Intertwined Fates 01: Designs

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Chapter 1/30

Full Summary: Joy Velasquez’s life was the ordinary normal life of an office secretary until her sexy boss Carl Knight seduced her. Who knew having a bit of fun late at night in the office could turn into something so wonderful and great, but also terrifying? Carl and Joy soon find themselves immersed in a fight to save humanity. Carl’s slightly un-hinged ex-wife, Miranda, opens a dark ancient portal to gain unstoppable power and unleashes an unspeakable evil onto the world while the royalty of vampires threatened by the hundreds years old prophecy come after them from another side. Torn between two worlds and two fights, they ride a rollercoaster of love, life, death and destruction, all the while, trying to figure out how to stay together. A tale of love, lust, and the fight for humanity.

I will be posting 2 chapters per week

1: Designs

“Markus, you wanted to talk to me?” asked Miranda as she walked into a dark office.

“Yes, I did. Have a seat, Miranda,” replied Markus, his dark skin blending into the darkened office like a chameleon.

After Miranda sat down Markus continued, “I have all the pieces in place. All we need now is the ritual assembly. The council has given us a month to do this before the Queen will step in herself.”

“I can do this Markus. Hopefully Carl still has some feelings or lust left for me. It will be much easier that way,” Miranda replied.

“Good. When this succeeds we will be in a position to do what we want. I’m gathering my people now. Self fulling prophecies always come true,” said Markus smiling darkly.


After grabbing some dinner, Carl sat back in his large padded office chair and sighed in frustration. This was the seventh day in the last two weeks that he’d spent pulling yet another late night.

Carl’s thoughts immediately turned to his employee Joy. She was the only one of his employees that had been putting any overtime in. He needed to reward her somehow. He struggled through the mountains of work he had to do while being distracted with thoughts of how best to repay Joy’s recent hard work.

He got up and shut down his workstation. He glanced at the clock on his desk and saw that it was past eight. There was still so much to do. He walked past Joy’s office, which was not that far from his. Her office not long closed and he decided he must do something to repay her soon; he quickly started coming up with a plan.

The next day Carl had his plan in place with a silk lined boxed in his hands as he entered his office for another long day in the office. Waiting until everybody else had left the building he continued working, unable to concentrate though.


After taking a short break from the endless piles of invoices and customer order forms, Joy trudged wearily back up to her office. Sitting down in her chair again, she sighed at the still rather mountainous pile of paper that Carl had handed her at the start of the day. ‘These audits are going to kill me,’ thought Joy she hadn’t had much of a night to escort bayan istanbul herself in over two weeks.

Joy rubbed her eyes and sighed tiredly as the details on the lists of car parts and machinery ran together. She looked up at the clock that said seven-thirty; she was tired and had an ache in her lions that she had to take care of. Neglecting it for the past two weeks was making her tense and irritable.

“Joy? Could you come here for a moment?” called out Carl her boss. Joy just groaned in frustration, knowing that she was still far behind in her work that she agreed to do, she just wanted to go home.


Carl sat in his chair stressing over how Joy will take his advances. Being as tense and irritated as he was, he hoped he wasn’t going to blow it. Carl was taken from his thoughts as Joy knocked on his door.

“Come in, Joy,” called Carl.

Joy entered Carl’s office, tense with what he was going to ask her to do. She hardly ever saw Carl, and was momentarily stunned by his worn, tired look. That with his loosened tie made him look very appealing to Joy, the ache that wanted to be attended to not caring who it was with. ‘He looks just as worn as me,’ thought Joy as her eyes raked over his broad muscular form.

Her eyes rested on the black silky box resting on a stack of paper beside his computer. ‘I wonder what’s in there?’ thought Joy.

She was brought out of her thoughts as Carl said, “I wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve been putting in Joy. So I got you something special. I also I want to discuss with you a possible pay rise,” Carl picked up the black box and handed it to her.

Joy grinned widely accepting the box and said “Thank you Mr. Knight,”

“Carl please, Joy,” said Carl.

Joy’s eyes widened as she opened the silky package and pulled out the sexiest lingerie she had ever seen. For a moment Carl was worried that Joy was going to reject it and say that she was involved with someone.

The aching Joy had began intensifying as the silky material caressed her fingertips; it felt so soft and luxurious against her skin. She just had to try them on, before her brain could override her mouth. Her hormones made her ask “How quickly do you think you can get these off me?”

Carl gasped at the thought of Joy parading in the black scraps of silk. He was suddenly instantly hard. His neglected hormones rushing to the surface, his face flushed as Joy stood sexily in front of him caressing the silk between her fingers. He wondered who was actually doing the seducing.

“I’ll be right back then,” purred Joy, picking up the box she walked out of his office. Carl leaned back into his chair and groaned. The built up tension from not giving his body what it wanted for so long was getting to him. He was finally going to see her with her long hair unrestrained, it irritated him how she hid away her beautiful brown hair in such tight restraint.

Joy luxuriated in the feel of the smooth, soft silk gliding over her skin as she slid escort istanbul the stockings over her legs. The soft silk caressing her breasts every time she moved, she sighed in pleasure. Thinking of what she could do for Carl and what she could do to relive the enormous tension that had built up over the last two weeks.

She grabbed her jacket and pulled it over her silky attire before she strode down the corridor leading back to Carl’s office. Knowing that Carl bought the silk with the intent to try and seduce her, she grinned knowing that seduction could be double edged. She intended to give as much pleasure as she received.

She strode back into Carl’s office confident and sexily. His grin was feral as he watched Joy intently. Joy studied Carl, looking at his tie that hung limply over his shoulders and the open top buttons revealing an expanse of toned tan flesh.

“This silk is so soft against my skin, it feels so wonderful Carl,” Joy purred as she unbuttoned her jacket. Carl gasped and grasped the desk as Joy pushed off her jacket, revealing the black silky undergarments. When Carl showed no hint of moving from his chair she asked “The question was, how quickly do you think you can get these off me?” Joy rubbed her breasts through the soft material and groaned.

Carl groaned in response and got off his chair. Making his way over to Joy, he gripped her waist the moment he was close enough. Joy ran her hands up Carl’s back pulling his shirt out his pants. He shivered as Joy ghosted her hands up under his shirt, feeling the contours of his back.

Joy groaned as Carl opened the clasp of her bra and pulled the fabric away, dropping it on a pile of papers on his desk. He then reached up and pulled her hair out of its tight restraining bun letting it flow down her back. “You really should keep your hair like this, I like it,” grinned Carl sexily.

As Carl’s hands caressed her chest and her breasts, Joy felt the contours of his back with one hand. Grinding him into her, feeling his hardness through his pants, with her other hand she grabbed one end of his tie and pulled it off his neck, and dropped it on the floor.

Carl surprised Joy and picked her up, dumping her on his sizeable desk. Joy groaned in pleasure as Carl rubbed her thighs, before grasping the tops of her stockings and then sliding them down her legs. Joy shivered as the silk glided down her legs; then Carl grasped her panties and slid them down exposing her molten core to Carl’s now heated gaze.

Joy began unbuttoning his shirt while moaning in pleasure when Carl massaged her heat with the tip of his finger. Pulling him up, she pulled his shirt off. Joy gasped as Carl plunged a finger deep inside her needy heat; she gazed wantonly at Carl’s well defined chest. He shuddered when she caressed his hard stomach muscles.

“This is a wonderful gift, Carl,” said Joy moaning as he rubbed her sensitised lips. He leaned down and kissed her heated opening gently causing her to groan softly. “I was wondering who was actually bayan escort istanbul doing the seducing,” said Carl huskily. Joy gasped in pleasure as Carl pressed his tongue inside her folds.

She reached under his shoulders and pulled him up her body, grasping his belt she unbuckled it and then opened his pants. She pulled down his pants with his boxers revealing his hardness to her lusting eyes.

Carl groaned in pleasure as Joy’s tongue darted out and caressed the throbbing tip of his erection. He grasped her shoulders and pulled her up onto his body, when her face met his he thrust his tongue inside her mouth. While Carl’s tongue assaulted Joy’s mouth she thought hazily ‘This man really knows how to kiss.’

Her hands had a mind of their own as they began caressing Carl’s strong body, brushing against his weeping member causing Carl to shudder as he began grinding against Joy while still keeping their fiery embrace. Joy pushed her tongue back against his and thrust it down his throat. Carl’s hands snaked around her back and caressed her while her hands continued exploring the defined contours of his body.

They broke apart from each other with a desperate need to breathe, sweat beginning to pool between their bodies. Carl dumped a box on the floor and shoved his computer back; he grasped Joy again and resumed their intense kissing. After continuing with their embrace for some time, Joy broke the kiss and slid down Carl’s body.

Carl leaned back against the desk and moaned in pleasure as Joy began licking and stroking his weeping manhood. Carl grasped Joy’s legs and pulled them up around his head. Carl groaned deeply as Joy sucked him deep. She released him and moaned in pleasure as Carl’s tongue began penetrating into her.

They rubbed against each other’s bodies as they teased and tortured each other. Their moans of pleasure sending spikes of pleasure up their spines as they licked and sucked each other. Carl moaned as Joy sucked him deeply, the pressure driving him wild. Joy added her own moaning to her sucking as the vibrations from Carl’s cries of pleasure were sending her insane with need.

She increased the pressure of her sucking as she felt her orgasm coming upon her. Carl pushed his fingers in with his tongue as he moaned uncontrollably from the pleasure Joy was giving him. Joy screamed her pleasure as her release thundered through her, the increased pressure from her sucking and the vibrations from her scream sent Carl tumbling over the edge as his release slammed into him. He roared his pleasure as his back arched.

After swallowing all of what Carl had to offer, Joy sat up and turned to Carl. “That was incredible, Carl,” said Joy

“It certainly was,” said Carl his eyes fogged with pleasure.

“I thought you were still married,” murmured Joy as she rested into Carl’s sweat streaked muscular form.

Carl’s eyes tightened for a moment before he said “No, we’re divorced. I’ve been single for months now,”

“Oh, ok. I had better get going then, Carl. It’s really late,” said Joy as she slid off the table and gathered her clothes. Carl watched her walk to his door, desire pooling once again.

“Yeah, need to go home. Still got so much work to do,” groaned Carl.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Joy said over her shoulder.

“Ok,” Carl replied, smirking slightly.

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