Into the Quetico

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This is a copyrighted original work by the author. All rights reserved.

All characters featured herein are at least eighteen years of age, even if not expressly stated. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. Thanks, Dean

I was really in a slump. People at work were asking me what the problem was and I just denied anything was going on. I needed to find a way to get away from what was bothering me and I needed to do it fast. I was not of a mind to commit suicide or anything like that I was just feeling bored and ignored. I had asked three different women to go camping, fishing, tubing over the summer and all three had said yes. I was not taking them at the same time. I just really wanted to go have some fun. I even talked to them personally, commented on face book through private messages and even text. All of them said it sounded great until it was time to go then something always came up and they couldn’t go or they just ignored me when I tried to get ahold of them. Now don’t get me wrong when there is a child involved as with one of them that I can understand however it was not the case with two of them.

I guess the last straw was when one of them said that she was leaving to go to another state for a vacation because she just needed it, meaning she needed time away. I thought that was what I was offering was time away. I felt deserted, alone and most of all used. She had even told me she felt like a sugar momma because she had a roommate and there was nothing going on but she paid all the bills. Here I was at the top of some of their lists when they were in trouble and needed money but they didn’t have the time of day for me otherwise. I always heard I will pay you back right after I get paid. I didn’t care about the money and no I am not a millionaire I was just more interested in them as a person than I was about the money. I was hoping it was an investment in time with them. It was an investment all right, they got the money and I got ignored. I am sure they didn’t see it that way but if they would sit back and look at what had happened I think they were smart enough to see my side of this but I wasn’t sure any of them really cared. Definitely not the way I wanted to spend my summer and summer was just about over for me.

I wanted out and actually I needed out. I got to thinking about what I like to do and the thought crossed my mind that I would get away from women completely. I needed to go somewhere that I could be alone with my thoughts and just be pissed at the world until I got it out of my system. At the rate that I was going it was going to take a lot for that to happen.

I was looking at some of my stuff when a map from a previous trip to Quetico Provincial Park dropped on the floor at my feet. I had made that trip on two other occasions but I had never made it alone. It was not that it was a dangerous trip it was just a couple of portages that made it a little more work but nothing I couldn’t handle I thought to myself. I looked the map over and sat and thought about what exactly would be the best course of action. I could go to an area where you could actually camp and come back each day which was very easy to do but that was not what I was looking for. I wanted solitude and I was going to find a way to get it. I then remembered I had gone in before on Beaverhouse lake and that was what I was going to do.

I got online and checked out the cost and then looked to see if there was a chance that I could actually get in. They only allow a certain number of people in and I wanted to be one of them. I paid for my pass online and knew that I had 4 days to get ready to leave.

Beaverhouse is a nice lake but does have the disadvantage of you having to make a longer portage to begin with to get to the lake. It would require two trips to get my canoe and supplies to the lake but I could manage that. I wasn’t in a hurry so I knew if I arrived early in the morning I could get that part completed and make it to the ranger station across the lake to get my passes. I wish they would just send them to you but at that time you had to pick them up at the ranger station and it was across the lake in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go.

It was not long after that I started to get my gear packed and loaded into my pickup. I took a yellow dry bag that contained my sleeping bag and what few clothes I would need. I packed a second dry bag with food and my camp stove in case I could not have a fire. If the season has been dry fires are not permitted in the park and trying to second guess it was not a good idea. I took fish batter and a recipe that I liked for onion rings that mixed with water and some potatoes. I took the time to dry green beans and corn in my dehydrator so that I could take them along as well. Cans, bottles, etc. are not permitted in the park as well and anything you can burn did not have to be carried out. I took along a small pack shovel and my fishing pole and lures. I had several gaziantep escortlar with the barb crimped on them from other trips since you can’t have barbs on the hooks either.

I figured I could eat fish for the most part while I was gone but I did take along some other dried meats, eggs, and such to get me by if I did not catch fish. I checked the weather reports for the time I was to be gone and the temps were to stay above 50 at night so that helped with packing clothes. The time went quickly and it wasn’t long and I was on my way.

I stopped and filled with fuel just before I crossed the border so that I would not have to pay for gas until I get back in the U.S. The border guards were pleasant and I had no problems crossing at International Falls on my way there. I pulled into a motel and stayed the night because I knew that would be the last bed I would be sleeping in for at least a week or so.

The next morning the sun was up and it was a beautiful morning. It could have been raining and I would have thought it was beautiful as well. I was on my way and nothing was going to get in my way of peace and quiet and solitude. On my previous two trips I had only seen one canoe off in the distance with binoculars or I would not have known they were even there. I made good time and arrived at the parking area about 8 am and unloaded my canoe and one of the dry bags and my tent. I knew I could stick the tent inside the canoe and then adjust where I placed it on my shoulders to counterbalance the weight of it and my dry bag is made like a backpack so I only had to put it on before picking up the canoe. There were only a few trucks in the lot and those belonged to people who were already in the park. You don’t normally see cars in here because you drive down a logging road and it can be very rough in spots.

I shouldered my canoe and off I went down the trail to the lake. It is about a quarter mile or so to the lake and by the time you get there it feels like you have walked a great deal farther than that. Taking the canoe first is always smart because you have the hard part out of the way and can then relax a bit more on the second trip. It wasn’t long and I had my other stuff on my back and in my hands so that I was ready to hit the trail again and look forward to being out on the water.

Trips like this force you to be somewhat self-sufficient since you have only lake water to drink and whatever you can catch to eat, unless you bring more than I did. I did have a water purifier and a solar shower with me and I knew they would be essential not only for something to drink but a shower is always refreshing.

I got to the lake and packed the remainder of my items in the canoe and shoved off toward the ranger station. It took me about an hour or so to get to the ranger station. The water was calm and almost picturesque. I wanted to leave early in case the wind came up later in the day. I did not want to have to paddle into the wind. The lake is large enough above and below the next portage to build up sizeable waves of four to five feet and I wanted to avoid that if it were at all possible.

By the time I left the ranger station and headed east toward my next portage the waves were still small and the wind had picked up a bit but it was not something that I was concerned with. About another hour or so I came to the waterfall and pulled up to unload all my stuff to make the portage around it. This is a short portage but it is uphill and will tire you out quickly. I finished with the portage and had my canoe packed and ready to head toward Eden Island. I knew the island well since I had camped on it twice before and hoped that I would have the opportunity to get the same campsite again. There is a bit of beach around it or there was before but the rest of it is all rocks.

If the wind comes up and you’re out on the lake getting back in can be dicey so you have to pay attention to the elements if you are out fishing or just paddling around. I kept up a steady pace and finally rounded the corner from the river channel where I could see the island. I stopped paddling long enough to use the binoculars from my dry bag to see if there was anyone at the site I wanted to use. I was fortunate that I did not see anyone so I started paddling. I arrived about an hour later and pulled up on a large rock and got out to see what the site looked like. It looked just like it had in the past. I knew where to place my tent and the large boulders out in front of the site were great to just go out and sit on at night.

I knew a campfire would be appreciated and since it had rained the past week I was able to have a fire. They expect that you leave things as much the way you found them and that is what protects this pristine area. It was absolutely beautiful. I knew I had time to get things arranged before dark since it doesn’t get dark till about 10 or 11 at night. I did not take a clock or watch of any kind with me since I was not here to worry about that. I had left my cell phone in the truck since it does not work here anyway. If you get into trouble you hope that in a few days the park ranger will be notified that you have not left the park and they will look for you.

I set the tent up and got all my food items into one nylon bag and tied it with rope and proceeded to throw the rope up over a large branch so that I could hoist it up into the air. There are bears on this island and I did not want them getting to my supplies. I have had bears in camp with another group because they did not listen and the tents and their food were destroyed while they were out fishing. You do occasionally see a moose or two while you are up here as well and they are such a magnificent thing to watch.

With the camp set up and everything stored away I decided to take my fishing pole and stand on the boulders down by the water and fish for a while to see if I could catch anything for supper. I did not want to get into my supplies any sooner than I had to. I was only down at the water for a short time when I hooked a decent sized walleye that would make a good supper so I cleaned my fish while I was at the edge of the water and walked back the short distance to camp.

I placed the fillets in a pan of water and went to gather firewood for the evening. It did not take long to find enough wood lying around to start my fire. I got a different pot and filled it with water using my purifier so that I had something to drink. My canteen that I carried water in was virtually empty from the trip here and I knew I would need water by morning anyway. I carry Gatorade and Tang to put in the water to mask the lake taste that the water has to it. I put a small amount of oil into my skillet and put the fillets into the breading mixture and started cooking them while I just sat and enjoyed the great outdoors. The fish did not take long to cook and I enjoyed my first batch of fresh fish. It is amazing how good it taste when you are out here as opposed to eating them at home.

After eating I cleaned everything up and decided that after the long day I was going to sleep even if it was still somewhat light out. I pulled some of the logs from the fire so that it would burn down quicker and crawled into my tent and before long I was out.

I woke the next morning to the sound of loons and gulls. The loons were out in front of my campsite at some distance but out here you can hear everything for a great distance. The gulls were overhead hoping that I would leave them something to eat. I left them the fish carcass down by the water to appease them and that was all they would get for now.

It was just barely light out but I had slept for an unknown amount of time and I decided to take my fishing gear and go try my luck. I still like to get up early and go out mainly due to the unpredictability of the wind. I was out for most of the morning and had no trouble catching both northern and walleye. I kept one for lunch and paddled back toward my campsite. I had only headed around the cove so it was not far. I planned to paddle around Eden Island at least once on this trip. It takes the better part of a day with one person in the canoe but it is still a very pleasant way to spend the day. By the time I came around the cove out onto the main lake the wind had come up enough to make waves that were already about two feet. I knew if that was the case they would be much larger by evening and I wanted to be on shore if that happened.

I got back to camp and just sat and relaxed for a bit and listened to the wind blow. The water was breaking against the rocks around me at about 4 to 5 feet by that time and that is when it can get a bit dangerous. If you know what you are doing you can get around the rocks and let the waves take you into the island in a fairly safe spot but if you don’t the waves will send you crashing against the rocks and the chances of the canoe surviving is usually not good. Without it you could be here a while longer than you planned.

I was sitting and watching the gulls try to pick things out of the water when I heard a scream in the distance. I jumped to my feet to see what or who was yelling and could not see anyone. I grabbed my binoculars and that is when I noticed a canoe out in the distance about 300 yards off my campsite. The canoe was upside down and the person that was in it was clinging to the side of it. I tried to use my hands like a megaphone and told them that once they got close to shore to get away from the canoe. When it hits the rocks you don’t want to be holding it since it could either crash you into the rocks or pull you under once it hits the rocks and is pushed back out into the lake.

I grabbed my dry bag and a let my food bag down from the tree so that I could use the rope. I wrapped the rope through the handle of the bag so that I could use it as a throwable device. I would see the person as they got closer and when they got close to shore I told them to look toward me and grab the bag. Once I had thrown it they let go of the canoe and grabbed the line and I started pulling until the bag got to them. I was then able to pull them to a spot where they could safely get out of the water where my canoe was stored. It did not take long and I was able to get them up to where I was and as soon as they finally could manage to get on their feet they looked up and took off the fishing hat and out came long black hair that was soaking wet on the prettiest girl I had seen in a while.

I asked her is she was okay and she shook her head yes. She was shaking from the water. The ice had only been out for about a month and the water was not warm. I am guessing that it was just below 50 degrees and that is not my idea of a fun way to spend a day even if I wanted to get in the lake. Once she was out of the water I took her over and started a fire so that she could begin to try and warm up. I asked her what her name was and she replied “Amanda.”

I Introduced myself and asked her again if she was sure she was okay and she said, “I’m okay I just feel like an idiot for being out there. I should have been paying closer attention to what was going on and I was too busy just enjoying the place and I got caught.”

I told her as long as she was okay we would take it one step at a time and see what we could recover. Her canoe was indeed completely destroyed by the rocks but the two dry bags attached to it were still floating along the shore. The water kept pushing them back into the shore so I took the rope and managed to get a grip on one of them and drag what was left of the canoe and the bags up so that I could unfasten them. I looked down the shore a ways and saw her paddle so I went after it. We would need that later. It is possible to use only one paddle but when you have two people it is much easier.

She came down to the rocks where I had her stuff and was glad that part of it had survived. Her clothing was in one of the bags and she had a few items in the other one that she could use but I did not find a tent or a sleeping bag. I asked her where she had her tent and bag and she said she had them in the front of the canoe in a garbage bag to try and keep them dry. I knew she would not find them. Once the bag tore and water got in they would be at the bottom of the lake or someplace we would probably never see them again.

So here I am out looking for peace and solitude and a chance to be away from women for a while and what do I land. A real live female that was actually cute. I told myself that you did not want to be involved with anyone and of course being my typical self I just told my brain to shut up and leave me alone. She was a bit shook up after the ordeal but she wasn’t hurt and it could have been much worse.

“I guess I should thank you for saving me huh.”

I told her that it was all in a day’s work and that anyone would have helped her if they had seen the plight she was in. She knew that the odds of that were not very good but she did appreciate what I had done for her. I looked at her and told her I was looking for a fishing partner anyway but this has to be the weirdest way to get one that I can think of. She laughed at my joke and said, “Yeah I am sure you came all the way out here to find a fishing partner. Most people come out here to get away from everything.”

We chatted for a while and then she started to look a bit apprehensive and I asked her if something was wrong and she told me she did not have a tent or sleeping bag and she had lost most of her stuff. I told her I had a tent and a sleeping bag and anything else we might need for the time being. She looked at me kind of warily and I told her she was welcome to share what I had, no strings attached. “I appreciate your generosity but I am just a bit overwhelmed at this point. I came out here to be alone and I have been her one day and this is what happens.”

“Are you trying to escape from reality too?”

“I was but I can always use some help around camp.”

“I guess I really don’t have much choice in the matter now do I?”

Once she realized she was destined to finish her trip with me she calmed down and we just sat and chatted for an hour or so. I decided it was time to make something for supper and grabbed my pan and started to get some water to peel potatoes. Amanda pitched right in like she wanted to help and she was good at it. She hauled water up from the lake and then used the purifier to get water into a pot. She filled my canteen and then looked around to see if she could find some fire wood. A woman like this I could get used to. She was smart, cute, and liked the outdoors and above all she did not have an attitude or expect anything from me.

We enjoyed our meal together and then started getting things put away while we still had daylight. I asked her if she wanted some hot chocolate before bed and she was thrilled at the idea. “I wish I would have thought to do that when I came out here but I did not think things through well enough before I left. I just wanted to get out so I packed and left. The worst part is the taste of the lake water. That is something that takes time to get used to.”

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