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JACK AND JANIEJack & Janiebyjack_straw©Jack parked his bicycle on the back porch of the house he shared with his sister, Janie, after spending most of the evening working on a term paper at the campus library.After two years of junior college, Jack was getting the hang of life at a big university. But the work was a lot more than he’d experienced at junior college, and that hadn’t left much time for a social life. Still, he was looking forward to kicking back with a cold beer and a hot doobie with his sister, who was a year ahead of him at school.After locking his bike to the fence, Jack decided to peek in the big window of the large den just a second before going into the house. He wanted to be sure he wasn’t interrupting anything. When he did, he saw a sight that stopped him dead in his tracks. There in the den was Janie, standing naked with one foot propped on the armrest of the sofa to allow her friend Alicia access to her crotch. Alicia was a curvy brunette with thick, curly hair that cascaded over her shoulders, and a healthy set of tits that Jack had been having major fantasies over.Alicia was on her knees with her face buried in Janie’s pussy, which Jack noted with delight was smooth-shaven. Janie had her head thrown back in ecstasy as Alicia licked and kissed her hot cunt. Jack noted, as well, that his sister wasn’t real busty, but what she had she wore well, with a pair of button-sized nipples that jutted out from her chest. In contrast to Alicia, Janie was tall and lean with her blonde hair cut in a very short, spiky cut, a little bit longer than a crew cut, but not much. Despite the dykey look of her haircut, Jack had always thought his sister was very sexy, and now he really thought she looked sexy, even though it appeared that she was an active lesbian.In fact, Janie wasn’t lesbian exactly, but aggressively bisexual. She simply loved sex, with anyone, any time, and virtually any place. She and Alicia had been having a casual sexual relationship for a couple of years, but that didn’t stop either of them from making it with others of both genders.As her lover ate her pussy, Janie ran her hands down her body in a sensual motion, then wrapped her hands in Alicia’s full head of hair. She rolled her hips to allow Alicia to tongue every part of her dripping wet pussy and clit. She had heard her brother outside as he’d pulled up to the house, and she smiled as she thought of him watching. It gave her a rush to think of Jack watching her have sex with another girl. She had been planning this for some time, and now her plans were coming to fruit.Alicia was too engrossed in eating her girlfriend’s pussy to hear, or care, what was going on outside. She loved the taste of Janie’s hot twat and never missed an opportunity to indulge in eating it. Pulling her mouth away, Alicia brought one of her fat nipples up to the shining wet cunt and rubbed it all over Janie’s clit, while Janie moaned in approval. “Lick my ass, baby; you know how much I like it,” Janie said. So Alicia crawled between Janie’s legs, lifted her head and ran her tongue all over the pink puckered hole, then pressed a finger to Janie’s ass and slowly fucked her with it.Jack watched wide-eyed as his sister put on a show with her girlfriend. Watching the pornographic display had made his cock like iron, and he rubbed it through his shorts, wondering if he dared pull it out and masturbate. It had been way too long since he’d gotten laid and his body got the best of him. Quietly, he unzipped his pants and fished his large, throbbing boner out of his boxers and began to stroke it slowly.Janie was about to climax as Alicia alternated licking her pussy and her ass, using her fingers in whichever hole her tongue wasn’t licking. “Ah, ah, ah, I’m cumminggggg!” Janie exclaimed as she flooded Alicia’s face with her juice. After shuddering with her orgasm for several minutes, Janie finally opened her eyes and pulled Alicia’s face from her crotch. Jack thought the show was over, but instead, Janie pulled Alicia to her feet and kissed the shorter girl full on the lips, then licked her own cum off Alicia’s face. “Now it’s your turn,” Janie said, and she sat Alicia down on the couch, pulled her legs apart and dove for the fiery pink pussy that lay open between them.Unlike Janie’s bald beaver, Alicia’s cunt was framed by a carpet of thick black hair. Janie ran her fingers through the bush, then pulled apart Alicia’s thick pussy lips, which opened for her like the petals of a flower. Alicia gasped as Janie ran her tongue all the way up her cunt lips to her protruding clit, which throbbed in desperate desire. Jane got her whole mouth over Alicia’s pussy and began to suck vigorously over the hot, wet mound.Jack tried to stifle his groans as he furiously pulled on his big fat cock. This was like something out of a porn movie, and he wanted to make it last. He wasn’t worried about getting caught – except maybe by Janie – as the back patio was well hidden from view by a row of hedges that gave him plenty of privacy. Try as he might, however, he couldn’t hold it back when Alicia threw her head back and came violently over Janie’s mouth and slavering tongue. With a quiet groan, Jack shot a hard bolt of semen across the patio, followed by several more shots as he drained his nuts with his fist. He stood there trembling with requited lust for several minutes before worming his cock back into his pants.”We’d better get dressed,” Janie said. “My brother will be home soon and you wouldn’t want him to catch us, now would you?” “Oh, I don’t know; I can think of worse things that could happen,” Alicia replied mischievously. “But you’re right, I’d better go. I’ve got a 9 a.m. class tomorrow.”Janie pulled her tank top over her head and pulled on her cutoffs, grinning to bodrum escort bayan herself as she thought about Jack standing there watching. “I wonder if he was beating off,” she said to herself. And the mental picture of her good-looking brother with his big cock in his hands made her pussy start to juice up again. After seeing Alicia off with a big sloppy kiss, she retired to her bedroom where she went several rounds with her favorite dildo before drifting off to sleep.Jack didn’t mention what he’d seen and acted as if nothing had happened. But he was confused. Janie was gorgeous, very feminine in every respect, the short haircut notwithstanding, and she had always had lots of boyfriends. So why had she turned lesbian? Or had she? The thought gave him several nights of masturbatory pleasure over the next week or so. The truth is, he’d always had the hots for his sister, and had dreamed of fucking her sometime. But he was awfully shy, and Janie’s looks and aggressive nature intimidated him somewhat. Nevertheless, he resolved to take advantage of the situation, even if he didn’t fully understand what was going on.Jack and Janie had always been close, even though they were very different. Jack was average sized, maybe 5-9, and bookish, with a rather quiet nature. Janie was tall, athletic and quite forward. She’d won an athletic scholarship to the university to play softball, which is quite a big deal in California, where they were in school. She’d lived in the dorm for three years, but when Jack transferred to her university from junior college, she’d found a small three-bedroom house to rent in a quiet neighborhood and had invited Jack to share it with her. She liked the security of having a man in the house, and her brother was the perfect roommate. Recent events had brought them even closer, what with their parents’ divorce several years previously.But Janie had another, secret, motive for inviting her brother to live with her. She had always suspected that he was very well hung, and her suspicions were confirmed two summers ago when she’d accidentally spied him out by the pool at their father’s house, when Jack had thought he was home alone. He’d been swimming, then he’d lain back on the lounger to get some rays. After awhile, she’d watched him strip off his shorts, pour tanning oil on his cock and beat it off furiously in the hot sun, shooting a massive load all over his chest. She had frigged herself to a foaming orgasm as she watched him pull on his cock, which she guessed had to be upwards of 10 inches.Ever since, she’d schemed to find a way to get that fat dong up her well-schooled pussy. But it was tough. Jack was pretty shy, although he had had two or three steady girlfriends over the years, and she was afraid to approach him directly for fear of scaring him off. However, living in the same house with the object of her desire was torture, so she had decided to weave a seductive pattern to draw him into her clutches. She figured that if she drove him nuts long enough with a visual display, he’d eventually come around.A couple of weeks after watching his sister’s encounter with Alicia, Jack informed Janie that he was going to the library to cram for an exam and would be back late. Janie took the opportunity to call a couple of hunky guys she knew who would be willing to engage in a little threesome. The trio was well into it by the time Jack slipped back to the house. His cock leapt in his pants as he watched his sister in action again, and he wasted no time in pulling it out of his shorts.Janie was on her knees with the two studs on either side of her. She had a hard cock in each hand and was alternately sucking one, then the other. Her pussy was so wet that the juice ran down the inside of her thighs. Lying down on the floor, Janie lifted her legs high in the air and invited one of the studs to fuck her, while the other pulled her head back and drove his cock into her throat.Jack watched lustfully as the two guys fucked his sister like a well-oiled machine. After awhile, the two men pulled their cocks out and traded places. Janie got up on her knees, then sucked the swollen cock of the man who had been in her pussy all the way into her mouth in one deep motion. The other man got behind her and sank his cock into Janie’s dripping cunt from behind. Janie’s mouth was filled with the hot organ of the blond stud in front of her as she gave out a muffled groan of lust. The dark-haired man behind her gripped Janie’s hips as he thrust his hard poker back and forth in Janie’s pussy doggy-style. Janie was getting delirious as she let these men use her any way they wanted, and she only hoped her brother was getting a good look at what kind of slut his precious sister was.Panting with the early signs of a spectacular orgasm, Janie pulled herself from the two men and set about arranging the finishing touch. Sitting one man on his back, she squatted over his big cock, pulled her ass cheeks apart and sank down on his throbbing dick, allowing him to fill her ass to the hilt. Then she spread her legs and begged the other man to fuck her pussy. “Make me a sandwich, a Janie sandwich,” she said breathlessly, and they did just that, pistoning her sweaty body in unison, as Jack beat off furiously outside.As hot as the scene was, Jack felt a twinge of jealousy as she watched his beloved sister between these two jocks, with one big cock pumping in her pussy while she rode the equally big cock of the other. He wished that was him in there fucking his sexy sister. But he didn’t have long to contemplate such feelings, because he could see that things inside were hurtling to a climax. Janie was rotating her body between her two studs, while spewing forth a stream of obscenities. Because she wanted to escort bodrum make the visual show as erotic as possible for her brother’s benefit, she told her lovers to pull out of her when they were about to cum and shoot all over her. That’s exactly what they did. When they both reached the point of no return, they pulled out, stood up and came all over Janie’s face, in great white gobs. They came all over her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, even in her hair. Then she pulled the last few drops of their cum onto her outstretched tongue. And Jack came, too, all over the patio. When he had recovered, he slipped off, rode his bike around for about 20 minutes before coming home to find the men gone and Janie in her room.The following Saturday as a typical early autumn day in California, hot and humid. Jack lounged on the sofa drinking a beer and watching a football game on television, dressed only in a pair of baggy shorts.Janie bounced in from the front of the house holding up a joint and sat down on the sofa right next to him. Jack couldn’t help but stare at his sister, who was clad in a pair of ragged cutoffs, an old, oversized men’s dress shirt and, apparently, nothing else. A hole in a worn place at the crotch of her shorts exposed part of her smooth-shaven pussy and she had the top two buttons of her shirt undone. In spite of himself, he found he was becoming aroused at the nearness of his sexy sister and the show she was putting on.After finishing the joint, they sat in silence for several minutes, their naked thighs touching, allowing an electric spark of anticipation to flow between them. Without realizing what he was doing, Jack found his hand on the Janie’s thigh and he began to slowly rub it up and down, then to the inside of her thighs, which parted slowly to allow him access.”You know,” she whispered. “I think you’ve been watching me have sex.” “And I think you’ve been putting on a show for me,” Jack answered as he drew his sister to him. “Maybe I have, what of it,” she replied, and as she did, she moved his right hand up to her open pussy, which lay exposed in the leg of her shorts. He ran his fingers in Janie’s smooth, juicy snatch as he met her lips in an impassioned embrace. They kissed with mounting lust, as though the floodgates, which had long held back their desire for each other, had burst. Their hands worked briskly over each other; pulling off what little clothes they had on, stopping momentarily to turn off the TV.The air conditioning in the den wasn’t quite up to the heat, and soon Jack and Janie were covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they rubbed their naked bodies over each other on the sofa. Jack crawled down his sister’s body, kissing her stiffened nipples along the way, then onto the floor on his knees between her legs. Janie sat back on the sofa and pulled her pussy lips open for her brother to lick, kiss and suck.Jack accepted the invitation with relish, eating her out with fury, while stroking his cock to full hardness. No longer was he the shy bookworm; now he was the stud about to fuck the sexiest woman on campus. He licked Janie’s clit, then slashed her pussy with his tongue. Stiffening his tongue, he plunged it into Janie’s dripping cunt as far as he could, then repeated the process. He did this several times, until with a squeal, Janie crashed in a terrific orgasm. She clutched at her brother’s head as she tumbled in orgasmic delight, her pussy twitching.When she finished, Jack stood up, while Janie slid to the floor with her back against the sofa. He dangled his big hard dick over her upturned mouth, but rather than simply push it in her mouth, he rubbed it all over her face, smearing his dripping pre-cum all over her cheeks. Janie groaned at the sexiness of this, but what she really wanted was to get a good taste of Jack’s magnificent meat. It was every bit as hard and long as she’d known it would be, and she could no longer wait to get it into her mouth.Grabbing the base of his cock, she licked the head, then licked and kissed all up and down the shaft, sending Jack into paroxysms of lust. When she had every bit of his cock wet with her saliva, she opened her mouth wide and took his length as far as she could down her throat. Jack knew instinctively what to do and began fucking Janie’s mouth with his cock as she held the base to feed it between her lips. Lustful groans escaped both their lips as Janie sucked her brother’s huge cock. Jack ran his hands all through his sister’s short blonde hair as she sucked avidly on his big stick.After a few minutes, Jack pulled away, not wanting to cum yet. He’d waited a long time for a crack at his sister’s hot pussy and he had no intention of cumming until he’d fucked her good and proper. So he got down on the floor on his back, while Janie got on her knees and straddled his head. She dipped her smooth, slick slit onto his mouth and was rewarded as his tongue plunged into the steamy depths of her cunt then around her swollen clit, while she reached over and slowly stroked his shiny, purple boner. She rode his face sensuously for just a few minutes before leaning over and sinking her mouth on his cock. She sank her mouth down his long rod all the way until his balls were at her nose, then pulled back a little bit and sucked him slowly, but steadily, while he munched on her slippery slit and shiny, puckered asshole. Every few minutes, they had to stop for a few moments and let the cum fever subside, then they went right back at it.Finally, they could take no more. Gasping, Janie pulled her mouth off Jack’s cock and moved forward until her gaping gash was hovered over the bulbous head of his cock. With a long, satisfied groan, Janie sank her pussy lips over her brother’s cock and impaled herself on the rod she had fantasized bodrum escort over for years. She rocked slowly up and down slowly on his piston stick, not wanting to rush things, now that it had happened. Jack, too, marveled at how his cream dream had come to life, and he rhythmically bucked his hips upward to give his sister as much of his cock as she wanted. She was like a wet, velvet glove caressing and squeezing his cock as she rode him expertly.Deciding to take command, Jack pulled Janie off his cock and crawled from underneath her up onto his knees. Purring with lust, Janie leaned forward until her face was almost on the floor, leaving her hips high in the air. Her swollen pussy stood open, wet and exposed, and she snaked a hand underneath her body to open herself up further.”C’mon and fuck me big boy,” Janie said huskily. “Fuck me with that beautiful hot cock of yours and make me cum. God, if I’d known you were going to be this good, I’d have gone after you years ago.” Jack merely grunted as he planted his throbbing meat onto and between her angry, hot pink lips and penetrated Janie to the hilt in one long, agonizing thrust. He grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly onto his cock repeatedly. His teeth were tightly clenched as he held back the gusher of cum that wanted so badly to explode out the end of his cock.Janie responded with a guttural growl of approval as she fucked back on him with just as much ardor as he was pounding into her. Their bodies gleamed wetly in the warm afternoon sun that streamed through the big picture window in the den. Feeling herself nearing a nuclear explosion that was building in her groin, Janie pulled herself up on her hands and worked her body in rhythm with Jack’s. She was experiencing little orgasms, each one a little bit stronger than the one before, as her body writhed under his trembling body. She could sense that this orgasm was going to be one for the ages, maybe the best she’d ever had. She and Jack were absolutely, perfectly fitted for each other sexually. In this regard, Jack wasn’t unlike his sister. His shy nature masked a huge appetite for pleasure and he found himself totally in his element, with his big dick pumping easily in Janie’s experienced pussy.As if reading his sister’s mind, Jack suddenly wrenched his cock from her pussy and flipped her onto her back. Janie looked up at her brother with lust-glazed eyes and opened her long legs wide, as far as they could spread. She reached up and pulled Jack to her as he grasped his cock in a fist and once again slid it smoothly into her pussy, balls deep. Janie wrapped her legs around his back and rotated her hips wildly around his pistoning cock. Kissing deeply and desperately, panting and moaning, they gripped each other in unbridled, mutual passion.Somewhere along the line, their roles had reversed. Janie had always been the big sister and Jack the little brother. Jack had always been the deferential one and Janie the aggressive one. Now, it seemed that Janie was the submissive sibling and Jack the dominant one, and Jack sensed it, because he began to fuck his sister wildly, gleefully. Their sweat-covered bodies slipped and slithered over each other as they cried out their passion, while holding each other tightly. Jack’s dick was a blur as he fucked his sister harder than he’d ever fucked anyone in his life, pounding, pounding, pounding.Janie arched her back and cried out in a continuous series of moans, mewls, squeals and hissing sounds as she felt herself nearing a shattering climax. Jack was finally approaching the long strokes, and he was like a machine as he felt something like a steel bar racing down his spine toward his cock. With a mounting cry, he pumped hard three more deep strokes then exploded in a massive orgasm. Janie felt her brother’s cock burst open deep in her womb as Jack flooded her pussy with a tidal wave of sperm. Jack rapidly fired bolt after steaming bolt of hot cum as he clutched his sister to his shaking, heaving body. Jack’s explosive orgasm and the feeling of his cum firing deep into her body finally sent Janie over the top and she gasped, thrashed and screamed as her orgasm washed over her as though she was wiping out on a surfboard.For long minutes, their bodies shook and shuddered as they spilled out their passion for each other, their love. It had always just been the two of them against the world, even when their folks had been together, and now they had cemented their love in an ironclad union of shared lust. Jack kept squeezing out little spurts of cum, long after the initial throes of orgasm had passed, and Janie kept having little tremblers as she clutched her brother. At last, they came to reality in the stunned afterglow of this i****tuous sex act, their sweaty bodies sliding together as they kissed again, this time softer and more tenderly.When they finally fell apart, they held each other wordlessly as they lay on the floor sated. Janie wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but she knew she was going to have a very hard time ever giving up this beautiful cock. And Jack was like the cat who ate the canary; he’d just fucked the one woman he’d always wanted, and he’d be damned if he was going to stop at just one time. After bending down to kiss his sister again, he stood up a little shakily, then pulled Janie to her feet and led her off to his bedroom to continue their encounter in more comfortable surroundings.He fucked her again that afternoon then, after grabbing a pizza and another doobie, he pushed his sister onto her knees and fucked her ass until she screamed for mercy. After that, they fell asleep, then did it all over again the next day and the day after that and the day after that, every day for the rest of the school year.Janie taught her brother many things that year, and even shared Alicia with him on more than one occasion. When she graduated in the spring, there was no question that she would go on to graduate school so she could continue fucking her sexy, well-hung brother indefinitely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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