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‘Hey Drucilla, wait up’ I turned and saw Jamie running up behind me, waving his t-shirt. ‘Your are looking splendid as ever Miss Vermont’ he remarked when he caught up, looking at my leather mini skirt, thigh high boots, and t-shirt ‘Why thankyou kind Sir, but you are late for our rendezvous’

‘God, yeah sorry, coach made me stay behind and run laps, he thinks I can get into the inter-schools final if I work hard’

‘wow’ I replied absently, while trying not to look at his naked chest, and bulging cycle shorts. Jamie had thrown himself into College life, and getting involved in athletics secured him easy grades, and a following of Bimbos, all eager to get into his pants. Where as for me, I could barely cope with the work, and was single for the Christmas Ball.

‘so, you gonna come then’

‘sorry, what? I wasn’t really paying attention’ I stuttered

‘soccer, Coach wants to set up a girls team’

‘really?’ I pretended to be interested ‘I don’t think I’d be able to make practices’

‘don’t worry, you get to do it instead of that gym and cheerleading thing’

‘alright! I’ll do it’ anything is better than bloody cheerleading. I think it’s the pompoms which really scare me

‘why don’t you go and see coach now, he’s taking the lads soccer’

it did seem like a good idea, ‘ok, if you come with me’


I walked inside with Jamie, and he hooked his left arm in my right, causing my pussy to tingle. His leg rubbed on mine as we walked, and I felt a shiver down my spine. I looked down, and saw Jamie’s bulge had grown, obviously this leg contact was having an affect on him as well. I took a brave step, and rested my head on his shoulder. I heard him gasp, and resisted any bebek escort urge to jump away. I listened to his breathing, and noticed it stayed raised. His arm ran round me, and looped through my left arm, tucking his thumb into the waist of my skirt. I moved my right arm, and rested it on his firm ass. As we came to the sports hall, I lifted my head, and freed my-self from Jamie. I stepped in front and walked into the empty hall.

‘Jamie? I thought you said’

‘Soccer got cancelled’ he whispered, and started kissing my neck


‘Shhhhh, I want you, I know you want me, what could be better’ he said, licking and nibbling the top of my ear ‘Come on, there’s no-one in the changing room. You know it’s too good to refuse.’

he was right. It was too good an offer to refuse. Best go along then…

He walked up to the swing doors and pushed one aside. ‘Your chamber awaits Madame’ I walked in, and headed to the nearest unlocked locker. I open it, and pulled out a towel, laying it on the floor. I lay down on it, waiting for Jamie. He came over, and straddled me, kneeling, and letting his bulge press onto my stomach. I leaned up and kissed him. He pushed me down, and his tongue explored my mouth, my own dueling to explore his mouth. My pussy ached, and my clit begged to be rubbed. I pulled away and sat up. I brought my t-shirt over my head, revealing my firm tits. He bent down, and put his mouth to one, flicking his tongue over my erect nipples. I moaned out in ecstasy and ran my hands over his smooth chest. Then I delicately ran my fingers over the grooves of his spine, until I reached his cycle shorts. I slid my hand inside, and then under the elastic of his jock strap.

‘Mmm merter escort Baby, let me do that for you’ Jamie said, standing up, and releasing his 9″ cock. He sat between my knees, and unzipped my boots, pulling them off, and then pulled my skirt and panties off in one action. He made me lay back, and started kissing my shaved mound. Then I felt his tongue pushing into my hole, and then licking up towards my clit. I almost exploded when he eventually touched my clit, and my hips started bucking, pushing up to his mouth.

‘Easy Tiger’ he said, grinning, and pushed 2 finger straight up inside me. I erupted, and poured juice down his fingers, and into his waiting mouth. He removed his fingers and kissed me. I grasped his hot member, and swirled my tongue over the crown

‘Ooh Baby, no, don’t’

‘What’s wrong, am I doing it wrong’ I asked, confused and upset

‘No, the opposite, but we don’t have time for me to cum twice, and I really want to fuck you, that’s if you still want to’ he replied, kissing my forehead

‘Go home and watch television or fuck the most gorgeous guy in college, you’ll have to give me a minute to decide’

He grinned , lay me back down and took a condom out of his wallet. He opened the packet, and concentrated on the piece of latex. After a minute he still hadn’t got it on, so I took it off him and chucked it at the wall

‘but Drew, what if you get pregnant’

‘I’m on the pill, and I haven’t got any STDs or anything, I’m still a… well you know’ I managed to say

‘What! you’re a virgin?’ was his shocked reply ‘But I thought’

‘Well you thought wrong’ I snapped, embarrassed

‘Drew, look, I’m a virgin too, its escort kağıthane just, your hymen, I thought’ Jamie hugged me, and I stroked his wilting cock

‘It broke when I went horse riding in Spring, you know, on that adventure holiday’ I pulled him down on top of me, my nakedness making me shiver

‘You cold Baby?, I guess we’ll have to warm you up’ Jamie whispered, taking my left nipple in his mouth, and sucking hard. Then he pushed my knees apart, kneeling between them, and rubbing the tip of his hard cock up and down my labia

‘Uhhh, stop teasing me, fuck me, please, fuck me’ I gasped

‘Ok, if that what you want’ he said, pushing his just cock head into my cunt, and then letting me adjust to his size. I felt like he was ripping me apart. The he pushed straight in, to the hilt.

‘UHHhhhhhhhhhh’ I moaned, and an intense orgasm fled over my body. I shook, and held tight to Jamie. He pulled back, and then rammed his hot rod deep into me, touching my cervix.

‘Your so fucking tight… God I love you’ he moaned, pumping in and out of me. As he pumped, harder, faster I could feel my second orgasm hit me, and I shuddered. He started to slow down, and then stopped, slipping his dick out of me with a pop.

‘Ok, sit on top of me’ he gasped, and I did as he said, lowering my pussy onto his cock. His hands held onto my hips, and I slowly rose up and down on his cock. I began sliding up and down faster, and rolling his nipples between my thumbs and fingers.

‘Ugh Drew, I’m gonna cum’ he grunted, and exploded inside me. I milked his cock for each last drop of cum, before collapsing on him.

‘That was amazing’ I said once I’d got my breath back.

‘Amazing, it was out of this world’

We kissed, and then he pulled his limp cock out of my pussy, and we got dressed and left.

‘So same time next week?, for soccer practices? ‘ I asked while walking out

‘Oh God yeah. Oh yeah, and you’ll need some KY jelly’

I raised my eyebrow at him

‘It’s for ball skills’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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