Jane’s new world develops.

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Jane’s new world develops.All afternoon Jane felt as if she was a bomb, about to go off. Sex with Suzy had been a totally new experience, Brian and her had talked about it, Jane often wondered if Brian’s enthusiasm wasn’t more about seeing another woman naked and possibly getting the chance to fuck her, but now she realised how erotic it would have been to have her husband watching while Suzy made love to her.Twice during the afternoon Jane had to retire to her bedroom, using her vibrator to bring herself to orgasm while she remembered the sensations Suzy had created in her body. By five o’clock she was getting desperate, wanting Brian to come home so that she could tell him, hoping that he would take her roughly, she needed his cock inside her.Jane felt like her whole world was spinning out of control but at the same time she didn’t want it to stop. She and Brian had talked about doing these things for years, it seemed as if the more they talked about it, the less likely it had been that they would ever get the courage to do it. She recalled how nervous she had been on the journey to her first ever dogging outing, but then she recalled the way she had felt on the journey home. She had never felt more alive, knowing that other men beside Brian actually found her sexually attractive. Brian constantly told her how attractive she was, and she loved that, but to actually be presented with the evidence that complete strangers found her so desirable that they would wank off in front of her, and even better, when Brendan came inside her, and then to realise how the sight of her naked could stir such a reaction in another woman, she knew that she could hardly wait for Thursday, one more whole day before she could feel that desirable again.Jane’s plans for an evening meal were altered when Paul came downstairs saying he would take sandwiches back to his room.“I’m busy working on a game l’m developing,” he said, “and l’m talking to Anthony.”Jane could only hazard a guess as to what Paul and Anthony were talking about but the thought that Anthony was telling Paul all about what he had been doing with his aunt did make her feel very warm between her legs.Brian arrived home at his usual time, finding Jane busy in the kitchen.“Hi sexy,” he said, cuddling up behind her, putting one hand up under her skirt, discovering that she was panty less. “You have no idea how l’ve been waiting for this,” he said, holding her breast with his other hand as he kneaded her buttocks then slipped his hand between her legs.”“You’re sex mad,” she giggled, parting her thighs to give him better access.“I couldn’t last till l got home,” he said, “l had to sneak off for a wank this afternoon, l need to fuck you now, l can’t wait.”“We’ll make it quick then,” Jane replied, “l don’t expect Paul to come down but you never know.”Brian pushed her forward, bending her over the kitchen table then pushing her skirt up over her back, leaving her on display.Jane parted her legs, using her hands to pull her buttocks apart, displaying her cunt fully, while Brian dropped his trousers and underpants.“God you’re such a slut,” he laughed.“Stop talking and fuck me,” she said, “l want it just as much as you, just shove it up me.”Brian grabbed hold of her waist, pulling her back as he thrusted his cock deep into her in one lunge.“Oh fuck yes!” She sighed as his body slammed into hers, “don’t wait, just fuck me as hard as you can, just fucking do it.”“God you’re hot,” he said as he plunged into her time and time again, “you’re burning my cock.”He reached under her, squeezing her breasts, using them to pull her back onto his cock.Brian knew he couldn’t last long, he drove into her hard, Jane matching him, pushing back each time to meet him. She cried out as she came, Brian felt the surge of hot juices engulfing his cock. One final lunge and he unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside her cunt, collapsing on top of her as his cock pulsated, filling her with spunk. Jane responded, clenching her muscles, milking every last drop from him.Jane suddenly thought she heard movement upstairs,“Quickly,” she said, wriggling out from under him, standing and adjusting her skirt. “Here,” she said, passing Brian some tissues to wipe his cock, then grabbing a wad of tissues to push up between her legs as she felt his spunk running out of her. As Brian tidied himself up, she tottered off to the toilet to sort herself out.When she returned, Brian was seated at the table, a broad grin on his face.“You look like the cat that got the cream,” she said, bending down and kissing him.“Well l think you’re the one who got the cream,” he laughed, giving her a playful smack on her bottom as she turned away. “Paul must have just been moving around,” he said, “he didn’t come down.”“Thank god,” she replied, “the last thing l want is for him to catch us at the moment.”“Why, what’s happened?” Brian said.“I’ll tell you later,” she said, “l have a few things to tell you later.”“That sounds interesting,” he said, sliding his hand up under her skirt as she placed his meal in front of him.“Stop it,” she giggled, pushing his hand away.“You know you like it,” he laughed, “you’re like a bitch on heat lately, l think that dogging session really turned you on.”“Well what do you expect,” she said, sitting opposite him with her meal, “after what happened, it was bound to have an effect.”“Any regrets?” He asked.“No, do you?” She replied.“Only that we should have done it years ago,” he said, “all those years we talked about it, l must admit l did wonder how l would feel when it finally came to watching other men using you like that.”“Using your wife like a whore you mean?” She smiled at him.“Well yes,” he replied, “l mean, we’ve read so many blogs about men who wanted their wives to do things like that, we spent so many nights talking about it, describing how it would feel to have another man’s cock inside you, but nothing can describe the way you actually feel when it’s happening, seeing you sucking those cocks, watching them spunking on your tits and face, and then watching Brendan fucking you, there just aren’t words to describe how l felt, l love you so much.”“This is so weird,” she giggled, “sitting here having tea as if we are a normal married couple and we’re talking about other men using me like a whore, are we really that depraved?”“No we’re just having fun,” he said, reaching across the table and holding her hand. “You do know you don’t have to do it,” he said, “it has to be what you want as well.”“I know that sweetheart,” she squeezed his hand, “l do wonder where it is going to lead, but l have to admit it excites me, l suppose there was a slut inside me all the time just waiting for the moment to take over, god that sounds awful.”“I’m glad we found it,” he laughed, “l’ve been thinking about that phone call with Brendan last night, god it sounded so sexy hearing you talk to him like that.”“Do you want me to call him again…. tonight, when we’re in bed….. shall l call him again and tell him what l want him to do to me tomorrow?”“That would be fun,” he replied, “especially if you go completely wild, talk to him about some of the wildest stuff we’ve watched and how you want him to do those things to you.”“What do you mean?” She said.“You know,” he replied, “like when those women get tied up and get seriously abused, get their tits tied and things.”“Would you like them to do that to me, to hurt me?” She said, “l know it turns you on when we watch it, but l don’t know if l could do some of the things those women do.”“Well no, not straight away,” he said, “we’d have to take it in stages, you would have to be happy to move on each time, what about anal?”“Really?” She said, looking startled, “is that what you want, you want to fuck my bum?”“Well you watch the same stuff as me,” he said, “you’ve seen sivas escort what happens when those women end up in gang bangs, what if tomorrow evening turns out like that, what if one of them wants to fuck you up your arse, what are you going to do, you can’t expect him to stop.”“Jesus, l hadn’t thought of that,” she said, “we tried it once but it wasn’t very successful.”“I know,” he replied, “but that was a while ago. You’ve seen how porn has changed lately, it’s like every woman is getting fucked in her bum, even the old grannies. If you’re going to let a group of men fuck you, it’s bound to be something at least one of them is going to do, l bet if Colin is there he’ll want to do it.”“Jesus Brian!” She said, “l don’t think l could take him, you felt huge when you did it and he’s bigger than you, what are we going to do?”“Well we can call the whole thing off if you’re not happy,” he said.“Mmmm,” she replied, “do you think that’s what we should do, it seems a shame, l was looking forward to it, l even bought something special to wear.”“Perhaps if we talk to Brendan and tell him what we’re worried about,” Brian said, “he might have some ideas, perhaps he can tell them all in advance that you won’t do anal.”“Mmmm, l suppose so,” she replied, “we can only talk to him and tell him what we’re thinking, l don’t want to spoil the evening by making a fuss.”They were both silent for a while.“I ought to tell you,” Jane said, “l had a conversation with Paul this morning.”Jane went on to tell him what was said, as she was telling him she noticed a wry grin on his face.“What are you grinning for?” She said, “oh l know, you’re thinking about what Brendan said.”“Well what he said does make sense,” Brian replied.“So you want me to have sex with Paul now as well? Don’t you think that’s taking things a bit far?”“Well we don’t want him getting sexually frustrated,” Brian said, “l know he’s never been violent, but what if he attacked someone, he’s very strong, also you know how difficult he finds it to make friendships and how uncertain he gets when there are females about, surely it would help his confidence if someone could teach him how to fuck properly.”“And you think l would make the best teacher?” Jane replied.“Well, like Brendan said, who better than someone who loves him,” Brian replied, “you’ve always been able to calm him down when he gets upset.”“And no doubt you would like to watch,” she snapped, smiling, “you are turning into a proper pervert Brian Watts.”“Not just me,” he laughed, “only a few minutes ago you were getting disappointed because we might have to call off tomorrow night, and l saw you fidgeting just now, l bet your pussy is itching in anticipation.”“You are crude,” she giggled, “you’ll have to let me think about it, we have to sort out tomorrow evening first with Brendan, l can’t think about what might happen with a Paul just now. Anyway, there is something else l need to tell you, but that can wait till we’re in bed.”“Well l was thinking of having an early night,” he laughed.“You don’t want to watch some porn first?” She giggled.“Not when l have my very own porn star,” he smiled.“Well you go up and spend a bit of time with Paul,” she said, “l have things to do down here before l can come to bed and Paul is talking about developing a game of his own, you understand those things better than me.”“Shall l tell him you are going to let him fuck you,” Brian laughed.“No you don’t!” Jane shouted, “don’t you dare. You do that and you won’t get sex for a month, l haven’t decided what l’m going to do about that so you don’t say anything.”“Yes Miss,” Brian laughed as he left the kitchen.Later, Jane was in bed when Brian walked in carrying a small basket.“Ooooh, is it shave time?” She giggled, “l thought l was still smooth.”“Just thought l would make sure for tomorrow,” Brian said, “we want you at your best, l’m sure some of them will want to go down on you.”“Mmmmm, hope so,” she replied, “although…”“Although what?” He said, laying out the bottles of creams and lotions that he used when he shaved her pussy.Jane laid back on the bed, bending her knees and opening her thighs as Brian positioned himself ready to start.“Well,” she said, “that was the other thing l had to tell you. You know Lucy, the girl that works in the Ann Summers shop.”“Yes,” he replied, massaging cream into her pubis area. “Pretty girl, tiny tits though,” he laughed.“You men are all the same,” she giggled, “not interested unless a girls got big tits.”“Only big natural ones like yours,” Brian replied, “I’d rather tiny tits to those grotesque fake jobs you see on some of those porn sites.”“Anyway,” Jane fidgeted as Brian began shaving her, she always enjoyed it, she always felt quite decadent as Brian manipulated her pussy to make sure he did a good job. “I went in there today to find something special to wear tomorrow.”“Oooo nice,” he replied, “what did you get?”“I’m not telling,” she said, “l want to keep it as a surprise for you. Anyway, Suzy offered to help me trying things on and well, things got a bit steamy and she ended up going down on me.”“Wow!” He said, “l wish l’d been there, you know l’ve always wanted to watch you with another woman, what are her tits like? does she taste sweet? Is she shaved?”“We didn’t get that far,” Jane replied, “but she brought me off, it was beautiful, she was very good at it.”“I bet she’s good at sucking cocks too,” he laughed, “she’s got a perfect mouth for cock sucking.”“Come off it Brian,” she laughed, “as far as you fellas are concerned, any mouth is perfect for cock sucking. Anyway, you might find out for yourself, l told her what l will be doing tomorrow and she said she wouldn’t mind coming with us. When l told her what l was going to do, she asked if she could join us.”“What? At the pub you mean?” Brian said.“Yes, she said it sounded exciting,” Jane replied, “shall l ring Brendan and ask him of he fancies some young pussy too?”“I can’t see him turning that down.” Brian replied, pushing her legs wider and manipulating her flesh to get better access.“I bet you’d like to fuck her,” Jane said, “l don’t mind.”“Really?”“Of course not,” she said, “l can hardly complain when l’m getting fucked by all the men there can l, l’m sure she will be up for it, if you want to fuck her you have my blessing.”Jane reached for her phone, pressing redial for the pub. It rang out three times before a female voice answered, Jane recognised it as Amy.Jane : ls Brendan there please.Amy : He’s in the bar, l can go and get him, who’s calling?J : Tell him it’s Jane about tomorrow.A : oh hi, (giggling), are you the lady from the other night?J : Er….A : Oh don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, only Uncle Brendan forgot to turn off the CCTV.J : Oh…..shit.A : Oh don’t worry, what ever you adults want to do is your business, Uncle Brendan enjoyed himself, l hope you did too, it looked very sexy, you have a great figure.J : Thank you, l Er…..A : l’ll go and get Uncle Brendan.Jane had switched the phone onto speaker so Brian had heard the conversation.“Wow, so now you’re a porn star,” he laughed, “l hope we can have a copy of the film.”Brendan : Hello.J : Oh hi Brendan, it’s Jane, remember me?B : l’m hardly likely to forget (laughing) how are you?J : l’m fine…..Er….l was just talking to Amy…..she knows.B : Yes, l’m sorry, l forgot all about the CCTV, it’s not every day a gorgeous woman comes in and strips off, in fact it’s never happened before (laughing), l’m sorry, but Amy is okay, she’s not going to broadcast it.J : Oh that’s okay, it was a bit of a shock but Brian wants to know if we can have a copy (giggling). What about you, how do you feel about Amy seeing you fucking me.B : Oh that’s okay, she was cool with it.J : You never know, it probably turned her on, you might have a chance there. Does she know about tomorrow, escort sivas perhaps she’d like to join us.B : Well l had to tell her everything, but l don’t know about that, she’s going out with friends tomorrow. Is Brian there now, listening.Brian : I’m here Brendan, l’m just getting Jane’s pussy nice and smooth ready for tomorrow.B : Oh hi mate, that sounds good, l’m sure a few of us would like to go down on her.Brian : She’ll like that, l’ve just finished, l think l’ll go down on her while you carry on chatting.Brian quickly towelled her dry and dusted her with talcum powder then put aside the basket of lotions. Crawling back on the bed, her rested her legs on his shoulders as he applied his mouth to her cunt.J : About tomorrow Brendan, we have a friend who wants to join us, she’s very young, in fact she’s about the same age as Amy, what do you think?B : When you say join us, do you mean….J : Oh yes, she knows what’s expected, she hasn’t done it before but says it sounds exciting, would it be okay to bring her?B : Wow….Er….yes….that would be brilliant.J : You probably won’t want me once you see her, she’s very pretty but l’ve got bigger tits.B : (laughing), Oh l’m sure you will be kept busy, l’ve got a few mates coming, they can’t wait.J : What about condoms? Do we need them?B : That’s up to you, l can get some if you want them, l have a stock out the back to fill the machine in the toilet, but they are all decent respectable fellas, for most of them this is the their first time doing this.J : Well l’d rather not use them, l’ll see what Suzy says….will Colin be there…oooowwww.B : What was that?J : (giggling) sorry, that was my husband, he bit my clitoris when l mentioned Colin, he jealous of his cock.B : Oh yes, Colin is quite proud of his todger, yes he’s going to be there, there are five of us so far but if you’re bringing that girl l’ll see if l can get a few more.J : Oh my,(giggling), it sounds like my poor pussy is going to be well used….there was something else l wanted to ask you.B : Yes, anything.J : Brian and l were talking about anal, l’ve only ever tried it once with Brian and l’m not sure about tomorrow, l don’t want any awkward moments.B : Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen unless you’re happy with it, l’ll have a word with everyone and make sure they know the rules, it’s just like dogging, everyone has to stick to the rules, you have to be happy and relaxed, we want you to enjoy it too.J : Thank you Brendan, that has made me feel better, l might change my mind tomorrow but for the moment l’d prefer not to do it.B : No problem sweetheart, l doubt if any of us have ever done it, most of them have only ever fucked their wives, Colin has fucked around a bit but that was a while ago, he’s like me, the best we get is blow jobs out dogging. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with us. I have to go now Jane, the bar is busy.J : Okay Brendan, see you tomorrow.Jane disconnected then switched to the number she had entered for Suzy.Suzy : Hello.J : Hi Suzy it’s Jane.S : Oh hi, sorry, l haven’t entered your number yet so didn’t know it was you. Did your husband like the…..J : Shush, don’t say any more, l haven’t shown him yet, l’m saving it for tomorrow.S : Oh, sorry, is he there listening.J : Yes, he’s got his head between my thighs at the moment.S : Ooooo, l’m jealous, you have a lovely pussy.J : Thank you, l’m looking forward to seeing yours and returning the compliment, l’m sure Brian is too.Brian : Hi Suzy.S : Hi there, you have a very sexy wife.B : She is, we have talked about doing these things for years, wish we had started sooner.S : Better late than never, l love sex, male or female, my boyfriend is such a stick in the mud, l’m dumping him, l think older men would be better, l only want men who want to use me for sex, l don’t want a relationship.B : l think you’ll get used tomorrow.(laughing).S : Oh l hope so, no limits, l’m available in three holes.J : Really, you do anal ?S : Oh yes, l love it, my boyfriend won’t do it but my Uncle does when l see him, he’s got a big cock too. You do it don’t you?J : l’ve only done it once with Brian, l didn’t really enjoy it so we never did it again, we have been talking about it this evening, Brian told Brendan that l won’t do it so he has passed the message on to all the fellas that are going to be there.S : Oh l want to do it, l’ll tell them when l get there, l’d like to try one in both holes together, never had that but it looks fun.Jane went quiet.S : You’re thinking about it aren’t you?J : l’m still not sure, do you orgasm when your Uncle does it to you?S : l do, but it’s not the same sort of orgasm, not as powerful and it feels deeper inside, but it makes my pussy squirt. I’m sure you’d like it once you get used to it, l’ll bring some lubricating cream from the shop then at least you will be ready if you change your mind.“Stop it Brian!” Jane giggled.S : What’s that?J : It’s Brian, he’s teasing me, pressing his finger against my bumhole.S : Tell him to lick your bumhole, my Uncle puts his tongue inside me.Before Jane could react, Brian move down, using his hands to spread her buttocks, he started teasing her anus with his tongue. Jane let out a deep sigh at the new sensation.S : Is he doing it?J : Yes, (moaning).S : Now try to relax your bum and let him slide his tongue inside.J : Oh god, l don’t know.S : Go on, you’ll love it.J : Oh god.Brian felt the tension ease from her anus, he pressed his tongue against her, forcing it’s way into her.J : Oh my god.S : That’s good, now tell me how it feels.J : God it’s weird, just the thought of what he’s doing to me, god this is so perverted.J : It’s fun, my Uncle loves my bumhole, next time l see him l’m going to take one of our big dildos, l want him to fuck my bum with it, really stretch me, like those girls in porn films, some of then get really big things up their bums.Jane let out a sigh as Brian finally left her anus and recommenced working on her pussy.J : Oh Jesus Suzy, l’m going to cum.S : l’m frigging myself here, put the phone by your pussy, l want to hear Brian sucking your cunt.Jane did as Suzy asked, her body arching as Brian sucked on her clit, then she let out a cry as he suddenly forced one finger into her bumhole, sucking hard on her clit at the same time.“Oh Jesus Christ,” she cried out as her orgasm burst, juices squirting from her cunt into Brian’s eager mouth. “Yes, yes, deeper!” She cried as her body convulsed, Brian’s finger deep in her bottom.“I’m cumming too!” They heard Suzy’s voice over the phone, “Oooooh this is so sexy.”Jane relaxed as her orgasm subsided, sighing deeply as Brian removed his finger from her bumhole. She took a few moments to collect herself before putting the phone back to her ear.J : Wow.S : Good?J : I don’t know, l mean it felt good but….S : Not buts, if it felt good is was good.J : God this is a whole new world. S : l know, it is for me too, l’ve never been gang banged before, it’s going to brilliant, l’m looking forward to it.J : Do you want to come here tomorrow evening and we can get ready together.S : That sounds good, what time, and l don’t have your address.J : It will have to be about six so that we can get ready, it takes over an hour to drive there, so we want to be getting there about nine and have a drink and relax before the fun starts. Brian can pick you up on his way home from work, where do you live.S : l live in a flat over the shop, six will be fine, l can get Sean to lock up the shop.J : Okay, l’ll get Brian to give you a call when he’s on his way.S : Perfect, l’ll see you tomorrow then.They both ended the call.Jane looked down at Brian’s face grinning up at her from between her thighs.“That was sneaky doing that to me,” she said.“But you liked it,” he smiled, “you came a flood.”“Stop talking and make love to me,” she said, “nice sivas escort bayan and slow, one of your specials.”“Your wish is my command Mistress,” he smiled, crawling up between her thighs, resting her legs on his shoulders as he slowly entered her.He made love to her with long, smooth strokes, her body meeting him each time. He caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples, feeling the tremors of excitement through her body.“I love you,” he whispered, “you are the most beautiful, sexy, exciting woman in the world.”“I love you,” she responded, “oh that feels good, oh l do love you.”Brian took his time, taking her slowly through each stage of her build up, after all their years making love he knew all the signs, knew all her secret places. He teased her, tormented her, relished the colour in her face as he knew her orgasm was approaching.Jane looked up at him, eyes wide open. “In my bum,” she said, “l want it there now.”Brian hesitated.“Please,” she begged, “l need it there now.”Slowly he withdrew, placing his hands under her bottom, lifting her slightly, the head of his penis resting against her anus.“Be gentle,” she said, “but don’t stop, make me feel how good it can be.”Slowly he increased the pressure against her anus. Finally he felt her give way, the tip of his penis forcing it’s way into her.“I love you,” she sighed, “don’t stop, don’t stop , l love you.”“I love you my darling,” he said as he lowered his weight onto her, his penis using the lubrication of her cunt juices to slide effortlessly deep into her tight channel.Jane let out a low guttural moan as she felt him filling her. “Oh my god.” she sighed, “he feels huge, don’t stop, be gentle but fuck me now.”Brian withdrew until he was almost free of her, then sank down again, repeating it over and over, slowly increasing the speed and force of his movements.“Oh Jesus Christ!” She cried, “oh yes my darling, oh yes.”Jane slid her hand down over her tummy, locating her clitoris, rubbing it as she tried to move her body to meet him as his thrusts became harder.“I’m going to cum,” he cried.“Yes my darling,” she replied, “fill me with your beautiful cum, don’t wait for me, l’m almost there.”Brian’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of her breasts as he plunged deep into her arsehole, he cried out again as he felt the surge from his balls as his spunk filled her.“Oh my god yes!” She yelled, the heat of his cum inside her and her fingers working madly on her clitoris finally taking her over the edge. She could feel her own juices spurting from her cunt as she felt each pulsation of his cock deep inside her belly.As his pulsations lessened, Jane tried to clench herself, trying to use her bum hole to milk his cock.“Don’t pull out,” she whispered, “l want to enjoy it.”“You’re amazing,” he said.“We have a lot of catching up to do,” she smiled, “l want us to try new things, l want you to think l’m sexy, l want you to treat me like a slut, it’s going to be fun.”“I want to show you off,” he replied, “l want to see other men looking at you with that stare that tells me they are thinking dirty thoughts about you, l want to watch other men fucking you, using you like a whore.”“It sounds so exciting,” she replied, “you don’t think l’m too old.”“That will make it better,” he replied, “you’ve seen how they treat old slags on videos.”“Is that what l am, an old slag,” she giggled.“If you want to be,” he replied, “it has to be what you want.”“It sounds so exciting,” she said, “l’m really looking forward to tomorrow, you are sure you don’t mind if they do this to me, up my bum l mean.”“I want to see them use all of you,” he said, “l want them to fuck you so hard that you can hardly stand up, l want to see their cum dripping from your cunt and arsehole.”“Oh god that sounds awful,” she smiled, “take it out….take it out now.”Brian moved back, his softening cock slipping from her bum hole. He rolled onto his back.Jane followed him, kneeling beside him, she leant over him, taking him into her mouth.“Oh Jesus Jane!” He said as her hot mouth engulfed him, the thought of where his cock had just been sending shock waves through his body. He had thought he was spent but immediately felt his cock swelling inside her mouth.“Mmmmmmmm,” was all she could say as she lowered her mouth onto him, the thought of what she was doing causing her cunt to flood again, she could feel his cum trickling from her bum, running down her thighs. She quickly twisted herself, getting her legs astride him, lowering her cunt onto his mouth as she sucked on his cock.In the next door room, Paul sat surrounded by his bank of computers, staring at the screen in front of him as he stroked his rigid cock. He had never expected to see all this but he had to admit it was much better than watching porn videos, Anthony had told him it would be when he suggested that Paul should set up the camera.He had told Anthony about his conversation with his mother, and also that he thought his mother and father were having sex. It was Anthony who suggested that he should try and set up a camera to watch them. Paul wasn’t sure how he would do it, but then, when his mother said she was going to town he took the opportunity. His problem was that his web camera was not one of the modern ones and it was difficult to conceal. In the end he had managed to tuck it on top of the wardrobe but when he checked it out, he could only get half the bed in the picture.Consequently, as he had watched his mother and father together, he had not been able to see everything they were doing. He had been able to see the back of his father between his mother’s open legs, he had watched as his father fucked her. He had even seen his father adjusting his position and begin fucking her again.Paul had see women getting fucked in their bottom on videos, he presumed his father was doing it to his mother. He wasn’t shocked by what he saw, more interested, wondering if his mother was comfortable having a cock up her bottom.Then he had watched as his father ended up on his back, he watched his mother taking his cock in her mouth and making him hard again. Paul looked at his father’s cock, noticing that it was not as big as his own. He wondered if women preferred bigger cocks or whether they were uncomfortable. Most of the videos had men with cocks bigger than his father’s, some were even bigger than Paul’s and the women still seemed to enjoy having them inside them.He watched as his mother shifted position, he could not see what his father was doing but when his mother was on all fours he liked the way her tits hung down.Paul had inserted a flash drive and was recording everything. He would make a copy later to give to Anthony. He decided that he would go into town the next day and get some more modern cameras so that he could get a better view of what his parents were doing, he had enjoyed watching them, and now, he saw them both lying side by side, he looked at his mother’s naked body her tits still looked big even though she was lying on her back. Her legs were parted and Paul could just make out the cleft of her cunt, he wondered if his mother would mind if he went in there and asked if he could fuck her just like Anthony tells him he does with his Aunty.Then he saw his mother reach over and turn out the bedside light. In the darkness he could just see her cuddling up to his father. Paul decided that she would probably be cross if he went in and asked to fuck her, his mother didn’t get cross with him often, she knew how much it upset him, but he didn’t want to risk annoying her. He decided he would wait until he could tell her that he had been watching her, he would ask her then if he could fuck her.He decided to talk to Anthony first, he would know what to do.He quickly replayed the recording he had made, stroking his cock hard as he watched. He held a wad of tissues over his cock when he came, but he came that much that they soon disintegrated into a mushy mess. Paul had never cum as much before, he wondered what it would feel like to be able to cum like that inside his mother’s cunt.

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