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injection appointment (doctor, m/f, thermometer, iI entered the doctors office with anticipation. The doctor was very handsome and smiled as I came in. “So, Katie, you’re here for your immunizations and it says here you’re frightened of injections?” “Yes doctor, I’m terrified””Well, no need to worry, I’ll be very gentle. Why don’t you put down your bag and sit on the table while I prepare your shots.”I nervously headed towards the examining table, my heart was racing at the thought of him sticking needles in me and I was very tense.I watched the doctor take out some vials and syringes. My hands were shaking and I was very tense. “Now before I give you your shots, I’ll need to take your temperature to make sure you don’t have a fever, so please lift up your skirt and pull down your panties so I can access your bottom”I couldn’t believe the doctor wanted to stick a thermometer up my asshole, so I protested: “But doctor! Surely you can take my temperature in my mouth! Besides I’m sure I don’t have a fever!” “Young lady, I know you’re nervous about your injections but this is a necessary procedure. You’ll find it’s not too uncomfortable and some ladies find it quite pleasant.” “But doctor, this is so embarrassing! Please don’t take my temperature in my bottom!” The doctor started walking towards me with a tub of lubricant and a glass thermometer. When he came up to me, I held out my hands and pushed him away.”Now, if you’re not going to cooperate, I’m going to have to give you a little spanking.” The doctor reached for my arm and pulled me towards him. he pulled out a chair and sat down, still holding on to my arm.”Now, I’m going to lay you over my lap and start you off with a hand-spanking over your skirt before I take down your panties.”I gasped at the thought of spanked being bare bottom but before I had time to say anything, I found myself locked into position over the doctor’s lap. I’d never been spanked before and it felt very strange to be held down by a man with my bottom so vulnerable.The doctor rubbed his hand over my covered bottom and I felt a slight tingle in my pussy. The strong doctor’s hand felt so powerful and soon, he would pull down my panties expose my bare bottom. Why was this turning me on? I shifted around on his lap: “Wait, don’t spank me, please! “This is for your own good, you need to learn to behave. I’m going to start your spanking now.” His hand came down on my bottom a few times but it didn’t hurt as much as I expected. He started rubbing my butt again and the sensations in my pussy were getting stronger. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by the spanking! Oh no! What if the doctor could sense my arousal?I squirmed no his lap again, hoping to avoid the bare-bottom part of the spanking, in case the doctor would be able to see my pussy. “Ok, doctor! I’ve learned my lesson, please don’t spank me anymore!”The doctor didn’t respond, he but he slipped his hand under my skirt. His hand felt nice and warm over my panties. “Now, it’s time for your panties to come down, young lady!” “No!! Please doctor!” I tried to writhe again, but this time the doctor slapped my butt much harder and I stopped in shock. My bottom started to sting and I felt his hand again, lifting up my skirt. I moved my pelvis around, trying to avoid his fingers in the waistband of my panties. He slapped pinbahis yeni giriş me again, on my panties. “You’re not getting out of your spanking, young lady! The more you resist, the harder it will be, so I suggest you calm down and allow this to happen.” The doctors harsh words were strangely turning me on as well! He was so in control and I found myself enjoying being treated like a little girl! What would the doctor think if he knew he was turning me on?I stopped moving around and his fingers gently grasped the waistband of my underwear. “I’m going to pull down your panties now and carry on spanking you on your bare bottom. This might sting a bit more.” He peeled my underwear down and held my bottom with the other hand while he pulled them all the way down to my knees. I felt the cool air on my skin and on my pussy. I knew it must be moist but I don’t think my vulva was exposed to the doctors view, which was a relief!”You have a lovely bottom, Katie. When was the last time you had a spanking?” “I’ve never been spanked before, doctor.””Well, we’ll have to make this a memorable spanking then, won’t we?” He placed his warm hand on my bare bottom and gave it a quick rub before smacking my bare skin. I groaned as I could now feel the effects of the spanking. “Oh, doctor, it stings!””Yes, my dear, this spanking is supposed to hurt a little. It’s the only way to keep young ladies in line!” He continued spanking my bottom a little harder than before and I felt my clitoris tingling each time his hand came down. The pain was becoming quite pleasurable and I groaned again, and tried to shift myself subtly so that my clit could grind against the doctors leg. The doctor slowed down the spanks and rubbed my bottom again.”You’re taking your first spanking very very well, Katie! And your bottom is responding nicely. A spanking doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! Why don’t you spread your legs a little?” Suddenly, I felt his hands just below my bottom, spreading my legs apart. My pussy lips came apart and I was sure I must have been quite wet. I was breathing quite heavily. I felt the doctors eyes gaze at my exposed vagina.”My my! You seem to be enjoying this quite a lot, young lady!” He gently ran his finger along my slit. My pussy lips are quite full and I usually get very wet when I’m aroused so I couldn’t hide anything from the doctor. “I’m very pleased to see you so aroused! Are you enjoying being spanked over a doctor’s lap with your private parts exposed? Your tight little pussy is certainly very wet!” I can’t believe the doctor had not only spotted my arousal, but was talking to me in a sexual way! My embarrassment faded quickly. “Yes doctor,” I rasped, “I like being over your lap.””Good! Now, I’m sure I can make the thermometer and your injections pleasurable experiences as well, but first, I might have to take a closer look at this wet little pussy of yours!”The thought of the injections sent a shockwave of fear down my spine, landing straight in my clitoris. The doctors fingertips started gently massaging my vagina, while my juices flowed freely. “Mm, yes, you’re certainly very wet down there, aren’t you Katie?” “Yes, doctor””Spread your legs a little further, young lady, so I can get a good look and your pretty little pussy”I groaned and spread my legs as much as I could on pinbahis giriş his lap. I was writhing around again, openly displaying my new-found horniness to the doctor. “Yes, I can see you’re enjoying this a lot aren’t you? It pleases my to see a young lady like you enjoying my treatment. Now, you don’t have to worry about the injections I’ll be giving you later, you’ll find that can be a very pleasurable experience!”His finger, lubricated abundantly by my wetness, lightly touched my clitoris, which made me cry out in ecstasy. “Yes, very good, Katie, I can see you have a very strong sexual response! I’ll be playing with your hot little pussy a lot this afternoon. You’ll learn to enjoy being treated like a little girl and taking orders from the doctor.”His fingers retreated back to my vaginal opening and he pushed his middle finger inside and moved it in and out a few times before returning his hand back to my bottom and giving it a few more smacks. I cried out load, but the stinging was actually hugely pleasurable. “Now Katie, it’s time to take your temperature, so get off my lap and lay face down on the examining table.” I was breathing quite heavily by now. Having a powerful man dominate me like this was really turning me on and I was now excited about the rest of the exam.I got into position on the exam table, my panties down my knees and my skirt covering my bottom. “Let’s take these all the way off so you can spread your legs nice and wide”, the doctor said, pulling my panties off my feet. He brought his hand back to my bottom, and rubbed over my skirt. I couldn’t wait for the doctor to expose my ass again and I pushed my pelvis into the table to try and stimulate my clit.”Now, Katie, there will be plenty of time to get aroused, but you’ll need to stay nice and still during your rectal temperature! Now let’s get this little bottom exposed.” He pulled my skirt up and pushed my legs apart. “How about a few more spanks on this lovely little bottom of yours?” “Yes, doctor, please spank my bottom!” He spanked me with his hand. “You have a very spankable bottom, Katie!” He continued slapping my bare buttocks for a few more minutes. The sting was delicious and my pussy was loving it! “Your bottom is very nice and pink, Katie. Very hot too, I might add! Now, let’s take a look at this tight little asshole.” The doctor was driving me wild with his language! I felt so overpowered by him. He spread my cheeks apart. “Mmm, looks very very nice, Katie. I’m going to push my finger in now to lubricate your anus for the thermometer.” His big finger tickled the edge of my anus and I felt my clit tingle again. He pushed his finger in slowly as I groaned. “Yes, you’re very tight, aren’t you? Are you enjoying having your asshole penetrated by my finger, Katie?” As he said this, his other hand gently cupped my dripping vagina: “Oh yes! Your pussy is so hot, isn’t it?” He took his finger out of my asshole and spanked my bottom a few times before replacing it with the thermometer. “Doesn’t the thermometer feel good in your little bottom-hole? I can’t believe how wet your pretty pussy is getting! I think it’s time to play with it some more!” He diddled my clit while the thermometer registered. “After this, you’ll be getting your injections, Katie, and you’ll be getting them in this beautiful little pinbahis güvenilirmi bottom of yours.” I whimpered, but now the fear of the injection was slowly turning into sexual anticipation. I was enjoying the doctor’s control. The doctor also seemed to be enjoying himself, as I could spot a nice bulge in his pants. He took out the thermometer and put on some latex gloves, while I closed my legs together tightly, again trying to discreetly (or so I thought) stimulate myself. “First, I’d like to see how wet your tight pussy can get, so get those legs apart again!” I did as he said and his fingers rubbed my pussy, harder than he’s done before. This was so hot and I moved my pelvis up and down to grind on his hand. “You’re such a hot young lady, aren’t you? Naughty girl, getting so excited at the doctor’s office!” I was panting by now and anything the doctor said just made me hornier!”Get up on your hand and knees so I can stimulate your clit while rubbing your pussy” I got up on my knees and pushed my bottom out. “Good girl, now let’s see if I can make you cum…. you’re clit is so hard!” He was pressing against my clit with one finger and massaging my swollen labia with his other hand. “Ahh, doctor, that feels so good!” I was shaking all over, about to cum. The doctor removed his hand from my pussy to spank my ass from time to time, which drove me absolutely crazy. My clit was on fire and I couldn’t hold it in anymore and screamed in orgasm. “Very very good, young lady!” I was panting and rolled onto my back. The doctor’s hand was still holding onto my electric pussy. The orgasm aftershocks were pulsing through my body while the doctor rubbed the bulge in his pants. “So, young lady, now that you’ve had your pleasure, please put your panties back on.” Confused, I did as I was told. Had the doctor forgotten about the injections?He hadn’t.”I want you to offer your bottom to me for your injections. So take your skirt off, lower your panties and take up your position, face down on the exam table. Spread your legs nice and wide so that I can see your wet pussy while I give you your shots.” I couldn’t believe how turned on I was! I was so nervous coming to the appointment in the first place and I would have never imagined actually being turned on by the doctor telling me to expose my bottom for some injections I was so afraid of before. Now I felt somehow comforted by the doctor and his way of making me feel so dominated. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor. After taking a deep breath, I reached for my panties and slowly peeled them off my sticky labia. So soon after an orgasm, I was already getting hot again.The doctor was holding the syringe up in the air, checking for bubbles. I whimpered. “Now, Katie, just lay down and relax.” I was breathing heavily as I layed down and waited for the injection with my bottom completely exposed. The doctor walked up and rubbed part of my cheek with some alcohol. I clenched my butt, which caused a nice pulse in my clit. The doctor was quick to respond. “Get those legs apart, young lady!” He lowered his free hand to my pussy and started rubbing, which relaxed my cheeks. “Good girl! Now, here’s come the first injection!” I felt the needle pierce my skin, but it wasn’t unpleasant. After he was done, the doctor went back to rubbing my pussy. “That wasn’t too bad was it?” He glided his finger along my clit before preparing the second shot. I spread my legs apart, and this time, I actively enjoyed the injection, gasping and groaning. “Very good job, young lady! Do you want me to play with your pussy again?””Oh doctor, yes!!!”

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