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Josh gave himself a final look in the mirror as he reached to open the door. His short hair laid flat on his head, and he wondered one last time if he should’ve styled it. There was nothing to do about it now, but he couldn’t stop staring at it. He’d had his hair styled in his profile pic, so it had to have something to do with her agreeing to meet him. He shook his head clear of thoughts as another knock came, opening the door.

“Hey, Blair,” Josh said, smiling at the vision before him as he gave her a once-over. The short girl was wearing a fuzzy blue sweater and a miniskirt. The sweater didn’t show off much cleavage, but it did pull tight across her chest large chest, testing the material. “You look great.”

“Thanks,” she said, smiling back at me, doe eyes wide and sparkling. Her face was framed by waves of chestnut hair, and her button nose and full lips were cute enough to die for. “You’re looking good yourself. How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing great,” he said, trying his best to stay chill. It was hard, looking at her, watching her smile grow a bit wider as she tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Come in,” he said, stepping back to let Blair pass. As she stepped by him, he gave a glance at her rear. The skirt hugged her closely, putting her bubble butt on display, if not nearly as exposed as in some of the DMs she’d sent him. He looked up to find her looking back at him and immediately felt himself blush.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she said with a chuckle. “If you can’t even look at me, we’re not going to have a very fun afternoon.”

“Sorry, it’s just a bit weird to be doing this.” Josh shut the door and followed Blair into the living room. She quickly plopped down onto the couch, crossing her legs and patting the spot next to her. Josh took a seat, crossing his own legs to hide the growing bulge.

“Did you have anything in mind?” Blair asked, hugging her arms under her chest. “I mean, I know you said this was your first time hooking up online, so if there’s anything you want to do…”

“Man, I wish I hadn’t told you that,” Josh said, feeling himself blush again. “I mean, it’s not like this is my first time doing anything like this, just, I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t expecting anyone as hot as you are.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know, they show you all these hot girls in the ads, but even when you sign up, you just expect to find a site full of other dudes or really desperate chicks.”

“Thanks,” she said flatly, though with a slight grin.

“I’m sorry,” Josh said, putting his hand on his face. “Maybe this was a bad idea.”

“Hey, come on,” Blair said, putting a hand on his thigh. “You didn’t come off like some desperate weirdo in chat. That’s why I actually agreed to meet you. I’m hoping that I didn’t seem like a weirdo either.”

“You didn’t,” Josh said, allowing his hand to fall onto hers. “You came off as a really cool girl.”

“And you seemed like a cool, nice guy. You seemed like a guy who would take charge.” Blair slid her hand up a little. “Are you that guy?”

Josh didn’t say anything; he just slid a hand up Blair’s smooth thigh and kissed her. Blair fell back into the couch, using her free hand to pull Josh down on top of her. Their lips pressed hungrily at each other, tongues darting out to explore. His adventuring hand had moved into the constricted realm of her skirt, and he struggled to pull it up.

Blair grabbed the hand and instead placed it on her breast. He gave it a firm squeeze, the material of the sweater soft against his hand; her breast below was softer, save the poke of a firm nipple against his palm. It drove him on, his tongue darting into her mouth, enjoying the feel of her body all over.

“That’s the man I hoped I was seeing today,” Blair said, both gasping for air between kisses. She gave his dick a long stroke through his jeans. “Oh yeah, definitely a man.”

“You know it, baby,” Josh said, his earlier nerves gone. “You said I could have it how I wanted, right?”

“If you earn it,” Blair said, pouting out her lip slightly. “After all, I have needs, too.”

“I aim to please.”

“Good. Do you have condoms?” Blair said, still gripping his dick.

“Give me one second,” Josh said, giving her one more kiss before jumping up from the couch. He’d made sure to be prepared for this afternoon, and a box of condoms sat in a drawer in the kitchen, along with a bottle of lube.

He dropped both items upon returning to the living room. Blair’s skirt and sweater were tossed over the edge of the couch, and she was sitting in nothing but a deep purple bra and matching thong. She was on her knees leaning over the back to look out the window and giving him a full view of her ass.

“Fuck,” Josh muttered, staring at the soft mounds of flesh that swallowed the thong up, at the slight curl of pubic hair that sat around her pussy. She looked back at him over her shoulder, giving her hair that şişli escort cute little toss again.

“Like I said, you need to earn it, Josh,” Blair said, “but I’m not too hard to impress. So, how about you come over here and…” Blair pulled the thong aside, fully revealing her pink slit and asshole, “…have a little snack?”

With so much blood diverted from his head, Josh was glad to drop to his knees between the brunette vixen’s thick legs. He felt a rush go through his body at the scent of her in front of him, the strong primal part of him wanting to forgo everything and bury himself inside of her. He ignored the temptation by grabbing the soft bubble of her ass and squeezing, kissing at the inside of her thighs, slowly moving his face closer to her pussy.

Finally, Josh let his tongue dart out and run along her slit. Blair’s thighs tightened for a moment, squeezing his face as he enjoyed the taste of her on his lips. He pressed further, letting his tongue slide inside of her, truly explore her body. A whimper escaped her lips as he went, and Josh loved the feel of her soft flesh around his head.

“You are definitely a hungry boy,” Blair moaned, one of her hands grabbing for his head to push him into her snatch. In turn, Josh reached up and gave her ass a firm smack as he continued to burrow his tongue inside of her. She let out continuous moans as he did, cute mewling sounds to show her approval. His other hand slid under his chin and began to tease at her clit and, emboldened by her ongoing calls of approval, he dared to let his tongue slide further up, teasing at the tight ring of her asshole. That came with a surprised chuckle and more pressure applied to his head, egging him on. “Mmmm, not enough guys are willing to do that.”

“And not every girl wants it,” Josh said, giving her ass another slap before drilling his tongue inside of her anus again.

Josh continued to play with Blair until he felt her hand tugging at his hair, pulling him up as she turned to face him. The hand that had been in his hair slipped around his neck, yanking him into another kiss. There was more urgency now, pure lust built between their lips. Blair’s free hand made short work of his zipper, sliding into his pants to wrap around the thick shaft of his erection. Josh moaned as she jerked him off, pleasure doubled by the breasts he was happily squeezing at.

“Just get it out of the way,” she whispered into his ear desperately.

“My pants or your bra?”

“Both,” she replied, slowly dragging her hand down his length. Josh needed no more prodding. He rose off the couch, unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them off along with his shirt. Blair let go of his dick just long enough for Josh to remove his boxers, but returned with even more energy now that she had complete range of motion. She smiled up at him, letting her tongue slowly run along her lips. “I don’t think you’re done yet.”

“Of course not,” he replied. Josh leaned forward, moving his cock closer to those pouting lips, and reached a single hand around her back. He fumbled for a second, but was able to undo the clasp. Blair took it from there, allowing the bra to slowly move away from her skin. It felt like ages to Josh, but finally, she was bare-chested, her full tits sitting free before him.

For a moment, nothing changed, she continued to stare up at him, stroking his dick merely an inch from her mouth. He met her gaze, feeling the tension in his body increase with every pump, every slight glimpse of her tongue. He wanted to grab the back of her head and push her onto his cock. He wanted to reach down, truly feel her breasts in his hands. He wanted so much from her gorgeous body, but he waited to see what she was willing to give him first.

“Hand me my purse,” Blair said, her breath warm against the head of his cock. Josh broke eye contact to look around the room and saw it sitting right by the couch on the end table. He handed it to her, Blair taking it in her free hand. “Thank you. Now close your eyes.”

Josh obeyed, allowing his mind to focus on the feeling of her hand, imagining what it was she was getting. He heard the snap of the purse, followed by another click. Blair giggled slightly, just before her hand pulled away from him. He stood alone for a moment, waiting for whatever might come next, though the sound of something slick a few inches from him gave him a good idea.

He got his answer as his member was swallowed up by a wet, warm mass. He gasped, pulling back slightly, only to feel himself slide along slick skin. Eyes snapping open, he saw Blair leaning forward, her tits glistening and lubed up, wrapped around his dick. Blair let out a slight laugh as she looked up at him, scooting forward a bit more to once more swallow his dick up between her breasts and hands.

“Holy shit, Blair,” he gasped, noticing the small bottle of lube on the floor by her feet. “You want me to cum without taksim escort warning?”

“Whether you warn me or not doesn’t matter,” she said, beginning to move her chest up and down. “As long as I get your cum, I’ll be a happy girl.”

“Fuck yeah, baby,” Josh said. He leaned into her tits, thrusting up to meet her downward bounce. He could feel every inch of his dick throb with the feel of her pale tits milking him. He was thankful for her moment of reprieve, as it allowed him a newfound stamina to fully enjoy fucking her tits, to delight in the slick sounds of the way he violated her chest.

Josh put a hand against her cheek; Blair quickly turned her head and pulled two of his fingers into her mouth, sucking on them as she continued to work his dick. Josh felt himself tensing up from all the stimulation and began to thrust faster, making Blair’s breasts bounce harder. She responded by pulling off his fingers and staring up at him again, mouth open and tongue out.

“Come on, baby, you know you want to give me your fucking cum,” she said, tits squeezing harder as he pushed into the tight passage. “You want to splatter your little internet slut, cover me in that fat load. I know you want it, I can feel that thick dick twitching. And trust me, you give it to me now, you’ll be ready to give it to me even harder later. In my throat, in my pussy. Who knows, maybe even in my ass.”

That was all Josh could stand. He pulled down hard, freeing himself from the heaven of her chest and began to jack himself hard and fast. Blair didn’t miss a beat, leaning forward and tickling his balls.

“Fuck, Blair!”

Josh’s dick exploded, the stream of cum shooting forward. The first shot hit Blair’s cheek, and she quickly corrected to allow the next few bursts to shoot into her mouth. After that, Josh regained enough sense of himself to redirect, squirting the thick fluid onto her tits. She allowed him, squeezing her tits together so he could properly spread himself upon her.

As he finished, Josh could feel his legs giving out. He swiveled away from her and dropped onto the couch, panting heavily as his dick continued to twitch out a few more drops. He shuddered with ecstasy as Blair followed him, slipping between his legs to suck the last few bits of cum from his spent member. The feel of her lips on him, finally, was enough to begin breathing life back into him.

He looked down to at her, enjoying the sight of her suckling the tip of his dick, his handiwork dripping from her cheek and onto her messy chest. He hadn’t orgasmed like that in so long, and he loved the thought that this gorgeous sexpot was ready to give him more.

“Did you mean it? About the ass?”

Blair stopped sucking his dick and stood up. She turned away from him and slowly removed her thong. As she bent down, her ass seemed to grow and spread, the fullness of it all furthering the growing feeling in his crotch. She stayed bent over, looking at him from between her legs. She reached up and spread her ass apart, showing off her slick pussy and tight asshole.

“Same as ever, Josh,” she said, smirking. “You have to earn it.”

Josh smiled back at her briefly before dropping to his knees and putting his hands on her hips. Leaning forward, he began to kiss the soft flesh of her ass, sucking and biting at it. She was so soft and warm, and he wanted so badly to already be fucking her. But he needed to recover and tasting her again would certainly do them both good.

So he went at it, tongue dipping into her wet pussy, teasing her clit, drilling at her asshole. It wasn’t long before he was erect again, but he was lost in his exploration, egged on by the way Blair moaned and pitched forward, turning to once more relying on the couch for support. Before he knew it, she was all but sat on his face, his whole world the taste and feel of her heat. Josh took hold of his dick, stroking it as he continued to eat Blair out, lost in the sensations and feels of their primal connection.

“Oh, yes, baby, just like that,” Blair groaned, more or less twerking her ass against his face. “Feels so good… eat that pussy… fuck that asshole with your tongue… mmm, with whatever you want…”

Though he was focused on his task, Josh heard Blair’s words and took it as the confirmation he needed that she was ready for him. He pulled back, taking a gasp of air even as he jumped to his feet and pushed Blair further into the couch, forcing her to bend over as his erection dragged against her thigh. God, she was the perfect little package of a woman, her groin just the right height for him to easily line up his dick and push into her heat.

“Fuck, yes,” Blair hissed, pushing back to meet Josh’s first thrust. Just like that, he was inside her, and he wasted no time in starting to fuck her. Any exhaustion fucking her tits had caused was forgotten as he began to hammer into Blair’s tight pussy, groaning fatih escort with pleasure at the feel of her, the way her muscles clamped onto him with every outward pull and welcomed him back in with each forward thrust.

“You like that, don’t you?” Josh grunted, slowing down a bit and letting each stroke last longer. “That dick pumping in and out of you?”

“Mmm, yes, baby,” Blair replied, reaching a hand back to spread herself wider for him; fuck, her asshole looked cute. “It’s all I need.”

“Yeah, it is,” Josh replied. “Just a desperate slut trolling online for guys to fuck her silly.”

“Just need to get fucked,” Blair agreed with a moan, pushing back against Josh, only for him to pull away.

“You need this dick?” Josh said, teasing her slit, but not allowing her to get him inside. “Then beg for it.”

“Please, Josh, give it to me,” Blair moaned, slightly frustrated and still trying to rock him inside of her. “I need your dick, baby, please, please, please.”

“And where do you want it?” Josh asked, now pressing a thumb into the puckered star of her anus, Blair shuddering at his touch.

“Mm, wherever you want to put it,” Blair glanced back, the neediness clear on her face. “Just work a girl up to it first?”

“Gladly,” Josh said, giving a satisfied grunt as he pushed his thumb fully into Blair’s ass and his dick back inside her pussy. She let out a deep, satisfied moan as Josh began to fuck her again, all the while working to loosen her asshole up for the main event. It was a lot of stimulation, exactly what she’d been begging him to return to, and it was what she needed to be pushed over the edge.

“Fuck, Josh, I’m cumming!” she yelled, knees giving out as a wave of orgasmic bliss tore through her. She fell forward, Josh slamming deep inside as he collapsed on top of her, sending another jolt of pleasure up her spine as he filled her. Her moan this time was deep and throaty, her whole body shuddering beneath him “Oh, baby, yessssss.”

“Fuck yeah… cum for me, you e-slut,” Josh said breathlessly, only losing his momentum for a moment. He quickly pulled out of her, enjoying the sensation of both of her holes gripping him, before aiming the head of his dick at Blair’s contracting asshole. With a single push, he was inside of her backdoor, and he started working himself deeper as she moaned. The resistance and pressure were overwhelming, but he was in a frenzy now, lost in a haze of pleasure and carnal release. Before long, he was properly fucking her butt, couch shaking as he rammed into her again and again. The feeling was incredible, a tight, hot vice on his dick that felt made to pleasure him.

“How’s that dick feel, baby?” Josh grunted into her ear as he kept going. “You love it in your ass?”

“So full…” Blair gasped, still recovering from her orgasm and already building to another. She slipped a hand between her legs to play with herself as his anal assault continued. “So fuckin’ good…”

“Of course you do,” Josh continued, pulling back enough to grip her phat ass and give it a squeeze as he fucked it. “Just an anal slut getting what she needs. Mm, and I’m so happy to give it to you.”

“Give it to me, Josh,” Blair said, finally recovered enough to begin popping her hips and meeting his thrusts into her ass. “Give me that dick.” With a toss of her hair, she was looking back at him, eyes full of desperate need and a smile of dizzy pleasure on her parted lips. “Fill my slutty ass with your cum.”

“Fuck!” Josh groaned as he slammed hard into Blair one final time. As he bottomed out inside of her, he orgasmed, cum flooding into the tight grip of her anus. Blair shuddered as he did, a motion that in turn gave Josh the energy to begin thrusting again, enjoying how much easier her ass was to fuck as his jizz lubed her up. Finally, as he felt himself emptying out, Josh pulled loose, enjoying the view of her glistening, gaped butt before rolling off and collapsing onto the couch next to her.

“Hot damn,” Josh said, now just trying to catch his breath. He looked over to Blair, who was equally out-of-breath and smiling over at him. “That was a hell of a lot of fun.”

“Absolutely,” she responded, pushing the hair out of her face. “For as shy as you were to start, you really go for it when you get started.”

“Helps to have a partner who’s into it,” he responded, feeling himself blush slightly. If she noticed, it only caused her to smile wider before she pushed off the couch to stand up.


“Down the hall,” he said, pointing. She turned to head that way, allowing him to see the trickle of his sperm trailing out of her ass and down her thigh. “Guess we forgot about the condoms…”

Blair glanced back at him, giving her ass a spread to allow more of his seed to slide out of her. “Are you really complaining?”

“Not in the slightest,” he replied. “I know the site talks about discretion and one-time things, but… I’d love to do this again some time.”

Blair swiveled back to face him. He looked, again taking in the beauty of her wide hips and doe eyes, and the smile on her lips. “Who said this time was done?”

At that, she turned back and headed to the bathroom, and Josh knew well enough to follow.

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