It Happened Last Night

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Last night my roommate Paula brought this hunk named Randall home with her from the bar. Randall was so tall; he had to duck to get through the doorway. He had beautiful long black curly hair, deep blue eyes and huge muscles. She told me he was a movie cowboy. He was a walking wet dream for every woman in the neighborhood.

She led him with a smile for me, into her bedroom by his bulging cock. I heard her laugh and say “Did I do this to you?” He groaned out an answer and I could hear the slurping of my roommate as she licked and sucked him. I moved the picture that covered the spy hole in our adjoining wall so I could watch.

The cowboy was standing pressed against the bedroom door. Paula was on the ground her sweatshirt was pushed up and her tits were wrapped around his huge member. She had opened her mouth and stretched to its limit, she was sucking for her life. I could see the bulge of the head buried deep inside her throat. I envied that woman more than usual.

He poured out his juices in minutes and growled, “Damn woman that was the best blow job I have had in months.”

Finished with his speech, he lifted her off her feet, ripped the thong off her body and threw her flat on the bed, legs hanging over the side. I figured now I get to see him return the favor and wondered how good he was at the job of making a woman come. He surprised both of us by picking up her legs holding them over his shoulders and jamming his huge cock all the way in to her over stretched pussy. I heard the breath as it escaped from her lungs in one big whoosh. He pulled back and did it again and she was in the istanbul escort middle of a major climax. He smiled, and settled down to a long slow leisurely fuck. I guess he figured she was happy so he had all night. He reached and started mauling her tits pulling them up, rolling them hard between his fingers and pop letting them snap back.

Paula head thrown back whipping it from side to side was muttering garble I couldn’t understand. She was in permanent climax from what I could see and each one was longer and stronger than the one before. I could see the muscles in her stomach ripple as she came for him repeatedly.

After about ten minutes, he flipped her over and onto her hands and knees. He coated his fingers with her free flowing juices then pushed one then another into her ass. Once he had her ass full he then jammed his cock back into her wet and stretched pussy. I thought she was overexcited before, she howled begging him to stop, to not stop, reaching to jam him deeper and pleading with him to push another finger into her ass. He obliged and told her to start teasing her clit. She reached with her hand and the minute she touched it she was so far gone she collapsed onto the bed.

He grinned pulled out and jerked off until he covered her sweated naked back with several spurts of juice. He then massaged it into her skin kissed her ass cheeks and pulled his jeans on as he grabbed the rest of his clothes and headed for the bedroom door.

I managed to pull my fingers out of my shorts and meet him in the hall. “Bathroom is over there if you want to clean up?”

He grinned and şişli escort reached out and pulled me to him. Yanking my head back by my ponytail, he jammed his mouth down on mine. I gave in and gave up and then I was putty to do with as he pleased.

He pushed me to the floor and unzipped his jeans. I didn’t hesitate. I cleaned him up. Doing my cleanup was making him hard and shiny wet.

“Now he drawled whatever should we do with this?”

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Fuck me senseless with it.” He smiled and picked me up and we went back into my room. He sniffed, looked around saw the hole and laughed. “No wonder your so horny, well now pint size it’s your turn to ride the pony.”

I don’t think I mentioned I am 5 foot even and wear a size six. I came up to his belly button. He was going to be surprised when he undressed me however cause my 34 breasts were a double d that’s why I wore such baggy shirts all the time. Compared to Paula we are opposites I have short red hair, green eyes and freckles, she is tall, model thin and hair the color of ripe wheat in the Kansas sun.

Cowboy pulled my sweatshirt off, dropped my shorts, stood back, and whistled. I grinned, he hadn’t whistled at Paula or bothered to take off her shirt. I said, “thank you.”

He knelt and I felt his mouth on my wet center of delight. I had time to think he hadn’t done that to Paula when I felt his fingers inside me and I flooded him with juices. He pushed something cold into my ass and suddenly I felt a stream of lubrication and his fingers followed. I was orgasmic all the time I was dreading the ordeal mecidiyeköy escort to come. I like anal sex, so I relaxed, and pushed back, and opened myself to him. He rewarded me by biting, kissing, and paddling my ass as he opened me up and then he was there.

I felt the push and heard the pop I was stretched further than any man had ever done. He swore and told me to lay still. “You’re so tight and hot I am almost ready to lose it now and we can’t have that lovely lady, I want to take you with me. I wanted that ass the minute I saw it when I came in.”

Meanwhile his fingers were plundering my pussy and each climax was higher than the one before. I didn’t know when I could think at all if I would live through anything bigger.

He started to move and I couldn’t do anything but mewl like a kitty looking for its mommy. He was swearing under his breath and telling me how wonderful my hot tight ass felt on his hard cock. He was also paddling me each crisp slap resounding in the room to my yelp of pain and moan of pleasure. After minutes that seemed like hours, we came together. He collapsed on my back panting as he caught his breath filling me so full it dripped out and down my legs smearing us both with the side effects of coupling.

He pulled free told me not to move and went into the bathroom. I heard water running and he returned and cleaned me up and then himself. Leaning over he kissed me witless and pulled a card out of his jeans said, “Tell Paula when you two are ready to play again call me. Next time we can do it all together.”

I curled up and nodded yes. He covered me up and the cowboy rode into the sunset. The next morning we both had happy memories of one great night, and plans for how soon we could do it again this time together.

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all rights reserved to author without permission

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