Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 5

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Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 5After four long years, Jack finally got lucky…The new Manhattan attorney got set up on a blind date for a broadway show. He was in the ticket line outside when he glanced across the street, and saw two young girls looking at bootleg CDs in a sidewalk vendor’s display case. They both were sexy, but the stud’s eyes just about popped out of their sockets when he got a good look at the mind boggling tits on the girl with the short, curly, raven shaded hair. The skin-tight maroon dress she was wearing, was announcing to the world she had gigantic, watermelon-sized tata’s! “Jesus H. Christ!”, he thought “Look at those gigantic fuckin’ tits!” The dress was helpless to hide her torpedoes, that just launch outward, creating a deep cleavage for anyone to see! The tits on this mama were massive, heavy, watermelon-shaped knockers! Jack’s wicked mind instantly thought “Damn … I’d like to hammer my dick between those bombs!!”Completely forgetting why he was even standing there, Jack quickly took off and strolled across the street. No way, was he gonna pass up this golden opportunity. He made a b-line for the same stand. The girls didn’t notice him walk up, but after making eye contact, they both began to smile. Ole’ Jack just had what it took. The blonde was an attractive girl, but she wasn’t the object of Jack’s desires! He watched them talk to each other. After a few moments, the blonde left. Suddenly, Jack had that giant tit girl all to himself. Things moved fast. He swooped in and began to make small talk. Soon, the two were sitting outside Dean and Deluca’s pastry shop, just up the street. As they sipped on chocolate shakes, Jack’s eyes kept getting lost in the canyon between her tantalizing mountains of compressed tit! Jack didn’t make a habit of dating “bigger” girls, but this one was different. She could’ve weighed 1000 lbs … and all he could see was the size of her tits!Her name was Charlie. She was 5’7″ – certainly in the BBW class – but the woman had some of the biggest tits he’d ever seen! The kind of tits that could “raise the dead”! I mean, giant, low-hanging tits – as big around as goddamn watermelons!! She was 22 years-old – from Brooklyn – and worked as a hairdresser in SoHo. As they sat there talking, Jack’s 12″ pecker was about to explode out of his slacks!! He acted like his cell phone rang and stood up. He took the phone out of his pocket and pretended to answer it. When he did, Charlie’s eyes went straight to the crotch and he watched her eyes light up, when she saw the obscene “tent” in his slacks!! That tit-crazed prick just lurched upward, looking like the guy had a cucumber stuffed in there! He said “Hello” a few times for effect, then pretended to hang up, saying “Hmm … that’s weird. Wrong number, I guess!”As Jack sat back down, Charlie suddenly exclaimed “Jack – I really need to get home – I forgot – there’s this “show” I wanted to watch tonight.” Jack took it from there. Since his apartment was in Westchester – and Charlie lived much closer, the ever polite Jack Davenport offered her a safe ride home. Stunningly, she accepted (right…). After firing up his black BMW, they went up Broadway, which allowed Charlie the opportunity to window shop. They drove by City Hall in TriBeCa. It took a few minutes more, but they finally arrived at her apartment. Just as Jack stopped the Beemer, Charlie said “Hey, Jack – wanna come up? I’ve got a nice apartment. It’s so lonely being home alone all the time.” With no “blind date” now, it was a slam dunk.They went upstairs and Charlie offered Jack a seat on the couch. She went to the kitchen and made them both a glass of lemonade. She returned and sat next to him on the couch. She thanked him again for the ride home as Jack said “I like this place, Charlie – it reminds me of my place up in Westchester County – and this neighborhood is a lot like mine.” As he sat there, Jack snuck a few glimpses of her gargantuan melons and his prick just throbbed! His perverted mind kept imagining this hot girl wrapping those giant, heavy tits around his cock and pumping him to a huge explosion! A tent quickly formed in his dress pants and it didn’t go unnoticed. Several times, the massive-titted brunette looked down at the kaçak iddaa obscene snake-like tool lengthening down Jack’s pant leg and couldn’t hide her desires any longer! She bold-face proclaimed “You don’t have an ounce of shame, do you? I mean, it looks like you’re trying to hide a baseball bat in your pants!” Jack smiled, and boldly retorted “No. I don’t have an OUNCE of shame – not when you’re hung like me! And what about you? … with those monstrous tits about to explode outta you’re top!!” Charlie grinned and caressed her titanic tits in her hands.Jack gently caressed his big cock over his slacks and said “Oh yeah, girl – those tits are turnin’ me on!” Charlie reached down, and began running her hand up and down the stiffened shaft tenting Jack’s pant leg and said “Good Lord, babe – I gotta SEE this!” Jack grinned, and said “Make you a deal Charlie – I’ll whip this big donkey dick out for ya – but you gotta show me those giant titties!” Charlie gently bit her bottom lip and said “No problem.” The cocky stud stood up and began unzipping his slacks! With one quick tug, the slacks and briefs came down, exposing that stiff, swollen, thick-veined throbber! He was so horny for those enormously huge tits, his prick was arching toward the ceiling. The look on Charlie’s face said it all! “Oh, my…”, she shouted “that’s one – big – fucking – dick!”The girl sarcastically pretended to fan her blushing face and said “Holy shit – my former boyfriend had big dick – but that thing is HUGE!” Jack teased, “I can tell you like what you see – how about showin’ this foot-long some tit?” By now, Charlie’s cunt was on fire – how was it even possible for a 22 year-old young man to be so horse hung? She grinned and said “Okay…” With that, she leaned back slightly and pulled her sweater off! Immediately, her titantic twins slammed downward, wildly bouncing around! They were just humongous! Giant, cantilevered tits! Jack’s jaw almost dropped to the floor! Those huge things were insanely oversized – with 4″ wide aerolae – what an incredible, suffocating, massive pair of torpedoes!After reaching down and coralling them, Charlie grabbed two overflowing handfuls of breast and lifted those oversized twins upward, creating a cleavage you could drive a truck through! She teased “You wanna slide that huge dick between these, baby?” Jack’s long erection was like tempered steel and arched straight upward! “Jesus, Charlie – those things need their own zip code!!”, Jack exclaimed, “What’s you cup size, girl?” She giggled and said, “My measurements are 40-36-42 – my cup size is 38L!”. Jack groaned “God, I’d love to pound my cock up and down that deep fuckin’ cleavage!” She grinned. She knew full and well what he wanted. She teased “Have a seat here on the couch, you horse-dicked stud. I’m down for some tittyfuckin’! Let’s do it!” Jack took a seat on the couch and gently stroked his lengthening fuck pole. Her massive, heavy tits obscenely bounced, as she took her place between his legs!As her massive boobs hung downward, Charlie took that big cock in her hand and slowly jacked the 12″ erection!Jack groaned in lustful appreciation as Charlie said “My old boyfriend – I did this to him all the time! His cock was so big, it hurt my pussy – so I’d just whip out the “twins”, and take good care of his big rod!” Jack said, “That doesn’t surprise me – I’ll bet you’ve got LOTS of practice at this! If you were MY girl, I’d be fuckin’ these monsters 5 times a week!” She let go of Jack’s throbbing foot-long and caressed her massive tits together. She teased “I’m sure you would!” As she pulled them apart, she laid them in Jack’s lap and enveloped his long erection in tit, just burying the rod in the deep channel between massive, gargantuan tits! “Oh God, yeahhhhhhhh – ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”, Jack groaned, as he watched his 12″ prick almost disappear!She used her hands to smash those humongous 38L-cup tits together, as Jack began sliding his cock up into those massive melons, immediately enjoying that vast canyon between her titanic torpedoes! In slow-motion, his long, angry dick thrusted up and down, pump-jacking those watermelon-sized, cock-pleasing tits! In lust, he moaned “Goddamn, baby – yeah!”, as Charlie licked the corner of her mouth kaçak bahis while she pressed those giant tata’s tight and Jack fucked those massively oversized tits! Jack’s ability to fuck tit for abnormal lengths of time was in serious jeopardy! It had been waaaaay too long, since he’d been “balls-deep” in tit – and Charlie’s 38L-cup zeppelins had his balls on life-support! She teased, “Yeah big boy, go to town on ’em! Fuck those fat titties good! Pump that big mule dick up and down, you dirty fucker!” Jack was laying at an angle, that allowed him to just ram his tit-crazed cock up and down, relentlessly drilling her huge tits! Five minutes in, and Jack’s big prick showed no quit! He continued to just pump and pump between those tits, satisfying his wicked tit-screwing fetish!Charlie eagerly began to work that smothered foot-long, intently massaging her heaving giants up and down Jack’s rod, as he laid back and enjoyed the thrill of watching his monster cock buried in cleavage again! Any other 22 year-old would have absolutely tossed his cookies, but Jack’s grand prick was the “Energizer Bunny” of titty fucking – it just kept going – and going! “Oh fuck, baby!”, he groaned. “Mmmmmmm, yeah big boy!” she teased “Mama’s huge titties feel fuckin’ good, don’t they? Mama’s gonna jack all the cum outta that huge cock, baby! Hammer that big donkey dick up and and down my cleavage!” Jack reached up and held her shoulders, as his cock shot up through the top of Charlie’s cleavage, while she licked her upper lip and sexily flipped her tongue up and down! She pressed those huge tits so tight, the nipples were touching! Jack continued to hold her shoulders and just slam his unending erection up through those fat, heavy tits!Eventually, he told her “Fuck yeah, baby! Give me those giant fuckers!” Charlie let go of her huge funbags, and Jack quickly coralled them back together! While she held his prick in place, he used those large hands of his to manipulate and smash those overflowing handfuls of tit around his foot-long cock! Now a full 10 minutes in, and Jack was still thrusting and hammering away! She arched her head backward and shouted “Fuck, Jack – you are the titty fucking King! My old boyfriend would have cum 4 times by now!” “FUCK, baby!!, Jack stammered, “I could fuck these goddamn melons all night! FUUUCK! This shit is amazing, baby!” Charlie licked the corner of her mouth again, as he twisted and manipulated those giant sex pillows up and down, totally working every inch of his big python! Finding it unnecessary to even pump up and down, he simply bounced those titanic tata’s up and down, splitting that tit-canyon, fucking himself silly with her massive, cock-pleasing tits! An eruption was eminent!Jack was at the precipice of a monumental explosion … but could do nothing … but massage his dick between tits so gargantuan … he began to literally jerk the cum from his balls! He rolled his head around, writhing in sexual desire, as Charlie purred, “Oh yeah, big boy – it’s on the way, now. Let that big, long dick blow, baby! Shoot you’re load all over my gigantic tits, you big stud!” Jack began to furiously thrust up and down. Charlie put her hands on top of his and they BOTH held her ridiculously oversized torpedoes tight, as he hammered away into that tit-canyon! At the top of her cleavage, perfect stimulation was being exerted on his cock head, and the tit-loving stud was in heaven! Hellbent, the two of them just kept bouncing those massive whoppers up and down Jack’s oversexed, 12″ fuck log!”Ohhhhhhh, God yessssssss!”, Jack groaned, as he relentlessly rammed his cock home! 15 solid minutes of pounding tit was all his prick could stand! No longer able to swivel his hips, Jack shouted, “God Almighty, baby – bust my balls!” Charlie just cranked away, pumping his erect, swollen member for all she was worth! Ten seconds later, Jack’s swollen prick detonated! He incoherently groaned as his new tit-endowned lover relentlessly jagged him with her gigantic tits! Hot, endless ropes of spunk flew out of her foot-deep cleavage! Jack was almost in tears, as his cock head erupted from being overstimulated! Streams of cum cascaded down the slopes of those 38L-cup bombs, as Charlie relentlessly pumped illegal bahis unending wads of cock cream from Jack’s mega prick! Jack was short of breath, it was so good! She began lifting her tits upward, licking the cum off her mounds!It took the 22 year-old mega-tit lover several seconds to recover from what had been one of the messiest cleavage climaxes he’d experienced! Goddamn, did Charlie know how to use those incredibly massive tits! The woman was built for the kind of sex Jack lived for. She wasn’t a 110 lb. perfectly framed girl, but who cared? For fuck’s sake – the girl had tits the size of watermelons. Almost immediately, Jack began making plans on how to make this girl a keeper. Now way, was one journey through THAT cleavage gonna be enough. Her ultra-voluptuous body HAD to be a part of his life. Maybe he could ask her out on a REAL date – rather then just “wham-bam-thank-you-mams”, and then be on his way. He laid his head on the back of the couch, trying to cam himself down. Charlie got up and went over to a closet and returned with an armful of towels.Jokingly, Jack said “Jesus girl – I didn’t think I made THAT big a mess!” She laid the towels on the couch, save 2 ofthem. She playfully threw 1 of them at him, saying “Ha Ha! Thought you’d like to towel off. You’re sweating like a mine worker!” As she wiped her giant tits off, Jack said “Damn, baby – I wanna fuck the shit outta you! I mean I wanna ram my fuckin’ donkey dick into that tight pussy!” Unfortunately, Charlie remained firm on her prior statement. There was NO WAY her relatively small womanhood could withstand the kind of torturous pounding Jack’s ramrod was capable of. She even said, “Baby, I’m so horny for that prick – but there’s just no way! My old boyfriend’s cock barely fit – and he wasn’t as big as you. If you want, you can fuck my titties again – I KNOW you’d like that!”Jack’s eyes widened as Charlie reached down and lifted those monstrously massive tits upward! As the young stud’s huge love-muscle roared back to life, Jack said “I understand – and I don’t want you trying to do something that you just can’t do! Besides – I’d LOVE to fuck those gigantic tits again!” And so it went, for the next 10 minutes. Jack’s big fuck pole made slow, nasty love to Charlie’s gigantic 38L-cups! For awhile, he’d sit perfectly still, while the girl bounced her mega-mams up and down that rigid 12″ totem pole! Then, Jack would take those bra-breakers in his hands, and just jackhammer that tool through her bottomless cleavage, while the girl put her hands on either side of his thrusting hips, and let her lover give her huge bazookas a thorough fucking! Just like earlier, Jack’s big cock could only take so much and another explosion catapulted forth, from his spunk-flinging foot-long! Well before the endless ropes of cum stopped blasting forth, the sticky jism began to run down the inner slopes of Charlie’s “mountains”, as Jack pumped his balls dry, yet again!With his sex muscle now fully satisfied, Jack pulled himself back together. He told Charlie that he thought she was a gorgeous girl, and he wanted to “see her again”. She ran her hand through his hair, and told him that when she looked at him, she saw “a real Adonis”, and she ABSOLUTELY wanted to see him again. Although Jack’s initial attraction to her was merely physical, she was a real sweetheart, As they talked, Jack found that she was curious about what kind of work he was in – where he was from – and where he saw himself headed. She was a vibrant, well-educated girl. Aside from ultra-hot, absolutely astonishing tit-sex, it would do Jack good to have a woman like this in his life. It got to be about 10pm and Jack realized that he needed to head for home – he had to be back up at 5am.Jack reiterated his desire to see Charlie again. Wednesday was her work “day off”, so they set up another date for 2 weeks later. As they stood in her doorway, they kissed. Never one to waste an opportunity, Jack reached up to her huge tits! He caressed them and pressed them together, already fantasizing about furiously pumping his heroic cock between them! Meanwhile, the massive-breasted 22-year old put her hand on his crotch, and slowly rubbed his prick! It was clear that once this “gifted” couple got together in two weeks, sexual gratification would be experienced on an unequaled level! The stud got in his BMW and headed home! He was so turned on by that heaven-scent, gigantic-breasted firecracker!

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