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Subject: Into My Family OK you know I’m goanna ask you to support this site. I can post stories of what could happen. but if the site is gone. None of it will be here. My name is Jason Boner. I added the boy to my writing name. Hence Jason Bonerboy. I don’t know where my last name came from. I like to write what I think about and what I like. My days of most sex are done. I mean I get the odd times it happens. Everything still works. I jerk off like the next guy. But the best stuff is in my stories and guys like me who post stuff. Please feel free to ask question, suggest stuff for a story of mine., comment and all that stuff. Share as much about your life as you want. My own story is dull with not much to share. Best stuff of my life is less than; the good stuff in my stories. I would love to reveal in your story; of your life. Ok enough of my droning one. Here’s the good stuff. Share only what you want. I don’t want to invade if you’d rather not tell. In To My Family This is sir Steven Stoves. Yes, I’m a lord. But in title only. I moved to American when I was 5 with my parents. I had a distant uncle named Steven Stoves same name. I went by Stevy. My Uncle took us in. My parents were killed in a car accident 6 months later. My uncle was an incredible man. He raised me to adult hood. Then he died When I was 30. I was 6 at the time of my parent’s deaths. I moped around for a month till my uncle quit his job. His wife had died 10 years ago. His kids live in 4 different parts of the USA. He over saw every part of my life like my parents had. But he wanted to be my whole life. He found something about me special. Everyone has it… He noticed something else about me. This was something different about me in the first bath he gave me. “You still have your foreskin.” I was puzzled. My penis looked just like my dad’s had. He dropped his draws and showed me his penis. “See how my if different from yours’s” I nodded. “I don’t have the extra skin. He pulled his draw back up. It wasn’t a sexual thing He was just showing me how our penises were different. I pulled back the foreskin showing how it worked. “I am just like my Daddy was.” “I sure you are. Buddy. sorry I shouldn’t have show you, my penis.” he said. I told him no problem I had seen my Daddy a number of times. istanbul travesti He took care of me like his own son. I love that man to this day. Nothing else happed till I was 11. I had a strange dream and woke up with a wonderful feeling and my underwear were wet. I hadn’t peed the bed in 5 years. I was worried my Uncle would be mad at me. But he was a fair man. I decided to get the mad part over with right away. I looked at the clock. It was 7 am and it was time to get ready for school. I found my uncle in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I walk up to him looking sheepish with my head down. “Uncle. I’m sorry but I peed the bed.” “Are you sure. Your briefs aren’t yellow. He pulled me in my briefs toward him. He sniffed the front of them. “Did you pee with a good feeling of overwhelm pleasure?” “Yeah how did you know?” “Because I know that smell of your source of fluid. You had what’s called a wet dream.” A wet dream. He said a doctor would call it a nocturnal emission. Means the same thing he told me. “I think I forgot to tell you about what sex is. Let’s eat breakfast and you can stay home from school. We’ll spend the day and I’ll teach you all you need to know for an 11-year-old.” We had celebrated my birthday a month ago. Now I was going to learn about sex. I was just glad to have a day off school. I mean I liked it and was a good student. But an extra day from it, yeah. I didn’t know what to think about the sex stuff. I was also glad I hadn’t gotten in trouble. Being 11 was still about play. Over the day I learned a lot about how my body worked. How a baby was made and how woman where so different. I asked all kinds of questions. My uncle knew it all; I thought. And he made it so easy to understand it all. He stopped at what was enough for an 11 year old. He did give me some lube and told me how to masturbate. That way I would never have another wet dream. Plus he said that playing with your penis was why you have it. I went to bed that night not knowing what to expect. I tried rubbing without lube. It was good. But then I put some lube under my foreskin and over the rest of my penis and went to town. It felt like it should be rubbing my penis. Like my Uncle had said. Playing with your penis is what it’s for. As kadıköy travesti I got good at pleasuring myself. I always remembered what my uncle had said. It did feel just right holding my penis at night in bed or in the shower. Or getting up in the morning. I love to get off at least 6 times a day. The cool part of how I looked. I looked just like my uncle. Most people didn’t know he wasn’t my dad. He would correct people as needed. But at times he just said my son. He had adopted me as such. But I still called him uncle when we were alone. He had told me to do what I want. Dad or Uncle was fine with him. I did both as I wanted. I grew up quick. At 14 I was as tall as him. My dad had been the same height as my uncle. I even had the same mousy brown hair and green eyes. I had lost my English accent by the time I was 10. Although it was still hidden in my head and I would use it when fooling around with my uncle. “Lord Stoves wants his breakfast. (English accent) He did a cowboy Texas accent, I think. “Your grub be ready sir lord. you better eat it before cook throws it out.” He only spoke that way for fun. He never failed to show love or be fun. One day he got a call from his son Darren. His wife and him were taking a trip. A long vacation. He wanted to know if we could watch his 14-year-old twin sons for a month. “I’m sure Stevy and I would love the company. What about the rest of the kids?” Apparently, all of the other kids had been farmed out to his wife’s family. Nobody wanted the boys for a month. We went to the airport to get them. They had flown a lone. The airline company called it unaccompanied minors. They looked like both of us as we greet them. “So, your our new Uncle Stevy. You look like us and grandpa.” said David. His twin Danny grabbed me in a hug. “We’ve heard so much about you from grandpa,” said Danny We got in the car and the twins talked about everything and nothing. I wasn’t use to this much chatter. But I smiled to have family around for a while. Uncle Steven looked at me from the front seat in the rearview mirror. He could always read people. I was a headline in a newspaper to him. He always knew what I was thinking. He just smiled his special smile which meant. We’d talk if I needed it. As we got close to the house; I had learned to join in and felt deep inner bakırköy travesti love for the twins. They were family and always would be. Pretty quick they were treating me like they did each other. My uncle had told me the way to tell them apart. I didn’t see it at first. But as we pulled up to the house. I had figure out all the things he had told me. Very little differences in the way they talk. Very slight feature in the face and a lot of other little things that most people didn’t catch. I never told them how we could tell them apart. That first night was awkward as it was goanna be sleeping in the same room as David and Danny. He had put us in one of the other bedrooms with a King-size bed. He had told us we wouldn’t sleep at all anyway. He knew boys. After all he had raise 4 with two girls. No one lived near him sadly. As we played all kinds of games and talked into the night after dinner; I got that urge to rub a load out. “You ok Stevy?” “Yeah it’s just that I…” I couldn’t say what I was thinking. “You want to jerk off. pound your pud. masturbate?” I just nodded. “Well why did you say so,” said Danny. “I’ve wanted to do it for hours. We traveled all day.” “Yeah we do it like 6 times a day together,” said David. My mouth dropped open. I didn’t even think about doing it with anyone else. I wasn’t married yet. “After all what’s a penis for but to play with it,” They said together. “That’s what uncle says, I mean your grandpa.” “Who do you think taught our dad that saying” We all started to laugh. Uncle came in and said, “it’s midnight, please you don’t look like you’re heading to bed.” The boys went to their luggage and got out sleep shorts. I saw them naked for the first time. I went and got my sleep shorts and was now naked as I put mine on. They were thin material that you didn’t have anything else on. Uncle had told me. A man needs to have room for his penis to get hard when he sleeps. He had treated me like a man since that first wet Dream. “Hey you’ve still got the foreskin on you dick, I mean penis,” said Danny. David agreed. They though it looked good. my foreskin hung over the head of my penis even when I was hard. I showed them how it worked. Then we got down to the rubbing. It was the best one I ever had as we all three came about the same time. It was fun doing with them. I wondered what else would happen. We became close that month. I ended up calling them all the time. But I’m getting ahead of the story. Jason ail jaso

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