Izzy in a Closet with Boyfriends

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“Not here!” Izzy was begging in her pipsqueak voice.

But Buddy wasn’t listening. He was grinning that mischievous dimpled grin she couldn’t resist and pulling her into the closet. The closet was big enough to fit a few people, despite the books stacked up, the coat hanging that smelled of cigarettes, and the hanging lamp they had to keep pushing out of the way.

“You said ‘anytime, anywhere, anyhow’ didn’t you?” he was telling her, grabbing her arms, protruding his lips towards her like he was talking to a baby. “Didn’t you, Izzy, baby?”

She slapped at his face lightly. “Someone’ll catch us!”

“Not if you hurry the fuck up.”

He pulled the door of the closet closed and started groping at her clothes—her tank top, her knit jacket, her skirt. He was in a playful frenzy. She yelped as he grabbed at her panties.

He put a finger to her lips. “Shush!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” She pushed him back and listened. His hands were still coming for her. “Movement,” she said.

He listened to. There was someone in the classroom. The lights were off and sunlight was filling the room. A shadow was moving about the room. Then it left.

“Teacher’s on break. He won’t be back for an hour!” Buddy reassured her.

“He just walked in.”

“That wasn’t him.”

“How do you know?”

He tried to kiss her. She turned away so he kissed her face instead, nibbling at her skin, her cheek, her neck, her ear, pulling a strand of her brown hair from his mouth, and kissing her some more. She was starting to breathe harder and he knew he had her then. She relaxed. Her cheek moved. She was smiling now, he figured. She turned to kiss him on the lips now.

“My beautiful baby,” he said to her between licks and kisses. “My crazy little slut.”

She gasped and pulled away. “Buddy!”


“You fucking asshole,” she said, the bite of her words lost in her baby voice.

“I’m playing.”

“I know but still…”

“I like it when you’re a little slutty,” he said. “It turns me on.” He took her hand and put it against his pants. “See how you turn me on?”

She rolled her eyes but nodded. “Yeah.”

“Pretty little princess?” casino siteleri he said.

She smiled at that. “Okay.”

“My pretty little pussy?”

She clicked her tongue in annoyance but didn’t stop his hands riding up her shirt to her small tits. His words were crass but his smile, his enthusiasm, his horniness for her were irresistible. She took his face and kissed it while his hands found their way to her ass.

Then the shadow came back.

“Oh my God,” she said but he put his hand over her mouth.

The shadow came right to the closet. Izzy was freaking out but Buddy stayed calm and held a finger up telling her to wait. There was a soft knock on the closet door.

“It’s Harry,” said the familiar voice.

Harry was a friend of theirs, another senior who also had this room as a homeroom in the morning.

Buddy reached for the door handle. Izzy was shaking her head. Buddy opened it. Harry had his hands up and a huge smile in a silly pose.

“What up, you sickies!” Harry said.

Buddy laughed and pulled Izzy towards him. Harry squeezed into the closet with them and scrambled to close the door behind him. The lightbulb hit his head and he pushed it to the side. Buddy nearly tripped on some of the books but Izzy held him up. Harry was behind Izzy, his hands on her hips.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Izzy asked.

Harry kissed her neck. “I want to play, too.”

She elbowed him. “You should be in class.”

Buddy was trying to kiss her.

“I am,” Harry said. “Anatomy class,” he added as he yanked up Izzy’s skirt as she yelped.

Buddy laughed and reached for her panties, rubbing his fingers on her pussy.

“You guys!” Izzy was complaining, looking towards the door.

“Mr. Ozniak is all the way in the teacher’s lounge,” Harry told them. “I heard him there with the other bozos.”

Izzy was biting her lip. “Buddy?” she said to him.

“Sh,” Buddy said. “It’s okay. He’s cool.” He took her arms and wrapped them around his neck and brought his face close to hers. “Anytime, anywhere, anyhow, remember?” He kissed her. “Remember saying that to me?” He kissed her some more while Harry was slot oyna reaching into her panties. “My baby girl?” Izzy was starting to nod. “My little slut?” She looked at him, but he said it again. “My gorgeous little slut?”

She finally kissed him back again.

Buddy turned her around, which wasn’t easy in the cramped closet. She was now facing Harry who had a silly grin on his face.

“Him, too,” Buddy whispered into her ear.

She looked at Harry. Harry closed his eyes and puckered up his lips. Izzy rolled her eyes and shook her head before pecking him on the lips.

“Hee-hee,” Harry said. Then he puckered his lips again. She gave him a longer kiss.

Buddy bent her over a little and pulled her panties down.

Harry was in her ear. “You’re so sweet, Isabel.”

Buddy had his own pants lowered now.

Harry was still in Izzy’s ear. “Sweetest girl I know.”

Buddy spread her feet as wide as they could in this closet.

“You take care of us?” Harry asked her.

She hesitated for a moment. Then she responded. But just as she said “yes,” Buddy slowly thrusted his cock into her and her “yes” became a yelp.

“Hurry,” she said to Buddy as he fucked her from behind.

Harry was trying to maneuver a way to suck on her nipples but couldn’t so he just kept groping them.

Buddy jerked his cock out of her suddenly and she grunted a little. Buddy and Harry worked quickly to turn her around again. A stack of books fell over and Izzy was now standing on books. Harry was now behind her and quickly undid his pants to get his cock out.

“Hurry up,” Buddy said to him.

Harry was still a little limp. He grabbed his cock and stroked it to get harder.

Buddy scooped up some of the cum dripping from his cock with his middle finger and held it to Izzy’s mouth. She shook her head at first. Harry was harder and now trying to find his way into her pussy. Buddy kept his finger to Izzy’s mouth and wiped some of onto her lips. She groaned as Harry started fucking her. She opened her mouth a little and Buddy quickly dipped his finger into her mouth. So she sucked on it. He scooped up some more cum and brought it to her open mouth. canlı casino siteleri She opened her mouth wider to take it. She was whimpering a little as Harry plucked at her nipples. It was an uncomfortable position and she had to grab at the shelves and the door to feel balanced.

Suddenly, lights came through the crevice of the closet door.

Harry froze. Izzy gasped. Buddy cursed quietly.

Someone was moving about the classroom. Then the movement stopped. They wondered if the person was gone. Izzy started to say something, but Buddy put his hand to her mouth again. But she was still trying to say something. Her body was moving. Buddy gave her a questioning look.

It was Harry who had slowly resumed fucking her.

Both Buddy and Izzy protested without talking aloud. Harry stopped reluctantly.

The damage had already been done. The closet door suddenly opened.

Mr. Ozniak was staring at them. Harry fell on the floor, his pants around his ankles as he crawled away. Buddy stepped out quickly, zipping his pants back up. Mr. Ozniak was speechless, just staring at Harry and his naked butt on the floor. Buddy hurried out of the classroom, leaving them behind. Harry scrambled to his feet getting his pants up finally and holding on to them. He was stammering something but couldn’t get the words out. He made it out of the room.

Izzy’s skirt and shirt had dropped back in place the minute the boys let go of her, but she couldn’t find her panties. She kept looking. She glanced at Mr. Ozniak who still wasn’t saying anything. She looked under the books that had fallen.

“You’re all in trouble,” Mr. Ozniak said. “What the hell were you thinking, Isabel?”

She finally found them in the corner of the closet. She grabbed them and headed towards the door.

“That’s suspension for all three of you!” Mr. Ozniak was saying.

Izzy stopped by the door. She bent down to put one leg through the panties. Ozniak was looking. She put her panties on. Ozniak caught a glimpse of her privates. She adjusted her skirt and her top and her hair.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ozniak,” she said. “I fucked up as usual.” She turned to leave.

They didn’t get suspended. Mr. Ozniak later had a chat with Izzy about guys using her. In response to that, she didn’t answer Buddy’s calls for the rest of the day. And Harry became the butt of most of Mr. Ozniak’s jokes for the rest of the school year.

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