Into The Depths

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Into The DepthsThe darkness is complete, absolute. It is a blackness not only of vision, a complete absence of light, but of sound, utter silence, the kind that makes your mind strain beyond, until your heart beating, your breath moving, are the only sounds that fill the world. If I could raise my hands in front of my face, I would not be able to see even the shape of them. Eyes and ears useless, I try for other senses to keep touch with this reality.The scents that fill the room are simple; candle wax, a breath of perfume (mine? I can’t tell), the detergent that was used on the sheets beneath me. The only taste in my mouth is of the light metallic tang of the water I was given, but I can’t remember how long ago that was, only that it was welcome as it ran past my lips, soothing my aching throat. And I can feel only the silk of the restraints around my wrist, like the caress of my lover, sharp only if I resist their gentle hold; the warmth of the cotton sheet beneath my body, smooth and easy; the warm air from the furnace vent, drying the beads of sweat that dapple my body.I strain to hear his steps, didim escort so that I can prepare for what I know is to come, wanting to pull my bound feet up, my knees further beneath me, but not able to move more than a few inches in any direction. I am tied, face down, spread wide, waiting… always waiting… and wanting. I gasp and let out a sharp cry as I feel the first touch of something, more shock than pain. My mind processes the feeling, the sensation, and I realize it is a light touch, feathery, sleek. It could, indeed, be a feather… or fringe of a blanket… perhaps his hair. I can only imagine, not determine, as the touches and teases continue. The feathery feeling is gone now, replaced with something cold and wet… an ice cube? a popscicle? his fingers, dipped in ice water? Again, my mind can not choose, while my body revels in the sensation.Over and over, new sensations assault my skin, my mind, my being, each one bringing me closer to the point of overload. He knows my body like a favorite movie, a treasured book, a coveted painting, and he tantalizes every square millimeter of didim escort bayan me, until I am shuddering, gasping, wanting.At last, I hear his voice, smooth and full, and he says only three words…”Are you ready?”I am unable to answer properly, so taken by the sensations he’s invoked, know full well that in this blackness he can’t see me nod, but I do it nonetheless. I hear him chuckle, and tense involuntarily, the anticipation as luscious as a summer strawberry, and then, at last, it comes… his open palm against the smooth skin of my ass, the sound of contact loud in my ears, and the world explodes in a blinding firework of pure lust and pleasure as my skin goes pink. I can feel the blood rush to the area, feel the tingle, imagination of every nerve ending in every cell lighting up in neon. Before I can tense, his hand lands on my other ass cheek, and again, the explosion in my mind, the heat, the tingle, the vibration that goes straight to the wet and wanting cleft of my pussy. I hear his low laugh once again, and a murmur that could be a yes, and I answer it with my own assent, and escort didim then I beg, shameless.”Please,” I moan, “oh please…”And he begins to spank me in earnest, as I feel his cock hard, bumping against the back of my thigh as he brings his hand against my skin again and again. I spread myself as best I’m able, a silent wish for him to take me, and as my butt begins to go from pink to red, and red to burgundy, he grants my wish and slips inside me, hard and fast.My pussy spasms around him and I cry out, the explosion inside me as brilliant as the one from his spanking. He slips deeper inside me, pounding me from the inside now, and before long the rhythm of his hand falters, the rhythm of his cock more insistent. I come again, and again, waves of ecstacy wracking my body, twisting me against the restraints, and I scream as each one gets harder, better, until I can barely catch my breath to scream again. Suddenly, I feel it, my body shudders, and the stimulation of my g-spot by his probing cock causes me to gush everywhere, soaking the bed, his balls, his cock, his legs, and I hear him moan. He slams his cock hard into me, feeling my cunt as it clamps down on him, and with a loud grunt and a string of curses and praise, he comes, pumping me full of his wonderful heat, leaving me dripping with the evidence of our combined passion.

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