with a wink.

“The Three L’s?” I giggled.

“The necessities,” she sighed.

“What else?” I prodded.

“Um, classic blonde hair, blue eyes. He kinda looks like Jason Priestly without that stupid hairstyle,” she explained.

“Oh. What about Eddie?”

“Latin blood,” she said. When I rolled my eyes, she continued, “But he’s not all Catholic or anything. He has my sense of humor…dirty!”

“And what’s he look like?” I pondered.

“Cute, he spikes his hair forward, great smile. Too short for me though,” she explained.

I played with my straw, making circles in the mojito. “But he’s not too short for me, right?”

“No, he’s only about an inch or two taller than you, Janie.” Helene said. It seemed like she was getting bored, so I livened up the conversation.

“Have you fucked them both?” I asked.

Helene smiled devilishly, “I made out with Eddie once. He’s a great kisser but we like each other better as friends. Josh, though, is a great fuck. Loves to eat pussy. Like I said, he’s got a huge cock and the head is pierced.”

My eyes went wide, “Really?”

“Oh yeah, it’s sexy as hell. Ever had a pierced one?” Helene cocked her head at me.

“Um, no,” I said.

“Oh, you should try it. They should be here later if you want to stick around. Could be fun,” she seemed to have mischievous thoughts running through her head.

We went up to her room and put on some music. Helene had an extensive collection of leather/PVC lingerie, so she started showing me her newest garments. I couldn’t believe she still lived at home yet possessed all of these sexy items. We did each other’s make-up, complete with fake eyelashes. Helene enjoys doing dramatic make-up, she is very theatrical. I tried on some of Helene’s sexy lingerie-tops.

“When did you get that tattoo?” Helene asked when she saw my bare lower back.

“Oh, about two months ago. Do you like it?” I showed it off to her.

“Wow, that’s sexy! Have you seen mine?” she asked.

“No!” I lit up (I love tattoos). She lowered the front of her bustier and her right breast popped out. There was a medium-sized tattoo of a purple rose across it. “Nice….” was all I could say. I wasn’t really staring at the ink, so much as her bright pink nipple that was pointing at me.

She gave her nipple Beylikdüzü escort a couple of tweaks as I stared at it. Then I began to blush deeply so she tucked it away. There was a slightly awkward silence between us, and then Helene offered to style my hair.

She put my dark hair in ringlet curlers and steamed them into place. The whole process took well over an hour to complete, and during that time we talked about sex. I found myself getting really turned on, my pussy was beyond damp. By the time my hair was done, my panties were soaked. My hair looked great, like a ’50s pin-up model. Helene finished getting ready, and then sprayed some intoxicating perfume on the back of her neck.

“Here, put this on,” she said and handed me a black leather corset. “It’s too small for me.” Luckily, I was wearing a bra with detachable straps. Helene helped me to adjust my bra under the corset. The slimming waistline made me look like a model, yet it was surprisingly comfortable.

“Damn, you look hot Janie,” Helene gushed. “All the boys are going to want a piece of you.”

We finished our sexy look with sheer jackets, hers with sequins, mine with fur lining the collar and cuffs. Then the two of us set the table, made spiked lemonade, and waited for the guests to arrive. Helene was the ideal hostess.

At 7-o’clock sharp there was a knock at the door. I felt a twinge of excitement and apprehension. Helene just smiled her perfect smile as she opened the door for Josh, Eddie, and Ryan.

Josh was the most attractive. He wore dark designer jeans and a deep purple button-down shirt with the cuffs rolled up once. He was clean shaven except for blonde sideburns. I couldn’t help but notice his expensive wristwatch.

Eddie stumbled in next; he introduced himself with a huge grin on his face. He was about six inches shorter than Josh but his spiked hair made him seem almost equal in height. His dark eyes were Asian-like because of his perpetual smile. He had a baby-face, but with dramatic high-arched angular eyebrows. A large leather jacket disguised his lean frame. I almost giggled as I realized he reminded me of a Latino Jimmy Fallon.

Ryan had long hair that hung in his eyes. He was the most vocal, slightly obnoxious really, but humorous.

Helene introduced us and I noticed both Josh and Eddie staring at me a little longer than necessary. They were polite, though, and looked at their feet when they sensed my blush.

Dinner was excellent. Helene had prepared some exquisite side dishes, and the boys definitely knew how to work a grill. The conversation over dinner was light, humorous. All of the men made me feel at ease. We enjoyed some after-dinner drinks in the den in front of a small fire, with Comedy Central on the tube. By this time, we had all gotten to know each other fairly well, and the banter was friendly, sexual, riddled with jokes.

The conversation kept diverting to the subject of sex. Apparently, Josh had a girlfriend who was in Hawaii for the semester and all of the men in their social circle were jealous that Helene was keeping him company. I learned that Ryan had a serious girlfriend, but that Eddie was newly single.

Helene told me to sit in front of her on the floor. I did and she gave me a head massage, playing with my curly black hair. It felt wonderful; I was almost drooling and stopped participating in the conversation. The guys went nuts.

“Where’s my head massage?” Josh quipped.

“Helene, I have a HEAD you can massage,” Eddie chuckled.

By that time we were all rather tipsy. Helene and I were half-naked, just in our corsets and short skirts. Then Helene made me moan when she stroked behind my ears.

“Damn, you have a sexy moan,” Eddie commented. I just smiled.

“We should all play Truth or Dare!” Helene giggled. We all laughed and agreed it would be fun. As the game progressed, no one chose “dare” because we were too lazy to get up off of Helene’s comfortable couches. But the “truths” ended up being very sexy; all of us were getting aroused. Helene and I realized very quickly that the men wanted us to kiss each other, so we kept choosing “truth”.

Finally, I chose a “dare” to see what would happen, and as expected, Josh urged me to kiss Helene. She leaned down and I kissed her quickly on the lips, my heart pounding in my ears.

They all complained in unison, “Oh, that wasn’t a kiss!”

“Well, then, what’s a kiss?” I asked innocently.

“Like this…” Eddie said and quickly moved between my bent knees. He pressed his body against mine and smiled as he kissed me long and deep. I barely parted my lips, but his tongue found its way inside. His hands rubbed up and down on my bare upper arms before he pulled away. Everyone whistled and cheered at us, and Helene winked at me.

“Oh, okay, I understand now,” I said with red cheeks. I turned to Helene ready to redeem myself.

She looked hesitant but continued to smile at me. Her eyes showed a mix of apprehension and arousal. I’d only been with a woman on two occasions (see my other stories) so Beylikdüzü escort I still had a difficult time reading females. I decided to go for it, and the whole room remained silent as I moved my face close to hers.

We kissed closed-mouthed at first, but when Helene moved her hand to my lower back, I probed deeper and she opened her mouth for my tongue. We continued the kiss for about 20 seconds. I broke away to come up for air and my heart was pounding so loudly, I barely heard the encouraging cheers from our audience.

I don’t really know what happened next. Eddie moved between my legs again. Helene was stroking my face with her beautifully manicured nails. Josh was coaxing Helene’s large white breasts out of her bustier.

“Um, I’d better get home…” Ryan excused himself but none of us were paying attention to him. He let himself out the front door.

Eddie had pushed my skirt up around my waist and had his face pressed against my gusset, inhaling my scent. I was quite shocked at his actions, I mean; I had just met the guy. But somehow I couldn’t pull away. To the contrary, I found myself rubbing my pantied cunt against his nose. Eddie breathed deeply, sniffing the aroma that indicated just how aroused I had become.

I closed my eyes as I felt Helene’s smooth, delicate fingers roam across my chest, into the valley of my cleavage, pull the front of my corset down, and tweak my dusky pink buds. Her fingers felt wonderful, so much different from how a man’s feel. Her nails raking softly over my skin sent my head spinning. My eyelids felt heavy and my cheeks burned hot.

I moaned something incomprehensible, thrusting my pelvis forward for Eddie to have a better angle. He looked up at me with a huge, wicked smile on his face. “He is so adorable,” I thought. I wiggled out of my red cotton panties and watched the approving expression on his face.

In an instant, Eddie’s long pointed tongue curled into my throbbing hole. I yelped in surprise, but Eddie didn’t utter a sound as he worked his tongue into my depths and tried to touch my cervix with it! Waves of pleasure and excitement spread out across my body and my heart did a little flop. He rubbed his nose against my erect clit and sniffed.

Above us on the couch, Josh and Helene were kissing passionately. Josh pinched her coral-pink nipples.

“Let’s all go upstairs,” Helene whispered.

Somehow we all made it upstairs to the king-sized bed in Helene’s parents’ room. They were out of town, as usual. Helene lagged behind to close up the house, grab some lube from her bedroom, and light a few candles. In the mean time, Josh and Eddie gathered around me and helped me undress fully. Then it was their turn to remove their clothes, and I watched with growing excitement.

I was pleasantly surprised by their handsome naked bodies: muscles from working-out, not much body hair, and beautiful cocks. Josh had a huge cock, and the silver piercing in the head was quite obvious. I couldn’t look away from it! It was so big that it took a few minutes to get completely hard. Eddie’s cock, on the other hand, was rock hard the instant he removed his jeans. His dick was also circumcised, but darker in color, and it curved upwards sexily. My mouth watered!

On all fours on the bed, I began to give Eddie a blow-job (I wanted Helene to be there before I helped myself to her man). I sucked him all the way into my mouth, and he entangled his fingers into my curly hair. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, while my small hand groped his balls. Josh just watched, rubbing his cock with one hand and my bare ass with the other.

Eddie moaned softly, “Oh yeah, oh God.”

When I opened my eyes I saw that Helene had returned and was sprawled out naked beside me. Josh was on top of her, kissing every inch of her massive white tits. I continued giving Eddie head, but watched Josh and Helene out of the corner of my eye. Josh moved down between her legs and began to devour her pussy.

That was the first time I had ever seen Helene’s cunt spread open. Once in high school gym class, I noticed her having a very hairy crotch. Now her pubes were shaved into a heart-shape above her bare cunt lips. I stroked Eddie’s cock with nimble fingers, but I couldn’t pull my gaze from Helene’s gorgeous pussy. Her lips protruded out away from her body; they looked like a chewed wad of pink bubble gum. Her clitoris was delicate yet easily identified. The color was what intrigued me the most; her folds were the brightest pink I had ever seen on any woman (photographs, movies and real-life included!).

Josh moved Helene into a 69 position, with her on top. He worked his thumbs into her hole and spread it open for me to see. I could not believe how sexy she looked.

Eddie noticed that I had momentarily stopped giving him head. Impatiently, he pushed me onto my back, put my legs over his shoulders, and entered me. I yelped, and then sighed, as his beautifully curved cock touched just the right spot. He moaned in approval. Eddie kept his big cock buried deep inside me and Escort Beylikdüzü slowly rocked back and forth. I loved it! I bit into his sculpted shoulder and raked my nails across his back in appreciation. I tilted my pelvis forward as he ground his cock into me. That forced my G-spot to be stimulated.

“Put all of your weight on me,” I pleaded. He did and the pressure increased until I felt my cunt get very juicy.

“My God, you’re wet!” Eddie exclaimed.

I just grunted like a slut, and grabbed his cute little ass, pulling him in deeper. We continued to fuck really deep like that until I soaked a portion of the bed sheet. I was almost sobbing with pleasure.

Eddie went wild. He pulled out and moved down so he could eat my sodden cunt. He placed his lips over my hole and sucked all of my juices out. He was like a man possessed, lapping up my girlie cum, and even licking the wet spot on the sheet.

“Damn, Josh… you gotta taste this cunt,” Eddie exclaimed. I whimpered; eyes glazed over. I didn’t care who licked my cunt, as long as it was licked!

Josh and Eddie switched positions, but it seemed hard for Josh to pull his dick away from Helene’s mouth (pun intended). Josh pushed a pillow under my ass so my pussy was easily accessible.

As he spread my legs he said, “I guess Helene told you I love to eat pussy.” Josh moved his fat tongue over my clit, poking and prodding at it gently. He stared up at me with an unwavering gaze and a smile hinting at the corners of his lips.

“Ohhh,” I said, my lips making a sexy “O” as he pleasured me. “Suck my clit.”

Josh pushed my folds back, exposing the entire length of my clit, then began sucking it with vigor. I started thrashing my head from side to side, and frantically grasped the bedspread. As if his talented tongue wasn’t enough, Josh slid his long middle finger right up my hole, making me squeal.

Eddie watched me thrash around, eyes half-closed, as Helene slobbered on his lovely curved dick. “That had just been in my pussy,” I thought. Helene didn’t seem to mind though. She swirled her tongue around his head before sucking him down to the base of his shaft.

“Oh Helene, you sweet slut, you’re gonna make me pop if you don’t ease up,” Eddie warned. She just ignored him and kept right on sucking for all she was worth, tugging on his balls.

I watched Eddie start convulsing and breathing hard. Helene swiftly pinched the area between his balls and shaft and pressed two fingers on his perineum. Eddie groaned loudly and shook, but no cum came out of him. She held him as he “dry orgasmed”. She is such an experienced woman, I took a mental note. Eddie’s dick went a tad soft until she let go of his pinched flesh. Immediately, his cock was rock-hard again and pointing in her face. She continued her blow-job. Eddie’s expression was one of pure bliss.

I was amazed by the whole scene. My cunt tightened around Josh’s finger and I began to orgasm. He hooked it up into my favorite spot just as the waves of my climax crashed over me. I wailed loudly as girly cum rushed out of my pussy and soaked Josh’s hand. He graciously licked his fingers clean and exclaimed that yes, indeed, Janie’s cunt is delicious.

I laid there in another world completely as my heartbeat returned to normal. I was so relaxed and drunk with lust that I could not protest when Josh climbed up on top of me. He rubbed the cock piercing against my sensitive clit a few times before easing his length inside me. He placed one of my legs over his muscular bicep and pushed my other limb into the bed. Damn, he felt good, but I was so weak, all I could do was lie there and encourage him to fuck me senseless (well, beyond senseless).

Helene got on all fours next to me and looked over her shoulder at Eddie. He moved up behind her and grabbed her big sexy hips. Her face contorted as he pushed into her. Helene humped back onto him almost harder than he humped forward into her. Their thrusts were quick and fevered. Helene’s wild red hair was flung this way and that.

“Yeah, fill me up Eddie,” she cooed. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that I was only about a foot away from her. Helene scooted forward a bit so we could kiss.

Both men fucked us rotten and we French kissed the whole time. Helene’s lips were delectable and soft. Our tongues entwined. She tasted sweet; it was intoxicating. I really got into kissing her; so much so that I started to pull away from Josh.

Helene flipped over onto her back and motioned me closer. I crawled up on top of her so that we were in the 69 position. I straddled her face, and lowered my body onto her gently. I watched her up-side-down heart of pubic hair approach my face. My arms wrapped around her thighs and my fingers met at her wetness. I cautiously spread her cunt lips and stared at her gorgeous pink crevice in awe.

The men decided to switch positions as well. Eddie got behind me and sighed as he eased his cock back inside my waiting cunt. He pumped me nice and slow; his balls rubbing against my swollen clit and Helene’s chin every time he pushed inside me. Eddie fucked me sensually, enjoying Helene’s tongue on the underside of his shaft. Helene licked Eddie’s balls as he fucked me. At first she was only paying attention to Eddie’s genitals, but my moans encouraged her to lick all around our union.

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