It Began in the Locker Room Pt. 04

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Cameron could feel every heartbeat. His heart was lodged in his throat and threatening to beat its way out of his body. He took a breath and punched Ethan in the arm as his boyfriend laughed at him yet again. “Stop laughing at me. This is not funny,”

“Cam, you’ve met my Dad before. Why are you so stressed? You know he likes you already, so just relax,” Ethan tried to calm his boyfriend down before he vibrated right out of the car.

“This is the first time I’m meeting him as your boyfriend, it changes things. I’m sorry I’m being an idiot. I really don’t mean to be, I’m just nervous. I’ll be fine soon.” he said taking a deep breath.

Ethan pulled into his father’s driveway, stopped the car and put it in park. He turned in his seat as he unbuckled his own seatbelt. Reaching over he undid Cam’s and pulled him into his arms for a kiss. He was trying for reassuring, but somehow managed to end up with Cameron melted in his arms. Pulling back he look seriously at his boyfriend. Cameron was flushed, his lips swollen and eyes glazed. “My father is going to love you. He’s always known I had a thing for you, even when I didn’t understand things myself. Now I want you to relax. Our bag’s in the back, we’re only staying overnight. It will be a night of geeky scifi movies, a roast and embarrassing conversation. That’s all. Now get your ass out of the car,” he finished, leaning over and opening the passenger door and pushing it open.

He got out of his side and quickly walked over to Cameron’s side, pulling him out of the car and into his arms, kissing him again soundly. He licked into Cam’s mouth and sucked on his tongue, pushing Cam into the side of the car and aligning their hips together. Holding their hips tightly together. They were both hard, hell it felt like they spent half their time hard. If they were together sex seemed to be inevitable. Ethan didn’t know how he could sleep with Cameron in the same bed and keep his hands to himself but there was no way he was having sex under his Dad’s roof. Especially since their bedrooms were next to each other. There was no way either he or Cameron could be quiet. The teasing the next morning would be unbelievable.

Cameron pulled his lips away and attached them to Ethan’s neck, just behind his jaw, making Ethan moan at the pleasure. Ethan pushed both legs between Cameron’s and pressed in further. “Well you’re giving the neighbours a hell of a show. Get your horny asses in here, you bedroom is still here you know.”

Cameron wrenched himself away and promptly hid his beetroot red face in Ethan’s shoulder, fuck he’d just been caught by his boyfriend’s dad making out with his boyfriend on his front lawn, and he was right, the neighbours were watching, he could hear them greeting each other. “Fuck,” he whispered. Ethan chuckled and took it stride.

“Hi folks, not like most of you haven’t seen me in some compromising position,” he laughed. He pulled their bag out of the boot and pulled Cameron to the front door and the man waiting there for them. “Hi Pops,” he said as he threw the bag down on the top step and threw himself into the older man’s waiting arms.

“Hey kid. You look really happy,” he slapped his son on the back heavily then pulled away. “So, introduce me!” He demanded.

Ethan laughed and pulled Cameron tightly into his side. “Dad, this is Cameron. Cam, this is my Dad, Simon

Cameron put his hand out shyly to shake. He gasped when it was taken and he was pulled into a rough hug by the older man.

“So glad to finally meet you properly son,” he whispered into Ethan’s ear before letting him go and pulling both younger men further into the house. He shut the front door behind them all and clapped his hands once, loudly then rubbed them together. “Well,” he began as he hopped around their bag at their feet. “Ethan, take your things upstairs and show your young man your room. Then get your asses back down here to help me with dinner. William isn’t here yet so you two are drafted. Hustle boys, those sides won’t make themselves.”

Ethan chuckled, grabbed their bag and Cameron’s hand and headed them upstairs. At the top, Ethan turned right and pushed a door open. Cameron followed and found he was standing in a door of a room that would have been Ethan’s childhood bedroom. There were photos with Ethan wearing their old school uniform tacked onto the wall. Photos of Ethan with his old friends and alone. In jeans and tshirts. Even one with their old swim team. Ethan in the middle smiling like a Cheshire Cat with Cameron standing at the end, smiling too. Cam walked over to the photo and touched it lightly. “We were so young,” he said quietly. He felt Ethan’s strong arms wrap around him from behind.

“We’re not that old Cam. That was only a few years ago you know,” he chuckled and then bit softly on Cameron’s ear.

Moaning lowly, Cameron arched his neck to push his ear into the nip and tucked himself further into Ethan’s arms. “Never expected to have you like this back then,” he said, gasping.

“I was an idiot back Avrupa Yakası Escort then. I think Dad had more of an idea about me than I did in those days,” Ethan whispered as he moved his mouth away from Cameron’s eat and down his neck. Nipping and licking as he went until he started to feel Cam shiver in his arms.

Cameron groaned and slid his hands to Ethan’s own when he felt them start to wander toward his waistband and button. He threaded their fingers together and stopped Ethan’s downward progress. He groaned again when he felt his boyfriend’s hard cock rub against him. “God Ethan, I thought you said we weren’t gonna do anything here…” He gasped.

“I know. I know. But it’s really hard to keep my hands off you. I might develop some self control around you in a few years time but not yet,” he mumbled into the back of Cameron’s neck before grudgingly taking a step back and letting some space between them.

Cameron huffed s laugh and allowed his head to thump against the wall before turning around and facing his boyfriend. He found Ethan grinning at him sheepishly and couldn’t help returning the grin. He wiggled himself self consciously and willed his erection away before giving up and adjusting himself when he saw Ethan do the same.

“We’d better head back down to the kitchen before he starts yelling for us,” Ethan told him after a second. He turned around and picking up the bag he’d dropped on the floor and casually toss it on the big bed in the middle of the room.

Cameron looked the bed over before walking over to it. “This doesn’t look like you spent your childhood sleeping on it,” he commented.

Ethan laughed at that. “Hell no. This was a stop Dad from going nuts project. I had him help me make it after he and mom separated. Took us a few weeks. It’s solid wood. He made the bedsides to match when I went off to Uni. I think he finds working with wood relaxing now. Half the time now I’ll find Dad and Uncle William working on something in the garage. They finished the new shelves a couple of months ago. I spent half a weekend loading all of Dad’s DVDS in a few weeks ago. They really look great. So, Uncle William and Dad have been bffs for years. I reckon they’d be great together. They’re like an old great married couple already, without the sex anyway. But Dad won’t hear a word about taking that step. He’s too worried about losing his friend. I think Uncle William would throw Dad into bed in a second given a chance, but…I can’t say anything about it,” Ethan finished with a shrug. “I just want them both happy, you know? Mum moved on with her life. Got remarried. Uncle William, well his ex was a complete cow. Had more than one affair over the years. Especially when he was deployed overseas. He finally had enough one day a few years ago. Caught her in the act and stalked over to a divorce lawyer friend of his and told the guy he wanted a divorce and to get it done. Next thing I knew we were helping him move into this crappy flat about 10 minutes from here. He’s been there ever since. Anyway let’s get downstairs again before he starts yelling for us. I think I’m presentable again. You?” He asked, eyes focussed on Cameron’s crotch.

Cameron cleared his throat and nodded. His erection now safely gone, he was parent friendly again.

He followed Ethan down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Okay pops, what do you need?” Ethan asked cheerfully.

“Salad and dessert. Find something in the fridge and make it edible,” he said from the stove where he was stirring something that smelled like gravy.

Ethan took Cameron’s hand and lead the way to the fridge. In a minute Cameron’s arms were full of foods. From green leafy lettuces to fruits. Ethan pushed him to the counter and the boards set there. He separated fruits from vegetables and said succinctly, “You’re on fruit salad duty. Don’t cut yourself. Knives are over there.” And he pointed to the knife stand on the left. Cam leant over, picked a knife and got to work.

“I’ve got movies and beer and I’m ready for my weekend to start,” came the booming voice from the front door area.

“We’re in the kitchen, Will” Simon called back.

A second later Ethan yelped as he was lifted from behind and spun around. “How’s my favourite kid doing?”

“He’s trying not to cut his fingers or stab someone stupid enough to pick him up while he’s cutting food up,” Ethan grumbled all the while laughing happily. He kept smiling when he was back on his feet. He wrapped an arm around Cameron, pulling him close. “Uncle William, this is my boyfriend Cameron. Cam this is William, he’s basically my second Dad,” Ethan introduced.

William hooked an arm over Ethan’s shoulder and reeled him in for a smacking kiss against his temple. “Thanks kid. You’re my favourite nonson too,” releasing him again he took Cameron’s pro offered hand and snagged him in for a tight hug. “Glad to finally meet you, son,” he told the younger man.

A little shaken at the emotion he could glimpse, Cameron smiled shyly and Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan nodded. “Nice to meet you too sir,” he mumbled.

“Stop drowning the boys in emotion and set the table, you’re already late,” Ethan’s dad grumbled from his post at the stove, but the smile in his voice was obvious to all of them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, slave driver,” William said winking at the boys, he then turned and strode over to the other man to drop a smart slap on his ass, making him jump and squeal. He danced out of the way of the wooden spoon flailing at him and opened a drawer. He pulled cutlery out and soon had the table set.

The roast was succulent, just the right amount of salty sweet and Cameron felt stuffed to the gills. He sat back in his chair and listened to the good natured ribbing going on between what was obviously a close family. The back and forth was telling if you watched. The love at this table was thick enough to cut with a knife and Cameron felt included in its warmth.

“Cameron, my son tells me you’re studying law. What are you planning when you graduate?” Simon asked, handing Cameron some dessert.

Cameron took the bowl, “Thank you Sir. I’m concentrating on Commercial Law, so I’m hoping to find a position in a small company or firm. I’m not looking to start at a million dollar firm or anything like that.”

“Hmm, well I need an assistant, why don’t you come and intern with me at the firm for a while. You can probably even get some extra credit for it if you ask your Professor,” William told him seriously. He looked at Simon who nodded at them both happily.

“I can’t see why that would be a problem. Ethan interns for us and gets extra credit for it. We could organise it all with your Professors and you could start getting some experience in the next school break,” he said to them all.

Ethan was shocked at the offer. Things like this didn’t come around often and he knew he was lucky to get this one. He looked at Ethan and found him smiling around a mouthful of his dessert. “That’s a great offer, Sir. I’d be happy to say yes. Thank you,” Cameron said, quite shocked and subdued.

‘Well if that’s settled, Wil,l go get the movies settled while we load the dishwasher. Shoo, go,” Simon told the table waving his hands at the other man while grabbing his empty bowl. William pushed his chair away from the table smiling. He walked behind Simon’s chair and dropped a hand on his shoulder, he hesitated for a second and quickly dropped a kiss on top of the other man’s head before practically running for the other room.

Simon’s eyes almost fell out of his sockets and blushed furiously, refusing to look anywhere but directly in front of him. Cameron saw Ethan looking at his bowl and stifling a smile, so followed his lead until someone else moved first. Hearing Simon clear his throat made them all move from the table and gather their things to set in the dishwasher. No one spoke at all. It was a little shocking but Ethan seemed to be stopping a smile and Simon seemed a little in shock. Cameron just quietly followed their lead.


Cameron was wrapped securely in Ethan’s arms and engrossed in watching the second Star Trek movie for the evening when Ethan moved his head and whispered in his ear, “Look at those two.” Cameron slowly shifted his head enough to look at the other sofa, where Simon and William were seated. They had started off sitting at opposite ends of the piece of furniture. Now they were sitting in the middle of it, leaning against each other. Cameron smiled a little and returned his attention to the movie which was coming to an end soon.

Ethan pushed Cameron to stand as the credits started. “We’re headed to bed. Goodnight guys. See you in the morning,” Ethan told them. He ushered Cameron from the room before both men had even stopped blinking from the abruptness of it all.

Ethan pushed Cameron up the stairs and into his old bedroom and leaned against the shut door. He was smiling a Cheshire Cat grin again and barely holding onto his giggles. Sobering finally he pulled Cameron into his arms and hugged him fiercely. “Oh my God, I think Uncle William is gonna make a move on my Dad. Fuck, that’s great.” then he pushed Cameron away from him and kept pushing him until Cameron fell backwards onto the bed. Then he followed him down and plundered Cameron’s willing mouth. In seconds both of them were hot and panting and Cameron was pulling at Ethan’s t-shirt. Ethan pulled back just enough to slip it over his head and toss it to the floor. He took hold of Cameron’s top and peeled it off him to join his own. He took Cameron’s wrists in his own and pushed them over his head, stretching Cameron’s torso for him to play with.

Cameron arched happily under his boyfriend and groaned when Ethan gently bit his nipple. Then he licked the bite away and sucked the hard bud into his mouth and tormented it with attention. He wiggled a knee between Cameron’s and Cameron opened his legs quickly and easily, welcoming his boyfriend between Escort Avrupa Yakası his thighs and wrapping those strong legs around Ethan’s hips. Ethan left one nipple to torment the other one. He held Cameron’s wrists in one hand and moved the free hand to the button on Cameron’s jeans. He slipped it open and then slid the zipper down. He pulled away and skinned the jeans and briefs off his boyfriend so fast it left Cameron gasping. Then Ethan peeled his own clothes off and threw himself back on the other man.

It took only seconds for Ethan to prepare Cameron and Cameron was sucking in breath like he’d been running a marathon. They’d never had sex like this. It was fast, intense and dirty and Ethan slipped on a condom and was inside Cameron in seconds. Then he stilled and they both sucked in air while trying to keep quiet and gain some type of control. Cameron was biting his lips to stifle himself, he threw out an arm and found a pillow. He pulled it over his face and moaned into it. When he pulled it off his face he found Ethan laughing at him softly, shaking slightly. The shaking was doing amazing things to what Ethan’s cock felt like inside him. He wrapped his legs around Ethan’s hips and pulled him in tight and Ethan got the message and pulled out and thrust back in so fast it left Cameron reeling. Ethan snapped himself in and out of Cameron’s tight channel, he kept moving faster and faster. Sweat dripping down his neck and back and face. He released Cameron’s wrists and moved his hand to Cameron’s hips. Holding him tight enough to bruise.

Cameron slipped his hands into Ethan’s hair to keep the sweaty strands off his face. He pulled Ethan down to lock their lips together. Running his tongue around Ethan’s mouth, drinking in the taste of the man. He couldn’t keep his breathing steady. He was already feeling lightheaded. He was hot and hard and more than willing to come all he needed was just a touch more stimulation. “Eth-Eth-Ethan. Pl-Pl-Please,’ he gasped and Ethan pulled them closer together so Cameron’s cock was plaster between their stomachs. Rubbing until the rubbing drove Cameron over the edge, cuming between them shaking and gasping and biting his lips to keep quiet. Ethan snapped his hips a few more times and came almost violently. Trembling hard over his boyfriend until he collapsed into Cameron’s arms.

“Fuck, that was fucking intense,” he whispered into Cameron’s ear, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend.

“Yep,” Cameron gasped back still trying to catch his breath.


Cameron followed Ethan down to the kitchen to get a snack and a drink about an hour later. They moved quietly and let the light from the living room light the way. Soon they had sandwiches and drinks and started to head back upstairs when a noise distracted Ethan. He detoured to the living room and Cameron ran into his back when he stopped short. He edged to the side to see what was going on. The two older men were still on the sofa. Only Simon was sitting on it however. He was stripped naked and William was kneeling between his legs, his head bobbing slowly. Simon had one hand stuffed in his mouth and one hand wrapped in William’s hair. His hips gently moving in counterpoint to William’s movements. His chest was red, eyes closed and face blissed out. William pushed Simon’s legs up and over his shoulders and then he pulled Simon further down the cushion. From where they were, Cameron could see William moving his finger to tease at Simon’s hole. The sensation drove Simon over the edge and an orgasm hit him so hard he doubled over to curl around the other man.

Cameron quickly pulled at Ethan’s arm to pull him back upstairs. They quietly ran up to Ethan’s bedroom. They shut the door and giggled enough to almost drop their drinks and sandwiches.

“Well, I never expected to see something like that in my life. I can definitely say I never expected to walk in on my Dad getting head from his best friend. Can’t say I’m upset about it though. They need to get together,” he said, sitting on the bed.

Cameron laughed ruefully and sat beside him. They ate their sandwiches in silence and drank their drinks and climbed into bed. Ethan wrapped Cameron in his arms and soon they were both asleep.


“Morning Dad, morning Uncle Will. Have a good night?” Ethan chirped up as they entered the kitchen. He had on a shit eating grin that Cameron didn’t know what to do with.

Simon looked up from making pancakes and squinted at his son. In seconds he was red faced and William turned from the fridge with maple syrup in his hand, when they all heard the spatula hit the floor. He walked over to the other man and herded him to the table. Making him sit down. Then William calmly walked back to the stove. Picked up another spatula from a container next to the stove and flipped the pancake from the pan and onto a plate. “So, you know huh?” he said quietly, bringing the full plate over to the table.

Ethan sat at the table and reached over to his father, who had his face hidden in his hands. He gently took one hand in his and waited until the other man looked up. “I’m happy about it. You two are perfect together and you both deserve to be happy,” he said sincerely. He waited until both men looked more comfortable before dropping, “I just never expected to get an eyeful.”

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