It’s for Chastity… I Mean Charity

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Jay sat at the conference table listening to an explanation of how the schedule for the banquet portion the fundraiser was going to be staged while sneaking a peak at Janey as she got up from the table to go get a bottle of water. She was only about five feet tall and she came to every meeting in exercise clothes. He looked over her shapely legs and round ass in the pants as she walked to the table where the water bottles were. Grabbing a bottle she turned back almost before it was in her hand and Jay looked away hoping not to be noticed. Though not tall and closer to fifty years old than he was to forty, Janey still looked great. Her dark hair was cut short and her olive skin likely made her look younger. Her breasts were not overly large, but she had a well tone physique. Since Jay started coming to the meetings for the fundraiser she had become a bit of a distraction. He had seen her at morning breakfast in business attire and heels and thought she was pretty, but coming to the committee meeting and seeing her in her tight-fitting exercise outfits started to drive him to distraction.

Jay had a girlfriend but she did not walk around with the confidence that Janey did. He felt it ooze from her as she walked the room, or even when she was asking him or someone else a question during the meetings. “Jay,” his name being called brought his awareness back to the reason he was supposed to be here.

“Um, yes,” he responded belatedly as he turned to look at Janey who had called his name.

“Did you find out if your company was going to purchase a table this year?” her face had an amused look on it as she waited for his response.

“Well…yes I think so,” he knew it was not one hundred percent and he still needed to follow up with his marketing department, “I just have to confirm it for budget approval. Our marketing group is a bit slow sometimes.”

Her gaze lingered on him for a moment longer before turning to address the others at the table, “so provided Jay can live up to his commitment, that makes us just three tables short with three weeks to go,” she started writing down a note as she continued speaking, “so let’s all try really hard to push these last few weeks. We need full tables and a few more donated auction items.” Her gaze drifted back and forth across the table, “so I guess that’s it,” she paused, “unless anyone has any questions.” She let the statement hang in the air waiting for anyone to ask, “see everyone next week then.”

With her last statement people started to get up from the table and head for the door, anxious to get home. The meetings always made a long day feel that much longer. “Hey Jay,” he turned to Janey’s voice as he was throwing his water bottle away in the trash can in the corner of the room, “do you have a couple of minutes to stay after?”

“Um,” his mind went through any reason he had to get on the road and as he looked at Janey’s cute smile, he drew a blank, “yeah, sure.”

She walked over to where he stood as the last of the committee members went out the door, “there was something I wanted to ask you,” she looked up at him with her hands on her hips.

“What’s that?” he asked konya escort trying to keep from looking at her shapely legs that were clearly outlined by her black exercise tights.

She paused for a moment as her eyes seemed to weigh something, “Was there something about me you liked or do you have a thing for women in exercise clothes?”

Jay felt his whole face get hot and his mind scrambled for a response but he came up blank. She softly giggled as her head titled to the side, looking at him more intensely than she had before. “You know Jay,” she moved closer to him and put her hand on his chest as she looked up at him, “you might just be useful to me.” Her hand trailed down his chest to his stomach until he felt the palm of her hand cup his crotch.

He failed to move but did find a voice, “Janey I…”

She interrupted him before he could finish, “have a girlfriend,” she slowly rubbed the front of his pants and his cock was already starting to stiffen, “you might misunderstand me Jay.”

He struggled to think how this woman rubbing his cock into an erection could be interpreted any differently but she continued, “I think you might be the type of guy who likes to give up control once in a while,” her hand was rubbing his cock slowly up and down. She started teasing the head with her fingers and he let out a breath, “you see Jay, I know how hard it can be,” she moved to the side pushing her pelvis into his hip, wrapping her free arm around his back while she played with him, “all that pressure of being responsible and in charge. You want to give that up to a confident woman who can make you feel good.”

Jay was at a loss for words. He had fantasized about being with assertive women but now that a woman had taken the initiative he was frozen, unable to move. “Jay,” she said with a throaty voice, “you can’t even move when a strong willed woman takes you by the cock,” she grabbed it through his pants, “who needs a leash when I can lead you around by this?” Jay found himself praying he would not cum in his pants.

“And don’t worry Jay,” she said as she started slowly stroking his cock again, “you won’t cum tonight.”

Suddenly he found his voice, “Wha…what?”

Janey laughed softly again, “well honey if you really want to cum you have to show me you deserve it,” despite her words she kept stroking, “keeping you on edge for me makes you much more pliable Jay.” Her hand felt wonderful. Her small frame pressed up against his, he knew he could throw her across the room if he wanted…but that was the last thing he wanted to do. “You’re probably getting so turned on now that your getting a little fuzzy headed, and that’s how I like you to be. Hard, dumb and soooo full of cum,” she stopped stroking and grabbed him firmly by his cock and started pulling him towards the conference table at the center of the room. When they arrived there she pulled a chair out and directed him backwards until he fell into it.

She sat astride one of his thighs and gentle moved her hips back and forth across it. Jay got hopeful as she moved her hand to undo his zipper and found his cock through the pee-hole in his boxer briefs, konyaaltı escort freeing it. She smirked at him and she started to slowly move the foreskin up and down and he let out a soft moan, “oh Jay, “she cooed, “getting so fuzzy headed. It’s so hard to think about anything when you’re like this honey. I know you just want to sit back and let Janey do all the thinking for you.” Her strokes were starting to get faster and he felt his orgasm starting to build. His legs were starting to tense and suddenly the stroking stopped. He gasped and he felt her hands encircle his wrists as she kept her slow grinding on his leg going. Somewhere in his mind he knew she was excited by this, but his own excitement kept it from the forefront.

“Just take some deep breaths Jay,” he sucked in as much air as he could and he felt his body tremble, “that’s right you just need to relax and let that excitement go a bit. When the shaking stops we can start again.”

“Jan…Janey start what?” he was so confused. All he wanted was to cum.

“Jay honey,” her lips parted to show a bright smile, “we’re edging you so you don’t forget about me when you leave tonight.”

“Edg…edging,” he was still taking deep breaths to stop his pleasurable body tremors.

She released his wrists and slid her hands over his chest finding his nipples through his shirt circling them with her fingers, “keeping you at the edge of orgasm Jay,” she gently started pinching his nipples causing a soft gasp to come out of his mouth. “My husband is only allowed to cum every couple of weeks if he is good,” her legs tightened around his thighs and he felt her legs softly shake. Her eyes closed and she let out a deep breath of her own. She opened her eyes and looked at him again with a devilish smile, “if he’s bad…a lot longer.”

“Wh…why?” he could not imagine who would want to be tormented like that.

“Oh Jay,” her voice sounded amused and her hand found his cock again and started slowly stroking. His head went back and he sighed from the pleasure, “doesn’t this feel wonderful? How many times have you had sex and poof, one orgasm and all that pleasure just washes away.” The feeling of an orgasm started building already as he listened to her through his hazy mind. “Edging keeps you feeling wonderful soooo much longer,” she leaned up against him and he felt her hot breath on his ear, “your going to do this for me too Jay.” He started to moan as the intensity started to build. Her stroking slowed to almost a standstill, “I expect you not to come this week Jay. You are going to be chaste for me. Your orgasm is mine.”

At the back of his mind he was thinking how crazy this woman was thinking he would only cum when she said. He felt her hand start to move again and her breath was still in his ear, “has she ever made she so…fucking…hot?” Her hips were grinding harder into him but her hand was moving infuriatingly slow on his cock. It felt maddeningly wonderful but an orgasm was just out of reach. “This is how hot I can make you Jay. You’ll want me to do this to you alllll the time,” he tried to move his hips into her hand and she stopped konyaaltı eve gelen escort the stroking, “that’s it baby…fuck my hand. My hand is so strong and your cock is so weak Jay.” He tried to move faster. He started to feel it building again and then she started to move her hand in rhythm with his hips, stopping the friction.

Jay cried out in frustration and her soft laugh mocked him right against his ear, “think how good I will make you feel Jay. You’ll feel like this all the time. Don’t worry,” his hips stopped moving and he took a deep breath as her hand started move again, slowly, “you won’t feel neglected by me. I am going to feed your desire to keep you,” she spoke in time with each stroke, “hard…horny…humble…and a perfect boy for my powerful hand.”

He finally gave up as she stroked him and stopped trying to move his hips into her stroking. She kept the pace slow and steady. He felt surrounded by a foggy bliss. Each time the feeling of orgasm came upon him she would simply stop stroking and tell him to breathe deeply. Sometimes it would take more than a minute until he stopped shaking. He told himself this should stop yet could not make himself voice it. Somewhere behind his desire to orgasm another desire started to surface. A desire to keep feeling like this. On edge, trapped in a state of bliss.

He was not sure if it had been ten minutes or an hour, but after she had taken him to the edge a dozen or more times she spoke again, “I always love the first time Jay,” she still stroked him as she spoke, “I just love pulling a guy past his desire to cum to where he needs to be in order to properly serve a strong minded woman like me.” She sat back up and stared him in the eye, “my poor husband had no idea what I was doing the first time,” the hand did not stopping, keeping him in the bliss, “I told him it was a kinky game. One of cops and robbers my girlfriend told me she had played with her husband. I was the cop, so I would need to handcuff him from behind,” she gently laughed, “I had him handcuffed lying on his side in our bed as I spooned him and did this to him on and off all night.” Her story only turned him on more and the pressure built quickly. In her reverie she almost did not take her hand off his cock in time. She looked down at his cock as it twitched but only a little precum had leaked out, “ooo…that was close. Anyway,” she continued with her story, “by morning the stallion was broken and he has loved being in chastity to me ever since.” Her hand started rubbing the precum from the head of his cock up and down his shaft, “and now I think you are saddle ready too Jay.”

She stood up from the chair and picked up his cell phone from where it lay on the table, “what’s your passcode?” she asked.

After he told her she typed something in and he heard something vibrate in her purse that sat in the chair next to him. “You have my cell now Jay darling,” she tossed his phone into his lap and it bounced off his still hard cock and fell to the floor. “Oh…sorry,” she smirked, “the first couple of weeks are always the toughest honey.” She started to gather her things before turning and gently grabbing his face with one hand until he was looking her in the eye, “but I will make sure you are turned on and thinking about me the whole time.” She gently patted his cheek before turning and walking out the door. Jay stared at the sway of her ass in her exercise pants the entire way, certain she knew it.

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