Innocent, Yet Slutty Ch. 03

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Maria woke up to the sound of someone knocking loudly on her door. She tiredly opened her eyes and looked around. Her room was filled with bright sunlight spilling from the window. Her brown eyes fell on Ethan lying next to her. She smiled and brushed the dark lock of hair off his sleeping face.

She had just met him last night at a club after her break up with her ex, Tony. They had been together for two years until she found him making out with her best friend Amy. Then she met Ethan and they ended having the best sex. Her pussy tingled remembering how he had fingerfucked her in public.

The insistent knock at her front door brought her thoughts back to the present. Her pretty nose wrinkled in confusion as she got up slowly, wondering who the heck would come knocking at this time in the morning.

Maria grabbed an oversized white T-shirt and pulled it over her nude body, covering her firm 32C cup breasts and neatly trimmed pussy.

Maria closed the bedroom door quietly behind her so as not to wake Ethan and headed to the front door. She opened the door. Tony stood in front of her; her ex-boyfriend.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded shakily, suddenly feeling vulnerable as she remembered the heartbreaking scene of Amy’s arms wrapped around Tony and their lips locked in a steamy kiss.

“I wanted to talk to you,” he said. His troubled silver eyes widened in surprise as he took in her ensemble. He could just barely see her pink nipples through the large semi-transparent T-shirt. His cock hardened just looking at those sensitive peaks. The hem just barely covered her pussy and the rest of her long toned legs were revealed. At the age of 22, she still looked 17. Sometimes he felt like she was too young to be having a man’s cock between her legs. That is until she opened those lips and sucked him senseless.

Maria’s eyes watered as she looked at Tony’s familiar handsome face and his muscular 5’11” body. A glimpse of his large hands reminded her sharply of how skilled they were at making her quiver and cum with in seconds. She felt her pussy moisten as a picture of his hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt flashed across her mind. Maria rubbed her milky thighs together to stop her traitorous body.

“Last time I checked, you weren’t welcomed here,” Maria said firmly, clearing her throat and trying to hide her wayward thoughts. Tony always knew how to read her mind. She folded her arms across her full breasts. The action made the hem of her T-shirt rise precariously, exposing a few centimeters of her brown, neatly trimmed pubic curls.

Ethan gasped, his cock tightening painfully. Maria didn’t seem to notice. She appeared too busy trying to compose her facial expression. He tore his lustful gaze away from Maria’s pussy and looked her in the eye and not her mesmerizing pussy. “I’m sorry about what you saw yesterday,” he said, trying really hard to concentrate on why he had come there. “What happened between Amy and I in the office was an honest mistake. You misunderstood what was happening.”

Maria looked away in pain. “Stop it. I am tired of hearing you say the same lies…”

An old man walked by the apartment hallway and stared wide eyed at Tony and Maria, his focus right on Maria’s exposed pussy.

“Can I come inside?” Tony asked, throwing an angry glance at Samsun Escort the man and trying to step in front of Maria to cover her lower body.

Maria sighed. “Fine.” Tony closed the door behind him and returned his attention to Maria’s beautiful face while he tried hard not to look down at her pussy. “If you won’t listen to anything else I’ve said, then will you listen when I say that I’ve missed you?”

Maria’s eyes widened. Could it be possible that he really did love her?

She was too dazed to notice when Tony reached a hand out and placed it on her slim shoulders. “I haven’t been able to think about anything but you.” He leaned in closer to her face and said with sincerity. “I can’t stop thinking about us. The hot nights.” He closed his eyes briefly. He opened his eyes and looked straight at her.

His words and sexy deep voice had a devastating effect on her heart and her lower region. Maria looked down at Tony’s crotch and saw the unmistakable bulge in his pants and her pussy moistened instanty. He was as turned on as she was.

“Remember how you always shouted my name when you came? Begging me for more?” he gently stroked her nipple through the material with his hand, eliciting a soft sigh from her parted lips. “And I always gave it to you. You like that don’t you baby?” He cupped her full tits while rubbing his thumb over the erect tips, the sexy kittenish sounds from her mouth making his cock harder. He leaned in and kissed her throat, keeping one hand on her nipple and the other on her back.

“Tony…” she whispered. Tony didn’t give her a chance to speak in case she would protest to his mininstrations and pulled her T-shirt off. He was kissing her lips before she could form two coherent thoughts.

Tony finally cupped her naked tits, squeezing the pebble hard tips, pinching and rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. “Fuck, I miss having you as my little cum slut.” He covered a hard nipple with his hot mouth, sucking and licking the tip.

Maria wanted to pull away, but how could she when her body craved his touch almost as much as oxygen? Her knees quaked from weakness and Tony had to hold her slim waist to keep her upright as he continued licking her erect nipple.

Ethan gently put her on the couch. He looked over her rosy nipples, down over her flat stomach, and then finally at her pouty pussy lips. He saw the juices glistening on her clit. “You did wanted me,” he said with a half groan, rubbing his large fingers over her wet slit. “Damn, you’re so wet.”

Tony began lightly circling his finger over her clit, massaging the little nub until it was hard.

Maria moaned low in her throat, squeezing her eyes shut in agony and desire. “Please…” she begged, panting. “Let me suck you.”

She pulled his pants off, fumbling with his boxers until his hard cock sprang out.

Maria licked the pre-cum off his thick cock before sucking the length, bobbing her head up and down. She frantically moved her wet mouth faster and faster, her hand reaching up to squeeze his tight sacs.

Tony groaned as he looked at his ex-girlfriend suck him like it was a lollipop, her tits bouncing and her saliva glistening on his throbbing shaft.

“What a cocksucker you are, my little slut,” he growled, placing a hand behind her head and facefucking Samsun Escort Bayan her faster. He was so close.

Suddenly, Tony exploded. Cum shot out of his cock, one glob after another, hitting the back of her throat. Maria swollowed as quickly as she could, taking each sticky glob and tasting the salty cum.

Tony roughly grabbed Maria and pulled her back on to the couch. “Fuck, you’re so good,” he said. Without warning, he plunged two fingers in to her dripping hole. “You’re soaking wet,” he said. “Sucking my cock always did make you so wet…”

Maria writhed under his expert fingers, bucking and grinding her hips against his questing fingers.

Tony chuckled. “You’re so hot,” he said, thrusting three fingers in to her cunt. “So tight too.”

As an orgasm began to build in her body, Tony suddenly stopped, leaving her body on the edge. “Tony!” she cried. “Please….ohh…please…” she whimpered.

Tony smiled wickedly. “Shh, I will baby,” he promised before lowering his body until his mouth was positioned right over Maria’s sopping wet pussy. He looked at her glistening clit poking out between her swollen lips. “You’re really close, aren’t you?”

His tongue lashed out and licked her clit, flicking over the sensitive nub over and over. Maria moaned, bucking pussy against his hot mouth. “Tony. Ohhh…I’m so close now…ohh…”

Tony licked over her dripping slit, fucking her cunt with his tongue before returning to her engorged clit. His tongue licked faster and faster. He reached her for breast and pinched her nipple and rolled it between his fingers. It was too much and finally pushed her over the edge.

Maria’s hips bucked frantically against his mouth as her body convulsed. “I’m cumming! Ohh…Tony…ohhh, God….” Her body was still shaking as cum juices smeared on to her thighs. Just as the last tremors of her orgasm subsided, Tony rammed his cock in to her pussy. He had become hard again while he had pleasured her body and now wanted to make both of them cum together.

Tony plunged his cock in and out Maria’s soaking hole. He circled his cock before pounding her pussy again and again. With each powerful thrust, her tits jiggled enticingly, ratcheting up his excitement further.

He knew that her tits were painfully sensitive from fucking her hundreds of times before and flicked his tongue over a hard nipple. This triggering another body-shaking orgasm, making Maria scream out Tony’s name. She arched her back as she came again, her pulsating pussy squeezing Tony’s hard cock. Tony spurted cum into her leaking cunt, shooting the hot cum on her thighs as he pulled out of her gaping pussy hole.

“Suck it clean,” he commanded.

Maria wrapped her mouth around his throbbing cock. She licked and sucked his cock until it was clean. She massaged his tight sacs and incredibly, it made his cock harden and lengthen again.

“Oh, baby,” Tony said huskily, pulling Maria into his arms. “You were a wonderful slut.”

He began rubbing her sensitive clit, which was still wet from her pussy juices.

“Tony…we have to…stop…” But her protests became weaker as Tony rubbed her clit so hard she gasped and fell in to his strong arms.

Tony threw her on the coffee table and looked down at her panting body writhing on Escort Samsun the table tob. “Damn you’re so sexy,” he groaned and plunged three fingers in to her pussy. “Shit, I can’t get enough of your tight little body.”

He relentlessly massaged her breasts, teasing the hard tips, making her pussy flood with more juices.

For the third time that morning he plunged his hard cock in to her sloppy pussy and pounded away. The table shook with each thrust but Maria didn’t care, she was too distracted by Tony’s hard cock pummeling her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She craved his dick, she needed to be used by Tony and she was letting him have his way with her. She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to face the shame of what little willpower she had over her own body.

“Fuck my tight pussy!” she cried out. Words of pleasure spewed out of her mouth and she begged him to keep fucking her. Her hips bucked up to meet each pleasurable thrust.

Maria was nearing another orgasm when Tony commanded, “Open your eyes Maria.” She obeyed before she could think. “Look in to my eyes and tell me you want me back,” he said, staring intensely into her eyes, all the while pounding away at her soaking slit.

Maria shoke her head. Tony circled his hips and ground his cock against her pussy and clit, forcing pleasurable shockwaves throughout her body. “Yes!” she screamed and was instantly horrified. To cover what she had said, Maria said, “Yes, keep fucking me.”

Tony looked defeated as he plunged in to Maria’s waiting pussy one last time and mauled her tits and nipples, pushing her over the edge and bringing her to another earthshattering climax. She came so hard on his cock that it made his orgasm erupt simultaneously, shooting ropes of sticky cum in to her sloppy twat.

The full extent of her betrayal to her own body washed over her as she recovered from what she had done. “Get off of me,” she said woodenly, feeling very much close to hysterical tears. “I can’t believe I let you use me.” She pushed at his solid muscled shoulders until he moved, his cock plopping out of her sloppy pussy with a distinct wet plop. Cum still trickled out of her slit. She could feel it collecting on her inner thighs.

“Maria,” Tony said, “don’t be this way.” He got up slowly.

His choice of words fired up her anger. “Don’t tell me how to behave,” she said with restrained fury to hide her hurt. She grabbed his clothes from the floor and threw them at him, not caring that her tits were jiggling because she knew how much that turned Tony on.

Tony caught the clothes reflexively, his eyes glued to her tits. He looked back at her red face. “Will you just let me explain? I know you don’t really want to throw away our 2 years together.” He realized his mistake. Maria hated being challenged.

“Just watch me!” She grabbed his arm and propelled him backwards and out the door. “Good bye!” She slammed the door in his face.

Tony turned around and encountered the same old guy from earlier staring at him and the closed door. His eyes bulged out of there sockets as if he couldn’t believe he had seen a naked girl. The old man looked at Tony.

Tony scowled at him. “What? You’ve never seen a naked man before?” He covered his important body parts with the ball of clothes in his hand and walked indignantly to the elevator, all the while acting as if he wasn’t bucknaked in the freezing hallway.

In the elevator, Tony pulled his clothes on and realized that he had to find another way to make Maria listen to him. He cared about her and she didn’t realize his side of the story yet.

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