It finally happened

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It finally happenedSo it finally happened I have been cuckolded my girlfriend had her ex come over to see her before he left to go back home to Florida he came up to visit family for thanksgiving since he wouldn’t be able to the week of and it started as a normal visit there was no flirting or signs that it was going to happen he came over we hung out then my girlfriend suggested we go out to dinner so we went to Applebee’s we had a good time had a couple of drinks and went home we had a bottle of crown royal that we opened up and started drinking once she had a couple drinks in her and he had some in him they started flirting and joking and he said in front of me I really miss your pussy he quickly realized what he said and apologized but before I could say anything my girl said I miss your huge cock he looked at me shocked and she said don’t worry he’s been trying to get me to fuck a black guy in front of him for months now he looked a little confused and said really I looked at him and said yeah I saw pictures of you and her and ever since then have been turned on by the idea of her with a black guy now by this point we were all pretty drunk he said to me and her we can fuck again and you can see it in person I had a grin from ear to ear and my girlfriend had a giant smile on her face we left the living room and went to the bedroom he said to me this is the last chance to change your mind I said no I wanna see this and she said even if he wanted to change his mind it’s to late I want this he laughed and took off his yalova escort jeans I could see his dick through his boxers it was huge the head was actually coming out the bottom of them once he dropped his boxers I saw his giant black veiny dick it was thicker then a coke can and 13 inches long yes I asked that lol once his boxers were off my girl went right to work and started sucking his dick he picked her up threw her on the bed and started eating her pussy out then he sucked on her breasts and kissed her for some time while teasing her pussy by rubbing his dick up and down her lips she said stick that nigger cock in me now he said I missed this white pussy and by the feeling of it it missed this black dick I was shocked to hear her say that shes always hated that word but apparently they always talked like that during sex he started off gently then after about ten minutes he started moving the whole bed he told her to get on her knees and he ducked her doggy so hard and fast her breasts were flying back and forth he looked at me and said what do you think I smiled then said I think she’s gonna walk funny tomorrow he laughed and said no not from this this sluts pussy is a veteran for nigga dick but this will make her walk funny I had a confused look on my face for a second then saw him pull his dick outta her pussy spit on her asshole and begin fucking her she was screaming in pleasant and she started to laugh and said he ain’t lying I’m definitely going to walk funny tomorrow after about 15 minutes in her ass he escort yalova had her suck his dick then he started fucking her pussy again he asked us where he can cum I said she’ll swallow she said no cum inside me I wanna feel that cock throb I was amazed at how slutty my girlfriend was acting but I loved every second of it I hear him start to moan and before I knew it here was my girlfriends black ex boyfriend cumming inside her she grabbed his ass pulling him into her he came so much I saw it gushing out around his dick her pussy was completely filled and I was so turned on when he pulled out I saw her stretched out pussy leaking cum all over our sheets she was completely filled he said you’re up I said I’m ok with sloppy seconds he said if you want that you gotta eat her pussy out first I hesitated for a minute but I was so turned on I just wanted to fuck her so I got on the bed and began eating her pussy I felt my face and beard get completely covered in cum she was in heaven and as I’m stretching my tounge down her pussy a huge flood of cum comes pouring into my mouth I looked up and saw her smile she said don’t lie baby I’ve swallowed his cum hundreds of times I know it’s good right after that I tried to fuck her I say tried because her pussy really was stretched out so much my dick didn’t fit to well he started laughing and said at least I know the next time I come down it will still be tight for me she said maybe not I missed black dick we might have to make this a regular thing I said really sweetie she yalova escort bayan said yes this was fun and I really needed some black dick in my life I told her I’m completely down for that her ex said every time he’s up visiting family he’ll stop in and see us I told him you’re always welcome here and my girlfriend can be your white slut any time you want he said he’s definitely going to take us up on that she invited him to stay over and he said sure and the rest of the night they spent together flirting and touching each other as we watched movies in the living room she said to me we’re going into the room we want some alone time stay out in the living room ok honey I said not a problem beautiful and they fucked until 4:00am I fell asleep on the couch to the sound of my girlfriend screaming in pleasure when I woke up and walked in the bedroom I saw him holding her I woke them up and said do You’s want to get breakfast they said sure I got a shower and got ready I walked into the room my girlfriend was already dressed I said your not getting a shower she said nope I said baby you have cum all over your face she laughed and said it wouldn’t be the first time I went out with a black guys cum on my face and she wiped it off on our blanket we had breakfast and when we came back she said babe we’re gonna go one more time before he has to leave I said that’s fine honey and they fucked for hours I occasionally walked in the room and got to see her sexy pale skin fucking that dark huge cock I was never more turned on finally when they were done he said his goodbyes and left my girlfriend was a mess and stretched out, tired and covered in cum but she never looked happier and I was happy I finally got to experience a cuckold moment I can’t wait for the next time

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