Island Lover

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“Rum Runner” Scott said as he handed me the glass.

The tall icy drink was sweet and strong going down my throat. I was on my chair with my eyes closed, basking in the sun. I needed this vacation.

“Where is Debbie?” I asked after I heard Scott sit in the lounge next to me. “Debbie’s not feeling well. She’s resting” he answered.

I loved his voice. Deep and rhythmic with a slight island accent.

“Hmm, Barry doesn’t feel good either. Must have been the fish.” I replied. Scott and I ordered steak the night before, our respective spouses ordered fish. My husband and I were vacationing in the Bahamas with Scott and his wife Debbie. Scott had grown up on the island, and we were staying with his family.

“You’re skin is starting to burn” as he spoke, I could feel that he was close to me.

I didn’t want to move I was so content. There were noises indicating movement, and then I felt his hands rubbing oil on me. He started with my legs rubbing the warm oil all over my calf and feet and giving my toes a massage as he rubbed the oil in between each one.

“mmmmm” I automatically moaned as he touched me. I had had several rum rummers and my head was slightly spinning. It felt like an out of body experience. He moved his hands up my thighs and lifted my legs to rub underneath. I felt him straddling my chair. Both hands rubbed under my thighs and I felt his fingers brush against my bathing suit. He then rubbed my fingers and hands, massaging and pushing the oil into my skin. He used both hands simultaneously, rubbing symmetrically.

I felt my nipples get hard and I started to feel an ache between my legs. He rubbed up my arms and over my shoulders.

“Turn over” he commanded. I kept my eyes closed as I rolled over. It was almost like a fantasy, and I was afraid if I opened my eyes, it would be my husband rubbing me instead of Scott. I wanted it to be Scott so I kept my eyes shut.

His hands were on my back, rubbing and massaging, then down my legs and to my feet. He hadn’t actually done anything improper, perhaps he was genuinely concerned about my pale skin, and this was something he would do for anybody.

“That feels wonderful” I said. I was hoping he would reveal his true intentions by responding, but he just kept rubbing.

“In the Bahamas we have a custom” I could feel his breath on my ear.

“Treat our guests as we treat the ones we love” His tongue touched my ear, and I could feel his hands slipping slightly under my bathing suit to reach the edge of my breasts and the top of my ass.

I moaned again with pure pleasure. I have known Scott for several years, and I have always been attracted to him. I have also flirted with him on several occasions, and he has always flirted back. There has not been any indication from him that he was interested in any more from me. Although I was not crazy about his wife Debbie, since I thought he deserved better, he appeared to be happy with her.

“I want to give you a tour of my uncle’s studio” he said abruptly, disrupting the tantalizing massage. He took my hand and helped me up.

“Bring your drink” he said.

He led me to the pool house. I had changed in there earlier; there was a sauna, bathroom and changing area. Scott led me to a door that I thought was a closet. Like many other doors on the property, there was a numeric keypad next to the opening. We had been given guest access codes when we arrived. Scott pressed several numbers and the door opened with a click.

He was still holding my hand, and he led me to a dark hallway that wrapped around the changing area. We went past a large one-way mirror and I recognized the room on the other side as the one I had used to change into my bathing suit. I wondered if Scott had been watching. I secretly hoped he had been.

I had worked hard this past year to tone my body. The hundreds and hundreds of sit-ups had paid off, and I felt good about myself. The bikini I wore had showed off my breasts, but also did a good job of covering my ass. I was still working on that part.

The hallway turned, and it was dark. I bumped right into Scott. He took my drink from me, and then he took my arms and held them above my head as he pushed me up against the wall. I could feel the whole front of his body pressed against mine. The feeling of his skin on mine sent electrical currents through my body.

“Jen, I need to be honest with you. ” His lips were touching my ear. Sending chills down my spine.

” I put something in the fish last night, so that we could be alone today. Before we go in the studio, I want to hear you say that you want me as much as I want you and that you trust me to take care of you. After we go in, you will not be allowed to talk. You will be my slave, and I will be allowed to do anything I want to you. I will not hurt you, but will do just the opposite. I will love you like you have never been loved before.”

He then touched my lips with Antalya Escort his. His tongue licked my top lip, then my bottom, he sucked on my lips as his hands let go of mine and his fingers lightly touched my face. His tongue then explored my mouth, slowly, deeply. I let my tongue explore his lips.

“Will you let me love you?” he whispered.

“Oh yes” I moaned, my body already aching for him.

We went down a long staircase and he stopped in front of another door. There was a dim light there. He reached to a small opening next to the door and took out a silk scarf. “Finish your drink” he commanded as he rubbed the scarf on my shoulders, across my belly and around my back.

I finished my drink and handed him the glass. He put the glass on the shelf and turned me around. He tied the scarf around my eyes.

“My uncle had this studio built for himself and his lovers. He and I are the only ones in the family who know of its existence. I have never taken Debbie here, and I never will. This is why I brought you to my island”

He opened the door and led me through it. There was soft light coming through the scarf around my eyes. It smelled like vanilla candles. I imagined a room filled with soft candlelight.

He walked me about ten steps and told me to sit down. I sat on what felt like a bearskin rug. It was soft and warm. He left me and music then filled the room. The sounds of a steel drum with horns and bongos filled the room. It was rhythmic and sensual. I could feel the bass ripple through my body. I was sitting on the floor with my knees drawn up and my arms around them. I felt totally safe and peaceful.

I had not had any kind of physical relationship with anyone since marrying my husband. I didn’t feel guilty about being here with Scott or for the kiss we shared. I have always enjoyed men, and I knew being here with Scott wouldn’t make me enjoy my husband any less. The opposite was actually true. Sharing my body with another is a wonderful experience that shouldn’t be denied by the vows taken within a marriage.

“Come with me” Scott took my hand and helped me up.

He led me to a wall and had me stand with my back against it. It didn’t feel like a wall, but a soft mattress against my back. He took my right leg and tied it to the floor with a silk scarf. He took my left leg and spread it about three feet from my right, and tied it too.

I was standing there with my legs spread and my pussy was already wet. Standing in this position made my pussy lips pull apart, and I could feel the cool air between my legs through my bikini. He took my right arm, raised it above my head and wrapped some silk around my wrist to hold it there. He did the same with my left. I was now spread eagle, and it felt like I was tied to the floor and ceiling with my back pressed against a soft mattress.

I heard a mechanical sound, and the mattress was no longer against my back. I could feel Scott as he walked around my body. I felt a soft feather duster being rubbed on my back. It moved around to my belly, down my left leg, back up between my legs, almost touching my pussy, then down my right leg and back up. It circled my waist, across my tits and on my neck and back.

“Do you like that?” he asked softly. I wasn’t sure what to do since he had told me I wasn’t allowed to talk, so I nodded.

“Good. The feathers heighten all of our senses. ” I then felt something cold and metal on my arm, sliding down it felt like the tip of a knife scraping my skin. I reacted by pulling away and shrieking.

“You must stay still and trust me” he commanded. I tried to stay still, but I was whimpering as the pointed metal ran down my neck and over my nipple.

The string of bikini between my breasts was roughly cut in two, exposing my hard nipples. My bikini top fell off of me.

“Nice” he said. The cold metal point was scraping my nipples. I was afraid to move. “Do you want me to cut off the panties too?” he asked. The knife was moving downward across my belly and down to my hips.

I nodded yes. I could feel the wetness between my legs and wanted the feel of the fabric to be gone.

“Well, I think I’ll leave them on for awhile.” He ran the knife down my ass through my legs, pushing up a bit so the fabric of my bikini rubbed on my cunt. Then the knife was gone.

I wanted to touch him, but my hands were raised high above my head. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t tell where he was or what he was doing. I wanted him to touch me some more.

I then felt smooth soft rounded plastic rubbing against me. I couldn’t quite tell what it felt like.

He pushed it up between my legs, pushing the fabric of my bikini into my pussy. I rubbed my pussy against the object, and it started vibrating, almost making me come. He stroked the object back and forth between my legs. I moaned and tried to maneuver to get the object so that more of it was touching me, but he took it away.

“You Antalya Escort Bayan may not come yet.” He said sharply.

“Please?” I whimpered.

“Silence!” he commanded.

“You will now be punished for your disobedience.”

I heard a loud cracking sound, the sound of a whip. I had never been close to a whip before.

I felt the leather braid of the end of the whip being stroked against my back and down my body.

The whip was pulled away and I felt a sharp sting on my ass. My hips thrust forward as the pain ran though my body. I strained against all of my restraints. I wanted to tell him I would be good, but I didn’t want to break the rule of silence, so I waited.

“Are you going to behave now slut?” I nodded. I could feel a welt beginning to form on my ass from the whip. My pussy was even wetter than it was before. I would feel my juice start to run down my leg.

Scott must have seen it because I then felt his tongue on my leg, licking up the trail of cunt juice.

I got goose bumps when I felt his tongue press through the think fabric of my bikini. His tongue then traveled up to my waist, he thrust it into my belly button, then up further between my tits. He sucked on my neck, then back down to my nipple. My nipples were so rock hard, they ached.

He licked one lightly then I felt his teeth closing on the nipple and his lips closing around it. I moaned as he sucked. My hips were rocking back and forth to the music as this beautiful man sucked my tits.

“I plan on taking my time loving your body my Jennifer.”

My head was spinning from the rum, and my body was throbbing with need. The music was surrounding me and filling me with sounds of drums, horns and moans. I wanted to be his.

I heard the mechanical sound start again then felt the mattress on the front of my body. I could feel him refasten my restraints to something else, then the mattress started to move taking my body with it. I was now lying crushed against the mattress. He arranged my feet so that my legs were bent under me, my ass sticking up in the air. He put a pillow under my head for support and moved my arms to be more comfortable.

He was stroking the vibrator between my legs.

I wanted so much for my bikini bottoms to be removed, that I almost spoke. It would be worth another whip sting to feel the vibrator on my clit. My hips were rocking back and forth, trying to push the vibrator deeper into me.

“Do you want me to take off your pants?” he asked. I nodded vigorously.

“OK, slut, you will have to work for it.” “Lick me” He said as I felt his skin against my lips. I stuck out my tongue and could feel the head of his cock against it. I greedily put it in my mouth.

He pulled it out.

“I said to lick me, not suck me. You will be punished.”

His cock was taken away from me, and I could feel him behind me. I braced myself for another whip sting, but I felt the hard slap of his hand on my ass instead.

“Now lick me!” he commanded.

He had managed to get his body in front of me so that my face was between his legs. I licked up and down his cock, guessing that it was at least nine inches. I was careful not to suck it, just lick it. I ran my tongue around the head, down to his balls, back up covering all of his cock with my saliva. It was nice and slippery and my lips and mouth traveled all over it. I would have liked to see it.

He must have guessed my thoughts because he said: “Do you want me to remove your blindfold?” I nodded aggressively.

He reached behind my head and untied my blindfold. When I opened my eyes, there was a huge black cock in my face. It was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. I could see a mirror behind him and in the reflection I could see my ass. There must be another mirror on the other side. There was soft candlelight, and white gauzy fabric handing from all the walls. We were lying on a large mattress.

I resumed licking his cock watching his face as I did. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. He was moaning with pleasure. His chest was thick with just a little bit of hair. He was beautiful and I was in heaven.

“You may suck it now” He said. He also united my hands.

I gripped his cock at the base and opened my mouth to suck just the head, and continued licking while occasionally sucking. I took a risk and licked and sucked his balls too.

I love the feel of a hard cock on my tongue and in my mouth.

I put it back in my mouth and started sucking go down further and further with each stroke. I was stroking his balls and feeling his thighs with my hands. My feet were still tied, so I couldn’t move up any further. I finally made my tongue move all the way down his cock so that the tip was touching the entrance to my throat. I made that last final push to take him all in, forcing the head into my throat. I slid up and down on his cock this way for several Escort Antalya minutes.

“Enough.” He said getting up.

I watched him go to a table and pick up a knife. He swiftly cut off my bikini bottoms and put the knife back. I could see him in the mirror behind me. I watched as he lowered his head between my legs. I felt his tongue licking my cunt. His hands were on my hips, pulling me onto his face. His tongue was licking and stroking the inside of my pussy. He licked then gently sucked on my clit.

I came forcefully, shaking and quivering as the sensation spread throughout my entire body. When it was over, my senses all felt like they were on fire. My cunt was still aching for penetration.

“Did you like that?” I nodded. “Get on your back”

He rearranged the feet restraints so that I could flip over. He spread my legs as wide as they would go and retied me. He then reached under the mattress and brought out he biggest dildo I ever saw. It must have had a circumference of at least five inches and was about fourteen inches long.

I whimpered at the sight of it.

He put it down, and brought his body up over mine. He kissed me tenderly, then more roughly.

His hands were all over me, and since my hands were free, I could touch every part of him. He squeezed my tits and sucked them, he touched my cunt, and using the juice that had dripped out lubricated his fingers and stuck one up my ass.

He did all of this with is tongue in my mouth and his other hand on my tits. My body was on fire. I had never felt so many sensations all at once. I could feel the muscles under his skin. I could feel his ass and touch his cock. I gripped it and squeezed it as hard as I could, then stroked it up and down. I reached down between my legs and got my hands wet from my juice, then stroked his cock using my cunt juice as a lube.

He sat up on his knees and placed the dildo between my legs.

“Do you want this Jen?” he touched the tip of the dildo to my cunt lips. I nodded and braced myself.

He slowly started pushing the huge head between up in my cunt.

“I watched you fuck your husband last night.” I gasped. How could he?

“All of our rooms have two-way mirrors. You sucked his dick good. And it looked like you enjoyed having your cunt licked.” He was right. I did enjoy it. Sex had always been amazing between us.

“I liked watching you come. I also liked watching him come all over your tits.”

He stuck the dildo even further up me. My cunt was straining to take the huge cock. I didn’t think I could take it all.

“Do you want to watch me fuck my wife tonight? She doesn’t like it rough like you do. She is a bit too timid for me. I want you to let your husband fuck you up your ass tonight, so I can watch. You can come now” he said as he pressed a button that made the huge dildo start vibrating.

My orgasm shook the whole bed. When it was over, I collapsed. Scott put the dildo away.

“Good Girl. You can suck me some more.” He untied my legs, and I was completely free. He lay down on his back, and I crawled over him and licked his huge black cock from his balls to his head.

“Give me your cunt” he commanded.

I turned around so that my cunt was over his face. He reached up and pulled my ass down so that his tongue was stroking my clit. It was still sensitive after my orgasm. I started sucking his cock, taking my time and licking it all over. I love sucking cock and several men had told me that I had a talent for it.

“Ahhh, keep going.” He said, as I started sucking faster and deeper. He was still licking and sucking my pussy.

“Stop.” He commanded. “I want to fuck you now”

He pushed me on my back and got between my legs. He kissed me tenderly.

“I knew it would be good with you. You have been a good girl, and you may speak as you wish.”

“Fuck me now Scott” I said spreading my legs for him. “Fuck me so hard that I come.”

He slowly slid his cock into me until it filled me all the way. We stayed there, still, with his cock filling me for quite a while. I had my legs wrapped around him, holding him to me. He slowly started to rock back and forth. I could feel his chest rubbing on me as he continued kissing and fucking me. The pressure built up slowly, and his strokes were getting harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm building again. He was fucking me and I was watching his ass in the mirror on the ceiling pumping. I was watching my own face radiant with ecstasy. I knew that this was the most amazing sex I had ever had and I wanted it to go on forever.

I came suddenly and violently, bucking, thrashing and screaming. I could hear Scott laugh as he shot his cum into me. I was thoroughly spent and completely satisfied.

After taking a short nap to recover, we got up and Scott led me back up the stairs to the dressing room.

“There are several bathing suits that should fit in the closet” he said as he disappeared back down the stairs.

I picked one the same color as the one that was cut off of me, and returned to the pool. A little while later, Barry appeared and sat next to me.

“Your skin is getting red,” he said. “Let me put some lotion on you.”

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