It’s Been Such a Long Time Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Yes, this is a sequel. The characters are established in, naturally enough, It’s Been Such A Long Time.

This alters the POV. It also is not a retelling, or a copy of the same story.


“Well, I can’t say I’m too surprised. Why?”

Alex shrugged as he picked up two sugar straws – he always has been a philistine about coffee – tapped them, tore the ends off and poured them both into what had, until that point, been a perfectly decent cappucino. “What you’d expect. We were getting bored with exclusivity. Our little reunion was really because of that. We had managed to score a couple of threesomes, but not with anyone worthwhile. I last saw Christine a week ago, at Hellfire, spanking a boy strapped to a St Andrews Cross. What about you, Simon? Anyone else?”

“What, in three weeks? No. Ah, that reminds me. Do you want a new girl to break in?”

He looked at me from over his froth and under his eyebrows.

“I use the term advisedly.” I took a sip of my ristretto, and closed my eyes to appreciate it properly for a second. Ah, this was why I came here. I could taste the complexities of the bean. There was definite vanilla and chocolate, but some citrus notes as well, which surprised me, to balance it nicely. “I could tell she was bored with me. Fun once, but twice lacked spark. I turned on the domme a bit, but she needs someone harder. She wants, and I quote, ‘Someone who can break me properly.’ Great tits, lovely legs, hungry pussy. Not a genuine sub, just loves it rough.”

Alex’s eyes gleamed. “Got her number?”

“I’ll have to introduce you in person. Free tomorrow night?”

“Ummm … Yes!”

“I’ll send you a text later. No, I don’t have anyone else. I’ve spent a few nights with Jo, after I took her home from our reunion.”

“I’m glad she’s okay. I was almost worried we’d pushed her too far.”

“Not even close! I don’t remember the last time she’s shoved my cock in her arse like that.”

Alex smiled with a particularly self-satisfied air. “Jo just needs to be woken up occasionally. We did break her personal orgasms record, didn’t we?”

“Oh, yes.”

“There you are, then.” Alex checked his watch. “Fifteen minutes. Do you have to be anywhere?”

“No, I’ve got a free afternoon.”

Alex kept his face towards me as his eyes tracked the leggy waitress ferrying an order past our table, the bottom half of a tiger tattoo visible on one thigh and her shirt tight enough to outline her bra. “Lucky you, I’ve got an office to keep running.”

“Any good secretaries?”

Alex gave me a sour look and finished his cappuccino. “Get your mind out of the gutter. I keep work strictly work-related.”

When he had gone, I leaned back, had a sip of water and wondered if I should get another cup now, or leave it half an hour.

The waitress came to pick up our used cups. “That him?”

“That’s him. Alex. I can vouch for how good he is.”

Cherie’s eyes gleamed as she looked at me. “Hmm, you’ve had him, then?”

“Usually, he has me. He can sub, but his heart isn’t in it. What he really wants to do, is pin a girl down and fuck her until she doesn’t have any brains left to beg for mercy.”

“Grr, stop it, you, this skirt is far too short for you to be making me wet like that. Can I get you anything work-safe?”

I relented, and ordered another cup while pulling out my tablet to get some work done.


I got home two hours after meeting Alex, strolling in casually with a bag of interesting things to turn into dinner.

There were noises from the bedroom.

I raised an eyebrow as I quietly put my bag of groceries on the kitchen bench, put my coat over a chair, and took my shoes and socks off. I had left one woman here, but I could hear the voices of two.

When I strolled noiselessly into the bedroom, it was be greeted with the sight of Jo on hands and knees, enthusiastically fellating a thick, un-life-like red silicon dildo protruding from Christine’s hips.

Christine’s head snapped around before she grinned at me. “Hope you don’t mind me dropping around, Jo invited me.”

Jo’s eyes said hello but she kept her mouth occupied.

I took my shirt off and began working on my pants, which were already uncomfortably constricting. “Not at all. What shall we do with her?”

Christine grabbed Jo’s hair and pulled her off the dildo. “What would you like us to do with you?”

“Sandwich, please, Mistress!”

Christine pulled her upright and kissed her possessively, keeping esenyurt escort one hand wrapped tightly in Jo’s hair to control her. “Dick or dildo in your cunt?”

“Dick, please, Mistress!”

Jo twisted around as I climbed onto the bed. Christine pressed the head of the dildo against Jo’s arse. Jo spread her cheeks with her hands and rolled her hips to make it easier to slide the silicon inside her.

I knee-walked up to her and needed no extra lubrication at all to push into her pussy, which instantly clamped around me. Jo kissed me hungrily, with open mouth and active tongue.

Somehow, sounds of pleasure escaped from the seal between our mouths. We stayed kneeling and Christine and I worked out a rhythm to fuck Jo in unison, while Christine and I held onto each other’s backs and pulled us together, flattening Jo’s breasts against my chest.

It didn’t take too long at all for Jo to shudder violently and then sag against me.

Jo broke our kiss as her head sagged onto my shoulder.

Christine looked at me. “Were you meeting Alex?”

“Yes, and letting that girl I told you about have a look at him.”

“She like?”

“She asked me to stop making her wet at work. I gave her his number.”

“You match-maker, you.”

“I just can’t help myself. Are you staying for dinner?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I glanced at my bedside clock. Jo’s hips were making slow twisty movements and keeping me excited. “I don’t have to start for half an hour. What shall we do to this slut?”

Jo made a happy-horny-demanding sound into my shoulder and grabbed two big handfuls of my arse.

Christine shrugged. “I’m in the mood to fuck things. Don’t especially care what. Do you feel like coming?”

“Yes, I think I do.” Unlike Alex, who sees sex as a form of combat and regards ejaculating into or onto someone as the triumphant mark of victory, I don’t have to come every time, but Cherie had made me pleasantly horny, and I was feeling like it was time.

“Right, then. Hands and knees, slut.”

I pulled out of Jo and slid backwards on the bed as she bent forwards, her mouth right in front of my cock.

Christine pulled out of Jo’s arse and moved to her pussy, discarding the condom that had been on the dildo and pulling on another one with practised ease. Jo made a happy growling sound and stretched her tongue out towards my cock. I leaned forwards and let her taste herself on my head before I moved my knees and fed her the whole length.

She took me easily and eagerly, trying to push forwards while Christine held her hips firmly, until I felt myself pass from her mouth into her throat before her nose touched my belly.

Christine and I began moving in unison, in together and out together. It’s always the easiest way to spit-roast someone. Christine was active with her strap-on, moving it around, twisting her hips and using different angles to give Jo’s pussy the best experience, while I let her float on the euphoria of those sensations and made it as easy as possible for her mouth.

We weren’t going hard, so Jo climbed up towards another orgasm slowly, giving me time to properly luxuriate in the warmth and heat of her mouth as her tongue cradled and pulsed against my cock.

Christine, never one to take things slowly, leant forwards until she could slide her hand underneath Jo and start rubbing her clitoris.

The sounds coming from Jo changed. She began sucking me harder while pushing back against Christine.

It was almost enough to make me come, but I held off, enjoying the sex more than the climax.

When Jo shuddered through her second orgasm, I was still not pulsing in her mouth.

She mewed in disappointment when I pulled out.

Christine pulled out of Jo and slid down and forwards onto the bed, ending up on her back, beside me. She reached up and seized my balls in one hand and my shaft in the other, wanking me hard until I gave in and began pulsing. She directed my come onto both her breasts, holding me until no more came out.

Jo hungrily cleaned me before diving onto Christine.

I climbed off the bed as happy slurping noises began. Christine took the opportunity to slap my arse on the way past.

“I’m going to start cooking,” I said as I pulled a bathrobe off the back of my bedroom door.

“We’ll be in here,” Christine’s languid voice said.

We ate naked, lounging on the living room floor. Jo bore numerous fading red marks on her arse and breasts. I ended up sporting an erection for the ataköy escort entire meal, which Jo rarely took her eyes off.

When I returned from taking our dishes back to the kitchen, the two women were already kissing again.

I stepped behind Christine, took her chin in my hand and tilted her head up until she was looking at me. “I feel like changing things up a little.”

She shivered as Jo’s mouth wandered downwards and latched onto one nipple.

“Mmm, yes, Master,” she said.

“Stand up.”

I walked her into the bedroom with Jo strolling after us. “Hands and knees.”

I opened a drawer, thought for a moment, then selected a small, dimpled paddle, which I gave to Jo. I slowly knee-walked up the bed as Jo experimentally slapped the paddle into her palm a few times.

Christine licked her lips as I pointed my very hard cock at her mouth. I waited until Jo’s first slap made Christine gasp, then pushed into her open mouth.

Jo didn’t have the genuine dominant streak that would make her a really good spanker, but she had an impishness that keeps you from getting complacent. Christine has a determined, calculated style of fellatio that is not more effective than Jo’s deceptive subtlety and honest eagerness, but does feel like more of a challenge.

I held off until Jo was settled into a good rhythm and Christine’s hips were jerking with every impact, then I abruptly pulled out.

“On your side.”

Christine pouted, but obediently stretched out on the bed and rolled over, facing away from me.

I pulled her hands up to the bedhead. “Hold on and don’t let go.”

I lifted her top leg straight up in the air as I slid behind her. Jo took my cock and guided it into Christine’s pussy. The heat in Christine’s buttocks, from the paddling, was almost as erotic as the heat around my cock was.

Christine moaned happily and pushed back against me.

Jo surprised both of us by lying down in front of Christine in a 69 position.

That would be interesting. Christine could never ignore a challenge like that, but Jo had preternatural skills with her tongue and an unbelievable ability to keep going through an orgasm.

I had been going to pound Christine and see how many orgasms I could force out of her, but it seemed much more fun to just taunt her instead.

I bent Christine’s leg right back towards her shoulders, giving Jo unrivalled access, while Jo pressed her hips into Christine’s face with her upper knee raised and propped up on her foot.

I felt Christine spasm around my cock as soon as Jo’s tongue touched her. I had to close my eyes for a few seconds to luxuriate in the sensation of Christine, always tight thanks to the condition she kept herself in, becoming even tighter. She felt like this when she got close to orgasm. Not even me jilling her would make her clench this hard. I began to wonder if I’d be able to hold out.

I held still, deep inside Christine, as she attacked Jo’s pussy in a desperate attempt to not come before Jo did. It was an unequal contest. I don’t think Christine even noticed that I wasn’t actively fucking her. Jo was simply too good for her, and even Jo rubbing her pussy against Christine’s face didn’t help Christine’s cause.

I felt the exact second Christine had her first orgasm. It was the same second all the breath was driven from my body. I don’t think she could have squeezed me harder with her fist.

Jo pulled back only long enough to say “Come on, slut, you can do better than that. I’m nowhere near coming yet.”

Christine pushed her face against Jo’s pussy, doing everything she could to make Jo come. I was wondering if I should handicap Christine a little more with a couple of strokes, but she was gripping me so tight I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay in the game long.

I shouldn’t have worried. Jo had Christine coming helplessly a second time before even beginning to look close herself.

Christine desperately tried to keep up her attention, but couldn’t manage it. I shuddered almost as hard as she did. I was being pumped without any stroking. I had to breathe deeply to help settle myself. I was almost tempted to admit defeat and back out, but the thought of Christine being challenged with my cock in her pussy was too good to abandon.

“Try harder, slut!” Jo commanded.

I stayed.

Christine convulsed through her third orgasm while Jo was just beginning to squirm.

I could barely hold on. There was no way I could try and distract myself, while buried inside bayan escort a woman locked in a 69, so I tried to concentrate so hard on them that I didn’t notice myself.

Just as I was beginning to think I could hold on through another of Christine’s orgasms, Jo started teetering on the edge.

Christine felt it, and launched a redoubled attack. Jo clearly wasn’t going to give in without at least making Christine come at the same time.

Jo grabbed my testicles and pulled. I followed her – I could hardly not – as she pulled me nearly all the way out, then rammed me back in. Christine muffled a scream against Jo’s pussy.

Jo began using me as a dildo to fuck Christine. I was so aroused it was agony. luckily, it only took four strokes before all three of us exploded at once. I came so hard I nearly passed out.

Jo did not let up, continuing to use a firm grip on my balls to pump me in and out of Christine, who, with that stimulation added to Jo’s relentless licking, seemed to be in a single continuous orgasm. I screamed in pain from the stimulation to my now super-sensitive head, but, since I didn’t say anything, Jo kept going until she had her second orgasm, just on the feel of Christine’s orgasmic screams right against her.

I had been forced to come again, by that time, which was the sort of agony you can’t bear at the time but look back on fondly afterwards.

Jo pulled me out of Christine, then bent my cock out of the way so she could slurp up whatever leaked out of Christine’s pussy. I was still, after all that, holding Christine’s ankle up near her head.

Jo pushed me back. “Slut, I think you should thank him by cleaning him properly.”

I let go of Christine’s leg as I rolled onto my back feeling a bit weak.

Christine, without saying anything, managed to crawl down until she could grab my cock and start licking it thoroughly. I had been softening rapidly, but hardened against just as rapidly.

Christine’s eyes rolled up to stare directly into mine as she placed her lips around my head and began sliding down over me. I could practically sense her regaining her dominant mindset as her eyes stayed fixed on mine.

Then Jo spanked Christine so hard it sounded like a whip. Christine’s eyes crossed and she almost bit me. We both jumped.

Jo held up three fingers for me to see, then pushed them into Christine while spanking her steadily with the other hand. Christine went straight back into good-slut mode and began fellating me submissively, instead of challengingly. When Jo added a fourth finger, I could feel it through Christine’s mouth.

When Jo moved to her whole fist, Christine did bite me. The sensation made me come again, almost as painfully. Christine swallowed by habit, then pulled off so she could make unintelligible but highly erotic noises until her hands, bracing her on the bed, curled into fists, her voice went up two octaves and she screamed again.

Jo pulled her hand out as Christine collapsed to one side, massaging her wrist. “You nearly dislocated my wrist there,” she said casually. “What a good slut you can be.”

She lay down behind Christine to cuddle her, while I tried to get the energy to move.

When I was finally able to get my legs to work, I made us hot chocolate. Jo was chirpy, Christine was still slightly cross-eyed but her hands weren’t shaking and she found her mouth with the mug on the second attempt.

My phone buzzed.

“Oh, it’s a photo from Alex.”

“Oh, yes?” Jo was stroking Christine’s hair. Christine was managing to go from good-slut to hamming-it-up-as-a-pet, which meant she was nearly back to normal.

“It’s a selfie of my favourite waitress, on hands and knees, with a chain clamped between her nipples, holding it in her mouth, while Alex fucks, it looks like, her arse.”

“What’s the expression on her face?”

I showed Jo. Christine sat up and put her chin on Jo’s shoulder to look. They both whistled in appreciation.

“Now, there is a woman being fucked properly into I-don’t-know-how-many-orgasms-I-can-take subspace,” said Christine, who had just worn that look herself. “Does she…”

“I’m sure I can convince her to invite you for a threesome.”

After that, there was no question of Christine going home that night. My bed didn’t quite sleep three comfortably, but after they put me in the middle and told me to like it, I gave in. Christine was the only one who had to be up early in the morning. While she was getting her stuff together, we wandered out naked and posed at her. I held Jo against the wall by her throat and began fucking her, holding one knee up so she was balancing on one leg. Christine called us both some highly uncharitable names as she walked out the door to the sound of Jo’s first morning orgasm.

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