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Big Tits

Knowing you like I do, I know how sexy and attractive you find pregnant women. I didn’t see why that would be until I got pregnant and watched my body change.

I feel so sexy and I’m very easily aroused, you know I’ve been touching myself a lot, and quite a bit of the touching has involved thinking about us together.

I’m sure you’d be in awe at my body right now, you loved it before, but now… now, I don’t think you’d be able to keep your eyes, or your hands, or your mouth, off me and that really turns me on. I know you’d be so gentle and careful with me, while being as dirty and naughty as we both need.

You’ll need tissues for this I expect…maybe some lube, just to start with… xx

My pretty little pussy is swollen and sensitive, as though it’s been pumped (mmm, I’ll come to pumping later). It tingles all the time and my knickers are always damp from my juices. My lips are so pink and tender, still shaven. It’s hard with the bump, I’m not so bendy anymore!

Imagine the fun we could have if you helped me shave. I’d sit on the edge of the bath, my legs wide apart for you and you’d be so attentive, making sure I was totally bare. Paying special attention to my piercing, pulling it a little. Running the warm water over my pussy and gently rubbing silky foam into my skin. Kissing my tummy and thighs before you started to glide the razor over my wet skin. You’d be smiling at how wet I was getting and not just from the water! Though I think the water would play a part in getting me wet. Showers have a perfect setting for making me cum, it’s one of the secrets I’ve told you, so I know you’d turn the jet onto me, letting the water push inside me and play over my clit. Holding it there as you watch my face for signs that I’m close, I’d close my eyes and bite my lip to hold it away, wanting to enjoy the feeling for much longer. Anyway, you haven’t told me I can cum yet, have you baby?

We’d enjoy that I think, the warm water and the scented foam, the connection of you doing so something so intimate and personal for me.

I’ve always loved the way my cunt looks but right now it’s doubly pretty and it’s even better when it’s smooth, being touched and licked on my bare skin is incredible too. I enjoy shaving, sometimes I make myself cum and push soapy fingers inside me. You would too I think, just tease the tip of your finger into my ass as you run the razor around my ass hole. I like it bare there, I think it’s more inviting to your tongue; if its shaved then you wouldn’t be able to resist just flicking your tongue over my tight ring, making me whimper and moan, before pushing inside it me, hard and probing, stabbing at my tight ass, a little deeper, a little harder and a little more insistent each time. Until my ass is full of your tongue and I’m pushing back and begging for it.

You’d like that wouldn’t you? Me begging you to tongue fuck my ass hole, like a filthy little slut, my round, thick ass in the air and my face pushed into the pillow? I’d like it, but you already know that, like you know all my filthy fantasies. I can imagine you stopping and asking me if I like it, you wouldn’t take a plain yes as an answer tho, you’d make me tell you exactly what I’m enjoying, you’d push me until I told you it was your tongue in my ass I liked and how I love it.

Would that make your cock swell and throb? Is that what you want to hear me saying? you’d pull my arms around and make me put my hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart to allow your tongue even easier access to my tight hole. (You’d have to support my bump and I can imagine you making a nest of pillows to fit me, wanting to make sure I was comfortable so I could relax and enjoy our fun).

All the while you’d be telling me how fucking sexy I am and how hard I’m making you. I know that you wouldn’t let me cum yet tho. You enjoy building me up and keeping me on the edge, because you know that the more turned on I get, the dirtier the words that come out my mouth, you know that I’ll push back harder and you know that I’ll let you take complete control.

Mmmm, I really hope you’re rubbing that beautiful cock of yours now. I’ve been teasing my clit for a while, writing this for you is making me very, very wet.

Nice firm strokes baby, but slow and even, we’ve got a little way to go xx

So now you’re thinking about me on my knees, my round belly safe and snug, my head buried in the pillows and my ass on display to you, I want you to imagine what else you could see…

My beautiful cunt, smooth (thanks to you!) and pink. My hard clit just showing through my lips, inviting you to just touch it with the tip of your finger. Little tiny taps on my clit, enough to make me squirm and wriggle. You know how my cunt looks when I get turned on, how delicious and wet I get when control is taken away from me. I’d push my ass towards you and wiggle it around, hoping you’d finally push your fingers inside me from behind and work my gspot while you whispered dirty things in my ear to make me grind on your hand.

I know you enjoy the dirty secrets I tell you, the things that I love, things that make me cum hard and loud. And I know you’d use them to take me to the edge over merter escort and over. I love how you remember how much I enjoy dirty talk while my cunts being filled, how I love being told how many fingers I’m taking and what a slut I am for enjoying being stretched so much, how I love being told not to cum despite the pressure in my cunt, and the tingling in my clit and the juices making my thighs wet, and how I love being told to describe what you’re doing to me and how hot it’s making me. I know how it makes your cock throb to hear me tell you all these things. You make me so wet and filthy.

I love being a whore for you.

Maybe you’d focus on my clit, keeping up with those tiny little taps until you see my juices starting to escape from my cunt, running over your finger tip and making my clit slick and wet. Making them harder and sharper, turning them into slaps. I tense up as I realise you want to spank me.

You feel my worries and lean in to kiss me, hard and full on my mouth, pausing to whisper that you’ll be careful with my bump, you kiss me again and run your hand up and down my back and sides, setting my nerves alight. Your hands brush the sides of my tits and I realise my nipples are aching for attention, I shift my weight so my heavy breasts are free and you immediately reach for them.

My nipples are huge now, big dark pink circles with a fat erect nipple just begging to be pinched and twisted. I could spend hours letting you do that. You’d sit behind me in bed, me sitting between your legs, and just tease my nipples, pinching and pulling them while you ask me if I want to cum yet. I’m sure I’ve told you that I can cum from nipple play and right now my nipples are connected to my cunt on another level. I’d tell you about every little sensation I was getting, nothing would be left out. I’d tell you how rolling them between your fingers makes my clit throb and pinching them makes me gush, and how telling you all this makes my cunt clench tightly.

You keep one hand on my breast, pinching and releasing my hard nipple, pulling and twisting. The other hand runs down my spine until it reaches my ass cheeks, you rub them, squeezing big handfuls of my pale flesh. The first slap is playful, followed quickly by a rub to take away the sting. Your fingers run tantalisingly close to my ass again and I can’t help but push up towards your hand. The rubbing stops and your hand leaves my breast, I try to turn my head to see what you’re doing but you grab my pony tail and pull my head backwards.

Then it starts. Soft little blows that make me giggle and squirm, gradually getting harder and quicker. Until I’m not giggling, but moaning and sighing. You tell me that only sluts would push their ass into the air for this and I react by pushing my ass higher to meet your hand. I wonder how this looks, but I don’t need to.

You pull my hair and make me look left, to the mirror. I can see myself kneeling on the bed, naked with pillows all around my belly. You’re kneeling beside me, right hand tangled in my hair and the left spanking my bare ass. I can’t take my eyes off how sexy this looks and your eyes meet mine in the mirror as you slip a finger into my pussy, slowly pushing in and out of my cunt for a few moments before pulling it out and looking at my juices glistening on your finger. I watch my mouth make a perfect, silent O. Your eyes come back to mine in the mirror.

“You’re so wet, beautiful” such simple words, but so loaded with desire and your voice is hoarse with lust.

Our eyes stay locked as you bring your finger to your mouth and suck off my juices. I can’t take this, it’s all too personal and I close my eyes against the images.

“No baby, open your eyes” you say but I can’t.


Louder, with more authority and accompanied by hard tug on my hair and a sharp spank to my already glowing behind. I force my eyes open and you immediately lock my gaze again. We both smile.

“Tell me what you want, baby, this?” You say as you run your finger down the crease of my ass, pushing against my tingling skin. “Or this?”

Your fingers find my wet pussy and push inside me, I moan your name and push my hips back, fucking myself with your fingers. You tighten your grip on my hair and pull your fingers out, I hear you chuckle and see the look on your face and I know that I’m going to have to plead with you to let me cum.

“Ask me” you say to my reflection, “ask me to make you cum, beg me, beg me like the little whore you are.”

I blush, vivid pink creeps across my chest and makes my cheeks flush. I can’t help it, every time you say those words this happens. I think it’s part of the turn on for me, it adds to the illusion of submission. You lean down and kiss me.

“Your face is almost as red as your arse” you whisper and we both laugh, the tension breaks and I push my ass into the air again.

“Please, put your fingers in my cunt and make me cum” my voice is barely a whisper but I can hear the arousal and the desperation in it and judging from the throb I feel in my side, from your hard, hot cock pressing into me, I guess you can too. We kiss again, long and hard. I can beşiktaş escort taste myself on you, sweet and musky. It makes me think about your tongue in my ass and my cheeks heat again. I break the kiss and look at your reflection. The look in your eyes tells me I’m close to you giving me what I want and need, I say it again…”please make me cum.”

You nod, almost imperceptibly and put your mouth to my ear.

“My pleasure baby” you whisper “my pleasure.”

And then it’s happening, your big open hand is reigning down slap after slap on to my hot ass cheeks, casually landing your fingers in my cunt until they are wet with my juices. Your fingers are pushing into me, in both my tight holes. Fast and hard, rubbing my gspot so perfectly. I can hear you telling me to cum over your fingers, but the blood roaring in my ears drowns you out.

Your fingers are pushing me closer and closer to the edge. Teasing and stroking and filling my cunt. I know I can’t hold it any longer when you slide your finger down to my clit and start rubbing in tiny tight circles, exactly where I need it. Your thumb teases and pushes at my already tender ass hole before pushing inside me in one fluid movement.

I’m melting, my insides are literally turning to liquid and all I can focus on is the pleasure you’re giving me. Your voice penetrates my bubble and I hear you moan as you look at us in the mirror.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, you filthy little slut, cum over my hand baby.”

And I do.

Hard and loud and gushing cum all over your fingers. I’ve never felt an orgasm like it, my cunt just keeps squeezing tight around your fingers as my clit vibrates under your touch and my ass pulses around your finger in time with my pussy. I’m totally lost in pleasure. I hear you encouraging me, sighing at the sight of us in the mirror. Slowly the climax passes and sobbing and exhausted, I put my face into my arms.

You untangle your hand from my hair and slowly take your fingers out of me, leaving my cunt empty and wanting, dripping cum and still pulsing. Your face appears beside mine again and you plant a light kiss on my cheek, telling me how amazing that was and how much more there is to come. I smile and stretch.

“oh good” I sigh and then pull you down to kiss me again.

So, how are you doing now baby? I’m hoping you’ve still got your cock in your hand. Precum running over your fingers, making your hand slide up and down your thick shaft easily. I’m pretty fucking wet here. I’ve been writing this over a couple of days, you know Ive got time on my hands! And every time I come back to write a bit more, I read it all and end up soaking wet…

Mmmm, wouldn’t everything Ive just described be so much fun? Imagine how big and hard my clit would be after all that rubbing and slapping and teasing and cumming.

I’ve been thinking I should get another pump. I always knew I was going to cum hard when you wanted to play with that. I felt so dirty and naughty buying it online and couldn’t wait to try it. Playing with it with you telling me what to do, how hard to pump and pull was so fucking hot. Especially when you got confident to call me and tell me what you wanted over the phone.

I fucking loved hearing your voice catch as you tried to stay in control of me and your cock. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore you’d tell me to pump it once more, that I could take it, that it would make it feel really good and it always did, then you’d finally tell me to cum, to make a video and show you. Showing you my fingers rubbing my swollen clit was so hot.

I always wished it was still being sucked as I came, not by the pump but your hot wet mouth and lips; nothing in this world makes me cum harder than having my clit licked and sucked while my cunt is full and stretched. Mmm, you used to have me pump my clit till it was so swollen and sensitive and then sit on the edge of the bed with a dildo deep inside me, my feet flat on the floor and lean back on my arms to make sure that I got touched and rubbed in the right places. You’d make me bounce and grind on it while I rubbed and pinched my clit, until I was desperate to cum. If your tongue had been on my clit as I did that, I’d never have been able to keep my orgasm at bay.

You turn me onto my side and lay behind me, kissing my neck and stroking my side. I know you want to put your hands on my belly, you can’t stop looking at it and you’ve been brave enough to land a kiss or two on it, so I take your hand in mine and guide it to my bump. I can feel your cock pressing into my ass and I push back into you, snuggling my body into you. You rub my belly and I feel you get even harder. It amazes me how my growing body turns you on.

You move behind me and stand up. I follow you around the bed with my eyes and you stop in front of me, I look up at you and you reach down to my hands and pull me up until I’m sitting on the edge of the bed. You bend down and kiss me, your hand on the back of my head again. And then you’re kneeling in front of me with your hands on my knees, kissing up my thighs, pushing my legs apart so you can see my wet cunt. You know it makes me blush to show you the most intimate istanbul escort part of me and seeing my pink face makes you push them open a little more. I feel my wet lips open and I know that you see can everything now, I’m completely on display to you and it shows in your face. I watch you looking at my cunt, your eyes drinking me in. I feel vulnerable and filthy under your gaze, it makes me wetter and I feel juices run out of me, down over my sensitive ass hole and making the sheet underneath me damp.

I sneak a look at your cock, you’re hard as a rock. I can see a little bead of precum sitting on the tip and my mouth waters. You know how much I love to taste your precum and I find myself reaching for you. You push my hand away and wrap your own hand around your thick shaft, working it up and down, your breathing is heavy and ragged and the head of your cock gets bigger and darker, I can’t wait to feel it inside me and the thought makes my cunt flood again. You pause in working your cock and run your finger over the end, gathering up all that delicious sweet honey and then you smear it across my lips. I can’t help myself and I suck your finger into my mouth, wanting to taste and swallow every bit of it.

“You little whore, my filthy little slut”

Such sexy words come out of your mouth. My pussy aches and contracts, making me moan softly. You narrow your eyes and you fuck my mouth with your finger as you put your hand around your cock again. You work it until another bead of precum appears and wipe it away with your thumb, I lick my lips and get ready to taste you again, but you shake your head and reach for my cunt. Your precum covered thumb meets my swollen clit and you rub it, hard and unforgiving, until our juices are mixed and my clit is humming again under your thumb.

“Oh baby” you sigh, “I’ve already given you an orgasm, but your hard little clit and dripping cunt tell me you want more, is that true? Do you want me to make you cum again? I think you do. I don’t think that sluts like you would ever turn down being made to cum, would you?”

You don’t wait for an answer, you have already decided that you want me cumming for you again. You push me gently down onto the bed, flat on my back and lift my feet up, soles flat on the bed, legs spread wide open. I feel your thumbs spreading my lips apart and massaging my pussy, up and down my wet slit, the tips of your thumbs each side of my throbbing clit, pushing against it and pulling upwards, exposing it for you. My clit is very sensitive as you know, but pulling back the hood and pushing it out make it even more so.

It would be so ripe for a sucking. Mmm, can you imagine it? My pink little clit, all hard and erect and throbbing, just waiting for you to make it explode. I just love my naked clit being sucked and worked with a nice firm tongue.

But you know that, don’t you? And so that’s exactly what you do, your tongue settles on my clit and I feel the first tiny little teasing flicks , just brushing over it, making me drip juices and moan. All the while you don’t stop rubbing your thumbs up and down the whole of my cunt and down to my ass, still wet and sensitive and red from the ass eating, I moan and you just push them inside a little bit. Then up again and dipping into my wet open cunt, spreading juice up to my clit so the thumb massage and tongue teasing can start again. I wonder how long you will hold off sucking my clit for? How hard will I have to plead with you. Fuck, i know it will be so pleasurable when you finally suck it into your hot mouth and I’m not sure Ill be able to stop myself cumming on your tongue.

Do you like sucking a woman’s clit as she cums? It’s a very different orgasm to being rubbed or licked. The pressure just builds and builds, like when you made me cum with the pump still on my clit. You told me I was a dirty little whore and to keep pumping as hard as I could. That was one of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever had. You called me mid play and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. The pleasure and the pain and your sexy deep voice and the excitement of cumming for the first time while pumping my clit just made it so fucking sexy. It’s one of the dirtiest things I’ve ever done.

Did you know I’d never used the pump until you made me? I hope you’ll do that with my clit in your mouth, just keep sucking harder and harder as I cum and cum.

You’re licking me harder now, long flat strokes from my ass hole to my clit, pushing your tongue into me as you pass over my cunt. It makes me moan your name and my breathing changes again. My exposed clit is aching and so sensitive, every time you lick it I’m arching off the bed, but you don’t stop. You push your thumbs into me as far and as hard as you can, spreading your fingers and palms over the top of my thighs, holding me down and holding me open. You mouth is on my clit, sucking and sucking, I feel it swelling between your lips, blood rushing to it in response to the nerves you’re setting off. I’m scared you’ll stop and leave me on the edge. I want to put my hands on the back of your head and ride your face, but I’m too pregnant to reach you! But I don’t need to worry, the feeling of my pulsing clit in your mouth and my cunt soaking your thumbs has pushed you too far and you suck me harder and harder, your tongue flicking over my sensitive flesh and your thumbs working my cunt until I can’t hold back any more and I’m screaming your name and cumming in your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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