It’s Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I told my sister I was going to have sex with Tommy alone. The next day when he came over we went down the basement. Joann stayed upstairs and told me she would yell when it was 9 PM. That’s when Tommy had to leave because my folks would be coming home around 10 PM and no boys were to be in the house.

The time flew by and before we knew it, Joann was calling me that it was 9 PM. I got dressed and walked upstairs when Joann was sitting in the living room with just her robe on. She had let the bottom part of the robe drop open showing us a great deal of her beautiful long legs! She smiled me as I opened the door for Tommy. Tommy looking at her legs and my sister gave him a very sexy smile. She stretched and let the robe fall open even more showing us her pink panties. She said: “God it’s so hot in here!”

She stood up and took her robe and let it drop off her shoulders completely. She had on a thong and that was all that covered shaved pussy. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her full breasts and nipples were sticking out like rocks. Tommy just stood there looking at her. I was looking too! She smiled at both of us and asked, “Well you guys, did you have fun!”

Tommy blushed and said, “Yes we did”

She said, “So, Tommy. Did you know I used to date your oldest brother too, not Dan but Billy. How’s he doing?”

He smiled back and said, “Yes, he told me! I think he still likes you!”

She said, “He does? Well!! Tell him he should call me sometime!”

She looked at Jane and said, “He has the biggest cock I have ever seen, bigger than Danny’s!”

She held her hands a foot apart and smiled. And she calls me a cock hound! And then, she hugged Tommy until I had to break them up. I told her, “Tommy has to go home! He has to get out of here before mom gets home!”

He left and I asked Jo, “What the hell was that?”

She just smiled and told me, “Well I wanted to feel his cock! Didn’t you see it pushing out from his jeans? Oh Jane you have so much to learn. But how was it? How was he? Did he get you off?”

I said, “We didn’t do it. But Tommy loves to lick me and I love to suck him so yes, he did great! It was wonderful Jo. But, I can’t wait to do it for real. If only I wasn’t so scared.”

She smiled and asked me, “You want to use the vibrator Jane? You want your older sister to get you off again before you go to bed?”

I told her: “No, I just want to go to sleep and lay there thinking about feeling Tommy’s cock inside me. Oh Jo I want to do it was so bad!”

I went up to bed. I didn’t shower or anything I wanted to just fall asleep thinking about what Tommy and I were going to do very soon! I rubbed my hard clit and Oh god, it felt so dam good!

His tongue made me cum so well, but I knew his cock would make me go crazy like nothing I had ever had experienced before. It wouldn’t be the same as that big vibrator Jo has in her room. It would be softer and feel like a real cock should. How did I know? Well I didn’t for sure but I arched my back and lifted my hips up off the bed as I pumped and humped on my fingers as I climaxed. I fell asleep in seconds.

I don’t know what time it was, but Jo came into my room and began to rub me directly between my legs with her hands! I woke up and asked he, “What the hell are you doing?”

She said, “She couldn’t sleep and wondered, if I would help her like she had helped me?”

I moaned and slid over letting her into my bed. She immediately took my hand and put it on her pussy. She was wet! She only had on that tee shirt, no panties. She sat up and pulled the tee over her exposing her large breasts. Then she laid back down next to me. She said as she licked my right tit, “So little sister rub my pussy and tell me everything you guys did tonight! Tell me every sexy detail!”

So while I finger fucked my older sister’s pussy, I told her exactly what happened in the basement with Tom! She pulled out every sexy detail! She told me, “Suck my nipples Jane! Suck and lick them!”

So as I fingered and sucked on her nipples. I had her breathing hard in minutes. I moved over her and licked my way down her fantastic body. She moaned, “Oh yes Jane, eat me! Lick my pussy baby.”

She moaned softly as she spread her thighs wide and held my head as it moved in and over her shaved mound and then down in-between her thighs to her opening. When my lips touched her pussy she arched her ass up in the air and began to fuck my lips and tongue. I circled her slit with my tongue as my two fingers pumped deep into her hole! I licked that pussy hard and fast and she moaned and pumped it into my mouth! She was rolling her head from side to side and lifting her ass up off the bed trying to fuck my mouth! I put a third finger into her and we continued like that for a very long time.

I moved my mouth to the top part of her slit and began hitting her clit with my tongue, while my 3 fingers fucked her pussy hole as fast as I could make then go in and out. I worked on her, lapping her pussy and clit while my fingers fucked bursa sınırsız escort her into 2 very strong orgasms. After the second one I came up and she kissed me and held me saying, “God you are really getting good at this little sister! Maybe I should move in with you! I could let you lick my pussy every night before I go to bed!”

I told her, “Well I’m going to sleep now so you go back to your room and I’ll stay here.”

She smiled, slid out of my bed and put her tee shirt back on and left saying, “Thanks sis!”

She gave me a deep kiss and stuck her tongue in my mouth! She said, “It’s great having a younger sister! Oh I asked mom and she told me we can have the party at out house next weekend.”

I said, “Oh good I can hardly wait!”

She said, “Neither can I! It’s going to be so much fun!”

I said, “I’m going to let Tommy fuck me tomorrow night while I baby-sit. I have decided to do it! I mean it this time!!”

She blew me a kiss and I realized I had said that a100 times before. This time I was sure I would go all the way, well almost sure.

The day went past and finally it was evening and I knew I was going to baby sit in an hour and Tommy was coming over. I told Joann I was going to let him fuck me tonight. She smiled and said, “Would you like me to help you Jane? I mean I really want you to feel what a cock does to your body. I can make it easier for you the first time.”

I said, “I don’t think Tommy would want that. We want to be together and not be interrupted.”

I packed my stuff and went to the Jones to sit with their little three-year-old. They gave me all the things I needed and left, telling me they would be very late. In fact if I wanted to spend the night they would call my folks. I told them I’d rather go home. And they agreed one of them would drive me, but it could be as late as 2 AM.

That didn’t bother me since it would give me more time with Tommy. Then I realized I had from 9 PM to 2 AM and tonight I would not be able to chicken out again. This was it! I was going to be fucked. God I was so excited and scared.

After putting the baby to bed I came down and Tommy was waiting in the back yard. I opened the door and he came in and held me tight. As he kissed me I felt my nipples harden and my vagina begin to get wet almost immediately. I also felt his cock begin to rise and press against me.

Tommy and I held each other and kissed and touched each other standing in the family room for a long time. We held each other and he told me how much he liked being with me. I told him, “I loved you!”

He said, “I love you too Jane.”

As we enjoyed the time alone playing and exploring each other’s bodies, we talked about a bunch of things. I had to ask him, “So how was my sister? Is she better than I am? Did she suck your cock better than I do?”

He said, “No not better Jane, different than you do it. You do it with love and tenderness! She does it like some type of…slut or whore. It was good but not the same as when we do it together.”

I smiled and kissed him. I pulled apart and said, “Let’s go out back and sit on the patio. We went outside and I left the sliding door open so I could hear the baby just incase he started to cry or wanted something.

We made gentle love for an hour touching, licking, sucking and playing with each other. It was very enjoyable and stimulating. No interruptions and being completely alone heightened our bodies and delight from touching each other. Then when it started getting a little cooler, we went back inside to check on the kid.

When I came back Tom was sitting on the floor in the family room and had the blanket he used in his car. He had spread it out and was sitting in his shorts playing with his hard cock. As I saw him on the rug and I knew this was it, decision time for me. He told me, “Jane please baby! Let tonight be the night for us. I want you so bad I hurt.”

I smiled and began to undress. The doors were all locked, the baby was sound asleep and we were all alone for 3 more hours. I pulled you clothes of as fast as I dared without looking like I was a whore wanted to be fucked. But I sure felt I did and now I was going to let the love of my young life have me. And I would have him and feel him inside me for the first time.

When I was completely nude, faced him I sat down and straddled him with my legs over his. By doing so my pussy was wide open for him and we both saw his cock sticking up between us. I moaned as he slowly stroked it and touched my wetness with the fat purple head. As our bodies merged tightly together and we kissed hard and long, I reached for and took over stroking his cock. It felt harder than ever before. I said, “Suck my little tits Tommy. They’re not as big or full as my older sister, but I like them sucked as much as Joann does.”

He smiled and said, “Yes, but I like yours much better Jane.”

He began to hold my breasts as he opened his mouth and found my young firm breasts. They were his for the bursa üniversiteli escort taking. He smiled and licked his lips. He cupped one in each hand and lifted them towards his mouth. Tom worked on my breasts driving me higher with need as he began biting and pulling on my nipples making me hot and wet. I slowly jerked him off as I held his cock between us. His lips and tongue felt so good! His hands were gentle and his mouth pulled on my nipples easy. I looked down and saw my tits all wet from his mouth and tongue. And then I saw my nipples!

I said, “God!! Look at my nipples now Tommy. They’re huge!! Look….look at how long you got them!”

He smiled into my eyes and put his mouth back on one of then sucking like a baby! I arched my back and pushed my tit into his mouth! I held his head with my free hand and pressed his face into my breasts! His lips felt so good.

I could feel his hard cock pressing between my legs as I held it in my other hand and moved my body up into his tighter. As we sat there facing each other my legs over his legs, our bodies were pressed together and now it was like I was just about to sit on him. I rubbed his hard shaft up and down my slit and over my hard throbbing clit. He whispered he loved again.

I whispered in his ear, “Oh yes! Oh Tommy, your lips feel so nice on my breasts. Would you put your lips on my pussy and lick and suck on my pussy like you’re licking and sucking on my nipples? Please lick my pussy baby! I want to cum! You are driving me crazy with your mouth and tongue!”

He smiled at me and worked moving us into the center of the blanket. Then he laid me back down on the blanket. I lifted my ass up off the floor and felt my pussy quivering as his head went between my open legs as he knelt on the floor in front of me. I lay back smiled and lifted one foot up over the sofa seat. I put the other one over his left shoulder as I felt his hot breath moving up my leg. I moaned as my young lover began to lick my young pussy. I was already very swollen and his lips felt so good it was all I needed to make me shake and begin top orgasm! I lay there enjoying his mouth on my pussy making me go higher and higher with my passion and sexual needs.

“Ummmm Tommy!”, I said. It was funny, I wondered what he was going to get me for my birthday. And, I wonder if we’re going to do it tonight! I know one thing I’m going to have him eat me over and over again. “Oh God Tommy that’s so good”, I actually moaned the words.

He hit my clit with his tongue and I started going off moaning: “OH God Tommy! Oh yes baby! Lick me there! THERE!! Lick my clit! I’m going to cum!! Ohhhhhh!!!! Goddddd!!!! Tommy I’m cumming baby!! I’m cumming Yes! Yes! yesssssssssss!!!!!”

He had become very good at this and now he was really going at it and it felt so damn good. My little ass was bouncing up off the floor as his eager tongue was buried deep inside my young wet pussy! I wondered if Jo’s pussy was as sweet to Tommy as my little one was? Mummm! He was really making me cum now!

Orgasm after orgasm sweep over me and I held his head between my thighs and told him, “Oh Tommy! You’re so good!! Lick me baby!. Keep licking me! I’m going to cum again! Now!! Ohhh! Ahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!”

I pumped and pumped my pussy into his mouth and he continued to lick me and lick me and lick me until I was crying with extreme pleasure! When I climaxed again he sucked in my clit and held it in his teeth licking it over and over with his tongue just like I told him I liked it! I screamed so loud, I was sure I woke the baby!

Humping and humping and humping my vagina on Tom’s face and holding him in the right position, I had the best orgasms yet of the night and my life! I wasn’t sure anything could ever be better that this was.

Between my sister Jo and me, we had taught him so well how to eat a pussy that I was sure I was glad he was my lover because he knew how to send me off again and again! I kept saying the same thing over and over again, “OH yes Tommy!! Oh yes Tommy!!! Yes, oh yes Tommy!!! Oh YES! Tommmm!!!!!!!!!!”

My body was shaking and I was a pool of lust and sex when I finally pulled him out from between my wide-open legs. I couldn’t take any more! As Tommy got done with me, he moved up over top of me and kissed me deeply saying, “I love doing that to you Jane! I love it! To see your body going crazy because of what I’m doing to it gets me so hard! And when you cum on my face and call out my name I could cum without touching myself! I love you so much Jane, so much!”

I held him tight feel his hard cock on my naked thigh. I smiled into his eyes and asked, “Do you want my mouth down there Tommy? Do you want me to suck your cock?”

He was rubbing and humping his cock on my upper thigh now and I knew he wanted to get off by fucking me not have me suck him off. He said softly, “No Jane I want you. Can we Jane? I’ve got a rubber. Can we fuck tonight?”

It only took bursa anal yapan escort a moment for me tom decide. He had given me so much pleasure and worked so hard to please me I just couldn’t say no to him any longer. So I said; “Oh Tom I want that so bad. Yes!!”

He hesitated and I said, “Don’t wait!!! Do it Tommy! Do it before I change my mind. Put it in me baby! Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me silly!”

He said, “So….So sho…..should I put…..put a rubber on?”

“NO!”, I moaned loudly, “No! Hurry! Do it Tommy! Do it now! Hurry baby!”

He positioned his cock at the center of my pussy and I used my hands to guide him into me. In order not to hurt me, I told him, “Tommy, slowly baby! Go very slowly.”

He did and as he inserted his cock inch by inch into my waiting and eager hole all I could do was hold my breath! It felt so big going in I wasn’t sure if I could take all of him. But it felt wonderful better than Joann told me it would feel. After a minute he began to pull back a little and I moaned, “NO!! Give me it! Don’t pull out Tommy hold still baby! Let me feel it!

It was all I could do not to thrust my pelvis up into him so I could swallow all of his fat cock. I could feel the heat coming off the hardness as it began to move back deeper into my body. Deeper and deeper it filled me for the first time. It was a little like having the vibrator going into me but so, so much better. Skin to skin body to body it was now all the way inside me.

The feeling of a real cock with its hardness and warmth and skin to skin contact was indescribable, and a million times better than any vibrator or dildo. I pulled my knees up like Joann told me to do. That helped Tom to be able to move the rest of his hardness deeper into my vagina. There was no pain at all and I moaned for him to go deeper. I arched my back and cried out, “OHHHH GOD TOMMY! FUCK ME!!!! I’M CUMMING!!”

He looked into my eyes and said, “This feels so nice! Oh God! Oh God Jane! Almost all the way in baby Oh Jesus! You’re so tight! Oh you feel so good! So good!”

I was afraid he was going to cum to soon from me being so tight. So I moaned “Oh please! Don’t cum! Fuck me! Do it Tommy!! Come on fuck me now!”

But Tommy was in no hurry. He was loving and caring and even had to stop a few times in order not to cum before he was fully inside me and I was ready. When our bodies were touching again, I looked into his loving eyes and saw them full of love and lust, especially lust! I said, “Oh Tommy you feel so good in my pussy! My body will always wants your cock to fill my pussy whole Oh Tommy! Make me cum baby. Fuck me until I scream! Cum in me let me feel you cum inside my pussy.”

He smiled down at me in the semi-dark room and began to move his hips as he pushed his cock in and out of my young hot wet pussy slowly and steady! I was already elevating up into his movement. I wouldn’t last long again. Tonight, I was building faster and faster then I ever did towards another climax. I guess he could tell and he slowed down so I won’t go off so fast! He bent his head and sucked in my left nipple. I held his head as he sucked and nursed on them. His hips never stop moving and kept his wonderful cock rotating around inside me! It was a dream, a wonderful erotic dream as my lover was finally fucking me.

I moaned out his name as I arched my back and lifted us both up off the rug and humped him as I couldn’t hold back any longer! I began to orgasm on his cock. He told me later that his brother had told him when a woman begins to orgasm, hold your cock in her and let her fuck herself on it! That way you last longer. He did what his brother taught him.

As I thrust up into him, he pushed all the way into me one last time and held his hard cock deep inside! I began to go nuts fucking him as I began to cum! Then I felt him began to cum! We had reached orgasm together our first time. We were fucking and cumming as wave after wave of pure sexual enjoyment flooded our bodies! It was both our first time together and it was so very good! I squeezed his cock as hard as I could with the walls of my pussy just like my older sister had taught me. I was learning how to do that more each time now and I knew that it would only get better with us each time we fucked!

He moaned when he felt my pussy grab his cock! I had my legs wrapped around him and pushing with my feet and my hands down on his ass trying to get every inch of him in me. He was as deep as he could get and I held him there telling him, “NO!! OH GOD!! Don’t move Tommy! Let me feel you cumming in me! Oh God it feels marvelous!!!”

With each shot of cum I felt like I was on fire inside. As he began to cum he moaned and told me, “Oh Jane! Oh baby! I can’t hold back any more! I have to cum! Oh Jesus I love you so much! Ahhhhhh!!! Godddddddd!!!!!!”

I held him and told him, “Do it Tommy! Give it to me baby! Give it all to me! Fuck me! Don’t hold back!! Cum in me Tommy! OH god, do it baby! I love you so much!”

He arched his back shoving every fucking centimeter of his hard cock into my waiting wanting pussy. As I arched my back we merged at our sex and as we both peaked in our climax I had us both up off the rug thrusting my pussy on his cock. He pushed down hard and we held each other as we finished cumming together. We held it there locked together in a pure sexual rapture.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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