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Intense Grinding on an ebony goddess at a night clMy friends and I decided to go to Vegas a couple months ago. One night two of my friends wanted to a club, now I wasn’t to sold on the idea, being that I’m not the greatest dancer. And to be honest I don’t really like the music that the club would be playing (trance music and rave type of music). But I didn’t want to be that one person who ruins the plans. So I said yeah ok let’s go. We end up getting to the night club and we got in with ease, we scoped out the place and our surroundings for a couple of minutes, then one of my friends said lets go on the dance floor and dance with some women. I thought yeah sure lets do it, the two of my friends and myself squeezed the the crowd and found our way to the middle of the dance floor. It was dark and cramped. There were strobe lights of different color all over the place, the only consistent light that made it possible to see was a very dark dim blur light. My friends and I started to dance with a group of younger Asian women. It was pretty fun and everything but we didn’t get to close. They didn’t want to get to close to anyone. They seemed like they just wanted to dance with some guys (no physical contact). It was fine but when I looked around I saw everyone grinding on each other very seductively. Given that we had been drinking the whole day while walking the strip and enjoying ourselves I was pretty drunk. I thought it would be great to go and grind with some bad freaky women. I decided to walk away from the young Asian girls because everytime anyone or myself would get close to them they would take a step away, smile, and continue dancing. So I left them to find a lady to dance with who I could really have some fun with. I split away from my friends and started to look for a woman who wasn’t dancing with someone. Or a woman who looked alone. Unfortuanty I was not able to find one given that every woman was dancing with someone or was with their girlfriends. So I decided to start dancing with another group of Asian women. They didn’t bite, and kind of gave me a weird look. I tried dancing with other groups of women but every lady seemed to be prude and didn’t want to dance.I thought to myself ehh whatever I’ll just go back and Dance with the Asian women I left. My friends were still over there trying their best to break through their defensive walls of getting freaky with them. It was then when I felt someone bump into be from behind. I didn’t think much of it it, it was very cramped. Then once again I felt someone bump into me. I decided to turn around and try to move.As I turned around the first thing I saw was a tight dark blue dress. I looked down and saw a very round and nicest piece of ass I had seen all night…..It kind of got me off gaurd, and I just stared and admired it for a couple seconds. After I caught myself and get out of its trance I decided to see who this beautiful round plump butt belonged to. I looked up and saw that the woman in the blue dress was a black woman with straight hair. She stood about 5 foot 11. She was a little taller than me, and kind of thick(not fat, but curvy). I also noticed she had a tattoo on her neck. I started to examine her tattoo – when suddey she dipped back and her butt went into my groin for a second. She was doing a certain dance where she would shake around for a couple seconds the dip her butt back. I was fortunate to be close to her when she started her little dance. At first she had bumped her butt into mine. Now I was facing the other way and every couple seconds she would dip back and her butt would fall into my crotch for a half second. Each time she would bump into me it would make my dick get harder and harder. The woman seemed to look quite older than me. At the time I was 21, the black woman to me seemed like she was in her late 20’s. She had an amazing body to go along with an insane rear end. As I examined her more waiting for my next courtisy bump she would give me I noticed her blue dress was really really short. I bit my lip and decided this is the one. I’m going to try and get freaky with her.I had never been at a club before let alone grinded on a random woman before. But I knew it I was going to grind with this black, blue dressed woman I would need to make a move and do it fast. I had seem multiple people starring at her from the corner tokat rus escort of my eye and I even started to feel some people trying to push me away from standing behind her, So they could take the spot of having her bump up against them. So I slowly moved closer to her and felt her bumps up close. the woman’s bumps contunied at the same pace despite obviously feeling that someone was standing right behind her. As I got closer to her she looked over her shoulder to see who she was now bumping up against. I made eye contact with her and gave her a friendly smile. She returned the smile and nodded at me, I nodded back and she turned her head forward. Check mate.Right as soon as she turned her head forward she started to go off, I did not expect it but she didn’t hold back. She started to 100% grind on my crotch bending over from time to time to twerk. I wearing very thin slacks and had a raging hard on. She knew she had gotten me really hard, and I knew she could feel my cock digging into her butt. I noticed at the corner of my eye that all the people who wanted to dance with her were looking in awe as she was going to town on me. It felt amazing. I put my hands on her hips and started to move with her movements. Being buzzed and having this woman all on my junk for about 5 minutes i really wanted to fuck her. But being in a nightclub I couldn’t do it.She turned her head slightly and I saw that was smiling. She was enjoying it as much as I was. Well I’m sure I was enjoying it more, but it gave me more confidence to test my limits. I firmly planted my hands on her hips and pulled my dick out of her butt for a second and gave her a hard hump. Pulled out again and gave her another hump. I continued to give her about another five hard dry humps. She then looked back at me, only this time she wasn’t smiling. She had a confused kind of irritated look on her face, I instantly took the hint and went back to putting my dick in her butt and grinding. After about a couple of minutes of grinding she moved her head from side to side and I saw she had her smile back. I felt fortunate that she didn’t take the agressive dry humps as a reason to stop dancing. About 30 minutes passed and I was still with this georgeous black woman. The music had changed from trance music to some hip hop music. The type of songs that talk about twerking and grinding. Which I personally now like because it influenced my black, blue dressed woman to grind on my crotch even harder. I was on the vierge of cumming when some other person came beside me and tried to forcefully push me off her. .. At first I thought it was her boyfriend. So I thought to myself alright I’m going finish up with her as fast as I can blow my load then leave her alone with her boyfriend. The man agressively pushed me harder. But my hands were still planted on her hips. It caused her to move with me and she turned around. She saw the man trying to get at her and she screamed something at him and pushed him away. Turns out it wasn’t her boyfriend. The man took the hint and left. I smiled at her and she smed back. A minute or so later I couldn’t hold back anymore and I came all in my pants. I almost felt paralyzed as I unleashed my load. All while she didn’t skip a beat on her grinding. It felt even more intense as she continued to grind on me after I came. I think she noticed that I had unleashed my load because my hands and left her hips and rotated to her belly to get a better grip to push my cock harder to her backside and my face had gotten really close to her shoulders and I had stopped moving with her. Unfortunately after I had came my I started to lose my erection. She had felt that my rager was going away giving her more clues to know that I had cum. Her grinding had slowly started to change and she started to give a couple test twerks to see if I was still erect. At this point I had almost lost my erection completely. She turned around gave me a half smile, then looked forward again. The woman’s grinding had almost come to a complete stop, when it suddenly stopped. She looked to her left where her firends were dancing and they told her to go to the club bar with them. She looked back have me a half smile again and took a step forward. Having my hands still on her hips I gently pulled her back to me and gave her a smile. tokat rus escort bayan She then returned me a full smile. At first I thought it might have been to agressive to pull her back to me but she didn’t take it as a weird move. She put her hands in the air and started to grind once again. She leaned back to me and I heard her voice for the first time. She screamed”I thought you were done!” The music was so loud that I barely heard her but I replied to her”Your to beautiful for me to be done!”She started to grind on me differently. Before she was grinding in an up and down fashion. But she was now going in circles trying her hardest to get me hard again. It didn’t take long for her to compete her mission, as I became rock hard once again. I had my hands on her belly now rubbing her gently slowly moving my hands higher towards her breasts. As I became hard again and my cock was exploring every inch of her sweet behind once again. I started to notice that I couldn’t feel any panty or thong lines on her. And I thought could she really be underwear less. I decided to figure out for sure so I put my hands on her hips and started to feel for any creases on her dress – I felt none. As I realized she indeed was not wearing anything other than a thin dress my cock started to throb. Her short dress had been slowly riding up her ass the whole night, she had constantly been lowering it. And to think that the only layer she had on this whole time while my cock had been digging in her ass was that thin dress made me crazy for her. I decided to kiss her neck gently. She turned her head and we started to make out. We made out for a couple minutes.While we were making out, I once again decided to test my limits. I started to slowly move my hands up again towards her breasts. I still hadn’t seen if she was busty given that I only had her back view this whole time. My hands rode up and I firmly planted my hands on where her breasts would be. I got two huge handfuls of titty – she was stacked. She didn’t give any reluctant body language which was perfect. I hadn’t ruined the moment. I didn’t hold them and play with them for to long given that we are in a public place and I don’t want people to complain or bouncers to tell us to relax or anything so I went back to her belly. But I still wanted to see how far I could push this. I slowly ran my hands down her belly and down the front of her legs till I felt her skin. Then very slowly I moved them closer to her the inside of her thighs. To my amazement she still gave no signs of negative body language. She was still on her constant grind on my crotch. My hands slowly moved under her dress up her thighs – still no sudden movements or reflexes for me to stop. My fingers were so close to her pussy that I knew i had made it. I was destined to finger her. As my hand came to a close on its journey to her pussy I felt no hair – she was shaved, and good to go. I started to rub her. First very slowly and I felt her body twitch as I started to speed up. For the first time she was getting off more than me. Her grinding intensified once again as I started to rub her ferociously as a way to communicate that it was okay and to continue.After a minute or so I got my middle finger of my right hand and stuck it in her. She was warm and extremely wet. It was the first time I ever penetrated a black woman with any part of my body. A grin came upon my face as I kissed her neck again. On cue she turned her head back and we started to make out again. My index finger was next to join my middle finger, I stuck them in the whole way and started to finger her as if I was digging for gold. I continuously switched from rubbing her to fingering her. Her body language and grinding started to behave in jolty and in sudden movements. She was pretty much getting fucked. After a couple of minutes her body language was so choppy that she wasn’t grinding as efficient – I then felt her hand come onto mine, she squeezed me hand and bent down, her legs seemed to almost give out and I heard a long moan from her. She had orgasmed.Feeling extremely satisfied I slowly stopped fingering her and regressed to a slow rub. I had my face close to her neck and heard her out of breath. I took my hand out from under her dress and placed it back on her belly. Feeling that I rus escort tokat had done all that I could with her I thought it was a good time to go find my friends, I had been grinding with this woman for about an hour. I slowly pulled my dick out of her ass when suddenly I felt her hand grab my cock and put it back against her ass. She didn’t want me to leave. She reached in her purse and gave me a closed hand over her shoulder. I reached for it and felt a paper type of object, I thought she given me her phone number, but when I opened my hand I saw it was a purple condom package. My heart litterally stoped for a second. And I couldn’t believe it, we were in a public place – just then I felt her hand lower my zipper. I thought for a couple seconds on what to do. I had obviously just gotten the green light to fuck this woman right there and then. I decided, fuck it, if I get caught and I kicked out at least I’ll know that I tried. I knew I would never forgive myself if I walked away. Besides I never fucked a black woman before.I ripped the package open like a c***d opening a chistmas present and apllied it. The hard part was now underway; Pulling my cock out and sliding her dress up discreetly. Slowly but surely I did the task. And fortunately the dim blue lights had turned into strobe lights. So it became hard really hard to see. It was perfect. I found her pussy and slowly started to penetrate her. She was tighter than I expected and jolted as I entered her more. I was now balls deep in her. I didn’t want to hump her to much because I was sketched someone might catch on to what we were doing. She noticed and started to grind on me. She moved in a circular motion. Which let me feel all her walls. She started to twerk and really got my dick in her. It was increadible. She was fucking me how I imaginged every black woman would. I looked around every now and then to make sure no one was disgusted or watching us. Everyone was to focused on their own grinding so we were in the clear.My hands went back to her breasts as she was grinding with my dick in her pussy and I didn’t care if anyone noticed. I grabbed handfuls of her tits and squeezed them and moved them in circles. She didn’t stop me, instead she turned her head once again and we kissed once again. Only this time I was penetrating her with her tits in my hands. Thinking that I was having sex with this woman who got slightly offended when I first dry humped her made me want to man handle her. At this point i had been inside her for about 5 minutes. I really wanted to cum again so I decided to say fuck it,and fuck the shit out of her until I cum. I pulled her dress up high and noticeably and started to hump her viciously. She instantly wanted to pull her dress down because her whole ass was out, she managed to do so, but by then I had rotated my hands to her breasts and I slightly pulled them out. I looked over her shoulder and saw her nipples – very dark. She reacted instantly and put her tits away. I saw her face and she was laughing with a huge grin.Still smashing on her hard I decided that I wanted to gain access to her sweet sweet ass. The very first thing I felt of her. I really wanted to stick my dick in her ass but I wasn’t sure if she was okay with it. I first very aggressively put my right middle finger in her ass and she almost jumped. She did not expect it, she also didn’t stop me. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and moved it slowly towards her ass. Her dress was rising again, she tried to lower it but my dick was in the way. I started to enter her asshole but she was very tight. She had stopped trying to lower her dress and started to put her hands on my lower stomach area trying to pushme away. I knew if I was going to penetrate her ass I would need to give her a hard hump. So I did exactly that,With that hump I entered her , and I heard her give a whimper. I could tell she didn’t like it so I pulled out. I once again returned to her pussy and pounded away. After a minute I finnaly came. I stayed inside of her for a couple of seconds with my cock throbbing. I pulled out of her and she turned around. I saw the front of her body for the first time and she was super cute. She took the condom off me and let it fall on the floor. I put my dick away and looked at her. She looked at me smiled and told me”Thank you for the dance”I smiled and told her”No thank you beautiful”She gave me one last kiss and said goodbye.As I walked away to find my friends I saw a bouncer walking through the dance floor with a flashlight. I thought pheeeewww. Barley made it. That was the first time I grinded with a random woman and the first time I ever had sex with a black woman.

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