Is This What You Really Want? Ch. 03

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“So I said to him,” said Clare to Ashley the following morning, “if you don’t turn me around on this bed and fuck me like it’s your last night on Earth, I’m going out to the club to find someone who will.”

“No!” said Ashley dramatically. “You did not say that to him!”

“Sure did,” said Clare nonchalantly. “Anyway, what’s he gonna do? Leave me? Haha, please. The old bastard’s wrapped around my little finger. And it wouldn’t even matter if he was the regional manager of a weapons manufacturer instead of Fizzy…it wouldn’t matter how much power he seemed to have in the outside world. Because I know. I know who really calls the shots.”

“Damn!” said Ashley, shaking her head in admiration. “You just lay down the law, don’t you?”

“It’s what I do,” said Clare, flipping her long red hair. “Especially when I have to because I have subpar, incompetent employees like Timmy who are always…” and she was about to say “late” because, as usual, she had been eyeing the clock, waiting until it ticked past nine so she could berate Timothy for showing up his usual five or ten minutes late. But she hadn’t finished her sentence this morning, because, right at the stroke of nine, in walked Timothy in a fresh-pressed shirt, beaming at the two women.

“Morning, Ashley! G’morning, boss!” he said brightly as he headed over to his desk. Clare and Ashley stared after him.

“Wellll!” said Clare after a few moments, “on time this morning, I see! Good on you, Springer!”

“Thanks!” said Timothy, smiling widely. “I got some good sleep last night.”

“Glad to hear it,” said Clare, secretly a bit disappointed that she couldn’t begin the day belittling him. Ashley, however, wasn’t really listening to the conversation. She was staring hard at Timothy.

“I finally got that batch right last night,” Timothy said to Clare. “It took me almost until midnight, but I finally got it.”

“I appreciate the dedication, Springer,” said Clare. “Just, try and see if we can keep that up today, ok?”

“You got it, boss,” said Timothy happily. He had turned to devote his attention to a stack of papers on his desk when he felt Ashley’s presence directly behind him. He turned in his chair and looked up from his seating position. Ashley was standing directly in front of him, looking down at his body with a strange look on her face.

“Uh, hi Ashley,” said Timothy. “Anything wrong?” He felt a little twinge in his brain that seemed to reverberate down into his chest. He had shrunk, yes, but surely she couldn’t tell…? And yet there she was, staring at him like that. His heart started to beat in his chest faster and faster with excitement.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” said Ashley as she continued to stare down at him curiously. “Nothing’s…wrong…” and her voice trailed off as her eyes still studying him.

“Well, ok then,” said Timothy, and turned back to the stack of papers. Ashley stood rooted to her spot for another moment or two, and then she snapped her fingers as if she had just remembered something.

“Oh, right! I almost forgot. Timmy, could you show me again how much phosphoric acid you were using yesterday? I know it was the wrong amount but I was just curious what the amount was…I actually thought it made the batch taste a little…tropical or something. Might be an interesting idea to pitch at the next board meeting for a new flavor.”

“Uhhhh, sure,” said Timothy, caught off guard that Ashley thought one of his mistakes could actually prove useful. He stood up and made to move towards the chemical shelf.

“Aha!” cried Ashley as soon as he’d stood up. “I knew it!”

“Knew…knew what, Ashley?” How could she have caught on so quickly? His heart was racing and he could already feel the blood descending into his cock.

“You shrunk!” she blurted out. “You’re no taller than I am!” And she was right — standing there next to each other, their eyes were almost exactly even. And…could it be…Ashley seemed like she might actually be half an inch taller. Her loud voice had caught Clare’s attention, who immediately walked over to investigate.

“Holy…shit!” she exclaimed. “Ashley! You’re right! He’s shrunk!!” In her three-inch heels, Clare’s head rose two inches above Timothy’s. He was looking straight forward into the top of her mouth. Shivers of pleasure ran down his spine as he soaked up the presence of his two female co-workers, one a hair taller than him already, and the other already looking down on him.

“I uh…I, don’t know, how…that’s possible,” he said haltingly in response. He wasn’t going to tell them about what had happened last night; he wanted it all to happen organically.

“Well I don’t know either — but it happened!” said Clare with great energy. She seemed to be enjoying this new development. She sidled up her body close to Timothy’s and stood up to her full height, measuring how high his head came up to her. “Look at this!” she said excitedly to Ashley, “he only comes up to my eyes! Timmy! You…you İstanbul Escort lost like a couple inches at least!”

Timothy was about to form some kind of halfhearted, concocted response, when Ashely interrupted. “Or,” she said impressively, “he was always this short, and we’re just now noticing it.”

“B-but…no, that’s just…no!” said Timothy, confused at her faulty reasoning. “That’s not true!”

“Says who?” said Ashley, smiling mischievously, “the short guy?” Timothy felt a tiny little lurch in his posture. Was that him shrinking again? His blood was pounding in his ears from arousal as he imagined what it was going to be like to get even smaller in front of them. But Ashley wasn’t finished.

“You said you had a good night’s sleep last night…well, I gotta say, last night I slept better than I have in…in years. And I woke up this morning feeling fresher than I have in a long, long time. And I think I was noticing things about my posture as I drove here today. I think I was slouching before; I don’t think I was holding my shoulders right. And my whole upper body in general…I don’t think I was letting myself, uh, you know…open up. It’s probably just years of bad habit; for for some reason this morning I feel like I’ve been standing a little taller, a little stronger.”

“Of course you feel taller this morning!” laughed Clare, pointing at Timothy. “It’s because runty Springer over here has shrunk!” Timothy leaned up against his desk as he felt the slightest little lurch again in his posture. He was breathing hard…at this rate, he was going to be three feet tall by the end of the day! The thought distracted him so much that he allowed his legs to spread apart naturally as he leaned his back against his desk, exposing the tent of his erection for the two women to see.

“And…and he’s got a boner!” choked Clare, pointing down at his pants and almost shrieking with manic delight.

“Holy shit you’re right,” said Ashley, hardly seeming to believe her eyes. She looked slightly down at Timothy. “Timmy…Timmy, are you…are you turned on by us being taller than you?”

He was so aroused that he couldn’t answer her — all he could do was lean even more heavily against his desk as red blotchy color dotted his neck and cheeks.

“Oh my god he is,” said Clare in a deadpan voice. “He’s totally turned on by it. Holy smokes Springer, I never thought about it, but you know, when you think about it, it makes total sense, doesn’t it?”

“What do you…what do you mean?” Timothy managed to ask.

“Well come on, it isn’t complicated,” she said, bending herself down a little so that she looked him directly in the eyes. “You’re a beta guy, Timmy — we’ve all known that for a while, haven’t we Ashley?”

“Totally,” laughed Ashley.

“And well, what do beta guys do, Timmy?”

“I don’t…I don’t know,” he said, unsure of where she was going, but anticipating it deliciously nonetheless.

“They follow the bigger animals, Timmy. They can’t lead anywhere because they don’t know where to go. So they follow the bigger, smarter, stronger animals. And…well I’m just gonna be honest Timmy, that’s what you do here. You’re not as smart as I am, or Ashley, or Patricia, or Katie. And you’re not as quick on your feet as any of us are…you’re not as clever…and you don’t really have the same…strength of personality, shall we say. You just, kinda, exist here, doing a mediocre job. Sound about right?”

“Sounds about right to me,” said Ashley, who was chuckling even while she watched to make sure that Clare wasn’t cutting too deep. She really did seem to be laying it on him thicker than usual this morning…and yet…Ashley didn’t care as much as she expected herself to.

Timothy was just about bursting in his pants. His face was beet-red. “So,” finished Clare, smiling down at him as she brushed his chin with her finger, “it makes total sense that you’re shorter than us now. You’re mentally inferior — why shouldn’t you be physically inferior too?”

It was all too much for Timothy who came in his pants as he collapsed in his chair. He had definitely felt it that time — the shrinking, undoubtedly from Clare and her vicious teasing.

“Timmy?” asked Clare upon seeing him collapse. “Are you…uh, are you ok? I was just having a little fun, you know.” Clare did this all the time. She would tease and insult him, and then she would take it back when she felt like she had gone too far. It was a technique of manipulation that usually bothered him and made him feel used and powerless, but now he couldn’t deny that it was literally causing him to shrink.

“I know Clare,” he panted, crossing his legs to hide his cum stain, “I know you’re just…just playing around.”

“Uh, right,” said Clare. An awkward few moments passed between the three of them before she broke the silence. “Ummmm, ok, Ash, wanna come with me? We need to get those items set before nine thirty.” As the two of them unceremoniously left Escort Bayan Timothy panting in his chair, he could hear Clare whisper to Ashley on the way out, “Did I say too much? Did I push him too far?” But then they were gone and he couldn’t hear any more.

He sat in his chair with his eyes closed for a minute or so, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm. This was going to be fantastic, he thought to himself. Ashley was already a little taller than him, and Clare was taller than him as well in her heels. And how much had he shrunk that last time when Clare had really twisted the knife? He thought briefly about her strong wording…she always teased him, but it usually wasn’t that…biting. He had probably frustrated her yesterday by messing up the recipe over and over. Either way, he didn’t care. Maia had been right — everything that he had so desperately wanted for so long was now finally coming true. His eyes still closed, he smiled at the ceiling in ecstasy.

A minute or so later, his eyes were still closed when he heard footsteps in the hallway. Multiple pairs…he knew who it was…they always traveled in the factory as a pair. A moment later he opened his eyes to Patricia and Katie. They were both standing right in front of him, looking positively fresh and full of life.

“Hello,” said Patricia, smiling at him.

“We heard you shrunk,” said Katie.

Timothy took a second or two longer than usual to respond. Although this duo had never struck him as particularly bad-looking (especially Katie, who was quite cute), he was caught off guard by just…how…good they looked this morning. How fresh…was this his beautification dream coming true already? Or was it all just a psychosomatic manifestation in his head? Either way, he stumbled over his response.

“Uhh…haha, yeah, ummm, I guess. Yeah…did Clare tell you?”

“Stand up!” said Patricia, “let’s see for ourselves!”

“Ahhhh,” said Timothy, not wanting to blatantly reveal the fact that he had just cum in his pants, “I should actually probably get started working. I don’t want Clare to, uh, you know…be on my case again today.”

“He’s totally shrunk,” said Katie excitedly to Patricia, “and he doesn’t wanna stand up because he’s afraid that we’re taller than he is!”

“What? No!” he said, with a little more certainty than he felt he could have, “No — I just…I’m a little shorter than Ashley now, ok? I don’t know what’s going on…maybe she did some stretches last night or something…like, maybe I’ve been slouching lately…”

“Well, nothing new there — you never really did have the best posture,” teased Patricia. A slight tingle played around in the bottom of Timothy’s stomach. Was that another tiny shrink? His external words hid his true feelings: he was absolutely elated at the prospect of comparing with the two girls, but he didn’t want them to see his cum stain and tease him even more…he felt that this would accelerate his shrinking process, and he really didn’t want to rush anything. Maia had actually made his dreams come true; shrinking like this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and he wanted to savor it as much as possible.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” said Katie impatiently, reaching down to pull him up, “come on, Timmy, let’s see how you measure up.”

“No — wait!” he said, and as he put his hands up to rebuff Katie’s advances, he glanced down at his crotch to see how obvious his cum stain was. It wasn’t really that bad, actually. Just a few dark speckles of moisture…they wouldn’t really be able to see anything. His resistance weakened as Katie reached for him.

“Come on,” enjoined Patricia, also reaching down with Katie. The two women grabbed him by either arm and pulled him up. Timothy felt his limp body obey the strength of their twin tugs, and he couldn’t help but notice how easily they pulled him up. Had they always been this strong? Or was it an effect of Maia’s? Timothy didn’t really care, and as the girls lugged him to his feet he chuckled and smiled. It was happening…it was really happening.

“Gosh, ok, ok you guys!” he laughed at the floor as they brought him to his feet. He stumbled around for a few paces in their grasp.

“Come on, Timmy, stand up straight!” said Patricia. He felt Katie’s grip tighten on his upper arm. If he played around too much, they would figure out that he enjoyed this, and then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. He stood up straight and looked at his coworkers. He was still taller, but not by much. Maybe an inch? Maybe a little more? He wasn’t sure, but even facing these two in this way, these two who had always been significantly shorter than him, was sheer joy for him. If he hadn’t had an orgasm in the past five minutes, he would have been hard again.

Katie’s eyes widened. “It’s…it’s true!” she blurted out. “Timmy! You…really have shrunk!” Her eyes were searching, puzzled, and utterly fascinated. It was like she was looking at a new species, at something she had never seen before. Eskort Without even realizing it, she reached out her hand and grasped his shoulder, squeezing it and testing it for size, as if to reassure herself that what she was seeing was real.

“But I’m still taller than you two!” said Timothy, smiling and puffing out his chest. He was trying to act as normally as possible.

“Barely,” said Patricia. She also reached out and gasped Timothy’s other shoulder in the same way that Katie was, and squeezed. “He hasn’t just gotten shorter,” she said to Katie as she felt and clasped his shoulder, “he’s, like, actually gotten smaller too.”

“Yeah, like, all over,” agreed Katie as she pressed and kneaded. She moved to his ribs, poking her fleshy finger in between his bones. It was true — he had definitely lost some muscle mass, and when Katie poked her finger in it actually went right between a couple of his ribs, making him jump.

“Ahhh! Katie that tickles!” he laughed, bouncing back on his feet, stumbling backward into his chair. The two girls steadied him, and for a few moments all three of them were just standing there: Katie and Patricia staring in fascination and Timothy barely able to suppress a grin.

“Timmy!” said Katie after the few moments had passed, “what’s happening? What happened to you?” Unlike Clare, who had immediately used his shrunken size as a pretext for merciless teasing, Katie seemed a bit more concerned. Still, though, behind her concern, he could see an unmistakable twinkle in her eye that had sparkled for a moment when she dug her finger into his ribs.

“Uhhhh I have no idea,” he lied, unable to keep from smiling a little.

“Clare was right,” Patricia said to Katie as her eyes studied his face, “he does enjoy it.”

“Well that’s just weird,” said Katie, stepping back a little, as if to survey the situation from a different perspective. “There’s something very strange going on.”

“Look, you two,” said Timothy, feeling like he had to jump in and prevent any more detective work, “I don’t see what the big deal is, ok? I get a little shorter and all of a sudden everyone’s getting all dramatic and saying I’m sick or that there’s something wrong or who knows what…” He trailed off, all of a sudden feeling quite intimidated by the two women — he wasn’t going to be able to talk them out of their scrutiny. In fact, he realized that the more he talked, the more suspicious everything probably seemed. He had to make everything seem normal.

“All I know,” he concluded, “is that I’m still taller than both of you, so…yeah, I’ve got that going for me.” He finished off his statement with another chuckle. Both women just stood there, unmoved by his words, looking at him. Their eyes seemed to bore holes in his body, and he suddenly sat down, trying to prevent any further inspection.

Katie shifted her stance, cocking her large hips to the side as she folded her arms across her chest. She had always been curvy, but her hips and breasts just looked…bigger. Patricia likewise shifted her stance, putting her hands on her hips. Both girls looked like they weren’t having it, and they regarded him silently for a few more seconds before Patricia finally spoke.

“Well,” she said, raising her eyebrows at him, “if all you’re going for is being taller than a couple of shorties like us…you’re not aiming very high, are you?”

“But no surprises there, huh, Trish?” said Katie, sticking her tongue into the inside of her cheek. Her concern seemed to have evaporated when Timothy sat down, and, standing there with her hips cocked to the side, she seemed to join him in his lighthearted approach to the situation. “Well, we better leave Mr. It’s No Big Deal to his work, huh?”

“Guess so,” said Patricia, and the two turned to leave. “Oh, and Timmy,” she added, “if you find yourself struggling today, please don’t try and power through it alone, ok? It makes more work for us when you fall behind. Just let one of us know and we can help you out, alright?”

“Y-yeah, sure, ok Patricia,” said Timothy, rolling his eyes.

“Oh come on Timmy, don’t roll your eyes at her!” said Katie, a bit indignantly, “she’s just trying to help you.”

“Oh…I just — alright, sorry,” he said sheepishly. He was a bit caught-off guard by her reaction; he was so absorbed in the excitement of what was happening that he had forgotten his manners. Katie nodded at him, accepting his apology with a raised eyebrow, and then turned to leave, Patricia following in her wake. The two of them were whispering to each other as they left the room, but Timothy wasn’t trying to hear what they were saying. He was too busy gawking at Katie’s backside. It looked huge. She had always had a deliciously plump ass that twitched and undulated in all the right ways as she walked, but he had never noticed it as intensely as he was now. As she left the room, it bobbed and weaved incredibly with each step, almost like it was floating on disturbed waters. He also noticed that Patricia, who had never had much of an ass, seemed to be sporting a little more in her “trunk” as well, and though it didn’t move anything like Katie’s did, Timothy was sure that her pants looked a little tighter in back than they had been the previous day.

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