It Sure Is Good To Be Home

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Fuck! That was such a long business trip. Luckily, my company does not normally send me on many trips. On average, I would say that I spent about 10 days per year on the road. However, this past trip was an absolute killer. I had to go to meetings in Chicago, San Francisco, and then Dallas over the course of two weeks. Don’t get me wrong – I love to travel for fun, just not for business. When on business trips, I always feel on the go and can never truly enjoy my surroundings. Plus, business trips are always solo, so it can get pretty lonely. Who likes to travel alone?

Being away from my wife is the hardest part of going on these trips. My wife, Emily, and I have been married for 2 years. Prior to getting married, we dated for only about a year and a half. It was a quick courtship, but when you find the love of your life, why wait? I guess you could say that we are still in the honeymoon phase, because we try to have sex as often as possible. I would say that on average, we have sex about 6 times per week, so clearly, you can see why I hate leaving her for extended periods of time.

When this particular trip came to an end, I was so happy to be able to sleep in my own bed, relax, and of course, see my wife. I was extremely horny when I returned home because on the first night when I was away, Emily and I had a phone conversation over Facetime that went something like this:

“Fuck, Emily. I wish you were here with me right now. I really want you to suck my cock. I’m so fucking hard.”

“Awww, poor baby has blue balls? Well, truth be told, I would love to wrap my lips around your dick right now. I’m getting so wet thinking about it. Oh yes. See? I just slipped my finger into my wet pussy. Stroke your dick for me, baby.”

“I’m way ahead of you. I’ve been jacking off since I first heard your voice. Tell me what your pussy feels like.”

“Oh baby, it’s so wet and tight. Mmmm, let me see what I taste like. I taste so sweet. Wouldn’t you like to sample me?”

“Shit, Emily, you are getting me so hot.”

“Just keep pumping your hard cock. That’s right. Think about my mouth sliding up and down your shaft as you get closer to cumming. Imagine my tongue licking the underside of your head as my hands massage your balls. Oh, oh, yes. I need to slip my finger back into my pussy. I so wish that this was your cock. Mmmm.”

“Your moaning is driving me crazy. Hey, get one of your dildos. I want you to fuck yourself with it.”

“OK, hold on a sec …. Alright I’m back.”

“Which one did you choose?”

“The pink one with the clit stimulator. I’m … I’m just … just … sliding it in. Oh, fuck yes. It’s inside of me. The clit stimulator is rubbing against me. Baby, this feels so good.”

“Put the phone down towards your pussy. I want to see and hear it up close. Oh, yes, I can hear the squishing sound as you fuck yourself. I’m so close now. Oh, Emily, I’m gonna cum!”


“What …?”

“Stop! Don’t cum yet!”


“Because I want you to hold off and save your cum for me. I want to swallow you so bad and I’m afraid that if you cum, you’re just going to waste it. Please save it for me baby!”

“I don’t know. The whole time? I’m not going to be home until next week.”

“It would be all the better to wait. I promise I’ll suck you off once you get home. Just don’t waste all that delicious cum. I want it all so badly. Just think about how hot it will be to shoot 10 days worth of cum down my throat.”

“You promise to suck me off once I get home?”

“Baby, you are going to love it!”

“Well, I’ll try … “

“You won’t regret this. Now, I’m going to finish myself off as we talk. I know, I can be such a bitch. I get to cum and you don’t. Haha.”

Emily then continued to fuck her pussy with her dido. There was definitely a double standard here. I needed to hold off from masturbating, but it was OK for her to do it. Normally, I would have just said “Fuck it”, and continue jerking off, but I wanted to see if I could complete her challenge, so I just listened and watched as she masturbated. At one point, she got so into it, I know that she forgot that I was even on the phone. When she orgasmed, she yelled so loudly, I needed to cover the phone with a pillow, thinking that someone in the hotel room next to me would be able to hear her through the phone.

Every night on the trip, we fell into the routine where she would talk dirty and masturbate for me, and I would stroke my cock but stop at the last moment before cumming. I just knew that this edging night after night was building up a massive load in my balls. Finally, the day arrived for my trip to come to an end. I was eagerly awaiting the moment when I would be able to embrace Emily once again. While I was itching for sexual relief, I also needed to feel her touch. This was the longest that we had been separated since getting married. The flight home was uneventful, and thankfully I got in Bursa Escort a little early, so I was able to beat rush hour traffic. As I drove, my cock was rock hard in anticipation of seeing Emily.

When I pulled into the driveway, I was disappointed to see that Emily had not arrived home from work yet. Looking at my watch, I noticed that I probably had an hour to kill before Emily got home, so I jumped in the shower to relax myself. It was so difficult to not touch myself, but I figured that I had come this far, I might as well go the distance. Once I was all clean, I unpacked and laid down on the bed to wait for Emily. I must have been more tired than I thought because I was dozing off just a few minutes after my head hit the pillow.

I was awoken from my slumber when I felt the bed move as Emily laid down next to me. Slowly opening my eyes, Emily said “Hi”, as she leaned in for a kiss. God, I had missed her so much. I don’t know how she does it, but she always smells so fresh, even after a long day of work – It’s a mystery of nature how she does this. As I inhaled her scent, my cock responded by springing to life. Emily noticed my excitement and reaching down, she caressed my cock through my shorts as she asked, “So be honest, were you able to hold back and save me all that cum for me?”

Nodding my head, I said, “It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I saved it all for you.”

Smiling, Emily kissed my lips again, and pulling back so that she was mere centimetres from me, she whispered, “Let me find out if you are telling the truth.” Untying the drawstring at my waist, she pulled down my shorts and boxers in one swift motion. My cock was pointing straight up, and when Emily wrapped her hands around me, it twitched in excitement. The look on her face was of total glee. As much as I looked forward to having my dick sucked, I could tell that she had been eagerly waiting to slide her mouth over my cock while I was away.

Keeping her eyes locked on me, Emily bent down and licked the tip of my cock. I was already leaking with precum as Emily licked the underside of my head. By far, she gave the best blowjobs I have ever had. Licking back up to the tip, she sampled my precum as a sort of appetizer of the main course that she would soon be getting. Maintaining eye contact, Emily wrapped her lips around my shaft and began sucking my cock. She slowly moved her mouth up and down. As she sucked, Emily’s hands fondled my balls She knew exactly what I liked, and she was more than willing to deliver!

Since she had required me to abstain from cumming while I was on my trip, she was more than willing to make this experience all about my pleasure. I would have loved to give her a break from sucking my cock to eat her pussy, but whenever I tried to move, Emily just looked me in the eyes and devilishly shook her head. This blowjob was amazing, and since it had been such a long time since I had last ejaculated, I could tell that this orgasm was going to be wonderful.

Emily sensed that I was getting close as she picked up the pace of her sucking. She momentarily took her mouth off my cock and said, “Now, let’s see how much cum you’ve stored up for me. Cum in my mouth, baby.”

She was then back on my cock, sucking away. I knew that Emily wanted me to cum when she stopped sucking my whole shaft and just focused on the head of my cock. This always drove me crazy and I never lasted very long when Emily did this. With the tip of my cock firmly in her mouth, I felt as if Emily was trying to forcibly suck the cum from my balls. The pleasure now was overwhelming and I told her that I was close. Emily responded by keeping a firm suction on my cock head, and gripping my shaft with her hand, she quickly pumped my cock. The combination of being sucked and jerked off was too much as my eyes rolled back in my head as I felt my balls tighten.

Finally, after 10 days, I lost control as my cum erupted from my cock into Emily’s mouth. The orgasm was amazing, and since I had edged for over a week, my cock kept pumping rope after rope of jizz deeply into Emily’s mouth. She was a trooper as she did her best to swallow every drop of cum. Since there was so much, some of it did dribble out of her mouth and down her chin, but she was able to swallow a majority of my load.

As my orgasm subsided, I tried to catch my breath because at this point I noticed that as I was cumming, I was so engrossed in the pleasure that I had forgotten to breathe. Opening my eyes, Emily gave me a huge smile as she wiped the few drops of cum from her chin. “Well, I guess you really did hold off cumming for the whole trip. I have never had that much cum shot into my mouth before. You tasted so good baby.” She leaned in for a passionate kiss with lots of tongue action.

“Emily, you can suck my cock whenever you want! So, do you want me to eat your pussy?”

“Yes, but not now. I made dinner reservations for 6 o’clock. We Bursa Bayan really need to get moving so that we aren’t late. Don’t worry, we can continue this after our date. Now come on, get dressed, mister!”

With a smile, I jumped up and rummaged through my closet. As we got dressed, Emily asked me all about my trip. I filled her in on the boring details, but as I did so, I made sure to check her out as she got dressed for our date. I could not help but noticed that she wore that tiny black thong that I loved so much. Damn, I knew I would not be able to get that thong off my mind while we had dinner. Soon we were dressed and headed out the door. At this point, I realized that I was totally famished, having not eaten since breakfast.

The restaurant that Emily made reservations for was relatively new to the town. The food was absolutely delicious. While we ate, we continued our conversation from before. Emily filled me in on how her week was and how things were at home when I was gone. At times, Emily was a little flirty with me, rubbing my leg under the table with her foot. As we ate dessert (which appropriately enough was cherry pie), Emily crossed over and sat next to me on the booth on my side of the table. She rested her hand on my thigh as we ate, occasionally rubbing it over my cock. I was growing harder in my pants as she did this and could not wait to get home. After paying the bill, we headed to the car and drove to our house. On this drive, Emily upped the ante and really decided to be dirty.

She said, “You know baby, I am so proud of you for saving your cum for me. It was so delicious. I loved when it spurted out of your cock and into my mouth. By letting it build up, you tasted even better than normal. I need more of your cock when we get home though. I had fun masturbating with my dildos, but they are nothing in comparison to your hard dick. I can’t wait for you to plow your cock deeply into my cunt. You’re gonna pump so much cum into me tonight, I just know it. But first, I need you to eat my pussy. I need your tongue to lick my clit as your fingers probe deeply inside of me. I might even let you finger my ass, since I know that gets you so excited.”

As she spoke, it took all my effort not to swerve off the road. I knew from experience that when she spoke like this, she was well beyond horny. She needed a good fucking as much as I did. Luckily, we were there for each other.

When we arrived home, I was barely able to close the door behind me when Emily pounced on me like a cat that just found its prey. She wrapped her arms around me and passionately kissed my lips. Our tongues intertwined as we kissed, with an excellent combination of love and lust. It seemed as if she was trying to jam her whole tongue down my mouth, and not wanting to be outdone by her, I responded in kind. Our sloppy wet kisses could only last so long before we needed to come up for air.

Breathing heavily, Emily took advantage of this break from kissing to unbutton my shirt. I always found it sexy when Emily was so turned on that she could not resist ripping my clothes off. Throwing my shirt to the floor, she quickly grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. Her sexy black lace bra was barely able to contain her glorious tits. At this point, Emily had had enough of a break from our kiss as she attacked me again. This time, I was enjoying the warmth of her skin as she pressed up against me.

While Emily embraced me, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Taking a moment to step back, she let the bra fall to the floor, revealing her tits. She was clearly turned on since her nipples stood at full attention. I always loved how hard they got when she was horny. I have never measured them, but I would not be surprised if they poked out at least a half an inch. Since this is true, I could not resist sucking on her nipples, which grew even harder in my mouth. Emily responded with a moan as my tongue assaulted first one, and then the other nipple.

Pushing me onto the couch, Emily smiled as she unbuttoned her skinning jeans and peeled them down. Standing in front of me in just her lacy black thong, she joked that I was too overdressed, so just like with my shirt, she helped herself to undressing me, taking off my pants and boxers in one fell swoop. My cock was at full attention as Emily straddled me and continued to kiss me with reckless abandon. As our kissing continued, we caressed each other’s bodies as our desire grew and grew.

Finally, I knew that I needed to taste my gorgeous wife. Lifting her up, I was able to swap positions so that she was sitting on the couch and I was kneeling in front of her. With legs wide open in front of me, I leaned in and kissed her pussy over her thong. The smell of her arousal was overpowering and I could tell that her underwear was wet. Continuing to tease her, I kissed her through her thong again, and then kissed her inner thighs. Deeply inhaling her aroma, Escort Bursa I felt as if I was in heaven. Knowing that the teasing had to come to an end, I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her thong and gently slid it off of her. As I went to toss the thong to the side, I could see that it was coated with a good amount of her vaginal slime. Taking a second to sniff her pussy juices on her thong, I threw it to the side and was staring down at my wife’s wonderful pussy.

Emily was not fully shaved, but always kept her public hair nicely trimmed. She did this because when we first got together I told her that I loved to see some public hair on the woman I was fucking. Prior to meeting me, she said that she always totally shaved herself down there. I guess the fact that she kept a nicely trimmed bush was a testament to her love for me.

Just by looking at her, I could tell that Emily was already soaking wet. Slowly, I extended my tongue to run along the length of her slit, from the bottom all the way up to her clit. Once reaching her clit, I flattened my tongue and repeatedly licked her clit. The more I licked, the wetter she became as her clit became more pronounced. Looking up at Emily’s face I could see that her eyes were closed with her head resting back as she enjoyed my efforts.

My chin was coated with pussy juice as I decided to drop down a bit and lick her pussy hole. Copious amounts of juice saturated by tongue. She was so wet that my tongue was kind of like a spoon as I scooped juice from her pussy. The taste was amazing as I straightened my tongue and tried to stick it as far up into her pussy as possible. Emily squirming under me was encouragement enough to keep going.

Knowing that she needed some deep penetration, I replaced two fingers with my tongue. With my fingers deeply pressed inside of her, I redoubled my licking of her clit. At this point, Emily was gripping my hair as she ground her hips against my face. Knowing she was close to orgasm, I stuck a third finger into her as my tongue licked her clit with lightning speed. My tongue and fingers were starting to cramp up, but knowing she was about to cum gave me motivation to continue.

With a massive grunt, Emily pinned my head between her legs, yelling “I’m cummmming!!!!” If I thought she was wet before, I was very mistaken as my mouth was flooded with a waterfall of her juice. I just kept licking away as she rode her orgasm. She was so forceful with gripping my head between her legs that my nose was starting to hurt being mashed up against her. I just figured that there were worse ways to get a nose injury, so I did not resist her forcefulness. Eventually, she released her grip and pulled me up to her face. I could tell that she was flush from the orgasm she just had. Weakly, she kissed me, tasting her juices that coated my face.

After recovering for a few moments, she said, “I need to taste your cock now!”, as she crawled on top of me. As her lips engulfed me, she positioned her pussy right over my mouth. Taking her cue, I once again extended my tongue into her pussy as we fell into a sensual 69. I must admit that I love this position. The thrill of getting and receiving pleasure at the same time is so exciting. As she took me as far down her throat as possible, I spread her wide to get access to her pussy. Still wet from my efforts moments ago, she was actually dripping juices into my face. I’m not sure how long we were in this position because time tends to stand still when my face is plastered onto Emily’s pussy.

Regardless, all good things must eventually come to an end. Our 69 came to a halt when Emily exclaimed, “Fuck baby. I need to ride your cock!” She then leap off of me. As I sat on the couch, Emily mounted me and in one swift motion, she impaled herself on me. As my cock sunk deep into into her pussy, we kissed with the same urgency as before. The only difference was that she was rocking up and down on my cock. Emily would momentarily break our kiss to lick her pussy juices from my chin and cheeks. We were a flame with extreme lust for each other. At one point, Emily leaned back, giving me a great view of her tits as they bounced with each thrust of my cock.

As we fucked, my hands gripped Emily’s hips. Feeling especially adventurous and randy, I dropped my right hand even lower and began to massage her asshole with my middle finger. Emily loves it when I play with her ass, so as my finger tickled her hole, she wiggled her hips in delight and moaned as we kissed.

As Emily slid up and down on my cock, I was enjoying every second and savoring this feeling. It had been way too long since I had buried my cock inside of her. I could sense that Emily was approaching another orgasm as she was riding me. Deciding to send her over the edge, I gently eased my finger into her ass all the way up to the second knuckle. This anal intrusion definitely did the trick. Screaming in delight, Emily bucked her hips as she came. Her pussy tightened like a vice around my cock as she visibly shook in pleasure. Not wanting this to end, I mustered all my energy to hold back my own orgasm. Somehow I was successful, probably because Emily had sucked me off just before dinner.

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