Jackie’s Slave Pt. 04

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The light clicked on and Rex woke as Jackie came down into the basement. She quickly checked the bowl in her dog’s cage and saw it was unused then unlocked the thick heavy padlock on the door. Rex crawled out, stretching. Without a word Jackie attached her lead to the white slave and he was led upstairs. As crawling up was far safer than crawling down, Rex did not leave his hands and knees. A right turn from the top of the stairs led to the kitchen and through that to the back yard. Jackie walked her dog outside to his spot where he occasionally had to relieve himself. Naked, Rex lifted his leg and did his best to urinate and not get any on himself. There was no issues with this. Both Jackie’s neighbors were black. Her neighbors to the north, Trevor and Anita, were a younger couple still adjusting to the neighborhood and the situation but they were very open minded. The couple to the south, Kevin and Georgette, were older, in their 50’s. Both were doctors and owned a young white couple. It wasn’t at all unusual for Jackie to have a quick conversation with either neighbor while having Rex on his leash in the yard, or vice versa. It didn’t matter anyway. There were no indecent exposure laws against whites in this community.

No neighbors were out this morning however and Jackie walked Rex back inside once he finished his business. Once inside Jackie said to Rex, “You may stand pet. Make breakfast while I prepare for the day.”

Rex prepared a nice spread for Jackie and she ate it hungrily while Rex kneeled next to her. Just for fun she would offer him up a forkful of waffles here and there which Rex appreciated. Once finished, Jackie told Rex to clean up and he could now eat his breakfast while she showered.

Once the shower was completed, Jackie summoned Rex to the bedroom with a whistle. Obediently he crawled into the bedroom. Jackie was laying on the bed under the covers with her large breasts exposed. She called Rex up on the bed with a pat. Removing his cock cage, she said to him, “I want you to nurse from me pet. Be a good slave and suck my nipple boy.”

Rex laid next to Jackie and took her nipple into his mouth. Once latched, Jackie made an audible sigh with pleasure. This was her secret. If the community knew she liked her slave nursing like this, especially with its penis uncaged, she might be forced to sell him back to the bank. As Rex suckled, Jackie grabbed his hand and directed it between her legs. “Pleasure me dog. Make your Goddess cum hard.”

As Rex pleasured Jackie, she closed her eyes and thought upon this situation and enjoyed the pleasures her slave was providing her. Her and her community didn’t care much for white people. They were still around and would be until the white females could be sufficiently black bred and that would take time. Until then, it was agreed by all that they would submit. It was the natural order after all.

Jackie felt sadistic today and as she thought about how she would abuse her white bitch she orgasmed hard on her slave’s hand. Once she recovered, she looked down and noticed Rex had an erection.

“How DARE you get an erection on this bed dog. How DARE YOU!” You KNOW you’re not allowed erections on a bed don’t you? DON’T YOU???” She screamed at him.

“Yes Goddess. Kadıköy Olgun Escort I’m so sorry.” Rex replied, head down.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry. Stand the fuck up.”

Rex stood at the end of the bed, and even with Jackie’s scolding, he was still erect.

“Smack it bitch. Stand there and smack your pathetic, small, worthless white cock until it goes down. And while you do, say out loud that you are a dog, an animal.”

Rex smacked his penis multiple times, quite hard, until his erection subsided and his unit was red and sore. The color came close to matching a true dog’s penis, which pleased Jackie very much.

She instructed him to kneel and she walked over to him placing a hand on his head. “Listen pet. You need to learn to control those erections when you’re not caged. You can’t get hard around the community elders without permission. Kevin and Georgette just had Mark neutered last week because he couldn’t control himself. Now I don’t want to do that to you but I will if you force the issue. Do you understand me?” She asked.

“I do Goddess. Thank you for protecting me.” Rex replied.

“I’m not protecting you slave, I’m protecting my self-interests. I enjoy watching you play with your stupid penis and I don’t want to have to provide Viagra to get it hard once I remove your balls. Kevin and Georgette have to do that with Mark now. Granted they have zero use for his penis like I do for yours but now if I want him to fuck your man pussy we have to get him some drugs and that’s kind of a bummer for me. So get control over that thing bitch.”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good boy. Now into the bathroom.”

Walking into the bathroom, Rex identified a water bottle hooked to the shower curtain rod attached to a long tube with a nozzle on the end. It was obvious what this was.

“Kiss the floor Rex, ass up high.” Jackie ordered.

Rex did as instructed as Jackie inserted the tube into his ass. She released the clip and the water began to flow into her dog’s bowels. “Good dog. You take all that in so you’re nice and clean for your Goddess. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you today.”

Jackie watched as the bottle emptied into her slave. “Keep it in there boy, I want to see my pet a little uncomfortable.’

Rex stayed as before, head down, ass up, holding the water in for what seemed like forever.

Jackie finally stood up. “Ok slave, you can expel now. I’m going to the family room. You can clear that out and shower. Make sure all your hair is removed. I want you completely hairless under your eyebrows bitch. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Once rex had completed all his tasks, he crawled out of the bathroom to the family room. Laying on the couch for him was a full maid’s outfit, with black panties and thigh highs, corset, short skirt that showed his panties, and a cute little hat.

“You will put this on and clean the house while Goddess goes out for a while. Remember the bathroom floors and kitchen floors are to be cleaned on your hands and knees only. I want them scrubbed. The cameras will keep an eye on you. You definitely don’t want a beating like last week I assume bitch.”

“No Goddess, thank you Goddess.”

Rex cleaned the house Kadıköy Sarışın Escort diligently while Jackie was out. Returning about 4 hours later. But she wasn’t alone. With her was her very close friend Tina, whom Rex had only met once.

“Slave, say hello to Tina.” Jackie commanded.

Rex kneeled and kissed Tina’s shoe. “Hello Tina, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Damn Jackie. Tina said. “That’s awesome. What the fuck is he wearing though?”

“I like him feminized. You’re free to do what you want with them in this community. No rules. My neighbors just had their male neutered. “Jackie said.

“Neutered?? Like balls cut off?” Tina replied.

“Yep. They are very much into the lifestyle. Rex knows he could suffer the same fate if he isn’t obedient. “

“I had no damn idea Jackie.” Tina said incredulously.

“Yeah well you’re in for a show then. But know a slave isn’t just here to entertain and please me. Rex, make us lunch. We’ll be out on the back porch.”

Rex prepared a nice lunch for two and served the two ladies on the porch. Of course, he came out wearing only his apron.

“Aren’t you worried about someone calling the cops?’ Tina asked.

“Not here. Whites can’t be arrested for indecent exposure. Would you arrest a dog for being naked? I know it will take some time for you to truly understand. Here watch. Rex, take all your clothes off, crawl to the middle of the yard, lay on your back and play with your little white dick for us and our neighbors. Don’t you dare shoot.”

The ladies watched, Tina especially interested, and ate their lunch as Rex put on a display. “Now Rex, find your hole boy.” Tina wasn’t aware what that meant but soon saw Rex making his way over to another part of the lawn.

“Is that it?” Jackie asked?”

“Woof woof!!” Rex barked out in reply.

“Jesus he’s barking like a dog now.” Tina though to herself.

“Go ahead then slave, fuck it.”

More shock hit Tina as she watched Rex lay flat on the ground, insert its penis into a hole that was dug there, and fuck the earth. It was one of the most degrading things she has ever seen and she loved it. His pale white ass pumping up and down each time. This went on for a bit until Jackie stopped the display. She instructed Rex to clean himself up and the dishes. The ladies made their way to the family room while he did his duties.

They were enjoying wine when Rex returned. Jackie attached one of her leads to the now naked man and he sat next to her, on the floor as always, while the ladies talked. Jackie explained the community they lived in. How it worked, the role of whites in it. Tina was shocked at how far it had gone. How whites, especially white men, had lost all rights. How the white women were inseminated by black men at will and were not allowed to resist. How the community had structured itself and its laws to make this arrangement binding and real.

Jackie pulled Rex over in front of her. “Good boy. She said to him. Looking over to Tina she said,” Do you wanna try it?”

“Sure. What should I try?’ Tina asked.

“Well I’ve trained it to use its mouth, why don’t you start there?”

“Ok.” Tina replied as she slipped off her jeans.

Rex Kadıköy Şişman Escort didn’t move until he was instructed, as trained. “Eat her Rex, please her like you would your Goddess.”

Jackie smiled and left as Rex got between Tina’s legs. She could hear her moan as Rex did what he was so well trained to do.

Tina exploded in a loud orgasm just as Jackie returned from the bedroom with her black 8 inch strap on dildo attached to her waist.

“Wow Jackie, that’s for him I hope!” Tina exclaimed.

“Oh it is!” Jackie chuckled. Rex!! Up boy, in position!”

Rex stood and went to the end of the couch where he bent over the arm. Jackie grabbed the lube and covered the toy and put a big drop on Rex’s ass. Tina sat back and watched, still warm from her first orgasm and very interested in what would happen next.

As Jackie lined the toy and pushed it slightly against Rex’s hole, she said “Beg me you piece of shit.”

“Please goddess, please fuck me, please fuck my ass and show me how pathetic I am.”

“Tell me what you are boy.” Jackie said sternly.

“I’m property Goddess.” Rex replied. “I’m your slave and I’m happy to be it. Nothing more than a servant and entertainment for my beautiful Goddess.”

“Good dog. Tell Tina what Goddess made you do last week with Anthony. Say it nice and loud.”

“Goddess made me kneel, take off his bottoms and suck his beautiful black cock until it exploded into my mouth. I swallowed all of it down like a good slave.” Rex replied.

“Damn Jackie, he sucks dick?”

“He does everything he’s told. Period. You’ll see.” Jackie again turned to her slave, still bent over ready to receive her.

“Bark fucker, bark while I fuck your slave ass. Loudly!”

As Jackie pushed the strap on into her property, Rex began to bark like a dog. Jackie pushed the toy to the hilt, letting the lube disperse, then she grabbed her dogs hips and began fucking him well. Tina watched, her own arousal increasing by the moment as she watched her friend ass fuck a white man who was barking like a dog. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Jerk yourself dog. Do it. I don’t stop until your doggie cum shoots out. Cum for us you pig!”

Rex obediently jerked his penis while Jackie rammed his hole. It was hard to maintain his erection while Jackie pounded him and she knew this, she knew her slave very well. Eventually however, he grunted and shot his seed on the floor beneath them. Jackie saw this and stopped the onslaught on his ass.

“Lick it up doggie. All of it.”

Both watched as Rex ate his semen. Soon, it was getting time when Tina had to go.

“Ok let me lock him up and we will go.” Jackie replied.

Jackie took Rex by his lead and Tina followed curiously as Rex was walked downstairs. She was again dumbfounded to see Rex’s steel dog cage and bed.

“That’s where he sleeps?” Tina asked.

Jackie closed the heavy steel door and the click of the lock was audible.

“Yep. Told you. He’s a slave Tina. No rights. And neither he nor I will have it any other way. He wants this life and I give it to him.”

“I’m blown away Jackie.” Tina replied.

“I know.” Jackie said. You’ll get used to it. I’ll help. Plus if you get your own slave we can make them play with each other for us. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Actually, that sounds sexy.” Tina replied as they both walked up the stairs and Jacki turned out the basement light.

They forgot to let Rex pee before they left however…leaving him with his bowl…

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