It was hot and sticky night and I felt it running

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It was hot and sticky night and I felt it runningIt was a hot n sticky June night last night last summer, very hot n sticky. I had just been to a party on the beach with a girlfriend of mine and had a few Vodkas and Tequila shots so I of cause was feeling a little tipsy and merry. I was on my way home and might even have been singing a little I don’t really remember.Anyway, it was a very hot night as I have said and I was looking very hot too. I had on a short shirt and my push up bra on, and my tits looked great even if I do say so myself. I also had on a really short black leather skirt. I love the feeling of leather against my bare skin. I didn’t have any knickers on too I’m not sure where my thong had got to!!So I started to try to recollect and piece together some of my night, I remember I had been dancing with this African guy from the US – very hot man, we were dancing and he was grinding against me from behind, I could feel his big dick rub against my bum – god that was hot. I’m not sure where he went though, he seemed to disappear after that. Shame, I could really enjoying feeling his big dick slide inside of me.Then there was this really hot chic from Sweden, really tall and so sexy, we were dancing together and started kissing, I remember her lips were so soft and her kiss so sensual. At the same time her hand wandered down to my legs and I felt that she was rubbing my pussy through my thong, right there in the middle of the dance floor. Then she was kissing my neck and nibbling my ear oh, yeah, I remember now that she was talking dirty to me too, she was saying “I want to taste your pussy and play with your clit between my teeth” then she took me by the hand and led me to the bathrooms. Luckily there was a cubicle free, and she pushed me inside and up against the wall where she continued to kiss me but more passionately now, really hard and deep with her tongue as one hand squeezed my tit adapazarı escort the other was rubbing my pussy and making me really wet. Then she dropped to her knees and pushed up my skirt and slipped my thong off, she started to suck on my clit and pushed a finger inside me, curling it so as to hit me Gspot, fuck yeah, oh god, I remember that so well now. I was moaning and moaning as she sucked and bit at my clit and fucked me with two fingers now. Pumping in and out of my soaking wet pussy, my moans were getting louder now as I felt an orgasm start to ripple through my body. It always starts deep inside my cunt and then just explodes out in wave after wave of pure ecstasy, I screamed out loud, “I’m cumming aaarrrrgggggghhhhhhh” as I lost control of my legs and crumpled like a heap only staying off the ground because her hand was still inside my pussy, she was kissing me again, her tongue exploring my mouth but I knew it was my turn now to make her cum. I spun her around and bent her over and knelt between her legs, smelling her and teasing her with my tongue on the tip of her swollen clit, she must have been playing with herself while fucking me because she was already very very wet and her juices literally were dripping out of her wet pussy and into my mouth – I told her, “you have been a naughty girl to have such a wet pussy and I think you need to be punished and taught a lesson!!” “Yes Shav, teach me a lesson, I have been bad, please spank me” so I lifted up her mini skirt and slapped her firm bum. “You want it harder baby” I said as I kept slapping her harder and harder, “oh please fuck me I want you to fuck me now” she begged, and I plunged in three fingers straight into her wet and waiting twat, god she was so wet!!!!!I fucked her like that and played with her clit with my other hand, having it between my fingers and circling real fast and she moaned louder and louder “aaarrgghhhh escort adapazarı yeah, that feels sooooo good fuck me harder Shav” so I put another finger inside ” but she begged me “Shav, fill me up with your whole hand baby, please I want to fuck me hard with your whole hand” she was tight but I could just fit my small wrist fully inside her and then suddenly I had half my arm inside her fucking her slowly at first but she begged me to fuck her harder. I had never fisted anyone like this before but I was enjoying it. I built up the rhythm and she was bucking back onto my arm what a dirty girl she was, then she screamed that she was about to cum and I felt her pussy walls tighten around my arm. Suddenly there was a gush and she literally spurted all over me, oh yeah, I remember that alright she was really fucking dirty that girl. After she finished her convulsions I gave her a long and passionate kiss and whispered, “hmmm, great fuck babe , you want a quick line of coke” so I remember we had a quick line of charlie and headed out back to have a dance. Oh yeah, that’s where I must have left my knickers, hahaha, on the cubicle floor – lol.So there I was; with a BIG smile J on my face and stumbling down the road pissed and happy. Then suddenly I was grabbed from behind and a big hand went over my mouth, I tried to scream but I couldn’t, I was being dragged down behind one of the buildings on Frishman Street, where it was dark and dirty. I couldn’t see anything my head was in a whirl and my heart was racing and I couldn’t fight against this big man. He bent me over some dustbins at the back of this building and I could hear him unzip his fly, his hand was holding me head down so I couldn’t see his face. Then he was rubbing his dick on my pussy, god it felt big, a really really big hard cock, then he said “you’ve got such a gorgeous sexy arse, I just needed to fuck it baby” and I recognised that adapazarı escort bayan American accent from earlier that night. It was my sexy African-American dirty dance partner; I managed to turn and look up at him and saw his white toothy smile glowing white and his eyes shimmering in the moonlight. I smiled back up at him and said “do your worst bad boy, I wanna feel your cum inside my pussy” and he started to slowly enter my wet snatch stretching me wide as inched his way inside of me. “Arrrgghhh fuck that’s a big dick” I said when he was fully inside me, and I felt him slowly pull his cock out so just the head was inside me, then he pushed it in again, “ooohhhhhhh that feels good” then slowly all the way out, it seemed that each stroke was taking an eternity, this time he entered me fast right up the hilt, pushing his big dick deep inside me. “Oh yeah, fuck me like that baby” I screamed as he started banging me from behind harder and harder his big black balls slapping against my clit.Fuck it felt good, I had never been fucked by such a big dick, it felt as though my pussy was on fire as he kept thrusting it into me harder and harder, then I felt my orgasm rise up inside of me, and my moans were getting louder and louder and I started to squirm on his big dick and contract my pussy around his huge shaft as I started to cum, I screamed “I’m cumming baby, aarrggghhhhh, fuck me hard and cum in my pussy” just then I felt him groan and grunt and felt him empty his load inside of me, filling me with all his sticky cum. He slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and I felt his cum dripping out of my pussy. I scooped some out with my fingers and stood up, turned around and stuck my fingers in my mouth and tasted his cum “hmmm thank you” I said “tastes sweet hunni” he just bent down and kissed me and then turned around and just walked away. I quickly straitened my skirt and bra and followed after him out from behind the building, but he had gone, as I walked the few blocks home I could feel his cum mixed with mine all dripping down my legs.Hmmmm, what a great night, I had the biggest smile ever, I love it when a plan cum’s together.Kisses everyoneShavxxx

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