Inheritance – Reclamation

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Nate began his odyssey into his daughter’s phone with the cold acknowledgement that she’d hidden from him what could only be viewed as a… campaign. Because of the sheer number of messages she’d been given from Aisha and Serilda–one of whom was her mother’s sister as well as once-and-maybe-future lover–he could come to no other conclusion. That was even before the contents were exposed.

The fact that she had kept secret what was happening nearly closed the coffin lid on him, and the descent was only stopped by the realization that Claudia hadn’t responded. Not once. All texts, all video clips, were incoming only. He wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but chose to take it as a shred of hope. It… helped in the minutes that followed. With the revelations he had to endure. With what was unfurled the second his trembling finger hit the button on the first video file that his daughter, his daddy’s girl little princess, had received from her newfound family.

Day One

The scene being recorded by someone’s phone was of a posh, expansive room; a drawing room, he guessed it was called, or maybe just a foyer? Didn’t matter. Nate, knowing what he knew by that point, assumed that he was getting an inside view of the sprawling estate that Patty’s family… Cleo’s mother and sister… resided in. The one within which his wife had spent her childhood, but had barely ever wanted to speak of during their twenty-year marriage.

The view was of a big, ornate front door, and the anticipation in the person holding the phone was palpable. “I can see her coming, love. You should…” The unseen voice was laden with all sorts of emotions.

“On it, mom.” From off screen, Aisha sauntered into view, wearing only a short, translucent, rose-colored robe loosely tied at the waist that set off her similarly-dyed hair entrancingly. So much so, that it was actually a close second to the great swaths of dusky skin revealed by the barely-there garment; from the graceful, bare legs to the inner swells of a pair of nearly-perfect breasts that Nate remembered all too well.

Aisha strode confidently and eagerly up to the front door and flung it wide open to reveal Nate’s wife, looking exactly as she did in his memory of the minute she’d run off months ago, with her arm outstretched, hand hanging in the air foolishly, and bearing a look of surprise by the sudden action. “Oh! Aisha… uh, Bouncy…” She laughed lightly. “I know you said you’d be waiting, but I didn’t think you meant–“

That was all Patty could get out before Aisha grabbed the lapels of her sister’s jacket in both hands and pulled the other women in for a deep, long kiss. Patty’s eyes opened wide for a heartbeat, but only until one of her sister’s questing hands expertly found the bottom of her shirt and snaked up under it, where her fingers went to work. After that, her lids were squeezed very, very tightly shut.

The quality of the video was good, Nate had to acknowledge that. He could clearly make out the details of his wife’s… making out. Aisha’s fingers rippling under the thin cotton of Patty’s shirt. The subtle sway of the sisters’ forms pressed against each other. The fact that Patty wasn’t wearing a bra… which was not the case when she’d left their home that same day. He had to shake his head in disbelief. Hell, at some point she just… got rid of it. She knew what was going to happen and gave in ahead of time. Just like that.

“Girls… Girls!” The laughing exclamation came from the woman who was recording the reunion for… posterity? No. For part of an already established plan, Nate had to remind himself. The one who was still unseen, but whose identity was no mystery; Serilda, Patty and Aisha’s cougar of a mother. “You have all time… all the lifetime… to celebrate properly.” The matriarch couldn’t stop her fond chortling, despite her words. “Right now is a moment for… clarity.”

Both breathing heavy, the sisters looked at the camera–at their mother–and gave nearly identical, sheepish grins. With one hand, Aisha set about putting one of her jiggling tits back into her robe–freed when her sister’s appetites had finally begun to match her own–and took Patty by the hand to the living room, where the videographer followed. Just before both plopped down next to each other on the huge sofa in the living room, Patty quirked a brow at her mother. “Mom, why are you recording this?”

“Because people need to know what true love is, my darling. That is has no borders. No walls. This is for more than just two randy siblings, trust me.”

Patty just gave a confused chuckle, shrugged, and turned to her sister, who had taken her hands between her own palms. “Bouncy, you were pretty cryptic this morning with your text. You said you need me. I… don’t know what that means, not completely, but, yesterday at the funeral, I felt… I remembered…

“Who you really are.” Aisha leaned forward and planted a light, tender kiss on Patty’s open mouth. It didn’t hold a candle next to escort izmir the wet joust they’d engaged in only minutes before, but it was… worse somehow. Nakedly affectionate. When Aisha pulled back, it was with gushing eyes. “Do you remember, all those years ago, how you… awakened me? We were so in love, Speedy.” The redhead’s lips began trembling then. “Then you… you left me. Sometimes I fantasize about what the last two decades would have been like if–“

“If you hadn’t fucked our uncle?” Patty’s teeth were gritted and her eyes smoldered. Her passion of moments earlier apparently was a coin, and she’d just flipped it to the other face. “Gave yourself to our father to get knocked up? After he stole you from me… and stole Amber… then told me that he… he wanted to train me? Shit, the man looked me in the eye after he shattered my world, and told me that I was his fucking favorite!”

Uncle? Father? Jesus Christ. Nate couldn’t get the visions of the funeral he’d been to, the one that triggered his own life’s coin flip, out of his mind and had to pause the video to process this new revelation. The man in the casket that Patty had identified only as her father, and reluctantly at that, was her uncle. Serilda’s own brother. And… holy shit, he’d impregnated his own daughter… who was also his niece… And Amber! It was clear to him then. The trio of low-twenty-something kids Nate had seen at the casket, Aisha’s and Amber’s children… were that very man’s. Vincenzo’s.

Holy hell, it wasn’t a family tree the letch had planted, it was a friggin’ briar patch.

Nate ran a palm down his face, his mind whirling. No wonder his wife was so twisted up; she never had a goddamned chance with that cursed heritage. Now, that utterly lost, hopelessly distraught woman that had turned to him in desperation during their senior year of college was taking on a whole new light in his understanding. A revealing, blinding light.

How many times had Patty told him that he was the only person she knew who could begin to empathize with her? That had gotten a taste of what had happened to her? The irony, that she’d been the one to give him that taste, was no bar to the open and raw need she’d entrusted to him that night she’d shown up out of the blue at his off-campus apartment. Her honest yearning for someone to understand her and save her from her bottomless pit had made her desperate, reckless even.

The idea that, of everyone she knew, she’d turned to him, gambled on what little she knew about him… well, his heart had broken at the sight of those big, wet, achingly earnest… vulnerably honest… eyes–sloppy romantic that he was–and then swelled by the next morning, after their first night together. The first of a future life entwined.

Or so he’d thought.

His cheek twitching, Nate hit play again. He needed to know. He needed to understand.

On screen, Patty sprung back to her animated ire and was pointing an accusing finger at the camera. At Serilda. “…and you let it happen! You helped them betray me! Pushed them, even! My own mother!”

“Whom you yearned to have sex with. To conquer and claim as your own.” The calm voice was loud coming from so close to the still-recording phone. “Come now, Cleopatra, don’t be so hypocritical. You lusted after me, you seduced your sister, and all this after you yourself stole Amber from…” She stopped herself and cleared her throat delicately.

“From… Nate.” That took the wind out of Patty’s sails, and she dropped, weak-kneed, to the sofa again and put her face in her hands. “My God, what am I doing? He’s been… he saved me.” Though she was mumbling, Nate could still make out her words, and was fighting his own tears then. “He took the pieces you people broke, that I broke… and put them back together.” She looked up at nothing and laughed humorlessly. “No. More. He… he forgave me. He redeemed me from being the… the fucking loathsome predator that’d I’d always been even before that shitty vacation.”

Amazingly, a genuinely fond and amused smirk tugged at one corner of Nate’s wife’s mouth. “He showed me that tastes I’d assumed were set in stone were really just… multiple choice.” The smirk became something deeper then. Naughtier. “Boy, did he ever.”

Nate sniffled and started to smile. Then he remembered that this was just the first video of a great many. He wasn’t seeing the end of the story yet, and he had to face the fact that, and they all lived happily ever after, was probably not the final line.

Back on screen, Aisha had a timid hand on her big sister’s shoulder, showing nothing but a need to comfort. “Speedy… I love Nate.”

Patty and Nate both gaped at the woman, or her image, at the same time, and he echoed his wife of months ago almost comically. “The fuck?”

Aisha laughed. “I know, I know. He’s a stranger to me, but… Geez, how can I explain this?” She took a deep breath, heedless of what it was doing to her oversized, half-exposed chest. “You’re right. You were a escort izmir predator. I mean, I loved you, always, but… yeah. You pounced on and fucked your way through every girl in high school that you thought was even sort of questioning her sexuality. Hell, even a few that weren’t till they got in your crosshairs. Don’t look so surprised. We always knew, mom and me. We pretended otherwise, but… besides that it was exciting for me to see, I can admit that now… you’re family. We loved you then just as much as today.”

“Okay, you’re burying the lead here, Bouncy.” Patty twirled her finger. “Nate?”

Aisha smiled cheekily. “Man, he’s a looker, huh?” At seeing her sister’s face she held up her hands placatingly. “All right, I just mean that he’s got it all, from what I can see, and the looks, nice as they are, are the least of it. Like you said, he tamed you.” She grimaced. “No, that sounds terrible. He… tempered you. Smoothed your edges. Gave you an anchor that allowed you to take a step back and reexamine… everything, I guess.”

Aisha took a chance and scooted her firm behind closer to her sister on the couch so their hips touched. Patty didn’t move away. “And that’s just the beginning of what he gave you, right? Now, you have a gorgeous daughter, a full spirit… and experience mixed with perspective that can save our family.”

“What does that mean?” Patty didn’t seem to notice that her sister had an arm around her shoulders then.

Aisha didn’t speak for a few seconds, visibly gathering her thoughts. “You haven’t asked where Vivian and Victoria are.”

Patty’s brow wrinkled with confusion. “Your daughters? They… they’re what, twenty-two? I would figure they lived on their own by this point.”

Briefly in view, Serilda’s hand could be seen waving across the expansive home they were within. “With all this? With our family’s clannishness? Come now, Cleopatra, think it through. Why on earth would a pair of college drop-outs leave?”

Rather than let her sister answer, Aisha shot her mother an unhappy look and plowed on. “No, my daughters live here… mostly.” She pressed her full lips together for an instant, her nostrils flaring with sudden vexation. “When they’re not shacked up with God-knows-who, God-knows-where, after having fucked more random strangers than I would have ever thought could be in driving distance.”

She snorted then, the sound more than a little bitter. “I’ll say this; they’re always together, at least. Not sure if that’ll be worth much when they finally lose what good sense they still have and get…” She choked off what she was going to say, her eyes now puffy and red. “Sorry, Speedy. It… I feel lost when it comes to the two of them. Only my hus… um… only Vince could get them to see reason, and he was sick for so long…”

Nate always knew that Patty was a smart woman, and the dawning of understanding that came over her told him she’d beat him to the punch, easily. It wasn’t until she spoke again that he himself got it. “You want me to… to teach them.” She sighed, looking honestly torn. “You think that, with my history, I can tame my nieces. Heh, my little sisters. Take your pick, I guess.”

Taking a gamble, Aisha ran a finger down Patty’s tit, stopping at one nipple which she circled lightly. “Our little sisters…cousin.” Both women laughed in amusement at the ridiculousness of the knot of labels, even as the stimulated nub stiffened and lifted the shirt hiding it. Patty, licking her lips, reached her finger and thumb into the open fold of Aisha’s robe to catch up with her sibling. Gamble successful, then.

Aisha gasped delightedly. “Mmm. Soon, maybe they’ll even be your… well, anyways, if anyone can do it, it’s you. The you of today. And that, my goddess of a big sister… my lusty lover… is why I also love your husband, and don’t want you to ever lose him. He’s–“

Blackness. The video cut off right then and there, and Nate had been so engrossed that he hadn’t seen the end coming. The phone’s battery must have run out, and cliché as it was, old lady Serilda hadn’t been technologically savvy enough to charge it before her… documentary. Still, what he’d already been exposed to showed plenty. Jesus, of all the things I thought I would see…

Unable to stop himself, he scrolled down to the next entry in his daughter’s timeline; not much later than the previous one, actually. Just before the video, Serilda had sent a text to Claudia, unlike the first time.

~Granddaughter, please see this with open and honest eyes~

Not exactly encouraged, Nate hit play, nonetheless.

Day One. Night.

Serilda’s lovely, silver-haired, and only faintly-lined visage was filling the camera view so that Nate had no idea what part of the mansion she was in.

“Claudia,” the older woman was whispering, “I apologize for the abrupt ending of your mother’s reunion video, but you saw the most important parts anyway.” Serilda got a fierce grin on her face then and the scene shifted as she began moving. “It’s been… hours. Time to check on the reunion’s aftermath.”

Turning the phone’s camera away from her, Serilda focused on a slightly ajar door a ways away, one among many in the long hall she was tiptoeing down. Once she was finally up to it, she silently pushed it open to reveal what was inside the room that had its lights off, yet was bathed by moonlight from the huge, shadeless window set in one wall. What was all too easily illuminated despite the darkness.

Nate wasn’t surprised to see the shape of two bodies on the sprawling, four-post bed in the expansive room, but that didn’t soften the blow, even if it wasn’t exactly a first for him. Hell, this time they were under a sheet, and it still didn’t help. Honestly, though, what help could there ever have been from that useless bit of linen when it was pooled down at the small of his wife’s defined, muscle-corded, bare back, just above her undulating ass while she loomed over her ripe little sister beneath?

“Oh… oh ffff… oh fuuuhh…” Aisha’s susurrations were thrown to and fro about the room from the motion of her head rolling from side-to-side. Her fingers were laced behind Patty’s head and her back was arched enough that her generous breasts were mashed against the more modest, though still fabulous pair of the woman fucking her so, so hard. Once again, that phone camera was a wonder, and Nate had no trouble seeing that the women’s nipples were lined up perfectly to rub against each other, that symmetry made possible by the nearly flawless synchronicity displayed by the mating siblings.

“Ung. Ungh. Hnngg.” Patty’s low grunts issued out every time her hips under that sheet dipped down. The sounds were… primal. Full of focused need. Of determined ownership. It seemed that the sisters’ roles had been quite thoroughly reversed from what Nate had been involuntarily introduced to; now, before his very eyes, he was watching his spouse lay a claim on her own kin that left no room for doubt as to what decisions she had made in the gap between videos.

“Whose pussy is this?” Patty lifted her head from where she’d been trying to suck the skin of her sister’s neck clean off. From where she was marking her property. “Who owns you, you big-titted slut?” The lean, athletic woman began hammering harder, and one of Aisha’s smooth legs shot up from under the sheet to bob helplessly in the air, which Patty didn’t hesitate in hooking her arm around to get even more leverage.

“Aaaahhh!” Aisha screamed as her body convulsed, and her histrionics finally got rid of the sheet that had been pointless anyway. Nate could see then that, despite what he’d assumed, the two women weren’t using some kind of… apparatus. A strap-on, or anything. They didn’t need to. He was witnessing skills possessed by his wife that had been earned through years of similar conquests, and now resurrected right along with her old, suppressed-but-waiting spirit.

Patty, it seemed, wanted nothing but flesh for her reawakening, and had merely entwined her firm thighs with her sister’s, making sure that every nerve-riddled protrusion was unrelentingly stimulated, and then proceeded to pound Aisha like a sailor on shore leave; hard, and hungry. The results spoke for themselves, and their language was the redhead’s complete dissolution under the beast fucking the daylights out of her. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuccckkk!” The convulsions intensified.

Patty wasn’t satisfied with that. Not by a longshot. The ebon-haired fallen angel stopped her rutting and stared down at her soon-to-be pet. Without warning, her hand shot up and took her sister’s trembling tit-flesh in her hand and began plying it with hard, deep squeezes. Then it was that lonely, pebbled nipple’s turn, and Aisha could do nothing but whimper. “Answer me, you giant boob monster. Who do you belong to, now and forever?”

Aisha, somehow, was able to make her spine curl even further, and she adhered herself to her sister. Her new owner. “You do! Take me, Speedy! Oh my fucking God!” Up and down, up and down, her luscious body undulated on the mattress as her climax looked to be driving her insane. “Oh shit, oh shit… I’m yours, finally… unnngh!”

“Goddamn right.” Patty smiled… and joined in. The submissive words opened her own floodgates and she hunched her back, grunting while her pelvis jerked with quick, helpless movement. “All miiiinnneee!”

After a good few minutes of the simultaneous orgasm, the conjoining of souls, the sisters fell apart, finally sated. Mostly sated. They did make sure to sidle close enough to plaster their lips on each other in a moment of surprisingly tender aftercare, while their hands roamed freely across whatever sweat-sheened skin they could find.

“Thank-you… Cleopatra.” Aisha murmured with pure love as she stared up at her sister looming above her once more. She was running her fingers through that silky black mane like she couldn’t get enough of the feel of it. “From this minute on… I’m yours.” She paused, a deadly serious look falling over her features. “I’m… your mate. Your partner.” She raised herself up for another quick kiss. “Your wife.”

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