Jamie’s Confessions Ch. 04

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“So You’re a stripper now, huh?” Zach asked as we wandered down the aisle of the supermarket.

“Yep.” I picked up a melon and dropped it into the trolley, as odd as it sounds Chris and I had moved into a big four room apartment with Zach and Scott. Things were working out pretty well, although we had to watch out for being too loud or the neighbours complained and looked a little funny about one woman living with three men, and sleeping with all of them.

“That sounds… interesting.” He looked down at me and smiled as his eyes ran over my body, a second later his hand was stroking my hip. “I wouldn’t mind seeing that sometime.”

“You want me to put on a show for you and the boys sometime?” I teased.

“I was thinking more along the lines of watching you with the other men, your clients.”

“I think that’s against the rules.” I smiled and moved on down the aisle.

“Shame. I rather like the idea of watching you with strangers.”

“I think we’re lost.” I frowned out of the window at the darkening night as Zach continued driving along the deserted road.

“We aren’t lost, the directions Shane gave said turn left at the funny looking tree.”

“Seriously, those are the directions this guy gave you?” I gaped at him,. We were on our way to Zach’s friend Shane’s parents house as a little mini vacation, Chris and Scott were joining us tomorrow because they couldn’t get off work any earlier so we were going to have a day to ourselves. But we got lost.

“He doesn’t really do street names, but I saw the funny looking tree and I turned left.”

“I’ve seen about five funny looking trees next to left turns, it could have been any of them.”

“Ok, ok, so we’re lost.” He pulled over the car. “What do we do about it?”

“I don’t know, I’m not the one who got lost.” I scowled in his direction, thinking we could be sharing a hot tub right now.

“Look, lets turn around and find a gas station or something and ask for directions.” His gaze heated as he looked over me, probably thinking the same as me. “And then when we arrive I’ll heat up the hot tub while you pour the drinks.”

“Deal.” I leant over the centre console and gave him a deep kiss, when he pulled away and turned the ignition the car made a funny gargling sound before dying. “Erm… what was that?”

“That would be my engine dying.” He sighed and opened his door, I followed him out and round to where he opened the hood.

“Does that mean we’re stuck?” I looked around the dark empty road nervously.

“Not if I can fix it.”

“You’re a photographer, not a mechanic.”

“I have an uncle who works with cars.” He muttered as he bent over the engine and looked at something.

“He teach you anything?”


“So we’re fucked.”

“You will be in a minute bayan escort if you don’t stop complaining.” He growled, his voice going all sexy.

“Like that’s a threat, I wouldn’t mind being bent over the hood of a car.” I slid my hands around his side and up his chest, he turned to look down at me with a hot look, the car forgotten.

“Strip for me.” He whispered.

“Sorry what?” He couldn’t be serious.

“I want to see you strip for me.”

“Out here, in the middle of no where?”

“Who’s gonna see you? Apart from me.”

“Well… we don’t even have any music.” I pointed out, in answer he pulled out his iPhone and put of some slow, sexy tune. “I guess I’ve run out of ways to say no.”

“Mmm-hmmm. So dance.” He closed the hood and leant against it as I moved back, I wasn’t exactly dressed sexily in a denim skirt and plain white tee but they were easy to get off. As I moved and twirled to the beat I slowly began pulling my t-shirt up, giving him teasing glances of my lacy red bra before dropping it again. Before long I was stood before him my matching bra and panty set and my wedged heels, Zach was sporting an impressive erection and I was struggling resisting going to touch him.

“You’re so sexy.” He growled as he watched me reach back to unfasten my bra, it fell to the ground with my other clothes before I started rolling my hips in a seductive way. Before I could remove anything else a pair of headlights washed over us and a car stopped right behind me, Zach pushed off the car and came to stand in front of me protectively. “Hello?”

“Hi there.” A deep male voice called, “I saw you parked out here and thought I’d come over some help, though that was before I saw what you were doing.” He winked at me over Zach’s shoulder. He was really quite handsome in a rugged, farmer kind of way, his curly brown hair was a few months past due a haircut and he had stubble on his jaw, but it was a strong jaw and a handsome face. Then there was his body, he obviously worked in a physical kind of job and had thick, solidly muscled arms and legs and a wide chest that stretched the material of his black t-shirt, his jeans and work boots were dusty and dirt streaked but it just made him seem like one of those sexy farmers you saw in movies, lifting tractor tyres or something.

“I’ll leave you guys to it.” He smiled as if he wouldn’t have minded staying but turned back.

“Actually.” I called. “We have a little problem with our car, it won’t start.”

“Jamie, what the hell?” Zach whispered.

“We do, and he might be able to help.”

“But you’re practically naked.”

“And I have been in front of a lot of men, we need help.”

“Erm… sorry but am I interrupting something?”

“No, and we’d be very grateful if you could help.” I batted my eyelashes up at him, a small smile bloomed on his face as I stepped around Zach and let him see my half naked glory.

“Anything to help out someone in need.” He murmured, taking a step towards the engine, he fiddled about for a minute before rising. “Looks like you’ve run out of oil, lucky for you I have some in my truck. You can have it if you like.”

“Oh thank you!” I gushed. “How can we repay you?”

“Well…” He looked me up and down. “You could always finish your little show.”

“Have a seat, gentlemen.” I smiled, the farmer lead us both to the back of his truck before he and Zach sat town on the tailgate. Zach flicked the music on again and I started moving my body to the beat, twisting and writhing before I turned around and slowly lowered my panties, giving them the money shot of my gaping pussy. I was so turned on I was dripping and I’m sure they could see the moisture glistening on my pussy lips, I sashayed over to the farmer and climbed up to straddle his hips as I writhed on his lap. With my swaying breasts in his face and my wet pussy rubbing against the hard bulge in his crotch he savagely took my mouth and gripped my hips in his huge hands. I felt another pair of hands rubbing and caressing my body and I glanced over to see Zach reaching for my breasts, he held them up for the farmer to flick his tongue over my nipples before sucking them deep into his mouth. God that felt good, his rough tongue rasping over the sensitive tips.

“Turn her over, I want a taste of that pussy.” He stood with his hands under my naked as and turned so he could lay me down in the bed of his truck, I spread my legs as wide as I could and let him see my wide open, hairless pussy. The next thing I knew his hands were holding my lips open as his tongue licked at my clit before thrusting in and out of my hole, while he had been moving me Zach must have stripped because the next thing I knew he was straddling my stomach and pressing his cock between my aching breasts. He toyed with my nipples as he thrust his cock between my breasts and the double sensation of having my nipples and pussy played with sent me over the edge, I arched off the truck as my pussy contracted around the farmers tongue.

“OH, FUCK!” I screamed. “Fuck me, please just fuck me with your hard cock!” I needed to be filled, desperately needed my pussy stretched. The farmer rose to his feet and pulled his dirty jeans down, unleashing his swollen, monster cock. It had to be at least ten inches and so thick I wouldn’t be able to fully wrap my hand around him, I wanted it so bad. He pulled me to the edge and stood between my widespread thighs before plunging into me in one hard thrust.

“OH my God. I’m so full, Fuck me, please fuck me.” I moaned and panted, moving my hips in little fucking motions to urge him on. When he finally did move I was swearing, begging him to fuck me harder, eventually Zach forced his cock into my open mouth to shut me up. I sucked on him desperately as the farmer pounded me so hard I was moving up and down in the truck, when he rubbed his thumb over my clit I couldn’t help but cum, my body shuddered and soaking his cock and balls with cum.

“I want her mouth.” He said, pulling out of my pussy and letting my legs hang off the end of the tailgate. He and Zach swapped so that Zach slid into my wet, tight spasming pussy and the farmer could slide his cock into my mouth. It still tasted of my pussy juice and I eagerly licked and sucked his throbbing cock head before trying to work his monster into my mouth, I had half of his length in my mouth and slipping down my throat but I couldn’t take anymore, he was just too thick. So I focused on swirling my tongue around his thick member and sucking hard, it didn’t take long for him to loose control and he started shooting his thick cum down my throat, he pulled out and covered my tits in thick ropes of white cum before shoving it back in my mouth. “Get me hard again, I want to fuck that sweet ass.” He ordered, I sucked him until I felt him hardening in my mouth and he pulled out, Zach left my pussy so the farmer could turn me over. But not before he scooped some of his cum from my tits so he could rub it against my asshole and force three of his thick, grimy fingers into my asshole.

“OH God! That feels so good!” I moaned, rubbing my cum covered tits against the warm metal of the truck, Zach and plunged his fingers into my pussy and was roughly finger fucking me whilst the farmer began to work his cock into my ass. By the time he was fully seated in my anus I had gone crazy, swearing and begging him to fuck me again, I need his cock moving in and out of my ass.

“I’m going to split this ass open.” He growled, frantically pumping his hips and alternately filling and emptying my ass. It felt incredible. Zach lifted my upper body so he could slide beneath me and slip his cock into my pussy, he knew I love double penetration, the feel of two cocks thrusting into me, filling me with their cum. They built up a furious rhythm before Zach pumped my pussy full of cum, so much it began leaking out around his cock. My own furious orgasm set off a reaction in the farmer and he plunged so deeply in me I screamed in ecstasy before he filled my ass with cum. They both pulled out and left me lying in the truck bed, cum pouring out of my gaping ass and pussy, covering my tits.

“You want that oil now?” The farmer asked, he and Zach re dressed and went to fix the car while I gathered my wits. When I went to get dressed I noticed that my bra and panties were missing, when I saw them in the passenger seat of the farmers car I decided to let him have them and went to join Zach in our car. The farmer drove off without a word and I looked over at Zach.

“Good start to the vacation already, huh?”

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