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Friday night and Jackie arrived at 6 pm, Sue had left to meet her boyfriend again, Sue was dressed in a very sexy mini with her boobs nearly hanging out, high heals and a huge smile, John was arranging another group night for her, so as always she liked to dress for the occasion.

Jackie also looked good, with shorts and boobs tube top on, her c cup boobs also just hidden under it, I kissed her hello, then told her tomorrow night was set for her first big group fuck, if she still wanted.

Jackie gave me a nervouse smile and said, she did, but was scared of course, not knowing what to do or expect, I told her she was going to do just well, as she had leant fast and was a great fuck, and how the guys at the swingers club had been well and truly happy with her adventures the other week, and now with her anal fun, the guys would have more holes to fuck as well.

I told her, I had made a phone call to a guy we know who runs a swingers club, for biguys and couples, and he would make sure there were enough guys for us all to play with, and that he had a great set up, with sepecail rooms too, Mirror rooms sling rooms, private or group.

I got her naked and began to have fun with her, licking and fucking her pussy to get her going, then slowly slipped a vibe in her butt and gave her the first anal orgasm for the night, I then told her we would be having company tonight to help get her used to groups of guys fucking her pussy and arse, again that nervous smile but she said “Ok”.

I had told them 7ish, and to let themselfs in, Jackie was well into things, when I saw the first arrive, his cock ready to go, as he walked in, I moved aside, his cock slipped easily into her pussy, she hardly glaced behind to see who it was before having another good orgasm, my cock slipped in her mouth, as she got going, then Frank turned up, his cock also hard, so I moved back for him to fuck her mouth while slipping under her to eat her pussy.

I let her enjoy the guys for awhile, then told her to kneel up and get ready, she was nervous with the guys watching, so I handed her the poppers, a few good sniff and she was ready, my cock aimed at her arse, it went in quickly, her first anal orgasm for the night shook her body, the guys saying how sexy she looked, help relax her a lot too. My cock pounded her butt for some time, the guys all touching and telling her how sexy she looked as she sucked their cocks,

I had to be carefull, I was so close to filling her arse with my cum, but I wanted to last, so I moved back, Frank now took my place as Jackie tensed up, his big cock ready to fuck her butt. she took more poppers and awaited his big cock in her butt.

I kissed her saying it will go in easy, as I was telling her this, Frank had already got it half way in and began to fuck her hard, her mouth locked onto mine, as she kissed me passionately, then Frank pushed the rest of his big cock in her arse, she jumped but had another orgasm straight away.

I let her get used to his size, then told them to let me get under her and slide my cock in her pussy, she did this then I told Frank to fuck her arse again, Jackie kocaeli escort bayan held tight as his cock started in, now she had two real cocks filling her, she had a good orgasm as we both fucked her, Jackie pushed back to get us both in.

With another cock in her mouth Jackie now had her first full house, and her orgasm’s kept coming too. Seeing as this was her first time with three holes filled, the guys like me, were trying to make sure she thoughtly enjoyed it, but after some 15 minutes it was to late, her mouth filled with cum, Frank also let go in her arse.

I held off, and after she had slipped of my cock I shoved it in her cum filled butt and gave her a second load for the night. I lay down next to her, as cock’s filled her butt, and pussy, Jackie wasn’t going to be given any rest yet. I had arranged five guys to fuck her tonight, as they turned up each took turns fucking her pussy or arse, Jackie now totally at our mercy, but quickly became a willing sex slut.

I watched as she took them all, then when her mouth was empty, gave her my cock to suck, the guys using her now were really enjoying her freshly fucked holes, but all too soon they let us know, she was receiving another couple of loads of sticky cum, I went under her, eating her out, with one good push, she squirted hot cum right over my face, and into my mouth, she really liked doing this now and pushed hard to get every last bit out.

I then got her to fuck and fist me, then the guy took turns fucking me, she enjoyed watching them drop their cum in my arse too, and licking it out, I sat on her fist, while her pussy or arse was fucked by other guys, they helped her suck my cock, then I shot another load of cum in her mouth, several guys enjoyed sharing it with her too

The night carried on until 12ish, before the night was finished, she had taken us all, in every differnt combination. I was having fun, playing in her cum filled holes, at one time, I fisted her butt after she had taken Franks bog cock again. she was starting to like the fisting more each time too, especially now she knew the poppers helped relax her anus.

The guys left and Jackie and I waited for Sue to return home, then we played a bit more listening to Sue’s tell us about her fun with her guys, Jackie ate a good load of cum from Sue’s pussy and butt, as I fucked her forcing it out for her.

We fell asleep, Jackie between us both, with a smile on her face, and my cock limp in her pussy.

Saturday we had a restful day, before getting ready for the nights fun, Jackie’s nerves showing now as the time got closer, but Sue and I got her ready, a good internal clean and shower, then a completely see though dress with nothing under it, did the job, her and Sue looked great, all was set.

It’s a fairly long drive, but worth it, Keith let us in early, and we introduced him to Jackie, she gave him a kiss and watched as his eyes went all over her body. We took her for a tour, showing her the differnt rooms, the mirror room took her eye, I told her I would be fucking her in there later too, so she can see all the cocks fucking her pussy and butt.

We kocaeli sınırsız escort sat having a drink, as a few people turned up, most single guys and one couple, but every one gave Jackie and Sue a good look over, then as expected guys started to talk to us, Jackie was shy, but soon as their eye’s kept going up and down her body, she relaxed a bit more knowing they wanted her.

Sue met one of her regular fuck’s and went off with him, we found a couple of guys, and after talking to them found they were bi and asked them to join us in the mirror room, they jumped at the chance. Jackie followed me close as they helped her in the room, her dress was of in seconds and hands began to play with her.

I gave her the poppers, she took a good sniff and sat on a cock, his meat slipped in her pussy easy, as she rode him, I eased my cock into her butt, this would be the first time shes taken a dp straight up, she held on as my cock went in, then pushed back hard to get us both fully in, as she did, I saw her looking around at the mirrors to see herself being fucked, a huge smile came on her face, as she saw my cock slip right in her arse.

We got her going, the other guys played with her boobs, or face fucked her, one thing I always do is leave the door open, so more guys kept coming in, Jackie took her first pussy full, and we swapped him for a fresh cock, she picked one that had face fucked her, a nice 8 inch cock, he went back in her pussy as I took her arse once more. She was going well, my balls emptied into her bowels and I let another guy take over.

I watched her take 6 or 7 guys before she sat up and dropped thier cum in my mouth, I was on my back with a good cock fucking me when she did, then she went back to being fucked, sitting over two cock’s now, she rode them both, while other guys fucked her face.

At one time several guys held her up, and let other guys fuck her from below, filling her butt or pussy with cum, then they flipped her over, arse up, and fucked her full of sperm. At this point I went over and ate her butt and pussy out, then shared it with her, dropping a big blob of cum right into her mouth.

I wanted her to fist me, laying her down, her arm up, I sat down onto her fist,, her wirst went in, followed by half her arm, as guys kept fucking her, most now taking her arse, as cum leaked out of us both onto the mattress.

My balls jerked as their unloaded my cum into her mouth, then I went down kissing her again, she returned it to me. my butt held high was soon filled with a good cock and shortly after more cum.

Jackie was covered in cum, her face and hair white, her butt and pussy leaking cum down her legs, I held her and made her look into the mirrors, a huge smile came on her face seeing herself like this. I got her to ride me doogy, she saw her reflextion in the mirrors, my cock stuck firmly up her butt, she rode me harder still, her c cup tits boucning away in front of her. Watching herself seemed to turn her on more, her full sexual kinky side now coming out, and she was loving it.

Then while she rode me, guys would just shot izmit anal yapan escort thier cum over her face, or me, then leaning her forward, I told one to dp her butt, Jackie looked worried, telling her to relax and let him ease his cock in her butt with mine. I let her take a good sniff of the poppers and to relax and let us try.

I kissed her as I felt his cock going in, her eye’s wide, then a orgasm took control and she fell onto me, his cock now fully home we both fucked her arse, I turned her slightly, and showed her the view from behind, two cock’s right in her arse, Jackie went wild, another orgasm shot though her tiny body.

She rode us for ages, then the other guy filled her butt with his seed, he was quickly replaced by a bigger cock, making Jackie squirm a bit but soon she rode us again, pushing back to get the full length of our cocks in her.

Sue had joined us too, seeing Jackie with two cock’s in her arse, She set about to beat her, grabbing 3 guys, she lay on one, slipped him in her pussy, then told the other two, to fuck her arse, Jackie watched as slowly they both found her hole, it was full of cum and over flowed as they pushed in, Jackie let out a low maon as Sue took them all, another guy face fucked her making 4 all up.

By now Jackie was quite happy and horny, so she asked could she try that, pointing to Sue, ‘Why not lets try it”,

I lay Jackie on a good sized cock, he slipped into her pussy, she took the poppers and gave them a good sniff, I asked her did she want two in her pussy or arse, she replied ” My arse please”, so with another guy kneeling, his cock went in her arse, then I straddled her back, my cock started in her butt too, its hard to do, but we got most of our cocks in her, she moaned as orgasm after orgasm raced though her body, she was glowing with sweat and cum, as we continued to fuck her.

To make it four, another guy face fucked her, she was happy, equallying Sue’s efforts with four guys. but just in time as two of them shot her full of cum, and slipped out, at least she managed us all,

Well between Sue and Jackie, I was kept busy and so were all the guys, I have no idea, how many fucked us all, as Keith came in twice, unloaded his balls and left, at one time another woman joined us, and all three took to one another in a big licking & lesbian session, while us guys rested, or some blew thier loads over or in them.

The other lady didn’t stay long, her husband seemed to get a bit pissed off, and took her home.

I saw a fresh load of cock’s come in, must have been after the pubs shut, so without saying any thing, got Jackie, lent her against the bench, her butt up, and got them all to fuck her, pushing down into her arse, they didn’t last long, ream after reams of cum filled he butt, when it over flowed I ate what I could, or Sue helped too, but she also was getting similar treatment from guys.

Around 3 am Keith told us it was time to lock up, he watched as several guys shot their cum deep in her arse or over her face, not wanting to miss out, then he gave Jackie one more fuck and his last cum load and we said our good byes, another great night,.

Jackie & Sue walked out, covered in cum, naked as jay birds, I was left to carry the dresses, and watch as two sexy woman stood before me, kissed and then asked when we were coming back for more fun.

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