Jamaican Holiday Ch. 04

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Jamaican Holiday Ch. 04FridayI woke early, thinking of Samuel’s Black hands on my wife and her obvious enjoyment. Was it just the dancing? I had always thought of myself as a Dominant, but here I was imagining scenarios of me watching as other men fucked my wife. How far would she go? How far would I go? What would happen to our relationship?I reached over and started to stroke her body. She came awake instantly and rolled into my arms with a dreamy look.”Thinking about yesterday?” “Mmmm.””What part of it? Beach or Club?””All of it!”She rolled me onto my back and bent over me, taking my cock in her hand.”Tell me what you liked. Then I’ll tell you while you eat me” As she sucked away and stroked herself, I relived my emotions of her on the beach, exposed, being fingered in front of an audience. At each major point she murmured, sometimes stopping to pant.Then I told her how I felt pride watching her dance, how good she looked in her white skin being held by Samuel’s Blackness, the mixed emotions of arousal and jealousy as he grabbed her butt, breasts and crotch, the lewdness of her sliding up and down his leg. The look of his Black hands on her skin as they slipped up under her top and skirt. How I was sad that she had her bra and panties on. How surprised I was that I wanted him to feel her breasts and pussy and I wanted her to feel his hands on them.She was working her hand and mouth on my cock and balls and fingering my ass — something I don’t usually care for, but somehow, laying there and telling her about how I felt about a strange Black man feeling her up it seemed right that morning.And I came. After I caught my breath, I got between her thighs and started licking them, working my way teasingly to her slit, then parting the lips, then swirling my tongue around her clit. As it engorged, I pulled back the hood and licked and sucked it.While I worked my labor of love and lust, she told me between moans how nervous she had been about taking off her bottoms in front of the group, but then felt a sense of freedom. When Jamal and I started fingering them, the sight of his fingers sliding into the Wife and feeling it happen to her excited her more than anything ever had. It was like he was doing it to her — in front of a crowd. She was consumed by a desire to feel a cock push into her as the crowd watched, but couldn’t quite let go that far. That’s why she had stopped. At the club, she was scared to meet the Couple, which was odd in a way after what we had done in front of them, but performing for an anonymous audience was different from shaking hands with someone who has seen your pussy from the GYN’s angle. But then the Wife put her at ease, which was followed by being panicked at meeting Jamal. She was simultaneously drawn to something about him, yet scared. The touch of his fingers was both arousing and disturbing.And then Samuel had calmed her.Well, not so much calmed as took charge of her: The music, the dancing, the booze, his hands on her — and his bulge pushing against her belly as he held her close combined with her memories from the beach. She felt like she was going to burst into flames, that she wanted to rip her clothes off then and there. Not so much for Samuel, or a Black man, or any man, but something welling up out of her from deep inside. Naked at the beach she was free. Clothed she was a prisoner. She had to get naked – or as close as possible.After Melissa had helped her cut up her outfit, she could move better and give back. Now she could feel his hands and long fingers on her bare skin. Grinding her crotch on his leg moved her panties off her swollen clit and she could feel the muscles of his thigh directly on it. She could also feel his bulge better. She was shocked by the lewdness (same word I used) of her actions, but excited also. The memories and my licking, sucking and finger fucking were building her up and she had one of her Big Bang orgasms. I slid my half-erect cock between her pussy lips and massaged them and her clit with it, bringing out more crashes until she said she was too sensitive.We cuddled and stroked each other. I commented that the atmosphere in Jamaica was amazing, that we had had more sex in the last five days than in the previous year.”Mmmm?””Well, we are having a hell of an adventure!””And?””Are you enjoying it?””What do you think? (She placed my hand on her wet crotch.) How about you?””Oh yeah! I’m nervous, excited, embarrassed, jealous, and more than a little scared, but so turned on!…. Do you want to continue?””Do you want me to continue?” (Throwing it back on me as she moved her mouth to my cock and massaged my balls)”You asked me if I wanted you to have a Black guy.” “Mmmmm?” ( a swirl and a suck)”I guess it would be OK if you had a Black guy.”She lifted her head off my cock”So, you want me to have a Black guy?””If it happened…..here….as part of an adventure…”She squeezed my balls rhythmically. “If?””OK, I want you to have a Black guy!””Oh B, thank you!” We lay there, quietly making out for a while as she continued to play with my cock and I gently stroked her breasts and pussy.I asked her if she was upset that I wanted her to have sex with another man. In answer, she asked if my permission was just bedroom talk or real. I asked her again if she had enjoyed herself enough to continue her adventure. She wasn’t sure — she said she had never had any interracial thoughts, hadn’t had any interest in other men (fantasies of her and Brad Pitt didn’t really count, did they?). But suddenly she had a feeling that a part of her that had been locked up was now free. She saw the world differently. She wanted things. “B, forgive me, but ever since I first saw Jamal’s …(she struggled with the word) cock, it’s been all I can think about. Every time I close my eyes that huge cock is all I can see.” (What?!?)She went on: Since Tuesday, her pussy had ached for the feeling of a hard cock pushing in and out, the weight and strength of a man holding her, the feeling of cum slamming against her cervix. Her breasts ached to feel Samuel’s firm squeezes without a bra. The only relief she got was when I was inside or licking her, but as soon as the afterglow was over, the ache would come back. (Wow! Exciting and shocking “Wow!”)And, with Samuel, there was the added stimulation of a man half her age paying attention to her like she was a queen.That being said, she still wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go and she didn’t understand why I would be all right with her having sex with another man — she felt confusion, some hurt, and anger. But she knew she was hornier than she had ever been and knowing that I was having mixed feelings as well somehow made her confusion seem more acceptable.Then she kissed me and said, “But I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” “So you don’t want to?” “I don’t think so — maybe – but just knowing that I can is an erotic rush. Empowering, I think the feminists call it. Thank you, B.”She kissed me sweetly, then grabbed my cock firmly and shook it.”What I do know is that I definitely want to go back to the beach today and dancing again tonight! (Wicked gleam in her eye) So let’s get some breakfast — you are going to need your energy, stud, because until I figure it all out, you need to be stuffing me with this! Frequently!”We had a big breakfast and did some window shopping, then to the beach for a naked swim and some making out, then lunch. She suggested we pass on our after lunch sex and just nap before we hit the beach so we would be fresher. (She didn’t say freesher for what but I hoped I knew.) But neither of us slept much — we were both thinking aksaraya escort of Black cocks sliding in and out of her pussy.Finally, she rolled over and started sucking me hard. When I was, she pulled me on top of her.”I need it in me!” “Do you want me to lick you first?””No! I need it in me now!”I teased the mouth of her pussy with the first inch of my cock.”Me? Or Jamal?”She groaned. “Or Samuel?”She groaned louder.”Shut up and fuck me! Hard!”Her legs hooked behind my mine and pulled me into her wetness, then she ground her clit against my pelvis.It was nasty monkey sex, and I loved it, even though I now knew I was a stand-in for another man.All too soon I came. She cleaned me off, then herself. When she returned, I brought her to her Big Bang.On our way back to the beach, Jaye thanked me for not being upset with her admitting her fantasies and desires. She felt more relaxed about things now that it was out in the open. I told her about how my desire to see her in the arms of a Black man had grown into a similar obsession.”So, is the ache back?” “Oh, yeah!”Jaye had us set up about 10 feet from Jamal and the Couple. The mother of my c***dren cupped her tits and rolled and tugged her nipples for them before she turned around and bent over to expose her ass hole, pouting pussy lips and dangling clit. When she sat down, the chubby Wife got up, turned her back to us and bent over — reciprocating with a view of her large butt and shaved pussy lips. Then she knelt beside her Black lover and proceeded to oil up his chest and thighs, working close to but not touching the large Black cock. She looked up at Jaye and cocked her head.Jaye told me to lean back facing them and started to oil me up mirroring her actions. When she had my front oiled, the Wife started oiling up Jamal’s Black cock. Up and down slowly, from base to tip, then back again. Jaye followed suit on me. I was blown away by the eroticism — two couples, without a word, publicly masturbating.Soon he was stiff and hard — and thick. I was as hard as I’ve ever been — almost painfully so. Jaye’s hand felt so good on my cock, yet I didn’t feel close to coming. It was as if my brain was short-circuiting my cock. But it was all great, even though I felt a bit inadequate, staring at his thick sausage.Then the Wife stood up and spread her legs facing us. Her husband shuffled over and began to oil her, starting with her back. Jaye handed me the oil. Again, I copied the husband.The husband continued until her back was done, then did her legs, working up to but not touching her pussy. I did the same on Jaye.Reaching her crotch, the husband shifted to her shoulders and then down her chest and tits, stopping to pinch and twist her nipples until she let out a long moan before he continued down her rounded belly. I copied him, pulling on Jaye’s hardened nipples until she groaned and her knees shook.As we husbands got to their crotches again, the wives did a partial squat to give us access. The Wife looked over at Jaye, put her hand on her mound and shook her head, pointing at Jayes oil-soaked bush. Then she made a sign with her finger like a razor all over her mound, indicating that Jaye should shave it.Finally, she stopped her husband and lay back on her arms facing us, her legs spread open, knees up, to expose her swelling pussy lips. Jamal now began to massage her shoulders, then her breasts, her rounded belly. He worked slowly, romantically, no longer any pretense of applying suntan oil.Jaye quickly lay back also – but stayed high enough to watch the others – and I now mirrored Jamal. I was trembling as I gently massaged her breasts and then cupped one and jiggled it at our mirror images 10 feet away. Now that I knew her feelings about Jamal — or at least about his Black cock — I was no longer having fun with my wife or helping her put on an exhibitionist show. I was preparing her for him. And something in me wanted his approval.He jiggled the Wife’s boob as well, then grasped a nipple and pulled it out from her body, then around in a circle. I did the same and Jaye closed her eyes and moaned.Jamal fixed me in his gaze as if to guide me: his hand came close to her pussy, my hand approached Jaye’s. His hand went down her thigh, so did mine. Then following his lead, my fingers got to her pussy. I wasn’t sure because my fingers were oily, but it seemed like fluid was running out of Jaye and down her ass crack. Jaye let out another soft moan.Now Jamal was stroking the Wife’s pussy lips and I followed suit. Lightly at first, then lingeringly. Then just inside the inner lips. Jaye let out a low “Yessss!”Both women were moaning now. The intensity and speed built up. Both of us soon had two fingers into our partner’s pussies, massaging their G-spots.In and out, in and out. Harder. Faster. Both women had fallen back and raised their legs to give us better access. Faster. Harder. The women were humping back and moaning so loud I thought they would attract attention from down the beach, but either no one heard or they chose not to interrupt.Finally, with a scream, the Wife convulsed and shook. Several strokes later so did Jaye.As they came back to earth, Jamal grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up. So did the husband. I grinned back.Jaye recovered first. On hands and knees, she crawled over to the Wife, looked up at Jamal and said “Thank you!” then bent down to kiss her. The Wife reached up and pulled her down in a hug, mashing their breasts together. Back in our cabana we took a shower together, then tumbled into bed. I was hard in an instant, rolled her onto her belly and started to take her doggie style — her favorite position. As we had discovered the last couple of days, quick hard penetration and five or six fast hard strokes brought her to an immediate small orgasm. I continued stroking, more slowly, trying to build her up to another.”That was amazing, Jaye! You were amazing!””Yeah it was pretty – Oh yeah! – wild!” “Did you plan that?” “No, but I knew I wanted to be naked on the beach and do something outrageous!””You sure as hell succeeded!””I’m not done yet! B, fuck my ass!” She rarely talks dirty and almost never uses the “F” word when referring to sex, preferring to reserve it for rude drivers. And she said it with a commanding tone of voice that was different. Big changes in my lady!Given our warm up on the beach, the ass fuck in front of the open window didn’t last long, but she fingered her clit so we came almost together, both of us grunting like pigs.As we lay catching our breath, Jaye asked, “Am I shocking you?” “Surprising yes, shocking no.” “I almost came without touching myself just from your cock in my ass!” That was a surprise: Jaye enjoys anal but has never indicated she could cum from it.Silence for a while. “Am I going too far?” Her voice had returned to its usual tone. “Not so as I notice! Probably get us arrested back home — maybe even here – but you are exciting the hell out of me!””Thank you!…. B…?” “Yeah?”I don’t know where this is going, but you are my love. Nothing that I say or do here will change that. And if I go too far, say the word and I will stop immediately. As fun as this is, it’s not worth losing you.””Okay, my love.”After that we napped in each other’s arms until it was time to get ready for the evening.Prior to dinner, she went in to shower, taking a long time. The thought of her douching and giving herself an enema in preparation for me — and maybe someone else — fucking her later that night turned me on. Finallly, she emerged and did a “ta da!” but with a sheepish expression. “How do I look?”She had shaved her pussy! escort aksaray Or tried to. It was pretty ragged.She said “I know. I just couldn’t get the angle for some of it.””Do you want me to help?” “Would you? If I’m going to do it I want to do it right.”So I laid her down on the bed with a towel under her, and finished the job. I couldn’t help but notice she was juicing heavily as I worked my fingers into her pussy lips to better get at the bush. When I was done she was baby smooth and I handed her a mirror to admire our work. She ran her hand over exposed clit hood, sliding it back to expose her dicklet. “I’ve never really looked at it before! It…it is kind of erotic, isn’t it?””Yes, baby, it is. But it’s the woman who makes it beautiful.”Going with the baby smooth thought I massaged baby oil over her mound and lips, eventually sliding two fingers into her pussy and stroking her G-spot while I sucked on her nipples.She started to breathe heavily then twisted away. “Keep that up and we won’t even make dinner!””I thought you were aching to be filled?” “Who says I’m not?” She made a face at me and bounced off to get dressed.Friday Evening — Z’Club 3rd NightWe met Paul and Sheila at dinner. Sheila was wearing a gauzy near-transparent dress with no underwear of course and flirted with the waiter. After, we changed for the Z’Club. I was mentally supercharged, wondering what Jaye was going to get up to with her bald pussy and new attitude.When we all met for the walk over, Sheila was again wearing a very revealing triangle bikini top and short skirt. Jaye was wearing her cut down beach outfit, and ever-present bra and panties.The music was banging and the drinks were flowing but it was obvious Jaye was looking for Samuel even though she danced with and was groped by a few of the boys. During one break, we went over and greeted the Couple and Jamal and again the Wife gave her a lingering kiss and hug. Then she introduced us to a young British couple in their late twenties. From what I could tell, under her sundress she had a lush, curvy body and a large rack with no bra. He had a buzz cut and dark rimmed glasses making him look nerdy. The nerd look was enhanced by Bermuda shorts (doesn’t everybody look silly in them?), pasty legs and flip flops. She was Marianne and he was Kevin. She said they had seen us at the beach the last few days and wondered if it was all right if they and Levon, (she was holding the hand of a 30-something Black man who was wearing a wife beater and pajama bottoms. He had wild dreads and a sprakling white smile.) set up near us the next time we were there together. Jaye paused a moment, then said they should feel free.About 1030 Samuel showed up and came over to us with a big smile, again taking his place next to Jaye. But tonight he also put his arm around her shoulder and held her hand. Seemingly I wasn’t there — for either of them.After a drink, he suggested they dance and she nearly flew off her chair onto the dance floor.They danced a set — grinding, bumping, grabbing, their hands all over each other, his often up under her top and of course openly grabbing her crotch or ass. During the slow piece they swayed together, Jaye grinding her pussy on his leg, hands up under his shirt and his under hers.Returning to the table, Jaye complained she was still too confined. She looked around, saw Melissa and the two disappeared. While they were gone I watched Sheila being groped and also saw Marianne with a young Black man who was sensually grinding his crotch into hers.In about 15 minutes, Jaye returned. If the alteration last night had drawn applause, this time conversation stopped completely. The sleeves had been removed, the skirt shortened to just below her pussy — but the big change was that the back of the top was gone, leaving only the neck, shoulder, and arm hole seams to maintain it’s shape. Essentially it was a risqué adult version of the sleeved bibs we had used on our k**s. She plopped down between Samuel and I. Samuel gave her another drink — kind of overkill because she was already tipsy. One of the women commented that the modification looked great but that her bra was showing now that there was no back.She giggled. “You’re right! Very gauche to display one’s underwear! I’ll take it off!”As she reached up and unhooked her bra, one of the ladies exclaimed “You’re not going to do it out here are you? Something might show!” Jaye giggled some more.”I can do it OK, and if something does show my hubby won’t mind — will you B? He likes it when people see my “stuff”, don’t you?” I blushed.Our table mates raised their eyebrows and started private conversations.By this time she had done that clothing shuffle thing that girls do and the bra was off and out without showing anything except to Samuel and I who were sitting next to her and could see behind her bib. I was concerned and embarrassed, but excited too.Jaye downed her drink, grabbed Samuel’s hand and said “Let’s try this dancing thing again!”This time, her clothing posed no resistance: her legs spread wide as she straddled Samuel’s muscled leg, grinding her crotch into it as she rubbed her breasts into his chest. The material of her bib was moved to the left and right but her breasts were pressed so hard into his chest no one saw anything — although several folks were trying, Now and then he would turn her away from him, bend her over, and pull her ass against his crotch. It was a standard move in the Jamaican dance style, but now the bib would swing away and allow anyone to their sides to see her bare breasts. Then he would run his hands along her sides, grabbing her breasts and using them to hold her to his body while he ground his now obvious hard-on against her.When he did this, Jaye, her hands on her thighs, eyes closed and a dreamy look on her face, would grind back.She looked absolutely beautiful. Her eyes, when she looked at me, were glowing with lust. The contrast of her white skin and his dark hands stirred me to a surprising extent as did the knowledge that those Black hands were caressing my wife’s breasts. Her movements were lithe and sensuous — basically she was making love to him on the dance floor.They danced three sets, grabbing a drink between each. Finally, they returned, Jaye again flushed, her braless breasts jiggling, long nipples poking hard into the soft material made almost transparent by their combined sweat. She plopped down between me and Samuel and leaned into him.This show was making me horny and more than a little jealous and I wanted to get her back to the cabana and fuck her slutty brains out — drunk or not. I slid my hand under the table to her thigh — our signal for “It’s time to leave” — but got no response — she was laughing and Samuel was whispering something in her ear. She was shaking her head “No”, but he was obviously persistent.With her skirt shortened, my hand was on her bare skin, so I slid it up to her crotch, both to get her attention and for a quick feel. To my surprise, instead of her panties I encountered another hand! Samuel was already at her crotch and was finger-fucking her! Without looking at me, Jaye reached down with her left hand, grabbed mine, placed it on to the table and held it tight. Her right hand was out of sight under the table. She leaned away from him and whispered to me, “His Cock is so big!” Her eyes had that faraway look that comes with arousal, then closed as she leaned back against him. The conversation at the table continued but some were starting to take notice of her body language. Her already quick breathing got more ragged. She bit her lower lip. aksaray escort bayan Her eyes were closed and she was panting and her left hand was spasmodically gripping mine. Surely, I thought, she’s not going to let him make her cum right here?Samuel whispered to her again. She nodded her head and pushed away from the table,”These drinks are getting to me! I’m off to the Ladies!” One of the gals offered to go with her but she said she was fine — just needed a pause and some fresh air.After she left, Samuel made some small talk for a minute and then excused himself to go see some friends.Paul slid over next to me and commented on what a great dancer Jaye was and how sexy her modified outfit. I thanked him and said that the outfit surprised even me. He then leaned in and said,”Sheila is a little put out. Earlier in the week Samuel was giving her the “Pretty Lady” treatment. I thought they might get it on like they did last year. But now with his interest in Jaye, I guess I won’t get to see it again.””You mean you want them to?””Hell, yeah! I like to see my lady happy and nothing makes Sheila happier than a good Black Cock fucking. Revs her up for weeks and I get the bennies.”I looked up to see Sheila grinding with a Black Man toward the far end of the dance floor — almost into the darkness. It looked as if, once again, her boobs had popped free, but this time she just continued dancing, keeping her breasts pushed into her partner’s bare chest, his hands grabbing her ass under her skirt.I was stunned: first the revelation that Sheila was into more than just interracial dancing and exhibitionism and secondly that he had told me he approved of and abetted it.”Uh, I don’t think Jaye would go that far. She has discovered an exhibitionist streak lately, but that’s as far as it goes.””You never know — exhibitionism is how Sheila got started. You’ve seen her outfits at dinner. Tell me, though, what would you do if she did want to get it on with him?””I really don’t know…” I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I had already decided I wanted her to and had told her so.”Well, you’d better think about it! The time may not be far off! And she’ll be in good hands, Samuel is one of the best Renti around!””You mean he’s one of the guys who gets paid to fuck women? By whom?””By you of course! And he’s worth every dollar! Like I said, you’d better think about it! The time may not be far off!At that point one of the other couples pulled us back into their conversation, and we stopped our chat.Rolling around the new information in my head, I looked for Sheila, but she was nowhere to be seen.Time went on and I was getting worried that Jaye wasn’t back yet. It was almost 1AM and the party was breaking up. Paul and I went to look for the girls, but no sight, so we split up. I heard some noises in the trees down by the beach and went to see. There was a full moon, and it was reflected off the white sand to create pretty good illumination. I could see Sheila in a clearing with four Black youths. She was on her knees, her top was off, her skirt was above her waist, and she was sucking the cock of one of the Black men while another moved back and forth at her ass. The other two were jerking off and making comments.Then a movement caught my eye to the left. In the moonlight, on a picnic bench, were Samuel and Jaye. She was sitting across his lap, her legs spread and her bib flipped up exposing her small breasts. Her arms were around his neck and they were kissing deeply. Her skirt was pushed up, the moonlight glinting off her white belly and thighs, highlighting Samuel’s black hand between her wide spread legs. As I watched, her body started to shake and her head fell onto his shoulder — obviously he was finishing what he had started in the club. After a couple of minutes she regained some composure. He was stroking her breasts, and sucking her nipples, urging her to do something, I couldn’t quite hear, but she was adamant about not doing whatever it was. However, the pressure of his Black hands on her shoulders slowly moved her down onto her knees on the sand. She reached up and freed his Black cock and he pulled her head forward to suck it.I stayed in the shadow of the trees watching for a few minutes, when suddenly a wail came from the clearing — apparently Sheila had gotten her rocks off as well. Jaye started, adjusted what was left of her clothing and headed back toward the club. Samuel was still trying to get her to stay. I headed back by a more direct route and arrived at the table ahead of her just as Paul also arrived.”I found Sheila! She really hit it big tonight! And for free!” he exclaimed. “And she wasn’t the only one! Jaye climaxes beautifully” So Paul had seen her with Samuel as well.I was excited that Jaye had been publicly groped and fingered by Samuel and somehow proud that Paul had seen her sucking Black cock. And embarrassed at my excitement. My gut was flipping at the memory of her head bobbing up and down on that Big Black Cock. I wanted to fuck her so badly. To reassert my ownership?A couple minutes later, a very unsteady Jaye re-appeared, apologizing and saying she had needed to walk on the beach a little to clear her head. She was flushed and seemed a little out of it. She grabbed a drink, took a big slug, swirled it around and gave me a big hug and kiss.Sheila also re-appeared, and a shuttle bus was called from the resort – we were too drunk to make it the 10 minutes along the beach. The moonlight sex had obviously improved Sheila’s mood, because she was giggly, rubbing her now exposed tits all over Paul while he finger-fucked her – apparently oblivious of us and the bus driver — or maybe they had seen enough tonight and through our cabana windows that they thought we would be cool with it.Jaye seemed subdued, but when asked said nothing was wrong, that she had had a great time. I had my arms around her but all I could see was her with herlips around Samuel’s Black cock in the moonlight.The half hour ride (it’s farther by road than walking down the beach) and the jealousy and anger generated by the images in my head and sobered me some and I noticed the night clerk leer as we walked through the lobby: Sheila was still on cloud nine and didn’t seem to notice that her top was hanging straight down between her globes, exposing them fully, and her skirt was tucked in her waistband in front revealing that she had lost her panties. Paul was also feeling no pain, jiggling Sheila’s tit and biting her neck. He was unzipped and Sheila was leading him by his cock.In my dark mood, I circled my wife’s waist with one arm, pinning hers, and with the other tucked her bib into the neckline, giving the clerk and a maintenance man a good view of her naked breasts. She moaned “No, please!” softly. Back at the room, I pushed her onto the bed and flipped up her skirt. Her panties were gone. She turned her head away from me as I freed my cock and shoved it into her still wet pussy. As I hit her cervix she cried out and then begged me to fuck her hard. Pinning her hands above her head, I pounded away until I came, not caring about her orgasm, just reclaiming her. To my surprise, she climaxed just as I finished and collapsed on top of her. I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto my slick cock – she sucked on it hungrily.When she was done, I held her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep. Or at least I tried to sleep. I kept seeing the look in her eyes as she ground her ass into Samuel’s crotch on the dance floor while he groped her breasts. Over and over I relived the scene at the bench, his Black hand in her crotch, her white body convulsing in the moonlight and her sucking his Black Cock. She had never looked more beautiful. My anger seeping out of her pussy, I began to savor the images, imagining what they had both felt and adding to the story line in my head. Finally, I fell asleep.

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