It Doesn’t Taste That Nice Really…

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It doesn’t taste that nice really… Piss that is. Piss doesn’t taste too good at all.

Then why drink it?

Because when a girl pisses in your mouth it is one the most intimate displays of intimacy and trust that I can imagine. It’s not easy to piss easily with someone else watching and even harder when that is object of the exercise.

Let me rewind a little.

I love intimacy. Not just romantic intimacy, but physical intimacy and getting to know even the most private things. I consider it an expression of trust and love. The girl that loves you is happy to pee in front of you, when she is at her most vulnerable, is an expression of trust and love.

It is not much further to get your girl to piss in your mouth – should you want to. The story that I will recount is true.

At the time I had a very cute Brazilian girlfriend. She was the best fuck I have ever had and we did just about everything that was possible and more.

We used to shower together and as it was a large shower we had plenty of room to move. Often I would take advantage and have a cuddle and fondle of my little Brazilian cutie. I’d wash her back and rub myself over her.

I would also shave her hairy cunt. She would pull her lips apart for me and I would lather her bush up and shave it totally clean.

Firstly, I trim back the bushier bits with scissors and then lather her up and using my razor start shaving across the top of her cunt. We would stop regularly and wash off the lather too see how we were going. I would then move onto shaving her outer lips. Here she would lift her leg over put one foot on my shoulder so that sho could give me enough access to her hidden bits. She’d hold her lips wide for me while I shaved every little hair away. Once her cunt was hair free I lick all around her cunt checking for stray hairs with my tongue.

Not forgetting of course to take advantage of the situation and licking her clit and tonguing her gaping cunt, she was very wet and tasted sweet and sticky.

Satisfied that her cunt was clean, I’d move around to her arsehole.

She turned around facing away from me and bend over. I’d lather up her arsehole and then shave it. She holds her beautiful Brazilian arse cheeks wide for me to give me better access to her little hairy hole. bursa eskort As her arsehole is not very hairy shaving her arse doesn’t take very long at all. Then I would do the same as her cunt, wash off the soap and check her arsehole with my tongue for any remaining hairs. This also allows me to lick her anus and maybe a little gentle tongue fucking, another pastime of mine.

I always enjoyed licking her arsehole, but today this is not the object of the exercise.

I move around to her front again, water streaming from the shower down her smooth brown body and over my face. I move forward to her clean-shaven mound. Her clit hood standing proud of her mound and her inner lips protrude from within her fleshy outer lips. She has the most gorgeous cunt I have ever seen.

I slowly start licking her bald pubis and move down and lick her outer lips, occasionally flicking over her inner lips and across her clit hood. I wriggle my tongue between her inner lips and taste the sweet wetness of her pussy juices. She always tastes nice. I gently start teasing and licking her clit hood and push back the little hood of skin to reveal her hard little clit underneath. I suck it into my mouth and flick it with my tongue. She pushes her hips forward to get more pussy into my mouth. I use my fingers to tease her cunt opening while flicking her clit with my tongue. I slowly ease my fingers between her inner lips feeling the sticky wetness within as I tease my finger across her cunt opening and flick it backwards and forwards, not penetrating, but making her shiver in anticipation.

I push a finger up into her tight wet hole and she opens for me. I can feel the tightness of her cunt giving way to open space inside her cunt. I wriggle my finger in further.

I have long fingers so I can reach every part of her tiny cunt. I find her G-spot and start to massage it slowly. This has her legs shaking and she holds my face closer to her clit and starts to shudder in a small orgasm.

She is breathing heavy now, water streaming down her body and over my face and I continue my tongue exploration of her cunt. I move a little down from her cunt and I find her most intimate hidden treasure, her little piss hole. It is usually missed by most guys; seen only as a place to piss bursa escort bayan from and not a place of erotic enjoyment. It is also very small and unprepossessing. I find her tiny hole and start licking it and trying to open it with my tongue. Just gently, not actually trying to penetrate it, just to find it’s hidden opening.

This is something new to her and she doesn’t know what to make of it. No one has even licked her there before. She likes, but it feels so dirty, so she shouldn’t enjoy it, but she can’t help it. My tongue is doing a little dance over her pee hole while my finger if pressing against her g-spot.

The water running down her body and my ministrations have drawn attention to the fact that she needs to piss, and the more I keep stimulating her the worse it gets. She tries to pull my face away from her cunt, but I wrap my arm around her small waist and draw her closer to me. She tries to draw away, but I hold tight. She says plaintively to me that she needs to pee. I don’t reply and keep my pleasuring up. “You dirty boy, you want me to pee in your mouth?” Again I don’t reply, just hold tight and tease her some more. I can feel a change come through her body, a relaxation, a surrender. I look up without taking my mouth away from her and see that she has closed her eyes and has such a look of serenity over her face. She lifts one leg and places a foot on my shoulder, her cunt opening wide before me and angles her hips toward my face. Her inner lips gape and show me all her hidden secrets. I see the object of my desire, her urethra, her piss hole, and as she relaxes I see that it no longer the hidden passage it was, but the whole area around her piss hole is expanding and her hole is becoming very distinct. A small mound of flesh with her piss hole in the middle. Her vagina is also expanding and trying to push my finger out. I refocus my attention on her little hole and flick my tongue back and forth over her urethra.

My cock is as hard as a rock with the perversion of the situation.

I lick her hole and suddenly taste a foreign flavour, salty and bitter compared to the sweetness of her pussy juices. It runs down my tongue and into my mouth, and as quickly as it started it was gone. Her piss hole closes a little, görükle escort and I know that she hasn’t relaxed into it yet. I continue my teasing and then I feel her little piss hole expand once again and I feel a distinct opening, larger than I thought it would be, and then a jet of piss shot into my mouth, followed by a flood of hot wet, pungent, acrid tasting piss into my mouth. I continue to lick her little hole, feeling the hole where the piss is leaving her body and running into my mouth. I don’t swallow, but let it collect in my mouth and run down my chin and through my beard and down my body. I slip my finger from her cunt and let her piss as hard as she likes. She is carried away with the perversion of it and pulls my face closer to her pissing hole.

I try drinking her piss, but it doesn’t taste that good, so continued letting it flow into my mouth and dribbling out.

She was nearly finished pissing when I reached down and grab my cock. I was so hard and turned on that it only took a few rubs and I was cumming all over her legs and myself. Cum shot everywhere as she continued to piss into my mouth. She pressed me closer and squirted the final drops into my mouth. I continued licking her and moved up to her clit and attacked it before she could react, she started thrusting her clit into my mouth. Since I had been drinking her piss it had got much larger and harder, she obviously got a thrill out such a perverted act. I sucked her clit into my mouth sending her over the edge into a body convulsing orgasm. She shook and trembled and pulled my face away from her spasming cunt, she couldn’t take any more pleasure.

We were both coming down from our orgasms as I slithered my way up her body and embraced her lovingly, holding her close as we trembled in the afterglow. I nuzzled around her neck, shoulders and held her face in my hands as I bent down and kissed her on the lips. She instantly tasted her piss all over my face and pulled away briefly with a puzzled look over her face, then a sly smile crept across her face and she came back and attacked my mouth with hers.

Our tongues danced as we shared her piss taste. We kissed deeply and passionately and rubbed our bodies against each other, all sticky wet and smelly. She gave me the best mouth sex ever.

Footnote: I regard the act of pissing as an example of trust, intimacy and love. I do not regard it as degrading and do not feel degraded by it, on the contrary I feel lucky and privileged to be allowed to experience such a primal and private act and enjoy the perverted pleasure that it brings.

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