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My current assignment in Den Haag was nearing completion, time to look for a new assignment; first, I would take a few weeks off. Where would I go, what would I do when I got there. Being a solo traveller has its restrictions. Checking out options on the web, I came across someone looking to share a cabin on a cruise ship. I sent him an email saying, I was possibly interested, received an almost instant reply. Included were details of what was proposed, a 14 day P late booking discount.

We exchanged details of each other, including photographs, did a couple of skype calls. We seemed to hit it off. Although, a Norwegian based in Stavanger working for an oil company, like me, he said he would come over to Holland for their long weekend. I offered to put him up, why not, to see how we got on together in person. I would meet him at Centraal Station, in Den Haag on Friday night.

Friday night arrived I was waiting at the end of the platform one, as the train from Schiphol arrived, we recognised each other. In person he was taller than me and looked quite muscular, all in all quite presentable. We exchanged greetings and went up the escalator to the tram halt, great thing about Den Haag is its integrated transport system; which actually works.

Plan was that we would drop off his bag at my apartment and go out for a get to know each other meal and a drink. I was fortunate in having a number of very good restaurants and bars near me. After dropping off his bag, we boarded another tram for Schevengen, the beach area of Den Haag. In the summer months the beach has temporary bars erected on the sand, most of which offer a good selection of beers and food.

We picked one that I knew, Bora Bora, the same bar that Luca had made his intensions known to me, almost two years ago. We subsequently became an item for about a year and a half before he had to return to run his family business in Italy. We ordered a few beers, quite a few, and food. Then visited a few other bars along the beach front, it was a warm night and very pleasant. Knut said a friend had told him of a private club nearby which had live entertainment.

We went looking for it; found it easily following the directions Knut was given. It was one of these clubs, anonymous to the passer by, with no name outside, and you had to knock the door before you were Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort allowed in. I never knew this club existed; you live and learn.

The club was dark and smoky inside; once our eyes adjusted to the darkness, you could see the floor show. We found a table and a shemale barperson came over to serve us. The floor show was quite explicit; it was a live gay sex act’s set around a bar counter. This reminded me of an escapade a few years ago, where I was doing something similar with my friend Jim and in front of an audience too. Although it was a private affair in a hotel suite in Plymouth, which we both got paid for, after a night of entertaining four American business men. I didn’t mention this connection to Knut; not the right time.

We were both finding it very erotic. Knut was rubbing my leg and intimately and touching me, as I was him. We were both getting very aroused by the show and each other. An accidental discharge was becoming a definite possibility. Maybe time to go, it was getting late too.

We headed back to my apartment, by this time the trams had finished, so had a pleasant 30 minute walk back, chatting as we went. We seemed to hit it off ok and by this time we had decided that we would book the cabin by telephone in the morning.

By the time we arrived back at the apartment we were very relaxed with each other. As I put the coffee machine on. Knut came up behind me as I was doing this; ran his finger slowly down the centre of my back to the top of my butt, slowly, gently but purposefully. I felt very excited and aroused by it.

I turned round, we were facing each other; he touched my lips with his finger, while looking into my eyes. Unbuttoned my shirt slowly; one button at a time, kissing and biting my chest as he went down each button, slowly ever so slowly, all the way to my navel. Then opens my shirt and slides it off my shoulders. Still looking into my eyes he unbuttons his shirt and slowly pulls it off; drops it; unzips his trousers, lets them drop and steps out of them, still looking into my eyes, he slides down his underwear and is standing there, naked, hard and excited.

He reaches over and unzips my trousers slowly, purposefully, slides them down; kneels down. Slowly places his hands inside my underwear, his warm palms pressing against my side; slides them off, I could feel them gently being removed. By this time we are both naked and I am hard and excited too.

He starts to suck me; gently and slowly, again and again; finding it difficult to contain myself, I begin to breathe deeply, moan a little and start to cum. He swallows; stands up, and leads me by my hand to the bedroom. Sits me down on the bed; lays me over onto my back, kneels on the bed and straddles over me.

Leans over, starts to nibble my nipples, my chest, my ear lobes; very stimulating. I lift up my knees and arch my back up a little, inviting him in. He rubs his lube on and in me; I could feel his fingers penetrate as he applies it. Rubbing it around and in and out, very relaxing and stimulating.

Then he starts to probe with his hard erection gently, then pushes in slowly; could feel him entering and sliding in, slowly withdrawing; re-entering and sliding further in each time; slowly a rhythm starts, sensual, warm, wet and relaxing. Building the momentum; longing the desire; we both looked directly into each other’s eyes, hearts beating in rhythm; both knowing climax was near. Then it happened we were both contented. Relaxed and disengaged each other.

Both lying naked together hot and wet exchanging each other’s bodily warmth, embracing each other, running our fingertips over each other’s body, our hungry mouths search each other, nibbling, biting and sucking. The passion and excitation in each of us taking over; we both start to become hard and excited, as we embrace each other, feeling each other’s hardness press together.

Knut rolls over onto his back; raises his knees and invites me to join with him. I enjoyed putting the lube on and on my fingers and entering him, slowly rubbing it in and around as he had done for me.

Knut arched his back, his eyes roll in anticipation; I lean over and on him. Probe for entry with my hardness; barred by pressure at first; as he anticipates entry, eases allowing me to enter; slowly going deeper with each lunge. I could feel it starting to build within me as I undulated; our body heat was building; as I looked into his eyes I could see them rolling in anticipation; his head gently rolled as he smiled; eyes closing in enjoyment.

I could feel it starting to build with each lunge; we were both wet with sweat; both in harmony as I released it; we both paused for a moment before I withdrew. I rolled over; lay side by side; we embraced each other; exhausted and wet with sweat and cum. We lay their embracing each other in harmony.

We were both awakened by my radio alarm starting to play a local radio station. Had we shared our night sleep, lying together in harmony? We lay there looking into each other’s, eyes; bodily touching. Knut touched my lips, with his finger, leaned over; our lips touched in an awaking kiss; I felt him reaching into my mouth. I joined him in this intimate exchange.

We showered together; washing off each other’s last night’s exchanges. We dried each other and went through to the lounge, naked. There on the floor were our clothing from the night before, we cleared up. As I put on the coffee and toaster. Knut put his arms around my waist, clasping his hands together. I could feel hardness and contentness develop as we stood there embracing each other; I could also feel his hardness press against me between my buttocks and legs. Sensually stroking me between my buttocks; very erotic and satisfying.

We took our coffee and toast over and sat down on the couch to make our phone booking for the Baltic cruise. We sat their naked together; bodily pressing on each other; as we put on the phone speaker to make the call to the cruise booking centre. As we provided our details to the call centre we rubbed each other’s inside leg with the palm of our hands and intimately stroked each other. Needless to say we paid; the extra; for a queen sized double bedded cabin and balcony. I think we both had visions of sex on the balcony as we sailed through the night. Took about an hour to complete; done and paid for; we were off on an intimate holiday together; two strangers who met on a web site a week or so before and were now sharing a bed and soon to be on holiday together.

We stood up, after checking the e-mailed booking documents; all as agreed; left our coffee cups on the table and went together back to the bedroom for another session. Both of us looking forward to our holiday together.

The three days passed very quickly before Knut returned to Schiphol for his flight to Stavanger. Two weeks later I made a return weekend visit to Stavanger, we had a lot of fun their too.

The holiday arrived; we met in a Southampton hotel the day before embarkation; and what a holiday it turned out to be. Another story for another time.

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