It Was Nice To Meet You Ch. 02

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First off, Thanks to all the readers and also those that vote on these stories. We don’t get paid for sending in these stories, I do it because I like to, and when I get a vote on my stories, it makes it all worth while!! *SMILE

Everyone at the table started to stir as they talked about where to go next. I could feel the high of what just happened and also the lingering affects of the alcohol, I didn’t want to go anywhere, just grab Tasha and take her back to my apartment, but decided we shouldn’t make it to obvious that we were totally into each other.

‘How about, The Luvafair’ I said. It was a great bar, alternative, dark and not a pretentious crowd. Everyone agreed to meet there. I took the last sip of my drink and stood up when everyone else did. I stepped behind Tasha’s chair and slid it away from her as she stood up. We smiled at each other, her smile was so intoxicating, and all I could do was fall deeper into the ecstasy that was between us. We walked to Steve’s car and headed off to The Luvafair.

‘I loved the feeling of the cool air on my exposed pussy when we were outside’ Tasha whispered in my ear. I smiled back at her as Steve parked the car about two blocks away from the club.

‘Ready for more of that feeling?’ I replied as we climbed out of the backseat of the car.

‘That amongst other things’ Tasha said with a giggle in her voice as she grabbed Paula’s hand and they started to skip down the sidewalk towards the club. It left Steve and me walking alone together after them, and all I could do is watch her in amazement as Tasha and Paula skipped, hand in hand.

‘What did she mean by that?’ Steve asked, and I just chuckled. ‘I know you too well, Paula and I commented on how quiet you and Tasha were in the lounge. It seems like you two are getting along?’ Steve asked, little did he know what really happened.

‘Everything is just great, Tasha is an amazing gal’ I replied not telling him our little fantasy that we had in the lounge.

‘Well Paula is glad it is you not someone else, she knew you two would get along. She just wanted me to ask you to tell us if you two are going to leave the bar early, so we know where she is’ Steve said, knowing it was a possibility.

‘Yah, for sure Steve, I don’t know if it will happen, but I will let you know’ I replied, knowing that it was going to happen. As Steve and I neared the bar, I could see Tasha and Paula whispering to each other and giggling as they stood in the line up. As we neared them, Paula grabbed my hand and with a smile pulled me towards Tasha and slid my hand into Tasha’s. My heart started to race knowing that we were almost given the ‘Green Light’ by Steve and Paula. I paid the cover charge for all of us, and Steve told me he would get the first round of drinks. It was dark in The Luvafair, as always, it has two levels to it. On the main level, there is a bar, the washrooms, some seats that went around long tables and were lit by black lights, and the dance floor. Each side of the dance floor had a little sitting area about 3 steps higher then the dance floor and then there was a set of stairs the led up to the top floor on each side of that area. On the top floor, they had another bar, pool tables and more tables that overlooked the dance floor. It is very dark inside, everything is painted black and lit by black lights, the only main lights came from the pool tables, the bars and the dance floor lights. Everything is wrapped with wire fencing giving it that more alternative look.

‘This place is so cool’ Tasha said as Steve handed us our drinks. My gin and tonic glowed under the black lights as I took my first sip. The music there is great, more of a mix of mellow to heavy alternative, with some progressive trance mixed in. After our first drinks were done, Steve asked if we wanted to go for a ‘Smokey Smoke’. We all knew what that ment and started to head outside for a little fun. We walked around the corner, out of site, and pulled out the ‘little stick of love’ to heighten our moods. As we walked inside, everything was so great to me, there was a beautiful girl holding my hand, my mind was nice and influenced and Paul Van Dyke started to play. I took Steve’s hand and Paula’s hand and directed them onto the dance floor and then reached behind me and felt Tasha grab my hand as she pressed her body against my back as we walked onto the dance floor. I pulled up next to Steve and turned around to dance with Tasha, she looked so great wiggling there in front of me. Tasha and Paula danced close to each other, dancing together in such an erotic way, they moved together in such away I think every guy in the bar was watching them. Steve looked over at me and smiled in a way that I could tell was having the same affect on me as it did him watching Tasha and Paula dance together.

Eventually, they broke the grip they had on each other and Tasha grabbed me and started dancing close to me. We were in our own little world, nothing mattered to us anymore, just me and her. We danced for hours together, kağıthane escort touching her chin, brushing her hair back, exploring each other in sensual ways on the dance floor.

As we looked at each other, touching and dancing close, Tasha grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. Tasha straddling my leg and my hand met her hips as she pulled my in close, for one of the best kisses in history. It was so sensual, we both kissed in a way that there was no fumbling around as our mouths and bodies danced together. She broke our kiss and whispered in my ear ‘I need you now.’ I grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor to the washroom; my head was so full of ecstasy that we didn’t care if people saw us going in there together. The washroom was empty except for someone in the last stall that I wanted to be in with Tasha, but at that point it didn’t matter, we just grabbed the next one over.

Tasha turned around to lock the door and I grabbed her hips from behind and started to softly kiss the back of her neck. She pressed her body against the door and pulled me against her. I softly slid her hair away from her neck and planted kisses on it. She pushed her ass out a bit until it was pressed against my already hard cock. She wiggled her ass against me as I slid my hand up the sides of her body, lightly to the edges of her breasts. She turned around slowly to face me, letting my hands softly brush her breasts and then pulled my hips into her. We kissed and gyrated against each other and she grabbed my hand and slowly slid it under her skirt with a look of passion in her eyes.

‘My pussy is so wet’ she told me, but didn’t have to since I could feel her juices on my finger as she slide one of her fingers and mine into her pussy. ‘Go get a condom from the vending machine; I need you in me right now.’ I was just about to unlock the door when we heard noises from the next stall. Tasha and I bent over to look under the stall and saw two sets of legs in the next one over. We had a bit of a laugh about it because we had the same idea.

‘I think it’s Steve’ I told her.

‘Well take a look’ she replied as I climbed onto the toilet to peak over into the next stall. I could feel Tasha climb on the toilet behind me, but she was too small to be able to look over. As I peaked over, sure enough there was Steve and Paula in the same stance Tasha and I were in 30 seconds ago.

‘Steve, you bad boy’ I said in a deep but playing voice. They broke away from each other in shock and looked up at me. They started to laugh knowing they were busted.

‘Where is Tasha?’ Paula asked me.

‘I am right here’ she said in a flirty voice. Paula looked at me and smiled and we all started to laugh cause of what we were all doing. We left the stalls we were in and exited the washroom. Paula grabbed Tasha and started to whisper in her ear and she smiled. Then Tasha grabbed me to whisper in my ear at the same time Paula did the same to Steve.

‘I think we need to go’ she whispered to me. I saw Paula and Steve walk over to Paula’s friends that were in the club. We walked behind them, hand and hand, as Paula said her thanks to her friends for coming out and telling them that we were going. We said our good-bys to everyone, and then we led the way out of the club to Steve’s car. The girls walked in front of us, whispering to each other and giggling. Steve looked over at me, and I think he was thinking the same thing as me, ‘what is next?’

We all climbed into Steve’s car and decided to go back to my place, since it was the closest. There was so much sexual tension in the car and my mind started to fantasize about what was next, but little did I know. We got into my apartment and I poured us all some drinks (Yes it was Bombay gin and tonic, oh so yummy). I went to my computer and put in some music and we talked for a bit. We all ended heading out to the patio for some more ‘Smokey Smoke’ and we could hear ‘The Cure’ playing in the background. It was a bit chilly outside so Tasha grabbed my hand and pulled me inside wiggling to the music in front of me. Steve was sitting on the couch and Tasha pulled me beside him, gave me a kiss and pushed me down into the couch next to him. Tasha grabbed Paula’s hand and they started to dance together in front of us. Watching both of them was making my blood boil and I am sure Steve felt the same way as they danced so close to each other. They were exploring each other with soft touches, Tasha’s hand on Paula’s ass and Paula slowly exploring Tasha’s back with her fingers. Their legs were intertwined as the gyrated on each others leg and their breasts we pressed ever so tight to each other as they danced for us. Paula and Tasha looked over at us and giggled, probably because we had some stupid grins on our faces while watching them. They looked at each other and started to kiss, it was so beautiful watching the two girls kiss, I was getting aroused and I could see Steve was also.

As they kissed, they both explored each others şişli escort bodies with soft caressing touches. Tasha stood quite a bit shorter then Paula. Their skin looked so sexy beside each other, Tasha had a very olive, tan color to her skin and Paula was a lot more pale then her. Both of their bodies were gorgeous, slim, fit and had great curves to their asses. Tasha’s hands went to Paula’s side as she slowly started to lift her tank top over her head, stopping kissing for just a moment to clear it over Paula’s head. She had a lacy coral colored bra on that totally went well with her skin color and then Paula returned the favor by removing Tasha’s shirt. Tasha shirt slide gracefully over her naked breasts and Paula was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Paula gentle held them in her hands massaging them as she bent forward and started to caress Tasha’s brown nipples with her tongue. Tasha let out a moan from the pleasure, and reached in front of Paula and undid her belt. She opened Paula’s pants and slowly started to push them down around Paula’s ass and then helped her step out of her pants.

I didn’t know where to look, Paula looked so sexy in her lingerie and her body was amazing. But it was just as much of a turn on to watch Tasha’s perfect tits and nipples being nibbled on by Paula. Tasha reached around Paula and quickly unclipped Paula’s bra as we watched it fall to the floor. They both embraced each other and started to moan as they pressed into each other for another passionate kiss. I looked over a Steve, he was sitting there so quietly in awe, I could tell from the mound in his pants that he was loving this. I also couldn’t hide that I was loving it too. Tasha slowly started to remove Paula’s panties in the same fashion as she removed her pants. Paula stood there for us to see. Her breasts were perfect C cups that ended with some beautiful erect pink nipples. Her skin was fairly pale, but it went well with her red hair and little trimmed strip of red hair on her pussy. Paula unzipped Tasha’s skirt and let it drop to the floor.

‘No bra and no panties, you little dirty girl’ Paula said in a teasing way.

‘Well I am Chris’ (that me by the way) little dirty girl tonight, and Chris already cummed in them’ Tasha explained.

“What!?’ Steve asked in shock. So we explained to him what happened at the Latin Lounge. ‘I knew you two were getting along, but I had no clue that was going on’ Steve explained with a chuckle. We both looked at the girls and they stood before us naked and I couldn’t stop looking at the way Tasha’s inner pussy lips escaped below her outer lips. Paula faced Tasha and she slowly kissed down her body until she was in a kneeling position in front of Tasha. She slowly tickled her outer legs with her fingers and then around to Tasha’s ass, slowly pulling Tasha into her face. Paula gently kissed the mound of Tasha’s pussy and slowly work her way down to her clit. Tasha let out a moan of pure pleasure from the kisses on her clit; she slowly glided her fingers down her body and pulled her clit forward so it was easier for Paula to get at.

‘Oh WOW, look at how swollen and long your pussy lips are’ Paula said and I was thinking the same thing. Paula leaned forward and sucked one of Tasha’s pussy lips in her mouth. I could tell Paula was enjoying this, cause the more she sucked the harder and faster she would finger he own pussy. I couldn’t stop touching myself on the outside of my pants, while I watch the two girls, and as I looked at Steve he was doing the same. Tasha slowly kneeled down in front of Paula, who spread her legs for Tasha to plant herself behind her. Tasha leaned over Paula’s body and slowly started to kiss her, while she masturbated herself. She slowly worked down Paula’s body with gentle kisses all the way down to her pubic line. Paula slowly spread her legs and then spread her pussy open inviting Tasha to taste her sweet spot. Paula’s body jerked everytime Tasha’s tongue flicked on her clit. I watched them in amazement, what an erotic show, thinking that I need Tasha right now and then my train of thought got changed.

‘I’m going to cum!’ Paula screamed as her body gyrated up pushing her pussy harder into Tasha’s face. Paula let out such a deep, intense erotic moan as she cummed on Tasha’s face and her body twitched in every direction. Tasha sat up and looked at me as she whipped Paula’s orgasm off her mouth. She stood up and walked over in my direction…

‘I need a big hard cock to fuck’ and Tasha reached her hand to me. I jumped off the couch and flung her into my arms. Tasha leaned into me and whispered ‘take me to you room.’ I lifted her up into my arms and carried her to my room and threw her down on my bed. She crawled up my bed, laid her head down, spread her pussy open and said so erotically ‘I want to cum, finish the job Paula didn’t do.’ What an invitation, I thought to myself as I kneeled on the bed and slowly moved my face into her most private of parts. The inside of her pussy was escort istanbul so pink and her wetness shined in the light. I took my first lick and she moaned as I tasted her again, she tasted like sex. I could tell she was so close already, everytime I would flick her clit with my tongue, her body would twitch. She moaned so much as she spread herself wider for me and I was in heaven. I really wanted her to cum and I gently rub my fingers up her legs and then grabbed her ass. She moaned so load when I was roughing around with her, I knew what would make her cum. I spread her ass cheeks open and with a single lick on the rose bud of her ass she convulsed in orgasm. I sat back and watched. Her inner pussy lips where spread in such away that they looked like butterfly wings and I watched her ass and pussy clench with every pulse of her orgasm. She turned around to me and before I knew it I was naked.

I kneeled in front of her and she quickly crawled up to me guiding my engorged cock into her mouth. She worked me like a pro; the visual aspect of it was phenomenal. She was on all fours with her perfect ass in the air, I love that pose, and every time I would look down at her, she would look at me with her big brown eyes. She licked and kissed me everywhere, working the perfect amount of time on my shaft, tip and balls. Tasha pushed me on my back and then crawled her little body over me, without missing a beat on the job she was doing to me. As I looked up, I followed her leg up with my eyes and she was crouched over me exposing her pussy only inches away from my face.

‘Your cock is so big and beautiful’ Tasha said as she tried to take my entire cock into her mouth. I heard her gag and cough a little, but I quickly changed that to moans by kissing her clit. I was in a state of euphoria as I licked and kissed her, my fingers were everywhere. I could control her by what I did with her pussy, so I started to play a bit more with it. Everytime I would kiss and lick her clit, she would do the same to the tip of my cock. When I would spread her lips with my tongue, she would lick my entire shaft. When I would suck on one of her inner pussy lips and tug on them, she would do the same on my balls. When I would slid my tongue as deep into her as I could, she would try to take me down her throat. I played with this for a while, enjoying every sensation for her and loving the sounds of her moans. Tasha’s and my bodies were twitching everywhere, and I was getting off from this and I could tell she was also.

‘Tug on my lips and lick my clit!! I am going to Cum!!’ Tasha yelled at me. I pulled on them so hard, it was amazing how her clit would pull out with her lips being pulled on. She was so wet, almost literally dripping, and I could feel and smell her wetness on my nose as I played. I felt her tummy twitching as she pressed down on my face, I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care. Tasha was going to cum and so was I, her hips bucked and I lost my grip on her lips, she pressed her clit down hard onto my mouth.

‘OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!’ Tasha moaned as her orgasm hit, her pussy clenched around my tongue, which started me cumming.

‘I’m going to cum’ I told her, to give her forewarning in case she didn’t like to swallow. But she kept the tip of my cock in her mouth and stroked my cock to orgasm. My hips bounced everywhere as I shot load after load into her mouth. Now this might sound weird, but when I have an amazing orgasm, I can’t stop giggling. Why? I don’t know, I just can’t help it. Tasha started to giggle as I giggled from the amazing orgasm.

‘Why are you laughing?’ Tasha asked me, so I told her why. ‘That is so cute’ she said with a giggle, ‘lets get you giggling some more.’ She rolled her body off me and laid next to me rubbing her fingers up my chest. ‘That had to have been one of the best orgasms I have ever had. I loved the way we cummed together and it actually felt like I was going to pee’ she explained to me. I told her if she feels that again, to let the feeling go because she was close to a g-spot orgasm. ‘Your cock hasn’t gone soft at all’ she told me, but I knew that anyways. When I am fully turned on by everything, the visuals, the feelings and the naughty talk, I don’t go soft. ‘Your little dirty girl wants that big cock in her’ she told me as she rolled over to grab a condom. I love watching women put condoms on; the look in their eyes as they slide it over my cock is funny. (And safe sex is the only way to go)

Tasha laid on her side and lifted her leg up welcoming me to enter her. I help by holding her leg up and slid my erect cock into her. She was so wet, so small and tight but I slid myself, with one stroke, all the way into her. She let out a gasp as I slid into her and I could feel her cervix at the tip of my cock.

‘Oh wow’ she said with a gasp of pleasure ‘I feel so full, you feel amazing.’ I placed one hand on her hip as she laid on her side. I looked down and I could see her inner lips slide into her pussy as I slid into her and grip my cock as I pulled out. We tried every position and the more we fucked the louder she would get. Tasha was so small that I could easily lift her off the bed and be in her as I held her up from the underside of her knees. She loved bouncing on me like that, and she was loosing all control.

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