It’s Just Dinner at the Lakehouse Pt.2

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Woah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, maybe a long time in the sense of our virtual storytelling relationship, but for the sake of an aligned time continuum, I’m still here in my mermaid-cut wedding gown. Chin up, dick tucked, waiting patiently to become Mrs… Oops, almost spilled the beans there! Don’t worry, we will get to that soon enough, but there is a lot more story left. Hey, we’ve made it this far, and I appreciate you still being here for me. To say it’s been a rollercoaster is an understatement. Warning, a well-placed recap of parts 1 and 2 coming in hot.It started when I promised my loveable loser of a best friend to pose as his girlfriend to impress his elitist family. The same family I grew up around in my childhood. You know the typical suburban family; the military dad who’s also a narcissist, the Barbie mom chasing 1995, the annoying little zit-faced brother who happens to be hung like a giraffe, and Rock. Good ole Robert aka Rock. My overweight virgin best friend who sucks with women and doesn’t fit in anywhere. Long story short, I dressed up like his girlfriend looking very hot in the process, and before you knew it, I was a dirty whore struggling with every emotion under the sun.First Dudley fucked my tonsils and opened Pandora’s box. Then, Robert’s senile eighty-year-old grandfather whose favorite pastime is sitting in a chair, thinking he’s in Korea and drooling somehow came to life in the physical sense and pounded my tight ass during bath time as I begged him to fuck me harder and harder. Quite the metamorphosis! Oh, and then my best buddy finds me by the lake, pondering what the fuck was going on when he decided to be a genuinely good dude who cared about me. Of course, that led to us sharing a kiss which, by the way, was off the fucking charts, and here we are. Welcome to Melissa’s fucked up weekend. How much worse can it get? Oh, you don’t know half of it.Continued…As our lips pulled away from one another our eyes opened and remained locked together. It was only a matter of seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. For the last several weeks I had struggled emotionally to grasp what was happening to Ankara bayan escort me physically, and as I stood there, mascara streaming down my face and cum dripping down my leg, my brain worked feverishly to process what was happening. My best friend who, only a month prior, was sitting on our couch eating junk food and playing video games with me as we’ve done for years, put his tongue in my mouth and rocked my world. This was different from my experience with Dudley and Grandpa. Rock kissed me not out of lust, but something else. I truly felt like there was more there. And for the first time, Melissa didn’t feel like some dress I tossed on. She felt like me, a part of me if not more.”I, um, I should go clean up,” I said softly.”Yeah, but maybe we should…” I cut him off quickly.”I know, but night now. Not like this ok. Just, I need time.”I started my way up the hill and back towards the lake house. I felt as if I was in a fog of confusion, but still, I had a strange sense of direction. Was I confused, or did I know exactly what was happening, but refused to allow it? Without unpacking all of my shit, I never had a lot of love and caring around me growing up. I struggled to remember a moment where I felt loved or even loved. Well, I loved Rock of course, but not like that kind of love. I mean I loved him because he’s my best friend, but I’m not romantically in love with him. Or was there even a difference? What the fuck was I thinking!I entered the lake house and was starting down the dark hallway completely lost in these fucked up thoughts when I felt my arm grabbed forcefully and I was pulled into a dark bedroom. Despite the lack of lights, I could easily tell from the slender build and glare off of his glasses that it was Dudley.”Dudley!? What the hell,” I exclaimed in a loud whisper.”Shhh, my Dad is down the hall in his office. Sorry, but I didn’t want anyone to see us come in here.”He let go of my arm when he realized he held on to it for longer than needed. I fixed my short skirt which rose up my thighs and pulled up on my pantyhose which had holes throughout them.”Well, what do Escort bayan Ankara you want now,” noticing that Dudley was starring at me while I adjusted myself.”Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that… Well..””Spit it the fuck out creep,” I snapped back.”I like you. And I’m sorry for what I did.”I looked up at Dudley and caught his big brown puppy dog eyes through his coke bottle glasses. I smirked.”Ok. So I’m supposed to believe this now? What’s the plan, Dudley? Going to blackmail me more so I suck your nasty dick more?””No, I’m serious.””No, you’re not. You’re just a kid. 18 going on stupid. You don’t know anything,” I said as I started to leave the room.”Not true. I do know things. And I know you’re not a woman, well at least not by the traditional sense.”I stopped dead in my tracks and turned slowly back toward him. He had sheepish smile while he looked down at my crotch.”I know, Melissa. But please I’m not saying this to threaten you or anything.””Oh yeah? Well, what the fuck are you doing then!””I’m… well, what I mean to say is I…” then without hesitation, and at a loss for words, Dudley decided action was his only option.He grabbed me and pulled me in, locking his lips to mine as I unwillingly received his kiss. Then I very willingly offered my tongue until it was deep inside his mouth. It was a passionate kiss. A kiss worthy of his conviction. I tossed my arms over his shoulders as his lanky fingers made their way down my waist to my bubble ass, grabbing and thrusting me into his body. My bulge rubbed up against his huge, already hard, cock. He felt ‘Nick’ rub against him, the part that had been hidden shamefully between my legs for weeks, and he wanted it. Our tongues never unlocked as we fumbled our way toward the bed.Dudley ripped off my skirt as I fumbled with his pants, and when I began to lower myself so I can receive his cock into my mouth, he stopped me. He gave me another deep kiss and then he was the one who lowered himself. He released my bulge and in doing so, released a part of me as he took my soft hairless cock in his mouth and gave it life. My knees buckled Bayan escort Ankara as he thrust in and out, his throat struggling to take my girth but still relentlessly in its efforts.I had cum nearly an hour before this encounter, but I could tell I was fully ready to bust again, so I slowed down and I turned my body so that my ass was in front of his face. He dove into my thick ass face first, tongue immediately penetrating me. I lost my senses mostly because of how I felt, but also because I remembered whose cum was already inside me.Dudley was face-first in it. His tongue fucked my ass with such dedication, but as much as that turned me on, I wanted more. He made a point that he wanted me to feel good. That he cared. And what I cared about at that moment was his huge dick mixing up my guts. I pulled him up and laid back on the bed, immediately tossing my legs in the air. Dudley tore the remainder of my pantyhose, lined up his cock, and slowly forced it in past the rim of my asshole deep inside. All eight inches were accepted with ease and he began building a rhythm.”You’re so tight.””Give me that huge fucking cock. Every inch,” I muttered in and out of heavy breaths.It didn’t take long for the tempo to quicken and his balls slapped my ass ferociously as he dove in and out with amazing speed. I could feel my prostate swelling as the urge to explode came and went, came and went with each thrust.”Let me ride it.””Yes, ma’am.”As he pulled out and lay on the bed, the term “ma’am “echoed in my head. I was much older than Dudley but not that old. I knew then somebody had ‘mommy issues’ and I was happy to oblige.”Oh, that’s such a good boy,” I whispered as I sat on his cock and slowly lowered myself. His eyes widened.”Anything for you, ma’am.””Veronica said she had two strapping sons, but she never said one could fuck like a jackhammer.”Dudley began to squirm uncontrollably. The physical merging with a psychological state of euphoria. I propped myself up and rode harder and faster. Slamming my fat ass on his massive cock.”That is why I made friends with her after all. I made friends with Veronica, so I could fuck her sons.”His hands wrapped around my waist and he began to slam up into me like a volcano. I felt his cum explode and fill my insides as I shot like a fucking sprinkler all over his lean body. I collapsed on top of him. His cock was still inside me pulsating. With each breath, he pumped a little more in me until he was empty.

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