James and His Trailer Trash Mom Part 2

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James and His Trailer Trash Mom Part 2This story is a complete work of fiction. This work depicts acts between two persons who are both the legal age of consent. For background into this story please read James and His Trailer Trash Mom Part 1Since the day Crystal had caught her son James masturbating in her room she had not spoken to him. Being much taller, stronger, and heavier than him, she had overcome him physically and shoved his face into a dirty pair of her panties while verbally taunting him. When he escaped she had grasped his scrotum into her fingers in an attempt to crush his testicles. She sc****d his sack with her long finger nails but he was able to retreat into his room, leaving some skin and a lot of blood on her hands.During the attack her anger had turned to pleasure as she reflected upon all the power she had over him. A brazen hussy, Crystal never cared if the entire town knew she was a complete slut. But her son’s insolence in reminding her of it had made her go insane with rage, that she then vented on him in a physical manner. When she could not find a man to spread her legs, or open her foul mouth to, she laid in her bed and night fingering herself while she relived the moments. In the days following the attack every time she had crossed paths with him in the living room he had always averted her gaze. This made her feel her power over him, and often she would snort or laugh openly and walk away.For his part James had stayed in his room when not at school out of fear of another attack. When he had fled his mother’s room he was bleeding, in pain, and suffered a level of humiliation magnified many times over what he had ever experienced before. He shut the door to his room and locked it before collapsing onto his mattress. His face buried in the pillow he screamed in agony at the violation he had just endured. Later when he realized the blood sticking to his crotch he got up and went into his bathroom. His tiny penis was covered in dried blood, and his pubic hair was sticking to every spot of skin in all directions. Slowly he began to wash his wounds, the tears dried, and anger welled up in him at the sight of his mangled ball sack. In those following hours he vowed revenge against that sleazy cunt of a woman he called mother and began plotting. The few times they encountered each other his mother’s obvious pleasure in what had happened was quite evident. This only fueled his thirst to exact some payback for what she had done.His first opportunity came on the following Tuesday night when the local Police arrived to question his mother about one of the many d**g dealers she associated with. During the conversation she could not keep her story straight and the police ended up taking her to down to the station for further questioning. James had been shocked when the older of the officers approached him and began talking to him. Only ever having seen the Cops haul people off to jail he had never dealt with them in a positive manner.”Son, do you have a place to stay tonight.” The lawman said with a gentle voice. James thought he saw compassion within the mans eyes, but was too guarded to allow it any further.”Sir, I am eighteen, so I can stay here by myself.” He said his voice quivering, wondering if he too might be taken away for interrogation.”Well, if you ever need anything, or just need to talk, you can call me.” He said, reaching into a pocket he pulled out a business card and handed it him. “Thank you.” James said without much thought as to any other words to state. It was with great relief that the office shut the door behind him.James contemplated the whole situation but briefly, for he knew that his Mom would be gone at least a few hours, if not all night, and this was his big opportunity to work. Having planned well ahead for just such an occasion he sprang to action. He quickly turned out the lights in most of the house, and then made sure all the doors were locked. Moving rapidly he went to the kitchen and searched for a clean cup in which to drink. One, two, three, four, glasses of water he filled each time then drained it to the bottom. He could feel his stomach swell from gorging himself on such a large amount in a short period. Next he went into his room, and stripped naked, no sooner had his under wear hit the floor than he was on the way towards his mother’s side of the trailer. As he headed that way a chill ran down his spine, and sweat beaded on his forehead, knowing full well what had happened to him the last time he was on this side of the place he called home.The light to his mother’s bedroom was still on, she had not thought to turn it off when the knock had sounded upon the door, nor had she been given the chance to come isvecbahis yeni giriş back when the police had taken her away. James was nervous, his heart was pounding inside his chest, and there was a throbbing in his ears.”Relax, one thing at a time, we have a few hours.” He said to himself under his breath.Crystal was a typical fat white trailer trash whore. She cared more for rock, and cock, than she did for cleaning and organization. Clean and dirty laundry was strewn about the room; the carpet had not been vacuumed in years. As James moved into her bathroom it was only slightly in better order. Crystal cared enough only enough for personal hygiene in order to trade her body for d**gs. Thus she was forced to clean herself on occasion, and brush her teeth when she was headed out to a party, or for a quick fix. James reached up and removed her toothbrush from its place upon her sink. It was way past its day, frayed, with crusty white tooth paste long since dried caked on its handle. James leaned forward, snorted, coughed, hacked, and then spit a blob of saliva onto the tip. It bubbled and dripped from the bristles, but for some reason this did not seem to satisfy him like he had expected. For days he had fantasized about this moment, but now he felt empty.Looking into the mirror he recalled the callous manner in which his mother had made fun of his penis. The laughs, the hate filled slap she had delivered across his face. Humiliation and rage mixed as he recalled how she had easily over powered him. He looked into the mirror and a smile crossed his face.James turned around, he placed his left foot up on the lip of the bathtub, then leaning forward, and he placed his right hand between his legs. Using his free hand he gently lifted his scrotum aside, and felt for his anus. When he had located it he took the spit laden tooth brush that belonged to his mom and pressed it up to his sphincter. Gently he pressed, some pain followed, and then it slipped inside of his asshole. James was surprised at how good this felt, not just from the point of revenge, but how he experienced physical pleasure. About this time he felt a stirring in his loins, his cock began to spring to life. James gently removed his mothers toothbrush from his ass, examined it to make sure there were no obvious stains, and placed it back into it’s holder on the sink. “Now, this is more like it!” James thought to himself.Despite his erection, James felt the consumed water start to have the desired effect. His bladder was filling up and he needed to urinate. Looking around he found several bottles of shampoo and conditioner sitting around the ledge of the bathtub. With great caution James lifted each one gently and placed them on the outside lip. He twisted off the caps, and hovered over them with his tiny pecker pointed down. It was difficult at first, but if he pressed down enough on his little prick he could stream some piss out. One by one, taking great care to place them exactly where he found them, James pissed in that whores shampoo bottles. Shaking them to mix it all up, he made sure each label was positioned correctly, so that nothing would have seen disturbed. Moving to the medicine cabinet James looked for other items he could tamper with. Cheap dollar store perfumes, facial cremes, fingernail polish, all got his “special additive” much to his growing amusement. When he had run out of objects to defile, he moved into the bedroom. Making sure that nothing was left out of place he spent the next two hours rubbing her clean panties in the crack of his ass, and then returning him. It was at the bottom drawer of her tattered dresser that he hit pay dirt. Inside he uncovered an array of dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, even strap on, like he could not have imagined. Lifting one up he raised it to his nose, it smelled like fish. Offended by the stench, he placed it back where he found it, and closed the drawer. Moving to her nightstand he noticed “love oils” and a large container of “astrolube” present. Not much was left to the imagination when it came to the purpose of these elixirs.Then an idea dawned upon him, James darted back to his mothers bathroom and opened the cabinet one more time. There! A bottle of extra strength deep heating rub stared back at him. He grabbed it then went back into the bedroom to get the Astrolube. For the next two hours James learned how hard it was to get a liquid into a container, as opposed to getting it out. But when he was done he had succeeded in getting a healthy dose of the heating rub into the Astrolube container. At one point in between layers of the heating rub, he had grown frustrated and went to the kitchen, there he collected Jalapeño isvecbahis giriş juice from a jar and added it to the mix just for good measure. Taking one last glance at his handy work, he then retreated into his room, where he pulled out a towel and laid it on his bed. Staring down at his Vienna sausage he began stroking on it, soon to learn he had forgot to wash his hands after handling the cream and the lubricant. His tiny peter began to grow warm, and then hot, pleasure gave way to agony and he was forced to run to his own bathroom and wash himself in the sink. Soon he decided a shower was in order, and he hopped into the warm stream of water. Using a bar of soap he lathered up his phallus and began to wash it, which felt good, and eventually in the shower he climaxed, blowing his wad down the drain.His mother would not make it home until almost time for him to leave for school. She came home and went to bed without a sound.That night when He got home, James saw his mother limp to her car out his window. She was not wearing a slutty outfit with her fat floppy tits hanging out, but wore a sweat suit and sported a pair of sunglasses. Nothing could hide the swollen left side of her face, the black eye, or the fat lip she possessed. James lay back on his pillow, placed his arms behind his head, and wondered what had happened. Either way, the results were something he enjoyed.Earlier That DayDeJerome was in a foul mood. The fuzz had been on his ass for weeks now, trying to build a case against him. Wise to the streets he was crafty, intelligent, and not one to make mistakes. The school of hard knocks had taught him well that failure could lead to the state penitentiary, or even to death.He turned his customized Cutlass Supreme into the Happy Oakes Trailer park and pulled up to the trailer that contained the white bitch one of his boys had said was down all night at the cop shop. Walking up to the door he rapped on the metal frame many times, all with no answer. DeJerome did not tolerate incompetence from any of his underlings; they had done their homework and reported back to him that this piece of trash had no man, and that her nerdy shrimp of a son was still in High School, so he knew now she would be alone. Her car was parked in the driveway, but there was no answer to his constant knocking. Looking around to see if he was being watched he reached down and turned the door knob, it was not locked, and gave way. Waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dimly lit interior, he scanned the living room. Another year not being cleaned and this place would look like the typical crack house on the south side he thought to himself. Slowly and quiet as a panther in the jungle, he crept about the house, checking to make sure every filthy room was clear. At last he slipped up to the master bedroom, its door open, a lamp on inside. Lying naked on the bed was a red haired, freckled, belly fat rolled, floppy saggy titted BBW white bitch. She was snoring loudly, and her great masses of fat heaved to and from with each breath. A bottle of pills had once rested on the dresser next to her, but was now empty and resting on its side. DeJerome had seen enough junkies in his day to recognize when one was passed out in a dope induced stupor. He recalled the stories of his posse, and a few fellow gangsters, who regaled him with this bitch’s never ending hunger for Big Black Cock. How one night she had given twenty three homeboys blowjobs, then spread her legs for round two, and taken a dozen schlongs, all bareback. Two of his troopers swore up and down she had the loosest pussy they had ever fucked.Seeing her naked, her tits flopping, and her legs spread, he felt a stirring in his loins. Walking over to her bed he reached down and grasped a handful of hair and shouted in her face, “Wake up bitch!” She did not even respond.”Yo HO, Fuckin Ho, wake the fuck up, I have some questions fo yu” He said.No amount of shaking or shouting would rouse her from slumber.”Fine, be day way” he said.DeJerome stepped back cleared a spot of the cluttered dresser, and proceeded to strip down naked. Everyone in his gang knew the legends of his giant phallus. His not so secret code name on the street and with his posse was well known. The nick name “Anaconda” was every bit borne of truth in his case.His meat was the size of a giant pepper grinder. Uncut, his head was the size of a golf ball; veins ran up and down his eleven inch shaft, hard as rock it protruded from his sculpted body like an ebony battering ram.Climbing onto the bed he need not move the legs of his prey. She had them spread, just as he grasped his monster in his hand, and moved it towards her cavernous love cave, the odor isvecbahis güvenilirmi of her cunt wafted up to his nostrils. “Damn bitch, you ought to wash dat tuna boat mo often.” He said.Still unresponsive she just continued snoring as if gone to world, and she was.DeJerome took his ballistic love missile and plunged it into her gaping wide snatch. But even her loose pussy was only so big. Dry and aired out, it had no lubrication in to which he could slide his mammoth member. Still he rammed, his muscled buttocks and legs rocked and shook as he hammered home his erectile assault upon the whore’s cunt. Still he could not force his cock inside; he could feel part of the walls of her vagina tear on several occasions. Even the blood coming out could provide the slickness he needed.Her legs shook and her body convulsed as if shocked by electricity, she moaned in her sleep. Her mind clouded and u*********s, her subconscious registered the incredible pain she was enduring. But that was just drop of what was to come.Looking towards the dresser, past the empty pill bottle, DeJerome spotted the Astrolube. He was growing impatient, angry, and had another “business” meeting for lunch, so this show needed to get on the road. He popped the cap to the container, and instead of just rubbing it all over his cock, he stuck the business end of the tube up inside the canyon that was this sluts snatch, and squeezed, he did not care if he used a quarter of it, he just wanted some slicked up race track in which to burn his hot rod in.He tossed the now half empty container on the floor and maneuvered his Saturn rocked back in for another attack. This time he felt the liquid as he thrust his black torpedo into the breech. His cock still stretched flesh but he was able to cram it up until the tip touched her cervix. After several strokes inside he found his rhythm and began to grunt and growl as he battered her pussy. The bed shook from the force of his sexual offensive, the headboard crashed against the wall. “Yeah, bet yo never had nothin like this black snake have you?” He shoutedCrystals fat, floppy, saggy, tits bounced from the mid section of her fat rolls up to the tip of her chin, violently they swayed back and forth like storm door swinging in a tornado.DeJerome could not place the sudden sensation he started to feel, but he was so focused on giving this bitch what she deserved, that it took some time before he realized he was in intense pain. The tip of his cock had been crashing up against the top of this whore’s pussy, but the tip of his pee hole started to burn. The burning became pain, the pain became fire. His shaft felt like he was running scalding hot water all over it. His cock was on fire!!!!!!!Crystal was not conscious but her body spasmed, she let out low, long moans that sounded more like an a****l than a human.DeJerome needed to cum, but he could not longer stand the agony. He stopped his assault and pulled his cock out of her snatch. It was red hot to his touch. He ran to the bathroom and began washing his precious member as fast as he could. He was so engrossed in what he was doing he never heard the screaming and sobbing in the next room. Crystal was now awake; she thought someone had shoved a red hot poker up her love cave. She leaned over the edge of the bed and vomited due to the pain.Still in pain himself, DeJerome finally noticed her trying to limp towards the bathroom, and he set upon her with all his fury. Landing blow after blow with his fists into her fat belly and tits. She begged him to stop, and in her attempt to escape him some of the blows landed on her face. “Bitch what’s wrong with your cunt?” He screamed over and over.Crystal had no answer; she was in the worst agony she had ever experienced. Never had she felt such pain inside her pussy, c***dbirth was no where ever close.Despite repeated beatings she was never able to answer any of DeJeromes questions.When he got home he had one of his “bitches” tend to his cock.”Baby, this is deep heatin rub on yo cock” she said. “I can smell it.””Why dat bitch do dat?” He said.”Maybe she did dat in case someone like you came along?” She responded.DeJerome plotted revenge………….For Crystal’s part, her snatch was torn, worn, bloody, and quite sore for several weeks afterwards. In fact, her pussy would never be the same. She ceased masturbation, and the next time she set eyes upon her son she had forgotten all about the power she had over him. Her desire had been robbed of her, and she did not even masturbate.It was not for sometime she noticed that her shampoo had a peculiar musky odor. Nor did she understand her worthless son’s sudden sense of satisfaction around the house.These stories are not for everyone, and most will be shocked by them. They are more about extreme fetish behavior than about abuse. If you do not want to share you comments about them in a public fashion. Feel free to respond to me with a private message. Any feedback, even negative, from women is always welcomed.

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