It Started with Quarters

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Big Dicks

I had just turned 18 and was about to go off to College in Washington after summer break so what better time to go on a road trip with my 2 best buds than now. My name is Rob and I had been friends with Mike and Paul for as long as I can remember. Let me describe myself before I going any further with this tale, I have always been the smallest in the group at 5’6″ 145lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes.

We had always wanted to go to San Francisco so that’s where we decided to go. We didn’t have a car but Mike’s brother Stew (2 years difference in age but they looked almost like twins) had a van and said he’d drive if we didn’t mind his friend Mark coming along. No problem and off we went.

We drove up from Los Angeles and decided to save some money by all sharing one room with two queen size beds in it. We were staying for 3 days and it was just our luck that it poured down rain the whole second day.

It was 4 o’clock and being bored with nothing to do we decided to get some beer, Stew (he was the only one that was 21) gave his ID to Mike and told him to get a case.

It was about 5 at night when Mike returned with the beer. It didn’t take long for the booze to start having an effect on us when Mark said let’s play quarters.

To play quarters you put a small glass of beer in the middle of the table then try to bounce a quarter into it. If you make it you pick the person who has to down the beer, pretty simple. The game is better played with girls because then you get to retrieve the quarter with a kiss. Of course that was not going to be part of our game.

This went on for 20 to 30 minutes and all of us had a pretty good buzz going. Stew started talking about his girlfriend and how she loved his big dick.

Of course we all laughed and stated fucking with him saying that she must be very frustrated with the little dick that he had.

At that point he said, “I bet I’m bigger than any of you”. Well the beer had taken its toll and soon they were all stripping.

When they were all naked they noticed that I had not even started to take my clothes off.

What they didn’t know was that at the beginning of the year my then girlfriend had talked me into shaving myself down there, I don’t know why but I liked the feeling so even after we broke up I kept on doing it.

Of course they started riding me to get going but I said “nah I’ll sit this out”.

Stew with a smile said “you can either take them off or I will for you”! Now Stew is about 6ft 210 lbs. So I took him very seriously and slowly started to take my shirt off, then my pants, but I stopped at my underwear.

When he started towards me I dropped them quickly.

They all just stared at me when they saw my cleanly shaven cock and balls. I was so embarrassed. Paul asked if I was gay. “NO” I said.

Mark told everyone to start stroking to get hard so that the comparison could begin.

I can’t tell you how surreal it is to be drunk and masturbating with 4 other guys.

Stew by far had the biggest with an impressive 8 inches, Mark was equally impressive with around 7 inches and thick, Bill and Mike were both about 6 to 6 ½ inches.

I was really embarrassed due to the fact that I was having stage fright and could not get hard. But looking at the 4 cocks around me my little 5 skinny inches wasn’t going to keep me from catching hell anyway. But I had a good buzz going so I didn’t care.

At that point we forgot about the game and just started drinking beer. Everyone put their shorts back on but Stew stayed naked. I figured he was just proud of his cock. Everytime I looked in his direction he’d grab it and shake it at me then laugh.

It was about 1hour later and all the beer was gone so Stew again gave Mike his ID and he left with Paul to get some more.

They had been gone about 15 minutes when Mark said he had to use the can. So here I was sitting in a motel room watching TV with a naked guy.

Feeling very uncomfortable I kept looking over at Stew. Finally he just said “dude if you want to play with my cock just ask”.

I was shocked. “Fuck you and fuck your cock”.

He smiled, “look here smooth boy I can see that you want too so just come over here and play with it. Nobody will know, come on you know you want too”.

I had a really good buzz going but this was not something I wanted to do.

Stew got up and walked over to where I was sitting. “Come on just touch it”. He was starting to get hard again.

I had never had a cock this close to me before and again I was very impressed by the size, “Stew get the fuck away from me”.

“Not till you play with my cock”. Just his tone scareg me so I reached out and just touched it.

“There you go, now wrap your fingers around it”. Again I did as he said. Now stroke it, come on you’ve beat your meat before, you know what to do”.

Up and down my hand started to go, with all the beer I had drank it really didn’t register to me that I was beating another guy off.

After about a minute a large drop of beyoğlu escort precum appeared and started running down towards my hand. I started to pull away when Stew said, “don’t let go, it will help my cock slide through your hand”.

Soon it was all over my hand and his cock was easily sliding through it. I”m not an expert but I have to say that there was a lot of precum being produced.

At one point Stew reached down with his finger and touched it. When he pulled it away it left a thick trail about 2 inches long. When it broke he laughed and said, “you want a taste”?

I didn’t say anything and he smeared it on my lips and laughed.

I don’t know why but as I was stroking my first cock I got a hardon. I figured it had to be the beer because I was not gay.

Stew grabbed my hand and told me to hold still, “Wow” was all he said.

Just then Mark came out of the bathroom “what the fuck”.

Stew looked at him and said, “Robby here is giving handjobs”.

I pushed him away and stood up trying to figure out what was going on. “Fuck that leave me alone”.

“Was he doing a good job” Mark asked.

“Yeah, he had me that close to shooting a second ago”.

“Man did you see how smooth he looked with no hair on that girly dick of his” Mark said with a laugh.

“That was no dick, that was a large girlie clit”, Stew teased.

I was really starting to panic, “come on guys, this isn’t funny”.

Mark took his shorts off, walked over to me with his now hard cock in his hand.

I shook my head no and started to back away.

Mark just smiled and said “you can do this the easy way or the hard way”.

They could see tears forming in my eyes but it didn’t faze them.

“Take those clothes now”! Stew yelled at me.

I slowly pulled my pants down and again I was naked.

Mark pushed me on my knees. He then pointed his now hard cock at my mouth and said, “open up”.

“You said handjobs not a blowjob, I’m not doing this”.

I didn’t see it coming but felt it as he slapped me across the face.

“I said open up”.

I opened my mouth and he slipped his cock in.

Stew got behind me and I could feel him rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass and lower back. I could feel his precum starting to make it slick back there. He reached around and with one hand grabbed one of my nipples and with the other grabbed my cock.

“Boy he is smooth as a lady, my god he’s getting hard also, I think he likes this”.

Fuck I did have a hardon.

He then reached down and started feeling my balls, he put his mouth near my ear and whispered “I’m going to love fucking that pussy of yours”‘. He then pinched my nipple and twisted it.

With Marks cock in my mouth all I could do is grunt in pain.

Just then the door opened and Mike and Paul walked in. To say they were shocked would be putting it mildly.

Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth and while smacking me across the face with it said “great the beers here”. He got up and grabbed one.

Mike finally said “what the hell Rob, are you a fag”?

Stew laughed and said “if he wasn’t he sure is now”.

I looked up at them and said “Please Mike, Paul help me. Tell them to stop”!

Stew was still behind me pinching my nipple, he released my balls and again grabbed my cock. “Hey little bro if he wanted us to stop then why is his little clit here hard”?

They both now looked at my hard cock.

“Please Mike, Paul”.

“Dude your on your own” was all Mike said.

Stew twisted my nipple again and said “here we go, If you two want to join in get naked, if not take a ride and be back in a couple hours”!

I really started crying hard as Paul and Mike sat down to watch the show.

Stew let go of me and went and got a beer, he came back with two and asked if I wanted one before we started, “it will dull the pain” he laughed.

With tears flowing I nodded yes and was given the beer. 8 eyes, 4 guys, and 2 hard cocks watched me drink my beer without a word being said.

Stew looked at Mike and Paul and asked, “are your joining in or not”?

Paul said “I’m in”.

Mike looked over at me and just started taking his clothes off.

I finished the beer and Mark said “let’s get this show on the road”.

I started really crying hard again and begged for one my beer.

Stew tossed me another and said “down it fast”.

I chugged it fast and was really starting to feel no pain.

Stew asked me if I was ready now. I just nodded.

Before I knew what was happening they all grabbed me and laid me on the bed and started rubbing their cocks all over me. I had trails of pre-cum all over my chest and face.

“Let’s have a good look at him” Stew said and someone grabbed my legs and pulled them over my head and that’s when they saw my cleanly shaven rosebud staring at them. “Fuck look at that pussy, nice and smooth, I’ll bet it’s tight”.

They let go of me and I was suddenly lying there on my back with 4 hard cocks sarıyer escort staring at me.

Stew then said he was sorry but that I was going to be their bitch tonight and again told me I could either go along with it or they would take me. He said that it was my choice.

I was just sobbing now, and with my tear streaked face begged them one more time not to do this to me,

Mark laughed and said, “I guess it’s the hard way then”.

“No, no” I yelled kicking my legs at them “I’ll do it, I said I’d do it”.

Mike again brought his cock to my mouth. He rubbed his pre-cum across my lips and said very calmly “open you’re fucking mouth”. When I did he slid his cock in my mouth. I really didn’t know what I was doing but he seemed to like it.

I could get half down my throat but he wasn’t satisfied with that and was trying to get it all in. I gagged a couple times when he said “relax and just let me slide it in”. I tried to and he did get most of it in.

The other three just sat there stroking their cocks waiting their turn.

Mark was about to cum acouple of times but kept pulling out saying that he wanted his first cum to last awhile.

Stew finally said “time to switch, next up Paul, Mike on deck, I get the hole”. I guess he thought that was funny.

Paul who didn’t want to take his time replaced him. He was smaller than Mark and came in about 5 minutes. I could feel him tense up but didn’t have time to react and felt the warm cum filling my mouth.

I tried to push him away but he held my head tight said “swallow it”. I tried the best I could but some spilled out onto my chest. He reached down and scooped it up with his hand, brought it up and rubbed it all over my face.

Stew tossed me another beer and said “here you can wash it down with this”.

As I downed the beer I could see Mike stroking his cock. “Your up Mike”, Mark said.

I was then made to suck each one to completion. I was able to get everyone’s cock down my throat but Stew; he was just too big. He also didn’t want to cum in my mouth, he pulled out and did the money shot on my face. I never seen so much cum, I thought it would never end.

This took about 1 hour and I thought I was done when Mark had finally shot his wad down my throat.

I was tossed another beer, as I was drinking it I got up and was bending over to get my clothes to get dressed when Stew came up behind me and started to rub his newly harden cock up my ass crack. “I told you earlier that I was going to have fun fucking that ass of yours”. I tried to get away but the others grabbed me and put me face down on the bed.

“Relax buddy” Stew said as he tried to crawl on my back.

I was fighting a good fight when someone slapped me upside my head, it hurt like hell and I just gave up and lay there. A pair of hands roughly spread my legs apart and another spread my cheeks. I could feel oil being pour over my asshole and the next thing I knew I had a finger up my ass. One finger was replaced by two fingers and then two fingers were replaced by three. And then they were removed.

I pleaded with them not to do this but that only seemed to excite them. I looked to Mike one last time but when I saw the look in his eyes and the hard cock in his hand I knew I was finished. I could feel Stew big cock head next to my now vacant asshole, then it was in.

To try to describe the pain, well lets just say they weren’t prepared for what came out of my mouth, Mark jumped up and grabbed someone’s underwear and shoved them in my mouth.

Stew held still to see if anyone had heard my scream.

Paul put his shorts on and went to the door and opened it. I could hear him out in the parking lot asking someone if they had heard it also.

Who ever he was talking to made the comment that he thought it came from the other side of the building, Paul agreed and after they didn’t hear anything else both went back to their rooms.

Stew smiled and said “what the fuck Rob”. I just cried and buried my head into the bed as Stew renewed his assault in my ass.

After acouple minutes he had buried himself completely up my ass, it felt like his cock went all the up into my stomach. As he continued to fuck me the pain started to subside. With all the precum that he was again omitting it became very slippery back there and he started to slide in and out easier.

I wasn’t screaming anymore just sobbing so Mark pulled the underwear from my mouth.

I laid there crying and Stew continued to fucked me. At one point he reached under me and pulled me to a kneeling position, he then started pinching my nipples and grabbing my cock. He wasn’t trying to give me pleasure, he was treating me like a bitch and rubbing his palm up and down my balls and cock.

He was panting and saying “oh yeah, what a tight bitch we have here, oh fuck she’s tight, fuck, fuck”! He started fucking me faster and faster, pulling and twisting my nipple hard. He had his other hand between my legs and was rubbing me rally fast. I had been soft the whole time maslak escort he had been raping me, but as he was abusing my nipples, cock and balls I started to get hard.

Finally he pulled me close, buried himself deep in me tensed up and came hard. I could feel the warm cum coating my insides. He pulled out but stayed lying on top of me. He pushed himself up and rubbed his soiled cock across my ass. As he got up he slapped my ass and said, “I’ll be tapping that again”.

At that point it became a free for all and they all started using me any way they wanted.

Mark mounted me next and as he fucked me Paul came over to my head and started fucking my face. This went on until Mark was ready to shoot, he pulled out of me and shoot his load over the crack of my ass.

Paul pulled out of my mouth and pushed his cock into my well-used ass. He was not kind at all. He was pushing my head into the mattress hard, slapping my ass, grabbing my hips and slamming into me.

He pulled out of me and flipped me on my back. He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and again started fucking me. I was looking up at someone who I thought was a close friend and he was raping me and enjoying it.

At one point he pushed me forward so far that my ass was up high and my ankles were by my ears. And still he continued to ravage my ass slamming his cock into me.

Then he yell “fuck yeah” pushed in all the way then pulled out and shoot his cum all over my cock and balls. He laid on top of me sweating and then rolled over and fell asleep.

I sat up and saw that Stew and Mark had fallen asleep on the other bed and Mike was sleeping in a chair.

I looked at the clock, it was 1 in the morning and I curled up and fell asleep crying.

Later felt someone pulling me over to the side of the bed. It was Mike. I looked at him with pleading eyes but he said, “sorry but I have too”.

“No you don’t, please Mike, I’ll suck you but please don’t fuck me”. He rolled me onto my belly and pulled my legs over the edge of the bed onto the floor.

He then parted my ass and pushed his cock in. I watched the clock as he fucked me. It was 23 minutes later when he finished his rape of me by pulling out and cumming all over my back. I just rolled off the bed onto the floor.

I woke up at around 8 in the morning, Mike, Paul, and Mark were getting dressed.

Stew came out of the bathroom and asked where they were going?

“Going to Breakfast” Paul said.

“Bring me back a coffee and a muffin” Stew said.

I started to get up when he asked where I was going. I said I needed to go to the bathroom, take a shower and get dressed.

He told me to go to the bathroom but leave the door open and I was not to take a shower. He like seeing me with cum all over me.

When I came out of the bathroom everyone had left, Stew was sitting on the edge of the bed with his legs spread and stroking his cock. “Get over here and start sucking”

I started crying but that seemed to have no effect on him. I crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth.

He used my mouth for about 20 minutes, he seemed to like pulling out and rubbing the head all over my face. He would then bring it back to my mouth and tease me with it, just putting the head in then pulling it out again. He then would grab my head and forced it in till I could feel his pubic hair against my nose.

I was gagging and thought I would pass out.

He then pulled his cock out and told me crawl up on the bed. He then proceeded to rape my ass again. When he was finished he pulled his cock out and told me to clean it.

We had just finished when everyone returned from breakfast.

As one would pack another would rape me.

When they all had finished Paul said “hey the little fucker hasn’t cum yet, we can’t leave him hanging”

He pushed me on my back and positioned himself at my head, he then grabbed my ankles and pulled them back, soon I was doubled over with my cock hanging about 4 inches from my mouth.

Stew stood at my side, reached under and grabbed my cock, he then started beating me off.

Mark got behind me and saw my gapping ass with all the cum running out of it. He started spanking me and telling me to cum.

It took about 10 minutes but I finally came all over my face. Stew looked at me and said, “don’t say we didn’t do anything for you”.

Mike checked out of the room at 11 o’clock and the stuff was loaded in the Van.

I was still naked in the room when Stew said let’s go.

Paul was the lookout and with Mark holding one arm and Stew the other they escorted me naked to the sliding door and pushed me in.

They had taken the middle seats out before we had left so they had me lay on the floor in front of Mark and Paul while Mike drove and Stew rode shotgun.

About an hour into the trip Mark got on the floor and made me suck him again.

Paul laughed as he watched me swallow his load.

Over the next three hours I was fucked or sucked each of the other 3 or should I say 2. Paul couldn’t get it up and all I did was suck on a soft cock.

I lost it again and was sobbing so Mike turned up the music on the radio so he would not have to listen to me.

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