Ireland Romance Ch. 05

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For those who came in late…

Well you are too late now… This is the last episode (perhaps) So go back and read the previous episodes if you want to find out what has happened

There was mellowness in the air. An easy friendliness had been engendered in part by the elegant setting of the meal and the fine wines that had been drunk. In the main, however it was caused by a complete empathy of spirit Somehow Blue felt as if she had known Morrice for years. His humour made her laugh. His wide interests made all topics of conversation interesting. Yet he was never overbearing. He respected her ideas, complementing them with ideas of his own so, at the end of a discussion, they were both left with the impression that their view of the world was more complete than it had been before they had talked.

“It’s really very nice just being here together like this.” said Blue tasting the strange desert that had been left for them

She had no idea what she was eating. They had found the desert in an elegant silver serving dish. It was some sort of fruit but neither of them could discern exactly what it was. It was delicious with a refreshing tang that refreshed the initial impression of cloying sweetness.

“I’m glad that you crashed outside the castle”

“Not half as glad as I am. A few hours a go I was covered in mud, stranded at the end of Ireland. Now I am having a delicious meal with what must surely be the most beautiful girl in the world.”

“You say that to everyone I suppose.”

“Yes.” Morrice grinned. “But its so much nicer when you can say it…and mean it.. I love that dress you’re wearing. It seems very formal.”

“Yes I found it upstairs. Put it on for a joke.” Blue stood up and swirled around modelling the dress. She did look lovely. The soft glow of the candles caught the highlights in her long auburn hair as it swung around her face. The soft curves of her breasts so full of promise were apparent, rising out of the soft blue velvet neckline.

“I feel under dressed somehow in my jeans and jumper.”

“We should find you something for the occasion…”

They went upstairs back to the bedroom. A tingle of excitement went through Blue as she remembered Morice’s kiss and anticipated more pleasure’s to come.

“I’m starting to feel really high.” thought Blue. “Drunk a bit but not enough to make me feel this way. Just what did they put in this desert? Better watch myself”

Blue tripped on the stairs on the way up and Morrice just caught her in time. She felt as if she would not have hurt herself if she had fallen. The world was floating and she was floating with it, but she was glad that Morrice’s strong arms had come to her rescue. For a moment she just stayed there, inhaling his masculine aroma. She looked up at him and engaged his eyes with hers.

“Oh Blue…” said Morrice and inclined his head so that their lips could meet.

Blue opened her lips slightly – the white of her teeth contrasting with the lusciousness of her full lips inviting Morrice to come closer.

Their lips touched. Just the soft touch of a butterfly kissing the early morning dew off a spring flower

“Morice…no! Perhaps we’d better not. O.K.?” And Blue pulled herself away.

“Alright Pet. I only want to give you pleasure. Not pain.” And his eyes told Blue that he was sincere. There was genuine regard for her as a person in his manner. Suddenly Blues heart went out to him. God how she now wanted him to kiss her…But the moment was lost.

“Let’s get you into the part…” she said and raced up the stairs before her face gave away her true feelings..

“You should dress as an Irish Lord, my friend. I bet you there’s something in here somewhere.”

Blue opened up the wardrobe where she had found her costumes, and there on the top shelf was the complete Irish Lord’s outfit complete with kilt, sporran and even a sheathed dirk. Blue extracted her find with a triumphant cry.

“Ta dah!” she said holding up her prize. “Put this on sport…” She laughed with pleasure at using the Aussie slang.

Morrice grabbed them from her and swung them round. “Och Lassie but they be bonnie.”

“Stupid dork.” she admonished. “It’s Irish not Scottish.”

“Yes but I do such an awful Irish accent my darlin'”

“You can say that again! Didn’t think your scotch was much better though”

“Scotch is a drink, Blue. You mean Scots”

“God Şanlıurfa Escort you always want to have the last word. Just get changed oaf! I want to see how you look. Go into the ensuite there.”

Morrice exited into the adjacent room. Blue sat on the bed. She was feeling quite strange. There was an air of unreality about the place that couldn’t be explained just by the way the candlelight made the shadows move. It almost was as if the room had a life of its own. She sat down on the bed and listened to the storm building up outside. In the distance she could hear the rumble of thunder, and the pale flash of far away lightening seeped through the un-curtained windows.

It was then she noticed the piece of ancient parchment poking out of the chest of drawers beside the bed. Filled with curiosity, Blue opened the draw and extracted the sheet.

On it something was written in an ancient script totally unknown to her. Much more recently the ancient document appeared to have been translated, for against each line was a translation scrawled by some scholar in ink. She could hardly decipher the translation, it was so badly written, but her curiosity was intense and she found herself reading what appeared to be a ballad with growing excitement.

“What seekest thou, Oh King of Eire,

You walk the world with longing stare?”

“I search the world for love divine,

To find the one I must make mine”

“And who is she that you must find

To guarantee thy mortal kind?”

“She is the match-mate of my soul

She is the half who makes me whole.”

“Oh knight supreme, O Can you tell

Which lady weaves this special spell?”

“There is but one for whom I care

The lady with the Auburn hair.”

“And when you find this Lady true

Tell me my liege what you must do?”

I’ll hold her close and warm her cold,

And sheath my sword inside her fold.”

“And then my Lord how will you treat

This lady with a touch so sweet?”

“I’ll plough a furrow straight and true

So Spring can be reborn anew.”

A sudden burst of thunder much louder than before sent a shiver down Blue’s back. She folded the paper deep in thought and returned it to the draw.

Eventually Morrice returned in full regalia.

It did him proud. He had the sort of legs that made a kilt look good.

“Oh Grand Lord,” said Blue. “What great muscles you have.”

“All the better to save you from the wicked spirits that inhabit the underworld my Lady”

“Oh Grand Lord, what a powerful stare you have.”

“All the better to see into the hearts of those who may deceive you my Lady”

“Oh Grand Lord,” Said Blue giggling her dimples spreading across her radiant face. “What a big SPORRAN you have.”

“You should see my Dirk my lady…” Slowly Morrice’s mood changed. His ironic eyes became serious.

“Oh Blue you look so lovely sitting there. I think …I hope…”

Suddenly from far away downstairs came the sound of the piano. For some reason Blue didn’t question it’s origin. It seemed as natural as the sound of the waves beating against the rocks below, or her heart beating beneath her breast. It must be a ghost thought Blue. He plays piano so well.

Morrice didn’t question the surreal phenomenon either.

“Shall we dance my lady?”

And even more strangely Blue and Morrice knew as if by instinct the steps of the dance they were performing. The music was strange to them, it echoed down the ages with a primitive cadence, sensuously weaving a spell over the two dancers.

The dance like the music was slow and graceful. There was no body contact except through the eyes, as if in a trance the two lovers moved closer and closer until they could feel each other’s breath on their cheeks.

And suddenly Morrice was kissing Blue with the fierce kisses born from long frustration. He kissed her nose her closed eyelids and her ears and finally his lips sought hers and she felt herself melting into his maleness.

“Oh Marybeth, Oh Marybeth, you are so wonderful” He whispered as his arms embraced Blue with an un-controlled passion.

The music was changing in tempo. Its slow gracefulness was growing faster and more passionate. The bodies fell onto the bed as one. Morrice’s head nuzzled Marybeth’s neck and shoulders, his ardour so great that he could not have told you what he was kissing Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan He only knew that to enfold his body in Marybeth’s flesh gave him joy beyond anything he had ever known before.

Marybeth just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of being possessed by what seemed to her to be an uncontrollable force; and in a new experience for her she was enjoying the sweet submission.

Suddenly the ardour subsided and Morrice lay silent. Looking at Marybeth and drinking in her soul through her blue Irish eyes.

With a gentleness, almost a reverence Morice began to kiss Marybeth softly on the cheeks. His tongue explored every part of her face and neck to bury itself in her half exposed breasts. He moved away and slowly started to unlace the bodice of her gown, gazing in awe as her womanliness was revealed to his worshipful gaze.

“Marybeth you are the earth mother. You nurture with your mind. You nurture with your body.”

And he bent to her now exposed breasts and kissed her teasingly near her nipple bringing his lips ever closer to one of Marybeth’s most sensitive and sensuous parts.

Marybeth lay back and let the sensation slowly build up in her. I t was so much more intense than she could ever remember it before. She suspected that the unknown fruit upon which she had earlier feasted had aphrodisiac qualities. Whatever it was the sensations were heightened and she could feel tongues of fire flare from her breasts to her loins arousing her slowly to a fervour that she already sensed would be greater than any she had ever known.

Morice’s tongue was now swirling about Marybeth’s nipple. Teasing it. Drowning it in sweet soft sensations. Marybeth took his hand and brought it to her mouth to moisten his finger and gently guided that hand around the nipple on the other breast to increase her pleasure.

Slowly Morrice continued to explore with his tongue, slowly kissing the flesh exposed as he continued to unwrap her from her dress.

He eased his body around so that she could see his maleness. While he was undressing her she pulled back his kilt slowly exposing more and more of his taut thigh until she could watch his body’s reactions to her only inches from her face

It was very erotic to see his slack penis start to twitch as desire grew hold. She did not need to touch or caress it to bring it to life. Her sweet body seem to have the power to do this on its own, and knowledge of that power, of the sweet control that a beautiful woman had over a man added another dimension to the pleasure flaring up from her loins where Morice’s tongue was probing.

As he used his tongue as a tiny penis his real penis expanded with excitement, and she could see the veins around its side pumping blood into it making it larger. The huge tip was only inches from her mouth and she moved closer to lick the underside of the glans, returning to him the pleasure he was giving her.

The penis trembled at her touch as if all Morice’s desire was cramming itself into that organ – yearning for release.

And they stayed like that for some time pleasuring each other. Slowly increasing the desire each had had since they first set eyes on each other. The fire inside their loins was building…building but neither wanted it satisfied until it reached an intensity would enable them to explode within each other’s bodies.

Sweet sensations flowed from all parts of Blue’s body. Her breasts grazed against Morice’s inverted hairy chest. Her hand reached round and felt the fullness of his firm buttocks. Her mouth sucked on his maleness with increasing fervour. She could feel Morice’s tongue pulsating against her clit. His firm soft fingers entering her vagina; his thumb moving round to caress her other sensitive hole, moving his fingers back and forth in a seesawing motion that brought her higher and higher until her loins started to liquefy ready to melt into his.

The ardour was so strong that they seemed it could never be really satisfied. Their bodies yearned to find ways to make the pleasure even greater.

He lay on his back and Blue took control. At one stage she rode him. Straddled his large cock until it was deep inside her then rising off him and lowering herself. She abandoned herself to the pleasure of his penetration and the control she had over him. She could see his face in this position and the desire in his eyes as her full body undulated Escort Şanlıurfa before him, her hair swinging wildly about her face. At times, at the apex of her movements she would hold herself still – teasing the tip of his cock with her cunt lips. Watching his face twist in delicious torment desperately wanting her body to plunge down and enclose his maleness. She would engage his eyes and they would tell him that she would pleasure him when she wanted. His desire was in her hands. And then when she could stand his sweet suffering no more she would drop and see the pleasure increased by frustration making his whole body shake. He would moan and call out

“Oh Marybeth fuck me fuck me baby!”

Then he would take control and she went over submissively while he took her from behind. Here she could see nothing but the whiteness of soft sheets and pillow absorbing her movements as his thrusts forced her deeper and deeper into the bed. He too would tease. Rubbing his cock against her crack until she would cry out with frustration.

“Fill me Fill me. Plunge your cock deep inside me. Let me hold it in my cunt. Please Pleeeeeessse”

And slowly at first he would begin the motion, thrusting his large member inside her until she was completely filled; then bringing its full length out so that Blue could savour the movement against her inner walls. Blue could reach behind her and heighten the sensation by rubbing her clit, feeing his large balls slap softly against her hand. And Morrice could increase her pleasure even further by entering her anus with his finger. Her whole lower body was alight. Sensation building on sensation, as the motion became more fervent. She thrust back, trying to encourage even more penetration crying …”Faster…faster…More”. This seemed to encourage Morice to even further, and his pelvic thrusts became harder, higher, faster until it seemed impossible that any man could have such strength, flexibility and endurance. Beads of sweat poured off his brow and he worked harder and harder to please himself and his beloved Blue.

There was no stopping the physical lust that drove them to deeper and deeper climaxes of ecstasy. When they came together it reminded Blue of the elemental force of Atlantic surging unremittingly into a small shore cove, pushing with liquid force into caves formed by previous contact.

Then the peace that came after climax. They would look into each other’s eyes, he growing limp but still inside her, and smile with love and wonder at the fact that they had found each other. That smile reminded Morrice’s body of the pleasure he had just had and it would respond once more. Blue could feel him growing inside her just from the encouragement of her eyes and the touch of her palm gently caressing his nipples.

And they would begin all over again, finding it impossible that this time could be any greater than the last. Yet it was.

It had never been like this before with any other man. The sensations were so great, the desire so continuous, that it seemed well beyond human experience. Could it have been the fruit they had eaten she wondered? Or was this man just so good.

Blue was in an ecstatic daze when she opened her eyes from the last and most frenetic climax of them all. It came with an intensity that she could not believe possible. It had shaken here to here elemental foundations, and she lay there shuddering knowing that nothing could ever surpass the feeling that she had just had. Her eyes had been closed and she had imagined that she had grown as large as the universe. She contained everything in her wondrous body. She had been filled and could not be filled one more drop.

She lay back contented, at last fulfilled beyond desire. She was content to now just be held in the hard arms of this magnificent man. Dully she perceived the storm raging outside as she became slowly conscious of her real surroundings. She did not open her eyes but stayed still, secure against the icy elements outside. She could feel him breathing heavily from his exertions and for a while enjoyed the rhythm of his body against hers.

Then she looked up, smiling gratitude at the one who had given her so much pleasure.

Looked up into the eyes of the person who had shown her that her body was capable of ecstasies she had hardly dreamt of.

Looked up…

Into the eyes of Cuchulain!

Well should I end it there…? I have been thinking about giving Blue some adventures in Ancient Ireland, but I have difficulty. I am certain that the savagery of that place would not fit well with the urban sophisticated and romantic Blue. If I am to continue it the tone must change… I would welcome feedback.


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