I’ve Taken a Lover

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It had been a long time since I had had any man to man contact. I was craving it, or better said I needed it. I went online and started perusing the posts. Sometimes I pleasured myself just reading the guys for guys posts, especially the ones with hot pictures. Today I thought I’d probably take the same route. However, a post caught my eye.

“I love the passion of man to man intimacy…I will be your mild dom to your sub…I like masculine guys about my age…”

I don’t know why, but I kept rereading it. He sounded so hot. I had replied to a few posts in the past. Mostly for one-time head. But this one… I clicked on the reply button and explained my situation. I’d had quickies in the past but was now looking for a regular friend, some one to trust and explore with. I did not hear back so I took matters into my own hand and that was that.

The next morning, I checked my email and found a reply from Gary. He thanked me for replying and explained that he had a lover, but he and his family moved away. He was looking for a new friend. He asked for more info about me. I replied with the usual details. Married, bi guy. Needing discretion. He quickly replied that he thought we might enjoy each other’s company and that we could meet for a drink if that sounded good. I said sure, so we set up a Friday after work meeting at a local watering hole.

I arrived early so I could see what Gary looked like, and I could sneak out if I did not like what I saw. Gary walked in and I immediately decided to stay. He was about 6 feet tall, slender and well dressed. I walked up to him, “Gary?”


“Yes” I said and led him to my table.

We ordered a drink and starting chatting. Small talk at first Gaziantep Gecelik Escort and then Gary asked “So Ron, what are you looking for in a lover?”

I was stunned at his directness but that’s what both of us came for. “I like intimacy.” I said. “I like a man who takes his time, who knows that sex is mostly mental. Someone who enjoys taking me. Someone passionate.”

Gary just smiled as I made my list. I knew somehow that he was my man.

When we finished our drinks, Gary asked if I’d like to go back to his place. I smiled and nodded. He told me to meet him outside, that I could follow him to his house. When we arrived, Gary sat down on the sofa and patted the seat next to him. I sat down next to him and he smiled. He got up to put some music on and asked if I’d like another drink. “No thanks” I replied.

Gary came back to the sofa and sat down. He smiled at me and then he leaned in to kiss me. I did not resist and in a matter of seconds our tongues were playfully engaged. He put his hand on my chest and caressed me while our tongues continued their dance. He pulled back and unbuttoned my shirt. He pulled it off and began to caress my bare chest, every now and then he’d play with one of my nipples. I leaned back and let out and uncontrolled moan. Gary pulled his shirt up over his head and went back to kissing me. Wow what a feeling! My cock was rock hard and I could feel the wetness in my boxers. Gary suggested we go to the bedroom, and I did not resist.

Gary stood in front of me and kissed me. He sucked my tongue into his mouth as his hand found my hardness through my pants. He rubbed it a bit and dropped to his knees. He unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. He pulled them and my boxers to the floor and my rock-hard manhood bounced out. He looked at it and then into my eyes. He kissed it, taking the precum that had accumulated in my pee hole. I was completely naked and wanted him to be naked too. I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down, helping him to step out of them. His cock was beautiful. A good seven inches, rock hard and straight.

I stood up and we kissed again, our cocks touching. I reached down and took both of them in my hand and began stoking. Gary let out a soft moan. He pushed me onto the bed. Told me to lay on my back and he began kissing my inner thighs. My cock strained as I watched him get ever closer to it. He could tell I wanted him to take me, he just smiled. In what seemed like an eternity, he finally reached the top of my thigh and kissed my balls. I squirmed. He smiled.

In one smooth move, Gary now had my cock in his hot wet mouth. He was playing with just my head with his tongue. He’d use just the tip of his tongue on my frenulum. I could feel precum oozing from it now and he took every drop. He took the shaft in his hand and started stroking as his mouth moved up and down. This was the best blow job I’d ever had, I tried to enjoy it for as loon as I could before I announced “I’m going to cum!!”

Gary moaned and the vibration on my head in his throat sent me over the top. I spewed my seed into his mouth. He took it all and wanted more. He lingered. Kissing, sucking, licking his lips as he smiled at me.

“Roll over” he said gently. I was now lying on his bed face down. He started kissing my inner thighs again until he came to my little hole. He flicked his tongue over it sending shivers up my spine. He put his tongue inside me. He got up and went to his night stand and grabbed a bottle of lube. I was tingling with excitement at the thought of him taking my man pussy. He put some on his fingertip and gently started lubing my hole. A finger slid in and I moaned loudly, signaling to him to keep going. Another finger and I felt my prostate in a scissors. I was getting hard again.

Gary got between my legs and lowered himself on me. I was so turned on as he lay his body on mine. He whispered in my ear “you want this don’t you”

“Yes” I almost screamed.

I felt his mushroom head press against my hole. I could feel my sphincter open; it was very painful but I loved it. He went slowly at first, just putting the head in. I gasped as the head was now in and I felt myself tighten my grip around his shaft. He pushed more in. I grimaced and bit into the pillow as he went further and further inside me. When all seven inches were inside me, he laid his body on top of me. He could tell I was in a pain / pleasure trance and began to move his hips. In and out that beautiful cock went, each time picking up speed.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard” I said between gasps as his manhood abused my pussy. In and out, in and out the pain turning to pleasure with each thrust. He picked up the pace and with one powerful thrust he let out a loud groan.

“cum in me, lover” I heard myself say. He collapsed on top of me. Our sweaty bodies felt like one as he lay there going soft in me. When my ass had expelled his cock, he rolled off me and laid nest to me. He kissed me. He told me he hadn’t had sex like that in a long time and if I wanted to, I could come by anytime. I asked if we could be lovers.

“Yes” he smiled.

That was five years ago. Now we see each other as often as we can. Each encounter is more passionate than the last.

I’ve taken a lover.

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