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(Thanks to a couple of friends who helped me with this one. Especially a special kitten whose pic started this whole idea up.)


It all started with a picture. A beautiful picture of a beautiful woman laying on her back on a bed. She wore a black panty and bra set. The things that set off the picture the most though was her smile. It was bright, betraying her playfulness as she looked into the camera. It is still a beautiful picture, one that I looked at prior to laying down last night.

As the memory of that picture was still fresh in my mind, I stripped down to my boxers and turned the lights off. I then laid on my own bed as I thought about why the picture attracted me so.

I started to imagine what would have possibly happened if I was the lucky guy who took that picture. The woman in that picture was and still is one of my closest online friends and I also know that she is still hopelessly devoted to her boyfriend. So the thought of her actually doing what I was imagining made it feel slightly more fantastic than it would be in reality.

There I sat, my dick growing inside my boxers envisioning this goddess before me as I click the camera. She would lean against me on the bed to look at the display window to see the picture. I could feel her breathe on my neck as she looked at the masterpiece her body and my camera would have created. She would then ask me to download the picture as she would adiosbet yeni giriş whisper into my ear, causing my dick to grow larger than it did last night. The thought of her whispering in my ear made me grow larger. I am a sucker for sure.

I imagined her sneaking up behind me as I worked on the down load and feeling her kisses pepper my neck as her bosom wrapped in that sheer bra would press against my back. I would imagine her wanting to slink over until she would sit on my lap. My dick grew in my hand as I imagined her kissing my neck. My lips would meet hers and we would kiss for what seem like hours. The action in my mind was getting so hot that I had to slow down on my stroking just to ensure I didn’t end quicker than my fantasy in my mind.

I then imagined her slowly slinking her cat like form down my legs until my dick was within the reach of her tongue. I could imagine her smile again, but more seductive as she would allow her fingers to graze the sensitive member that would already be dying for her attention. Her fingers would be soft as I would grow in her hand similar to the way I was growing in my own hands. I watched her curly hair as she flipped it dramatically before she would stick out her tongue like a kitten drinking milk, but the milk she sought was still in it’s container. Her tongue began at the tip top of my member, slowly licking its way painstakingly down towards the base where adiosbet giriş her silken hand would be. Her point finger and thumb formed a circle around the base of my dick although for no reason I could fathom at that moment.

It was at that moment that I felt a vice like grip right where her hand was in my imagination. I could feel it gripping tightly to quell the maelstrom that threatened to corrupt the moment as her tongue continued its journey back up towards the tip again. I felt in my mind’s eye that I was in the presence of a master of her craft, toying with me almost daring me to fire even though she kept a guard on the trigger.

In the real world, my quick movement ensured that the mess about to beget my bed linen would wait for a while longer as my breathing quickened. I close my eyes again into my dream like state again as my hands slowly began to massage my shaft again as before. In my dream, it was her massaging it, yet she used her lips to surround my shaft as there was a gentle suction drawing forth from her throat. Her eyes were closed as if pondering on the task at hand. She was deep in her meditation, deep in her task of bringing me to one sided erotic bliss. Unknowing in her mind that the very thought of her aura in the same room was just as effective. I could feel her mouth pushing me closer to the point she sought, the point where I would lose control of my own destiny at this point.

The adiosbet güvenilirmi fantasy was getting close to completion as I started stroking my piece faster and faster, imagining that she was taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth almost to the point of inhaling me versus sucking. I could feel the ammunition begin to rise inside the shaft as my mouth opened in a circular shape as I was about to moan. In my fantasy, she was about to pull me out briefly to ask me if she was to complete the job with her mouth or if her face was my intended target. I imagined that I was so overcome with pleasure that I simply moaned before she took just the head into those pretty lips again and sucked one final time before the explosion. I began to release into my inspired fantasy, imagining her lips containing all the semen that chose to expel itself within the confines of her mouth. I imagined seeing a partial seepage around the corners of her mouth as they upturned into a smile knowing full well that she had pleasured me fully.

Back in reality, I open my eyes to see the stains of my personal exploration cover my boxers, the sheet under where I was laying down as well as my hand that was playing the part of my picture girl. As I turned over to find a towel to clean up, I remember the camera that I had set up earlier to document what I did for the fantasy girl. After wiping up my hands, I slowly went over and pushed the button to stop the recording and then replayed it just to see what my playing around had brought forth. The video was short, but it showed exactly what I intended. As I walked back to the computer to download this present, I began to imagine what my fantasy would send in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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