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Jake’s Magic Remote IV – Home MoviesNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.————Jake’s mind was racing as he went through the motions of working. He’d stopped time without the remote! Was it him that did it? Was it a safety feature? And why did he keep getting in near-misses with cars?Speaking of cars, around lunchtime he realized he’d never called Carol to let her know he was okay. Granted he thought he saw her in the food court when he was messing with those girls, but she was gone so fast he couldn’t be sure. He reached into his bag to find the card she’d left in there and dialed the number on it, putting on his phone headset.While the phone rang, Jake took the opportunity to discreetly move the panty collection from his bag to a locked drawer in his desk. Carol’s voice came across the line after a few rings. “How are you, Jake?”“I’m great,” Jake replied, closing and locking the drawer. “My head’s much better. Sorry I didn’t call sooner.”“That’s alright,” she replied. “You’ve been very busy. We’ll catch up later this week.”Jake was about to respond when the line went dead. “Huh,” he said to himself. He was starting to wonder if the appearance of the remote in his bag was really an accident.He might have followed that train of thought further, but something drilled into his brain at that exact moment. Specifically, Marta’s shrill, too-loud laugh, coming from the Deskside guys’ office across the hall. He scowled in irritation. She was at it again, showing off her fake tits so she would never have to remember her password.Jake slapped his pause button. He still hadn’t figured out how he’d stopped the car, but the remote still worked just fine. He got up from his desk and stalked angrily over to the Deskside office.It was quite a tableau in there. The guys all had big desk surfaces to work on, more like tables really. Tim, the new guy, was taking a phone call and clearly annoyed at the noise level. A couple of the other guys were standing, clearly chatting with Marta, who herself was in the middle of saying something. One other tech was bent over an open computer, but his eyeline was pretty obviously pointing at the infamous tits.Being Friday, everyone was in casual wear in the office. Marta was wearing another v-neck today, this one a tight-fitting white tee. Underneath he could just make out the outline of her bra. Under that she had a black skirt that ended well above the knee. She was apparently pushing “business casual” to new limits.Jake went to work immediately. First he pulled off Marta’s top and put it aside. “Won’t be needing this,” he said to nobody. He snatched a sharpie off the Tim’s desk and went about leaving his calling card. Across her back was the usual “I AM A BITCH”, and then below he wrote “I use my fake tits and pushy attitude to manipulate the socially inept.” Part of him wished he could see the look on her face when whoever she was fucking found that on her.Next he flipped up her skirt and confis**ted the lacy black thong she wore, shoving it in his pocket. He did have to admit, she had a really nice ass. Probably did a lot of squats to keep it that way. He squeezed it in both hands, smirking at the dual imprints he left behind.Moving around in front of her, Jake was amused but not surprised to see that Marta’s pussy was shaved bare. His dick jumped in his pants, excited by standing here with so much power over this stupid cunt.Grinning, Jake pushed Marta down onto her knees on the carpet. He carefully pulled her tongue out of her open mouth, then unzipped and pulled out his cock. It was partly hard already, and he ran it along her tongue, making her lick all over it and getting it a little moist from her saliva. Next he unhooked her front-clasp bra and once again exposed her globelike fake tits.“Might as well get your money’s worth of these,” Jake quipped as he nestled his cock between them. He put his hands on either side and pressed inward, creating a warm fleshy tunnel around his shaft, and started slowly pumping it back and forth.Marta’s flesh, warm and saliva-moist, felt simply wonderful around Jake’s dick. He moaned aloud, looking down at her, then laughed as he realized she still had her tongue sticking out of her open mouth. “Well that’s distracting,” he said, shoving it back in there and closing her lips and jaw. Once again he carefully nudged her lips into a smile. “Much better,” he said, resuming the slow stroking in her cleavage. “You should be happy that you’re being used for your intended bahis firmaları purpose.”Jake moved his thumbs to play with Marta’s nipples and started fucking her tits harder and faster, grinning down at her frozen smile. “What a pretty look for you. I know… just the thing to complete it!” As he spoke, he started shooting cum between her tits and up her neck to her chin. He pulled back and stroked himself, finishing the load with a last shot across her face. From this close, the cum had enough time to splatter on Marta’s skin and hair before freezing with her.Jake squeezed the last fer drops out onto Marta’s lips and took a step back to appreciate his work.It was quite a scene. Marta knelt in the office, surrounded by smiling IT guys, with cum plastered across her face and chest. Her skirt was pulled up and her bra hung open as if she’d been stripped with urgency… which, really, she had been. There was only one thing missing. Jake knelt down and moved Marta’s hands so it looked like she was holding her tits up to receive the load.“Perfect. Hold it,” Jake said, pulling out his phone to take some photos for posterity – or who knows, he thought, maybe blackmail. “That’s perfect baby, the camera loves you.”With that done, Jake went about cleaning Marta up… sort of. He used a tissue to sc**** all the cum off her skin, then smeared it in a thin coat on her breasts where the bra would be covering them. The bit that had got in her hair he left there, smearing it in until it wasn’t visible. The blob on her lips he pressed onto her tongue and smeared down also, coating its surface.Next he closed Marta’s bra over his cum and pressed on her tits until they fit into the cups, or at least sort of fit. It was a tight bra, which helped. Finally he stood her up, fixed her skirt, and put her shift back on, carefully moving her hair back into its regular style.Whistling to himself, Jake returned his office and pressed the Play button.Marta yelped loudly as she felt the grip on her ass. There was nobody behind her, however, so nobody could be blamed for that. Jake could only imagine how she must be feeling: tits sore and abused, nipples teased, taste of semen in her mouth and a feeling on her skin like someone came on her but no cum to be found.Jake heard Marta quietly excuse herself and saw her walk out toward her own desk, rubbing her tender chest. He waited a few seconds, then picked up a folder and followed behind her.“Ow,” Jake heard Marta say quietly as she walked into her own cube. Jake stopped walking and turned to her.“You alright?” he asked her.“Yeah, fine,” she replied, sitting down. Her eyes widened dramatically the moment her ass hit the chair, signalling that she’d discovered the theft of her panties. If only she knew they were wadded up in Jake’s pocket right that instant!“Okeydokey,” Jake replied, turning and walking to the copy room, grinning.Today was really looking up.The rest of the workday had Jake tempted to use the “fast forward” button, but he decided that was a little too intense a concept and instead watched Netflix all day. After all, why bother pushing himself? He was still ahead of his work and he could always stop time and get ahead again once the world caught up to him.The trip home was pretty uneventful, too. The train was less crowded; lots of people go home early on Fridays. The sun was shining, so Jake walked from the station instead of riding the bus home. Along the way, he kept an eye out for anyone who might be in need of a little punishment from the invisible hand of Karma. Unfortunately, everyone was behaving today. Jake amused himself by freezing a couple cute joggers and getting a good look at them, but otherwise headed straight home.He walked into his house just in time to hear Petra yelling into her phone. “I don’t care if the doctor told you it’s clean,” she snapped, “I talked to everyone and I know about Amber. We’re over!”Jake walked around the corner in time to see his daughter hang up the call and toss her phone onto the couch. “You alright, Pet?” he asked, trying to focus on his concern and not the way her breasts looked in that old tee.“Yeah Daddy, I’m fine,” she said, wiping away her anger-tears. “You were right about Keith. He’s a douchenozzle.”Jake snorted back a laugh. “A douchenozzle, huh?”Petra giggled. “Yeah. He’s the plastic bit that french ladies stick in their vageeners when they wanna give their ladybits an enema.”Jake chuckled at his delightfully vulgar little princess. “And how do you know they use a plastic nozzle?” he asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. “Been hanging around with french ladies whose most english parts are subject to regular inspection?”Petra shoved his shoulder. “The Jane Austen reference only works for English people, usually guys, and you know it.”Jake shrugged and shoved her back, thankful that their weird rapport had casino oyna returned. Yesterday had been awkward as hell, at least for him. “Fine, you win. You’re the most dirty-minded today. Where’s your mother?”“She went out with her friends,” Petra said, grinning. “I guess that little wrestling match last night musta worn her out.”Jake flushed, but not for the reasons she thought. He was grateful to let his embarrassment show over the previous night, when he’d jerked off to Petra in the shower, then basically hypnotized her mother into fucking him loudly on the couch while she watched from the stairs. “You, uh… you heard that, huh Pet?” he asked sheepishly.“Daddy, I think the neighbors heard that. Holy crap.”Jake chuckled, walking into the kitchen to make himself a plate of leftovers. “Sorry, k**do,” he said as he opened the fridge. “Didn’t mean to keep you up.”Petra followed him, grabbing an empty plate as well. “Don’t be! I’m glad you two still get horny.”Jake coughed, almost choking on a bit of cold chicken he’d been sampling. “Hey now, be a little flowery about it, k**do… say we’re passionate, or something.”She put on a smug grin, leaning into the fridge next to him and grabbing things. Her shoulder pressed against him and looking over he noticed that the shirt she wore was loose enough that he could see the top of her breast. “Why? It’s an accurate statement. You two got horny and you fucked, loudly, on the living room couch while your sweet innocent daughter was laying in her bed summoning visions of sugarplums-”Jake rolled his eyes. He knew for a fact that she was lying on that statement, but he couldn’t say that. “Alright, Pet, you go ahead and drop this and I won’t press for details on what I walked in on yesterday.”Petra’s cheeks got nearly as red as her hair. “Fine,” she said, pouting. “I guess we’re even. But you need to set a better example when there are c***dren present.”“What happened to ‘I’m not a c***d anymore, I can vote now’?”“That only applies when you won’t let me do things,” she replied, sticking her tongue out and trotting over to the microwave with her plate of goodies.Jake couldn’t help but admire that trot. Petra was wearing a tiny orange pair of shorts that fit like a glove, giving him a great view of her ass.He turned his head away deliberately and looked in the fridge again. “How long has this casserole been-”“Don’t eat that,” Petra warned.“Noted.” He made a note to toss out the science experiment later and closed the fridge, setting his plate on the counter. “So just us tonight, huh?”“Yep! Wanna watch a movie?”Jake smiled. “I’d love to.”After microwaving his plate, Jake sat on the couch and flipped through the available films. He’d long ago hooked an old computer up to the living room TV and Sarah was a bit of a movie buff, so the selection was pretty decent.Petra plopped down on the couch next to him with her plate and a couple cans of soda. “Ooh, let’s watch this,” she said, stealing the wireless keyboard from him and loading up a file: a period piece he’d heard a little about. “Macey told me it was really good”Jake frowned as the title came up. “I dunno, I heard this was a pointless chick-flick aimed at the youth crowd…”Petra curled her legs under herself and set the keyboard on the other side of her from him. “Weeelllll,” she said, “there’s always Fifty Shades of-”“THIS MOVIE WILL BE FINE WHERE’S THE POPCORN?”Petra giggled. “This’ll still be a better love story than Twilight,” she said, forking some mashed potatoes into her mouth.“I’ll give you that one,” Jake admitted, shuddering at the memory. They’d watched those movies together and pretty much mocked the shit out of every moment of them.The movie started out formulaic enough: boy meets girl, other boy already knows girl, blah blah et cetera, but Jake had to admit the acting was pretty good and the camerawork was decent. Pretty soon he found himself invested in the story of these young Victorian socialites.After the leftovers were gone popcorn was obtained. Soon Jake was leaning back comfortably on the couch, with a big bowl of said snack on his lap and his arm around Petra’s shoulders, awkwardness all but forgotten.Then the movie heated up a bit.“Uhoh,” Petra said playfully, “there goes the bodice!”Sure enough, the actress was being willingly and forcefully stripped, and before you could say “I hope I don’t get a boner” Jake found himself staring at a beautiful pair of bare breasts with his arm around his daughter. Petra reached over in his lap and dug out some popcorn, nudging the bowl against his cock in the process.“This is hot,” she said quietly. Jake really had no response. It wasn’t like they’d never watched a film with sex in it together before. He liked to think he was pretty modern about that sort of thing. But right now he was acutely aware that his arm was around a beautiful girl’s shoulders slot oyna – his daughter’s shoulders, he reminded himself – and she was snuggled against his chest, occasionally reaching her hand into his lap to search for the last of the popcorn.The scene played on and before long the couple were softcore fucking on the screen. “Wow,” Jake said, “They really show a lot these days.”“Mmhmm,” Petra replied, engrossed in the movie.Jake glanced down at her and was not at all surprised to see a pair of pronounced bumps on the front of her shirt. Her thigh shifted a little, too, suggesting that she might be getting a little tingly.Jake, on the other hand, had a steel erection tucked down his pant leg.Clearly it was time to re-take control of this situation. Jake slipped his hand into his pocket and the movie stopped moving. So did Petra.Jake reached down and started teasing her nipples through her shirt. It did nothing to relieve his hard-on, but it made him feel a little better about the situation. There was no way the little minx hadn’t known about this scene when she picked the movie; she was clearly trying to get him back for Sarah’s moaning the night before.He started things up again and pretended not to notice Sarah’s little gasp. She glanced at his hand on her shoulder and then pressed in closer. “Cold in here,” she mumbled.“Yep,” Jake said, pausing things again. On the screen, the actress looked to be in the “throes of passion”. It was only fair that his little girl feel the same…He leaned her back a little and slid his hand down the front of her shorts. That’s when he noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.“Someone’s acting naughty,” he said, sliding his hand down to stroke her pussy. She was already moist. “Playing on the stairs, and now this… you must be really into risky fun.”Jake dried his fingers on her shorts, snuggled Petra into his chest again and returned his hand to her shoulder. When things started up again, he was rewarded with a stifled moan from her and a really obvious twitch of her hips.Ignoring the near-orgasm she’d had, Jake kept watching the scene. Sure his cock was so hard it hurt, but it was really fun knowing that he wasn’t the only one in the room with something to hide.The couple on the screen looked to be finishing up, so Jake paused once more. This time he pulled the leg-hole of his daughter’s shorts to the side so he could see her pussy. It looked like she was dripping wet.He decided to give her a bit of a treat. She just looked so sweet and perfect down there. He slid off the couch and spread her legs, leaning in and running his tongue up her slit slowly. Again and again he licked at her, surprised by the sweet taste of her. His fingers softly pinched and rubbed her clit.When he’d covered every bit of her pussy a couple times, he pressed in further and drove his tongue inside her. He pushed in and out a fe times, then pulled back. “That oughta do it,” he said, grinning.First fixing Petra’s shorts, Jake returned to his place on the couch. He moved her legs back where they’d been and put his arm around her shoulders once more. Then he started the real show.The first thing he noticed was her entire body tensing up. A shiver rolled up her back, and a tiny squeak came out of her throat. It was obvious that she was using every bit of her willpower to keep from moaning in pleasure as she came in her shorts. After a while, she slowly began to relax. Then her hand shot out to the keyboard and mashed the pause button.“Something wrong?” Jake asked.“I need to pee,” she replied, standing hastily. “Five minute break?”“Sure,” he said, setting the empty popcorn bowl aside. He stifled his urge to laugh as he noticed a wetness on her inner thighs. She started to walk very quickly toward the bathroom when he called out to her. “Hey, Pet?”Petra froze and turned around. “Yes, Dad-”Jake froze her there. He had one last tease in store for his little vixen. First he stood and approached her. He lifted her shirt and sucked on first one and then the other of her perfect pink nipples. Then he replaced it and lowered her shorts, once more rubbing her and running his tongue along her slit once. She really was soaking down there.Putting everything back in place, he removed all his clothing like he had with her mother the night before. Then he returned to his previous position, cock raised to full mast in salute of her, and pressed the Play button.“-dy?” Petra finished her sentence, then went wide-eyed in shock. Her knees wobbled as she felt the teasing and she stared at the erection she’d given him.“Bring me another soda when you come back?”Jake waited for Petra to blink and paused her again. “Fuck,” he muttered, realizing he had missed her blink. He picked up the remote and pressed the backward frame skip a couple times, until her eyes were closed.“Cool,” he said, putting his clothes back on. To her it would seem like she’d just been imagining it, and blinking had banished the vision. He smiled innocently as she unpaused and rubbed her eyes.“S-sure, daddy,” Petra replied, turning once more and heading for the bathroom.

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