Jameson Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

Morning comes and Cheri wakes unaware of how long she had been sleeping, to find out that Mr. Jameson, Maston, had left her bed sometime during the night. While attempting to sit up before getting up out of the bed she feels sore and achy trying to remember all that went on the day before. Finding herself naked and smelling of sex she heads for the shower, not even pausing to glance in the mirror. The water feels warm, but it stings her scalp where her hair had been pulled and on the scratches on her wrists. After a good lather and rinse she steps out and then wipes the dew from the mirror, she takes a look at herself. She touches her neck when she sees a black and blue mark, it’s tender.

“A hickey, really?” She chuckles seeing her face blushing in the mirror reflection.

“Oh my goodness.” she mumbles while trying to get the knots out of her hair with her fingers. Remembering her bags she dashes out wrapped in only a towel and gathers up some clothes and her make-up case with her brush and comb tucked inside and heads back into the bathroom.

It takes a little bit of time to fix her hair and cover the hickey with her make-up.

Finally feeling more put-together she gets herself dressed in her own familiar clothes, jeans and a loose fitting top. Cheri heads out the bedroom door, down the back stairs to the kitchen to find something to eat as she is feeling starved and thirsty.

Opening the fridge, finding some cold cuts and bread Cheri makes herself a sandwich and pours herself a glass of orange juice. Hoping to sneak back to her room with her food and drink in hand, Franklin, the butler, walks in.

“Good morning Miss, I see you found something for yourself.”

He says in his gruff voice and his expressionless face,

“Yes, I hope you don’t mind, there was no one around.”

“Not at all, you ARE and employee now.”

He looks at her neck suspiciously.

Oh shit! That’s right I almost forgot! Talking to herself.

“Ummm, yes, thank you, I’m going to take this to my room now.”

Feeling nervous and very awkward she darts out of the kitchen and up to her room, sits on the edge of the bed and eats the sandwich in big bites, barely stopping to breath.

“Damn it. I WORK here as a MAID! I almost forgot, I don’t know where to start. Maybe I should find Mr. Jameson, but I don’t know if I’m ready to see him again. What the hell went on yesterday?” she says aloud but to herself.

“I can’t remember it all, what kind of place is this?”

She lies on her bed for nearly an hour, not knowing what to do next. Then she hears Mr. Jameson’s voice as it echoes in the foyer while speaking to Franklin. Franklin tells Mr. Jameson that Cheri is up in her room.

“Thank you Franklin.”

Now she hears his footsteps come up the stairs and up to her door, Tap, tap, tap!

“Cheri, darling, are you alright?”

“Oh, yes, I’m fine!”

“May I come in?”

“Yes” she replies.

The door opens and in steps Mr. Jameson with a couple of large bags filled with clothes.

“Here, I went out this morning and got you a few things.”

Shocked at his generosity her hand covers her mouth as her jaw drops.

“OH MY! This is too much Mr. Jameson!”

“No not at all. Wait, here, let me show you something!” digging through the bags, “Here, here it is! You like?”

It’s a black and white maid’s uniform, only it’s sexy and there isn’t much to it.

“Ummm, Mr. Jameson, do I have to WORK in this?”

“You may, I would like you to.”

He says with a straight face. Shocked, she blushes and continues,

“I have to wear THIS in front of everyone?”

She holds up the teddy, garter and some stockings with a tiny black and white tutu type skirt. “Franklin? He already thinks I’m a whore or something, and Julio? No way!”

He laughs,

“Ha! Ha! Ha! I was teasing you! THIS is your uniform!”

Pulling out another maid uniform, only this one had a decent skirt and a button down blouse, short and tight fitting but better.

“Well, OK. But I don’t know what to do. Where do I start?”

He pulls a feather duster out of another bag and says,

“Here, you can start with this!” and hands her the duster.

Confused and feeling as though she is in a weird movie, she takes the duster from him and puts it on the bed. Picking up her fairly decent uniform she heads for the bathroom to change.

“Is that necessary?” he asks.

She spins around, “Is WHAT necessary?”

She is sounding a little snippy.

“Changing in the bathroom? Are you STILL shy around me?”

“Umm, no, not really, I guess.”

“You guess?” he says with a big grin on his face,

“Well…” she tries to explain without making eye contact “you see, yesterday, well, I’m kind of embarrassed and I don’t know what’s going on, really. I expected the maid job and then you…you…”

“I what?” he says defensively, “My dear you came on to me in the library, didn’t you?”

“Well, that is true, I suppose.” she says a Beylikdüzü escort bit shamefully but not regretting it because he still gives her butterflies when she sees him, even now.

“OK,” she admits, “I deserve that, I did. You turned me on.”

“Turned?” he questions the past tense of that statement.


“And do I now?” asking her as he starts heading toward her,

“Yes, yes, of course you do…I didn’t mean it that way.”

Her heart starts pounding and she wants to run into the bathroom and lock the door but she’s like a deer caught in the headlights, frozen.

She fidgets with the uniform in her hands and he gets so close to her that she feels his body heat. He lifts her head up with his fingers gently under her chin and tilts his head and looks into her eyes. They are beautiful eyes, brown, cat-like, but they look like tears are about to fall from them. He sweetly kisses her lips. She looks into his dark eyes and they kiss each other gently with an innocence about it. As he moves down her neck he notices the hickey he put there the day before and chuckles.

“What’s so funny?” Cheri asks while stepping back from him.

“It’s almost like we were two young teenagers, me, giving you a hickey! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

She covers it with her hand and takes a few more steps back, blushing and scowling at him.

“Honey, please don’t be mad. We are just having some fun, aren’t we?”

“Yes, I guess so. I mean, I feel like you must see me as some kind of easy, slutty girl by now. A tramp! You and me…and Joseph! Trust me I never expected this.”

“No, no, no, not at all.” reassuring her, “Yes we started off with a bang I must admit, but my dear, I don’t think any less of you since the first moment we met when I didn’t know anything about you. I hope you are Okay with me, perhaps I moved too fast.”

Feeling her face grow warm she goes on to say,

“I’m still shocked by yesterday, I mean, I never…”

He kisses her to keep her from speaking and she starts to cry a little.

“What’s wrong? Tell me. Do you wish to leave here? I don’t want to see you go, but if you are not happy I will let you go.”

“No, no, I don’t want to go.”

And her reason why is because she has fallen hard for Maston and can’t imagine being without him now.

“OK, ok…forget about the uniform and work for today and meet me downstairs at six pm for dinner. I will meet you at the bottom of the front stairs, not the back way this time, and look through the clothes I had picked out. Find something pretty, I’ll be waiting”

“But I’m your MAID!”

“We’ll discuss that over dinner. Tonight you are my guest. I will see to it the staff leave early. Trust me”

He gives her a wink just before leaving her room.

“Trust him?” she mumbles. “That’s a good one!”

She chuckles as she wipes the tears from her eyes and takes a washcloth from the bathroom shelf and pats her eyes with cold water, attempting to keep down the puffiness. Back in the bedroom she digs out her cell phone and checks the time, it’s only 2:15 pm. Crawling back into bed she takes a nap.

She is awakened by the sound of her cell phone beeping. It’s a missed call and apparently she must have been in a deep sleep when it rang. She checks it and it was from her mother. Taking a deep breath she sits up and decides to leave her a text as she really isn’t ready to answer any questions from her drilling mother.

“Hi Mom! How are you? Sorry I missed your call. I am doing well as I did get the job I was looking into. It is wonderful, a mansion! Well, I have work to do. Talk later!”

She sends the message with a sigh. “That should hold her over for a little bit, I hope.” mumbling to herself as she puts her phone down on the bed, until she notices the time on it.

“Five thirty!” realizing she has a half hour to get herself ready for her dinner with Mister Jameson.

She gets herself up and starts going through the clothes he had bought for her, pulling each out one by one and tossing them across the bed. There are so many outfits, and accessories and even a couple of pairs of shoes.

“Oh my gosh!”

Her head spins as she has to pick one and pull it all together in thirty minutes. Narrowing it down, she holds them up against herself while looking at her refection in the mirror. The pink one? The black one? Purple? Cheri decides to go with the purple as the pink was too fluffy and the black seemed much too formal.

With no time for another shower she puts her brown, wavy hair up in a twisted bun and pins it in place, grasping it to make sure it is secured. Going through the bags again she finds several pairs if lace panties and they all seem to be crotch-less.

“WHAT? Oh wow!”

She is thinking this man is crazy or maybe just kinky. She sits on the edge of the bed and puts on a black garter belt she also found in the shopping bag with black stockings. These are not the pantyhose she is used to wearing. These had a lacey top and she felt like a princess putting Beylikdüzü escort them on, over her feet, up past her knees and high up on her thighs and hooking them to the garter belt. Now for the dress, noticing there are no tags to be removed, he had already taken care of that. Unzipping the back she pulls the dress down over her head, gently as not to disturb her hair. It glides down her body and fits like a glove.

The neckline falls low revealing her cleavage. She is impressed. The sleeves are long and sheer and gathered at the wide silky cuffs with four pearl buttons on each wrist.

The fabric of the dress is silky smooth as it hugs her upper body, showing off her figure nicely; she can’t believe how elegant it makes her look. The skirt of the dress falls just above her knees with a bit of a flare at the bottom allowing her stockings to show off her curvy legs.

She zips herself in and buttons the cuffs and it is uncanny how well it fits her petite figure. Carefully she heads for the mirror and leans over the counter to apply her makeup. Trying desperately not to get any on the dress, Cheri grabs a hand towel and drapes it around her neck like a bib. Taking her time with the eye liner to accentuates her cat-like eyes.

With time running out, at last all that is left is the lipstick. After applying she purses her lips together, dark and rich, the color flatters those lovely, full lips. Standing up straight and pulling the towel off of her neck she feels elegant. Clipping on a pair of earrings from her own bag she is almost out of time. Tip-toeing out of the bathroom she slips into a pair of black strappy heels.

Putting her hand over her torso, Cheri takes a few deep breaths trying to relax. One more very deep breath and Cheri goes out the door right at six o’clock. Stopping at the railing at the top of the stairs and sees Mr. Jameson standing at the bottom with his hand on the banister looking up at her; a smile comes across his face.

She puts her hand on the railing and carefully, step by step walks down the wide staircase, feeling like a princess with her prince waiting for her. He’s dressed in a flawless black suit, crisp white shirt and a shiny gold chain with a round black onyx pendant that shows nicely from his opened collar.

Reaching the bottom of the staircase he holds out his strong hand and she takes it with a smile. Pausing, he looks her up and down, noticing how well the dress fits her figure and her breasts coming out the top of the neckline showing just the right amount of cleavage.

His eyes follow her body down to her black silk stockings and strappy shoes.

“You look classy my dear, very stunning! Just stunning!”

He has a sly look in his eyes because he knows what is holding those stockings up underneath that dress. Still holding her hand he leads her to the den that is next to the library. Cheri is bit surprised that dinner will not be in the dining room and he lets her step into the den ahead of him. She stops cold; as she is stunned by the atmosphere he has created. He stands next to her grinning as she takes in the whole room. It is dimly lit by the many candles around the room, every table top, shelf, along the rich dark mantel that sits above the blazing stone fireplace. The light is casting dancing shadows on the deep wood paneling.

Off to one side there is a quaint little table for two set up with a crisp white table cloth and white fabric beautifully tied to the chairs with deep red velvet bows on the backs of them matching the red rose in the crystal vase centerpiece. Her eyes are wide with amazement.

Two tall, white candles sit in the center of the table like bookends to the crystal vase. The plates are white with gold etchings along the edges and crisp white and gold linen napkins wrapped in red velvet ribbons sit in the center of the plates. Long stemmed glasses, silver utensils placed perfectly.

The fire crackles and pops and facing it sits a soft, worn, leather loveseat with velvet pillows. Nothing is forgotten as far as she can tell, it’s perfect. She turns to Maston and her eyes are twinkling in the candle light and her mouth is dropped open in amazement. She is speechless. He smiles at her, puts his fingers under her chin lifting her jaw from the floor and kisses her cheek tenderly as not to smear her perfectly painted lips.

“All for you my dear, here, have a seat.” as he pulls the chair out for her.

She gathers her skirt and gently sits down and he helps her to scoot closer to the table.

Maston steps out of the room for a moment to cue the server. When he returns he puts on some soft classical music with violins playing. He takes his seat as the server, who she had never seen before, brings in a bottle of wine, a dry Chardonnay. It has already had time to breath and it is served to Maston, taking a sip and giving the server a nod, the wine is then poured. The bottle is left on the table and the server walks out. Maston makes a toast,

“Here’s to my beautiful lady.”

She blushes and they sip Escort Beylikdüzü the wine.

“I don’t know what to say Mr. Jameson, it’s all so incredible, and for me?”

“For US Cheri… Ma Chéri.”

“But, Mr. Jameson, I was only hired to be a maid. I’m confused.”

“Maston, call me Maston.”

A puzzled look comes across her face and he’s feeling a little ashamed for leading her on when she questions him,

“What? I thought you said your name was ‘Master’ and then being an employee I didn’t know what to call you.”

“I’m sorry my love, I let you call me ‘Master’ instead of correcting you because I liked it. Forgive me?” hanging his head waiting for her to be snippy, but all he hears is her laughing. He looks up and she is laughing a beautiful laugh.

“You’re not upset?”

“No, no, it’s funny! Calling you Master, I’m SURE you enjoyed that!”

“Oh I did!” he winks.

He joins in on her laughter and she lifts her glass high,

“Here’s a toast, a toast to my Master!”

Clink! go the glasses and she takes a sip trying not to giggle and get wine up her nose.

The door opens and the server brings in a folding tray stand and sets it up next to the table. Leaving for a moment and then brings in a large covered tray, placing it on the stand, removing the silver cover the server reveals two small plates, each with a large, stuffed portabella mushroom drizzled with garlic and butter and topped with a lemon wedge.

“Oh my!” she mutters as her eyes light up.

He smiles and nods at the server to quietly the room. Cheri takes her napkin from the holder and places it across her lap and he takes his, shakes it open and places it across his. Feeling out of her element she waits for him to start so she knows what fork to use. But he is politely waiting for her. “What’s wrong dear?” he asks.

“Umm, I don’t know where to begin.”

He politely reaches across the table and taps the proper fork.

“Oh…OK. Wow I must be stupid.”

“No, not at all.” he says in a strong tone because he never wants her to talk about herself like that. Cheri is just a regular girl from a middle-class upbringing and he realizes that. She will stumble and he will guide her.

The server comes returns and removes the now empty plates, leaves, and comes back with another covered serving tray. Opening the cover, the aroma hits their senses like a wave. Two steaming bowls of lobster bisque and warm French baguettes with fresh butter.

Cheri isn’t used to being treated so elegantly and she feels like she is on display even though Maston is the only one with her. He pauses to look at her, putting his fork down he taps his lips with his napkin.

“Are you alright Cheri?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?” as she tries to swallow her food

“You are so quiet.”

After taking a sip of wine, she replies “I’m just feeling so out of place. I’ve never had such a fancy meal.”

She grins and he grins back.

“Well, I wanted to show you I can be a gentleman, ha, ha, ha!” referring to their past experiences together.

As they finish up that course, she sits back starting to feel full.

“There’s more to come, my dear.”

“Ohhhh my!” she says while rubbing her belly.

And just as he said that, the server comes and clears the dishes away, only to bring in more. Placing the next silver tray down she looks over at Maston like she’s not sure how much more she can eat. The tray opens to large plates of Fettuccine Alfredo decoratively topped with roasted asparagus tips. “Goodness!” she says with a smile and a sigh as she is being challenged to try and each so much food.

The server refills there wine glasses and places small glasses of water along side. She carefully takes small bites of the asparagus as not to be a slob that she has been known to be at times. Worried about eating the long pasta she picks at it and tries her best to twirl it on her fork one or two strands at time. He looks at her working hard to be neat and proper it makes him chuckle quietly. Finally she stops halfway through the serving and takes a deep breath.

“That’s all I can eat, I’m sorry.”

“No room for dessert?” he asks.

Her eyes light up, “Oh no, I can’t eat another bite.”

“Ok my dear, we’ll save it for later.”

He puts his napkin on the table after wiping his mouth and sits back.

“Wow that WAS a lot of food. Did you enjoy?”

“That meal was amazing! Thank you!”

“It’s my pleasure, my love.”

The server cleans off the table and Maston informs him that dessert will be served later and relieves him of his duties for the night as Maston can handle the dessert when they are ready. Standing up he takes her hand and they go to the loveseat, sitting her down, he goes to throw more wood on the fire and gets a couple glasses of Amaretto. She can smell its aroma.

“One of my favorites, thank you!”

He sits next to her placing his glass down, handing her the other, he sits back taking her legs up over his lap, removing her shoes and starts rubbing her feet. She smiles with a sigh. His hands start to wander up and down her legs, feeling her silk stockings as they cling to her curvy legs. Thinking he may want more by the look on his face she whispers,

“No, no, my belly is too full.”

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