Jane Finds Herself

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Jane had only joined the site for amusement, and some banter when she was alone.

Rob, the man she had started chatting to, was very easy to talk to. He was retired, and in his spare time he had taken to writing erotic stories.

She didn’t know this at first, but when it dropped into conversation it rather excited her.

It took them sometime to work out how she could read his stories online, but eventually she gained access to the website and ‘boy’ was she surprised. This retired ‘gentleman’ had hidden talents and probably a rich history.

It wasn’t long before their ‘chats’ became less inhibited, and Rob began to get a sense of what Jane was like.

He knew that she was in her late fifties, and that she was ‘curvy,’ as described in her online profile. She was also blonde, and reasonably tall.

Rob was in his sixties, and had not been an angel during his lifetime. He had had several affairs during his marriage, but to the outside world he appeared a respectable man, tall with grey hair and very easy going.

He found Jane very easy to talk to online, but realised from her profile that there was never any intention to meet men she chatted to. However, she intrigued him, and should the occasion arise that there was a possibility of meeting for coffee, he would seize it.

Early on in their conversations Jane had said that she was working in fashion, indeed she worked in retail, in a shop in Derby. Rob didn’t know Derby very well, but over the course of several weeks of ‘chatting’ he was able to refine exactly where she worked.

And so a plan developed.

Strangely, they had never exchanged photos of each other, so the idea of recognising themselves if they did meet, was seemingly remote. But Rob had decided that he would surprise her.

It was a Tuesday afternoon in June, with the sun shining brightly, that Rob wandered into Jane’s shop. How many ‘curvy’ blondes in their fifties could work here?

Jane was near the rear of the shop, checking stock of summer lingerie, when a voice behind her said,”good afternoon young lady.”

She turned and saw a tall, distinguished man smiling as he added, “I’m Rob and this has been a long time coming!”

Jane’s mouth dropped open, and her mind raced to process what was happening. This was Rob, the man she had been sharing some very personal thoughts with online, and he was here in her shop!

“Look I’m not going to embarrass you in front of your work colleagues, so meet me in Costas, across the road , when you finish at 5.30.”

And with that Rob turned on his heels and strode out of the shop.

Jane’s brain had turned to mush, and her heart was beating so rapidly that she thought it would burst out of her very ample bosom. Gathering herself, she continued her work on stock taking, but could not really focus. Should she meet him? Really? Had she got into something that was not what she wanted?

She suddenly realised that the last ten minutes had strangely aroused her. How could that be? It was that feeling deep within her that told her she should throw caution to the wind and go to Costas.

5.30 came and she entered Costas.

As she looked around a hand squeezed her firmly on the shoulder, and a voice said, “over here.”

Rob guided her through the myriad of tables to a table in the corner. He had decided for her, that she was drinking a flat white, and before she sat down he helped her out of her summer jacket.

Jane was wearing a floral, cotton dress, low cut to reveal the cleavage of her generous breasts. Rob’s eyes were drawn to this, and he didn’t hide his admiring stare.

Jane blushed slightly, and looked down at her coffee shyly.

Rob broke the silence, and reminded her of the conversations they had had online in the preceding weeks. She had read a story that Rob had written, about a meeting between two online strangers who met for the first time in a coffee shop.

Jane suddenly felt herself flushing, because she quickly remembered the storyline.

The man in the story had been very assertive, and had persuaded the woman to come back to his hotel room, and there they had begun a relationship that fulfilled the hidden fantasies that the woman had held hidden for many years.

Was this really happening? It was almost like deja vu. And she felt that she was being dragged along without any choice. But Rob was a handsome man and very imposing.

“Now Jane, I’m glad you decided to meet me, because you know that this is what you really want.”

Jane’s mind Beylikdüzü escort whirled. She wanted to say “no!” but like somebody else’s voice she heard herself whisper, “yes Rob.”

“You are going to do exactly as I say.”

Jane quietly said, “yes.”

“Here is my key card to the Premier Inn around the corner. It’s for room 214. Go there now, and when you enter there will be a blindfold on the dressing table. Put it on and take off all your clothes. Then kneel on all fours on the bed and wait for me.”

Jane shuddered slightly in her chair, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

Rob quite expected her to run out of the coffee shop, never to be seen again. But Jane was almost hypnotised. She reached out and took the key card. Picking up her jacket, she turned, and Rob watched her ass sway as she picked her way out of Costas, and turned left towards the Premier Inn.

The story had begun, and its similarity to the online story was incredible.

As Jane walked along the pavement her legs felt weak. What was she doing?

She had just met this man, and here she was, under his spell, and just about to go to his hotel room for goodness knows what. She could be tomorrow’s headlines, having been found mutilated in room 214.

It was like she had lost all sense. She walked straight through the foyer and up the stairs to the second floor. Room 214 was at the end of the corridor on the right.

She fumbled with the card, which wouldn’t open the door at first. Then it triggered the lock, and she let herself in.

The tv was playing music, softly, from a radio station.

Straight away, she looked towards the dressing table and saw the blindfold. She picked it up and tried it on. It was a tight fit.

Removing it, she took a deep breath and removed her jacket and dress. She caught a glimpse of herself in bra and panties in the mirror. She had to admit she still had a good body for a middle aged woman.

She heard herself mutter,”well here goes.”

She unclipped her bra, and stepped out of her panties, and suddenly realised the crotch was soaking. She was so aroused!

As she followed the instructions Rob had given her, she recalled the story he had written. She knew what was about to unfold, and it aroused her even more.

As she went to the bed, she saw on the bedside table a variety of what could only be described as sexual implements and toys. She thought It wasn’t too late to run, even now.

But the decision had been made. She was going to live out something that she had fantasised about for years.

She pulled on the blindfold and mounted the bed and waited.

It seemed like an age. She heard footsteps in the corridor, but it was a false alarm as they entered the room opposite.

The music on the tv played on.

Rob had waited a quarter of an hour in Costas, and as he made his way to the hotel, he had no idea as to whether Jane would be there. He felt that it would take a special woman to follow this through.

Having seen Jane for real he had a feeling of desire. She really was physically very attractive. He felt his cock stirring as he walked. But disappointment was a real possibility.

He was about to find out. He knew Jane had liked his online story, and he really wanted her to live it out.

He clicked the key card, and pushed open the door. He heard the music, but what he noticed first was the perfume. A mixture of an expensive French perfume and that unique smell of a woman aroused.

On the bed, as instructed, was this wonderful vision of Jane. Kneeling like an obedient animal, blindfolded, legs slightly parted and her breasts swinging gently below.

“Well Jane, you’ve decided you’ll be my bitch. You know what that means. You will serve my needs this evening, and if you pass the test, you will be required to serve me in future in many more ways.”

“Yes Rob.”

“Yes sir! You will call me sir when we are alone!” Rob was very firm in the way he almost shouted those words.

“Yes sir,” Jane whispered.

Jane sensed that Rob was close to her, by the side of the bed. She felt so vulnerable kneeling there, and even though her hearing was heightened by her situation, she only had the recollection of Rob’s story writing to know what was coming next.

She heard Rob walk to the foot of the bed. She was aware that her pussy was exposed to his eyes, and she knew he was going to be using it this evening. She shuddered slightly.

Then she felt Rob’s touch. His fingers ran along her Beylikdüzü escort spine from her neck, right down to the cheeks of her ass.

“Mmmmmm so lovely,” she heard him mutter.

Rob’s hands slowly stroked the rounded buttocks. He found the warm, soft skin was making his cock slowly harden.

He reached under Jane’s waist and cupped each breast in his hands. The nipples were hard and pert. He squeezed them between his thumb and fore fingers. Jane gasped, and let out a cry.

“Shut up bitch,” Rob ordered.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” she replied with a simper.

“I think you need to be more respectful young lady.”

Rob stood up and slapped Jane hard on the right buttock.

Jane yelped, and the second slap on the other buttock made her yelp again.

But then she felt Rob’s hands smoothing over the impact marks, and his fingers tracing their way down between the cheeks towards her pussy.

He slid his middle finger between her pussy lips, and felt the delicious wetness, allowing the tip of his finger to massage her clit.

A long moan told Rob how aroused she was.

Jane pressed back against Rob’s hand, but he withdrew it and took a step back. She heard the sound of a zip sliding down and she prepared herself for what was inevitable.

Her pussy twitched, as Rob pushed his erect cock between her lips. She was so aroused and wet, that he slid inside her without any resistance.

“Oh…….my……god!” she moaned.

Rob started to move, slowly back and forth, almost withdrawing, then all the way in.

Jane was now making little murmurs, and was starting to breath more quickly. “Oh god, fuck me sir, harder.”

Rob needed no encouragement. He thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. His thighs smacked against her ass, and the bed was shaking. He wanted this bitch to really feel his desire, but he wasn’t ready to cum yet.

He smacked her hard again on the buttocks, and she cried out, “fucking hell,” quickly followed by, “sorry sir.”

Rob decided that he would now show her who was boss. He withdrew his cock, which was glistening with her juices, and roughly pulled her up off the bed, turning her around and kissing her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth.

Jane started to respond but was, swiftly, pushed into a sitting position on the bed.

“Now you bitch….eat this.”

Rob shoved his cock into Jane’s mouth, pushing the back of her head towards him. The sound of her gagging and spluttering, caused him to release her head, and after she’d caught her breath, she greedily took him into her mouth again, sucking the head and making him groan loudly.

Although Jane couldn’t see it, Rob had closed his eyes with pleasure, and didn’t want her to stop. She certainly knew how to give a blow job. But he had to be in charge, and he had more ways to use Jane’s body.

Lifting her up, he laid her on her back along the length of the bed. Taking the wrist and ankle cuffs from the bedside table, he fastened them onto each one of her limbs, and attached them by straps to the bed legs.

She was unable to move, arms and legs splayed out, vulnerable, open, still blindfolded, wondering what was next, but still strangely excited.

The room went silent, apart from the softly playing music, but then she heard the rustling of Rob removing the rest of his clothes. She was trying to remember the details of Rob’s online story, and to get a sense of what was coming. She did know that she had no choice about it.

Suddenly, she felt Rob close to the bed again. He touched her breast, and his fingers brushed her nipple fleetingly. She felt them harden, and he touched them again. This time he squeezed them both.

“Owww!” a little cry of pain mixed with pleasure came from her lips.

“So you’re ready for the next instalment my little one?” Rob said with excitement in his voice.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Jane cried out as Rob attached the first nipple clamp to her right breast. She cried out again as he placed the second clamp to her other nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God,” she groaned mire loudly.

“Shut up bitch or I will have to gag you,” Rob threatened. “Do you want us to get chucked out?”

Jane stifled her cry, and tried to blot out the pain, and after several seconds it somehow became manageable.

Rob was moving around the bed again. She sensed he was at the foot of the bed, and she felt open and vulnerable. It then became obvious what Rob was intending.

The buzz of the vibrator Escort Beylikdüzü was familiar to her. She used one frequently at home when she was alone. But she’d never had a man use one on her before.

Preparing herself, she was not ready for what happened next. She felt Rob’s tongue slowly lick between her labia. It probed deep into her pussy. When the tip ran over her clit, a wave of pleasure swept up her body, and she moaned out loud.

Rob flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over the little bud. He nibbled it, he sucked it, and he knew that Jane wasn’t far from orgasm.

By now she was panting loudly, interspersed with little moans. In an instant she could not hold back. Her hips bucked, she shuddered, and her wet pussy convulsed.

“Oh Roooooobbbb!” she moaned aloud.

“You mean sir,” Rob corrected her, and to emphasise her mistake he pushed two fingers into her pussy.

“That’s just a start,” he said, and immediately she felt the vibrator begin to pulsate against her clit.

Rob’s fingers thrust into her pussy as the vibrator continued to tease. She struggled to pull her wrists free. This was torture. She’d had her orgasm and needed to come down. But Rob knew she wasn’t finished.

As his fingers thrusted and the vibrator continued, Jane realised she was approaching another orgasm. Before she knew it she felt her whole body shake, and she cried out again and again, “oh god, oh god, oh my god!”

Rob was just getting into his stride…….Jane was a woman who had repressed her sexual appetite, and for her to contemplate multiple orgasms was beyond her imagination, until today.

Before Rob reached for his next ‘weapon,’ he decided to release the nipple clamps and take off her blindfold. As he unclipped the clamps, the relief showed in the deep sigh from Jane. Her eyes blinked against the dim light, and her mind was reeling with her pussy throbbing with sexual release.

The ‘rabbit’ whirred into action as Rob probed her pussy once more. How much could Jane take? The silicone toy slid into the soaking opening, and rotated its way up to the point where the ‘clit tickler’ made contract with her little bud.

She had only bought a ‘rabbit’ recently, and in the relaxed surroundings of her bedroom, it had proved to be a very thrilling toy. But she had only used it for brief relief, and never after having had orgasms immediately before.

Rob concentrated the angle so that it had the maximum effect. He watched Jane’s face and waited for the tell tale signs of hitting the tight spot. Jane couldn’t believe that she was approaching orgasm yet again. Her whole body was in a form of suspended reality. She was actually trying to fight against what was happening. The problem was that Rob was learning fast how her body responded.

And seemingly, without warning, her next orgasm rushed upon her. She shook from her hips through to her breasts, and heard herself crying out in ecstasy.

Rob was seeking his own relief. He decided to release her from her bonds, and unfastening Jane she lay on the bed rubbing her wrists and ankles and recalling from the online story that she was now going to pleasure Rob, and help him towards his own climax.

Rob sat her on the side of the bed, and directed her to suck his cock as he stood in front of her. He hardened once again, and he closed his eyed, and relished the sensations of her mouth and tongue.

He laid her back on the bed, and kneeled astride her waist, and placed his cock between her ample breasts. He pushed the two mounds together, surrounding his cock in the soft flesh.

He reached for a small bottle of baby oil, and squirted the liquid onto her breasts. It oozed between them and he moved his cock up and down, really wanting to cum, but fighting against it.

Jane was looking up at his face. She saw his eyes close, and knew he was close to cumming. She knew what to do.

She rubbed her hand against her breasts covering the fingers in baby oil.

As Rob slowly moved his cock back and forth between her breasts, she moved her hand underneath his thigh, and pushed two slippery fingers into his ass.

She heard him gasp, and probed deeply until she found his magic gland. Massaging it for only a couple of seconds, she heard him grunt.

That was it, his cock jerked, and a spurt of semen shot up and over Jane’s face. A second hit her on the chin, and a third and fourth spurted over her neck and between her breasts.

She tasted the salty spunk dribbling down onto her lips from the streams on her face. She licked it with her tongue as Rob lifted himself from the bed.

She lay there completely shattered and satisfied, but wondering how she had come to be here.

What she did know was that she wanted more…..would Rob want her?

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