Inexplicable Stud

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I had called her at her office and gave her and her secretary very specific instructions. This was going to be one of my experiments. I do them every once in a while. I was going to see how far I could push a woman in an attempt to get her to stop being passionately attracted to me. You see, several years earlier, I one day awoke to find myself irresistible to any and every woman. It started with my step-sister, but it quickly moved on to every girl at my school, then every woman I ever spoke to. It was some kind of immediate reaction, and I still cannot explain it. My first experiment was with a girl from my school, who I was just plain mean to one night when I invited myself to her house when her parents were away. She took the spankings and clothespins on her nipples and gladly gave me several blow-jobs. She was even happy to break into her friendly neighbor’s house at my command. I had done an experiment about once every month or so since then. So far, it seemed like any and all women would do any and everything I told them to do, and all with the purest of happiness. I did discover that they all seemed to desire that I be happy. They desired it so much, that they got incredibly anxious if I showed displeasure. Every girl still had her own, unique personality, but I cannot explain why they all cared about my happiness to the point that they’re willing to do anything I tell them to. That’s where this experiment came in. I was going to be meaner than I had ever been before. As usual, I wasn’t sure if I’d be okay with being so very mean to a woman, but I had also grown somewhat desensitized to it. Only somewhat, though. I mean, what if I did do something so bad that the woman no longer wished to please me, and she was actually upset? Could I get in trouble with the law? Either way, I was still curious where my limits lied, and was willing to find out the hard way. This woman was a friend of my mother’s, whom I had met years ago. She was very attractive for her age, which was 28 when I met her initially. A few years later, she looked basically the same. In the picture I found in the paper, anyway. She apparently had her own psychology practice. When I called, her secretary answered, and she sounded seriously cute, so I decided to have some fun with her, too. That was secondary, though. I soon had the psychologist, Sandy, on the phone. Both of the women were immediately drawn to do anything I said, and their voices notably softened after I had said hello to either of them. I discovered Sandra was perfect for my idea, which I had formulated long before the phone call. Very soon after calling, I had asked her about her sexual preferences. Fortunately for me, she was a prude. Maybe not by most peoples’ standards, but certainly by mine, by that point! She had given some guys head before, but she hated the smell and it made her gag, so she refused to do it any more. She demanded foreplay, with romantic dinners, and classy music, and all that. She even outright refused to have anal sex. She thought it was gross and painful, even though she had never done it! She didn’t like getting spanked or anything even remotely rough, saying she wanted it slow and romantic. I told her she’d get everything she wanted. Sandy had the body and mind to pull off such demands, though. Even though she was in her early thirties, she worked out four times a week, focusing on cardio and aerobics, and she had no children. I remember her breasts being on the small side of medium, and she said she was a B cup, but I figured she was still worth my experiment. She was the most prude woman I had bothered speaking to after I had gained my whatever you want to call it. Superpower? Anyhow, it was the first time I put so much effort into learning what a woman preferred and was given such a limited, demanding list. Curious how well the two had followed my instructions, I showed up kind of early that Saturday morning. I told them I’d be there at ten, but I got there at about 9:50. Her office was normally not open on Saturdays, but they were both there for me. I walked into the unlocked office to see a mostly standard waiting room. It had mildly comfortable, dark chairs along the walls, a coffee table with psychology magazines, and a plant here or there. The window the secretary sat at was on the far wall, facing the door, and a hallway led off to the right. That’s where usual ended. Behind the glassless window was the actual secretary. I had struck a pot of gold with this one. She sounded cute on the phone, but in person she was gorgeous. She could have been a model, I’m sure of it. Upon first seeing her, I pondered skipping Sandy entirely and just having my fun with this girl. The secretary, who’s name I guess I never got, was a blond with bright, blue eyes. Her skin was slightly tanned, smooth, and flawless, and her face had petite, super-cute features. She was wearing what I told her to, at least from what I could see of her waist up. She had on only a lacy, blue shelf bra, which pushed up a bit on her her shockingly large tits. I hadn’t asked her for her cup size, but I’d guess at least a D. On her tiny frame, they seemed too huge to be real, but they sure didn’t look fake! On the point of each of her lush, firm breasts was a cutely small nipple at the center of a puffy, soft pink areolae. “How may I help you, Sir?” She asked, showing off her bright, white teeth. “Stand up and come out here.” I said evenly. “Yes, Sir.” She replied timidly. I watched her stand, and noted the rest of her outfit was also as I commanded. Her blue skirt was so short that it only barely covered her womanhood. I liked how it teased me with the promise of a slight breeze revealing more to me. She turned and stepped towards the doorway to the waiting room, which was to my right. The skirt covered the top half, or maybe two-thirds, of her butt. Her ass was so firm and shapely that I considered just having fun with her instead of Sandy again. I also saw the black, semi-rectangular bottom of a butt-plug held firmly in place, wobbling to either side with each step. Just before she reached the doorway I could see her matching, 6′ heels shaping her calves so perfectly. I was stunned the girl wasn’t in some form of entertainment or show. A girl that beautiful could make it on looks alone, with only mediocre talent. She finished walking around the corner and up to me, her breasts wobbling just nicely. She stopped suddenly, making her tits jiggle for just a moment, and she immediately snapped her arms behind her, each hand holding the opposite arm’s elbow. She was almost shoulder height to me. She snapped her left leg out a few feet and stood staring at me, doing nothing else. “You know, from our conversation on the phone, I only wanted you here as a little bit of eye candy. However, I never imagined you’d be so very beautiful. When I’m done with your boss, you’re going to come with me to my house for the rest of the weekend.” I told her, trying to hide my awe. I can literally have any woman I want, but this girl was just as beautiful as any of them, and I wanted her. Her eyes gleamed with excitement, and her sweet smile half whispered and half shouted “Yes, Sir!” “Go sit in the seat next to the door. If anyone comes in for some reason, tell them you’re not open, but do not get up, do not lock the door, and do not allow your knees to get closer together than a single foot.” “Yes, Sir!” she beamed at me again, as she quickly strode to the indicated chair. I was worried I’d get too distracted by… I still hadn’t gotten her name, the secretary, so I didn’t bother watching her. Finding a girl so strikingly beautiful was rare, and I didn’t want to get distracted from my purpose there. I simply strode down the hallway, to Sandy’s office. I entered without knocking. Like the waiting room, the office was pretty standard. It had a comfortable leather couch for patients, a matching leather chair for Sandy to psychologize from, a coffee table, and closed blinds on the two windows. However, the lights were down low, a few candles were on the coffee table, rose petals were spread around the coffee table, couch, and the floor nearby, and some romantic jazz was playing in the background. Sitting on the floor at the far end of the coffee table, by the leather chair, was Sandy. Her curly, dirty blond hair was up in a fancy style, she had on a light coat of make-up, and her outfit was very similar to the secretary’s. The difference was that her outfit was a fairly dark red, and it had a businesslike Şişli escort bayan coat over the shelf bra and the skirt was longer. She also had on stockings and a garter belt with, if she followed my instructions, a thong on over the belt and stockings. Her skin wasn’t nearly as smooth as the secretary’s, but it wasn’t nearly bad. It was mostly smooth, with some freckles here or there. She definitely kept in shape. She was certainly healthy, but her face had an extra line here or there, indicating that she wasn’t exactly in high school any more. Her breasts were also smaller, though the jacket covered them up a little too much. I could tell her legs were shaved smooth as she sat on them, bent at the knee so she could. In front of her was a pork-chop with a salad and mashed potatoes, placed nicely on a plate, with a duplicate plate across the table from her. That spot was obviously mine, so I crossed my legs and sat there. “I’m glad you could join me.” Sandy said in a very courteous manner, though her smile gave away the tactful flirt. “Me too. This whole thing looks very romantic, don’t you think?” “Yes. How did you get in here to do this?” She asked as she poured two glasses of a red wine. “I didn’t. I know the owner of the building and had them let a decorator friend of mine in earlier this morning.” I said as I took the fancy goblet of wine she handed me. “How did you keep the food looking and smelling so nice on the way here?” “I live just around the corner. The trick was more not spilling than it was keeping anything from cooling or drying out.” She answered as she held her glass out for a toast.” “To beautiful company, lovely food, and good conversation.” I said, raising my glass to hers. Our glasses clinked and we both took a sip. As we began cutting our first bites, she looked at me curiously and said “I’ve never been on a date in my office before. I’ve also never eaten sitting at a coffee table. As odd as that is, I think it adds a certain charm, don’t you?” “Of course I do. Also, I have a request, if you don’t mind.” I replied. “What’s that?” She asked, holding off on the bite of pork until after I asked my question. “Don’t eat. Just sit there, be quiet, and be beautiful, as I eat and enjoy looking at you.” I said softly. Just as expected, she seemed smitten by what I said. It was a compliment, but, at the same time, it was a very peculiar request. Most women would have, at the very least, considered it strange. Most would have asked if it was a joke, or outright refused while trying to keep the mood pleasant. But not with me. Not any more. She did it. She smiled pleasantly and sat upright, posing for me. I was also pretty sure I saw her blush under her makeup. I ate about half of my food as she sat there, not eating, just trying to look good for me. I figured enough time had passed, and I was about to begin the actual experiment. I set down my utensils, leaned over the table slightly, and softly said, “Stand.” I suppose she was still following my “be quiet” command, as she slowly stood without saying a word. After standing, she seemed to continue posing for me, hardly moving, just trying to look pretty. I stood, acting as though I was drinking in her beauty. In actuality, I was trying to time the mean surprise well. I walked to her, taking a moment to act out drinking the moment in with each step. Finally, I got to her, and there was a sudden, loud, SMACK that surprised even me. I had slapped her as hard as I could. She fell to the side, surprised, momentarily scared, definitely shocked. When she realized what happened, she looked up to me, tears in her eyes, and asked, “What did I do wrong?” “Get up, whore!” I shouted at her as I roughly grabbed her arm. I pulled her up as she tried to scramble to her feet. Before she had her balance back all the way, I yanked as hard as I could on the front of her top. Success, all three buttons popped off! However, it also sent her reeling to the floor again, only this time at an odd angle a bit behind me. Her jacket was obviously wide open, but she was prone and only began standing back up as I turned to face her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head towards me. She turned on her knees and went with my tug. I leaned down and demanded to know, “Do you want to suck my dick, whore?!” Unfortunately, she looked relieved. I guess I had only started my experiment, and I didn’t expect to be able to push a girl too far in the first place, but I was still somewhat disappointed at her happy reaction to sucking my dick. She was the first woman I spoke to who outright refused in general, yet she was happy to suck my dick after I had essentially attacked her. Intuitively confusing, but sadly not unexpected. Her reply was a somewhat confused, timid, yet definite, “Yes.” “Don’t you just say ‘yes’ to me! Call me Sir, like a proper whore!” I shouted in her face. “Yes, Sir!” she replied less timidly, staring into my eyes with a mixture of pain and desire. I let go of her hair and stood up. As I began to undo my pants, she looked between my eyes and crotch, the pain fading from her expression. “Take that top off,” I commanded as I fished out my dick. “Yes, Sir!” she replied with more confidence. Thrusting one arm behind her at a time, she quickly pulled the jacket off. Perhaps it was seeing her secretary just before that made me expect more, but her tits seems fairly droopy. I don’t want to paint the picture improperly. She was firm of body and attractive, but due to her age, her breasts had, indeed, begun drooping slightly. It didn’t necessarily look unpleasant, and in fact I liked them, just my desire for small, slightly aged breasts was ruined by that secretary, who’s tits were among the greatest I had ever seen. Sandra’s were, to themselves, nice tits, with deep red, average sized nipples and matching areolae. I didn’t take much time thinking about that, though. As soon as her jacket was off, I grabbed her hair again and told her, “You’re going to deep-throat my whole dick, whore.” She replied “Yes, Smmphff!” I didn’t wait for her to finish replying before pulling her head in closer and shoving my dick into her mouth. She grabbed the base of my dick with one hand, and put her other on my thigh for balance. When she started licking I lost my cool. I pulled her head away and her arms flailed cutely to maintain balance. I didn’t allow the momentary cuteness distract me, though. I immediately slapped her, then followed up with a backhand on her other cheek. It was my left hand, so wasn’t and powerful as I meant, but it would do. Her hands instinctively shot up to protect her face. I then leaned down into her face again, and shouted, “You keep your hands behind your back, whore!” “Yes, Sir!” she said, the fear and pain returning to her expression as she quickly locked her hands together behind her. I switched hands and slapped her once, hard. Her arms moved, but they remained behind her. I leaned down and got right in her face and said, “Now deep-throat this dick, whore!” As I stood back up she moved in and took my dick in her mouth. She started going back and forth on it, licking only lightly, but there was clearly at least half of my dick not getting in her mouth. I pulled her away by her hair again, making sure to use my left hand. I followed it up by slapping her and following it up with a backhand. I then yelled in her face “I said deep-throat, stupid whore, do you even know what that means?!” “Her cheeks were both getting pink and her eyes were watering. She looked pitifully up to me, shook her head softly, and answered, “No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir!” I slapped her once more and said “How does such a dirty, filthy whore get so stupid to not even know what deep-throating is?!” “I… I don’t know, Sir!” she answered, a drop of water falling down her cheek. I paused for a moment. She started tearing up, and it caught me off guard. She was still calling me ‘Sir’, and still doing what I said, and she still seemed to want to please me. For a moment I wondered if I was actually experimenting, or if I had become sadistic. I wondered if it was perhaps both, but then shook my head and shrugged off the distracting thoughts. I slapped her once more, and her hands shot up to protect her face. I shouted, “Hands behind your back, filthy whore!” She immediately placed her hands back how they were, and started saying something, but it only came out as “Iphfaw!” since I slapped her as she opened her mouth. I shouted “Keep your arms behind your back until I give you permission to do Escort Sultangazi anything else with them, whore!”, and I followed it up with yet another slap and another backhand. After those two, I gave her a moment to reply, and she said, “Yes, Sir!” I slapped her, with a followup backhand, one more time, then explained as though to a child, “Deep-throating is when you take the whole damn dick into your mouth, down into your your dirty whore throat. Your bottom lip will touch my nut-sack, and your top lip will be pressing my pubes down onto the skin under them. Your nose will be in my pubes, and you will have a hard time breathing, and maybe won’t be able to at all. You have to suppress your gag reflex. Understand, stupid whore?” “Yes, Sir,” she replied. She was obviously frightened and unsure, but as soon as I let go of her hair, she moved right back in and took my dick into her mouth. Instead of going through the blow-job routine she had before, she simply slowly moved her mouth down the length of my shaft. She actually got most of it, with only maybe an inch remaining, before her eyes watered up more and she started gagging. Once the gagging started, she moved away and started coughing. As son as she was done coughing, I grabbed her hair and slapped her, then backhanded, then slapped again, and backhanded again. I shouted, “You get one more try, whore!” “Yes, Sir,” She replied meekly, tears rolling down her brightly pink cheeks. She didn’t hesitate to shove her head forward and open her mouth over my dick as soon as I let go of her hair, though. She got to about the same point as her last try. I could feel her throat tensing up, but she pushed another fraction of an inch before pulling away and coughing up a storm, though. I grabbed her head and pushed her back to where I would normally slap her. Instead of slapping, though, I leaned over and grabbed each of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. I placed my face right in front of hers and said, “You need to work on that, whore!” Her whole face tightened and another tear escaped as she looked into my eyes, but she replied, “I will, Sir! Sorry, Sir!” I twisted her nipples a bit, and added “You are not referring to yourself properly. You are a whore. You will call yourself ‘this whore’. Do you understand?” Her face tightened some more and her mouth opened with a sharp outward breath, then she answered “Yes, Sir! This whore understands, Sir!” “Good whore. Now, over to the wall, facing it, hands on it,” I said, releasing her nipples and pointing to the wall behind her chair. “Yes, Sir.” She she whispered. She stood after a moment’s hesitation, but immediately ran to the wall in the several steps it took. She pulled her hands out from behind her back only once she was to the wall. She placed them at about head level, shoulder width, then looked back to me obviously curious what was next. The pain had mostly faded from her face, the tears dried up, but there was still fear mixed with passion. It’s an odd expression to see, and difficult to describe. It’s a lot like fear, but with softer eyes and a more relaxed jaw. I turned to face her and slowly approached, softly, with a somewhat sincere curiosity, I asked, “Do you want to get fucked in the ass, whore?” She was obviously worried over how to answer the question. I suspected because she didn’t know if I wanted to hear what I wanted to hear, or if I actually wanted to know the true answer. She replied, “Sir, I… this whore does not like getting fucked in the ass, but this whore would love to please you however you desire.” I pulled her skirt up from either side and left it resting on her waist. Her ass was firm and shapely, if a bit wide. It was strong. The thong divided her ass cheeks nicely. Her skin was smooth, with a bunch of freckles. As I began taking my clothes off, I commanded, “Spread your legs.” “Yes, Sir,” she replied, and she moved her feet between two and three feet apart. “Farther,” I said. “Yes, Sir,” she moved her feet farther apart. “Hey, whore, what’s the name of that sexy ass secretary of yours?” I asked as I spanked her right cheek as hard as I could. “Gah!” She reacted to the unexpected pain on her ass by jumping slightly forward, moving her feet closer together. “This whore’s assistant is named Heather, Sir.” I pulled her head back by her hair, not far, but quickly, then shouted in her ear, “Keep your feet apart and stick that ass of yours out as far as you can! You will not move until given permission, stupid whore!” “Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!” she replied, quickly placing her feet widely apart and sticking her ass out surprisingly far. She did do aerobics, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Her back was arched and she bent over to keep her balance. Her ass was prominent that way, and she didn’t seem especially comfortable with her head below her hands. I didn’t really care. I wondered how hard that pose would be to keep. “Heather!” I called, looking at the door I left wide open. “Coming, Sir!” she shouted just before she ran into the room as well as she could with such ridiculous heels on. I was stunned by how gorgeous she was, again. Her tits jiggled so fantastically with her trot, and they bounced brutally when she cam to a stop with her legs apart and her arms behind her back. Her cute, bright smile flashed as she looked longingly into my eyes, and she asked, “What do you need, Sir?” Nodding towards my pants, I answered, “Take the keys from my front, right pocket, go out to my car, and bring me the box I keep in my trunk.” “Yes, Sir!” She replied happily, and she turned slightly away from me as she bent over to grab my pants. I stared at her perfect ass, and got reminded of the butt plug which may also have been responsible for her odd trot into the room. Just as she found my keys and was about to leave, she turned to me for a moment. I caught her attention in that moment, “By the way, how does that butt plug feel?” She turned to me suddenly, getting into that same position I told her to when talking to me standing, and she excitedly answered “Sir, it’s super uncomfortable, probably the most uncomfortable thing, like, ever, but it feels SO good when I imagine it’s your perfect dick, Sir! I want your dick in my ass so bad, Sir! I’m sorry if I spoke too much, Sir, I was just being honest!” Her blush and attempt at modesty seemed very cute to me. God, what a perfect girl. “Okay, go do what I told you.” “Yes, Sir,” she replied eagerly. I watched and marveled as she left. I turned to look at Sandy again. The fear in her face was moderate at best, replaced with an aroused intensity. I grabbed her hair and spoke authoritatively into her ear, “You see that, whore? You see how she desires my dick up her ass? Whore take dick up their ass, and they love it.” “Yes, Sir!” she said, seemingly defensively. “This whore wants your dick up her ass too, Sir! Your dick up my ass would be the highlight of my life, Sir!” I wondered how much of what she said was a show to please me, and how much was a sincere change of heart due to the inexplicable need to please me. “Then prove it, whore. Ask me nicely to fuck your asshole hard.” She got what I took as an exaggerated expression on her face, making me lean towards thinking it was an act, but she continued, “Please fuck this whore’s ass, Sir! Please fuck this whore’s asshole hard and deep, Sir! This whore’s ass being fucked hard and raw by your beautiful cock will complete this whore, give meaning to this whore’s life, Sir!” “That was surprisingly good, actually,” I said, sincerely impressed. “Now you just don’t move, whore.” “Yes, Sir!” she replied, relieved, apparently. I didn’t explain why to her, but I remembered she had referred to herself as “I” a little bit ago, so I spanked her left cheek as hard as I could. “Ow!” The arch in her back went away as she moved up, nearly jumping from either the surprise or pain. She immediately moved back into position, though. She seemed slightly more sober. I smacked her right cheek, then left. With each smack she moved forward slightly and said “Ow!” but she pushed her ass right back at me afterwords. A few more powerful spanks to both cheeks and her owes were replaced by ahs and grunts. Her ass always came right back for more, though. By the time Heather had come back and set my box down on the chair, Sandra’s ass had dark pink blotches on either cheek and tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Heather,” I called. “Yes, Sir!” she chimed as she got into her position at my side. I don’t think Taksim escort it’s possible to control it. I looked her up and down, and considered abandoning Sandra for her, once more. How was it possible to accidentally find such a beautiful girl?! I was in such luck! I wanted to stick to my plan, though. I could have all the fun I wanted with Heather afterwords. “Look in the box, and bring the bottle of lube over here,” I commanded. “Yes, Sir!” she replied merrily as she skipped to it. As she searched the box for the lube, something which didn’t take long, I pulled Sandra’s thong down, revealing her asshole and the womanhood under it. As expected, she had shaved for me. Heather jumped back into position next to me with one hand out and a transparent tube of liquid in it, saying, “Here it is, Sir!” “Squeeze a whole ass-load of that lube into your boss’ ass crack, and then another ass-load into your hand.” “Yes, Sir!” she replied as she quickly followed her instructions. She squirted so much that it ran down Sandra’s legs and fell dripping to the floor from her hand. “Okay, now gently rub that gel around Sandra’s rosebud while, with your other hand, jerking me off and lubing up my dick,” I told Heather. She looked first to Sandra’s asshole as she placed some fingers from her right hand over it, then to my manhood and placed her left hand around it. She quickly looked into my eyes and began licking her lips as she skillfully massaged the gel onto my dick. Just as I began getting hypnotized by the rhythmic motion of Heather’s tits as she jerked me off, Sandra shouted. “God dammit, Heather, he said to massage it around my rosebud, not to finger my ass!” I looked at her and she was obviously angry at Heather. While she was consciously my bitch, it didn’t seem she wanted to take anything she didn’t need to from Heather. Heather jumped, her glorious tits swinging in a circle, and she moved her hand away from Sandra. She continued working my dick, though. She looked at me a little fearfully. “Dammit,” I intoned sharply, “don’t you ever yell at Heather about anything she does for me, to you, ever again, stupid whore! You failed to refer to yourself properly, too.” “This whore is sorry, Sir! This whore certainly had no intentions of offending you, Sir!” Sandra was suddenly defensive and obviously worried about upsetting me. “Don’t apologize to me, whore, apologize to her!” I commanded. “I…” Sandra began, quickly halting and continuing properly “This whore is sorry, and humbly apologizes, Heather. Can you please forgive this whore?” “Yes, of co…” Heather started, but I interrupted. “No, you’re upset about this,” I directed. “You think she should be punished like a good whore who forgot her place and needs a reminder.” “Oh, of course, Sir!” Heather chimed excitedly, though unable to hide her confusion. “Maybe, uh… she should get spanked, Sir?” “Good start, but I’m thinking something that hasn’t been done, yet. Heather, shove your middle finger up her ass, then walk around her so that you’re facing her.” Sandra made a noise like “Gwaht!” as Heathers middle finger was jammed up her ass. Her whole body tensed up, but she quickly rebounded and stuck her ass out again. “Okay, Heather, now slap her titties. One at a time, alternating, as hard as you can, until I say to stop. Got it?” “Yes, Sir,” she replied, obviously slightly concerned about hurting Sandra. Just before she began I said, “Use both hands, your finger doesn’t have to stay in her ass.” “Yes, Sir.” echoed Heather, and I heard a loud slap as her right hand came down across Sandra’s left tit. Sandra whispered loudly “Oh” as her back lost some arch. She arched her back right back up again, though. Heather’s second slap wasn’t as loud, and Sandra didn’t react quite as strongly. Then Heather repeated each slap, and they seemed more even. Sandra remained mostly in place, saying “Oh!” or “Ah!” or some other noise indicating pain with each slap. I looked around Sandra to watch Heather’s tits wobble with the slaps she was delivering. I waited until Sandra’s tits were a bright pink before calling Heather off. Heather was risking gaining my attention instead of Sandra, again, so I told her “Go back to the chair like I told you to earlier, Heather.” “Yes, Sir!” she whispered cutely at me. She licked her lips as she left. I positioned myself behind Sandra, my erection against her butt cheeks, and said coolly “And now it’s ass-time, whore.” “Thank you, Sir. This whore wants your dick up her asshole badly!” Sandra said. It wasn’t intuitive, though, because I could see her tensing up, her asshole clamped shut like a vice. “You’re going to have to relax if you really want my dick deep in your ass, whore. Show me you can be a good whore, okay?” I said teasingly. “Yes, Sir,” she said, though it didn’t appear that she was any more relaxed. “Okay,” I said as I placed my glans against her rosebud. I began pressing, and she moved slightly away from me as I got closer to entering her ass. “Whore, if you don’t push your ass back against my thrusts, you’re in serious trouble, understand?!” “Yes, Sir, this whore understands!” She said in a low, resigned voice. She started pressing back against me, and my head slowly opened her ass… and then it immediately slid up her butt-crack due to the lube and not enough give. “That’s your fault. You’re not relaxed enough. Don’t let it happen again,” I said coolly. “Yes, Sir! This whore apologizes, Sir! It will go in this whore’s asshole now, Sir!” She replied. It seemed like she was collecting herself with a few breaths, then she visibly relaxed. I held onto her hip with one hand, aiming with the other. She continued pressing back and breathing rhythmically as my glans slowly opened her bud. Once I had my head in, she let out a deep “Oh… God.” I stopped pushing. I gave her a moment to consider her situation. Her breathing continued, she was putting a lot of effort into remaining relaxed. It was among the tightest of all assholes I had ever been in, but I’m sure a lot of that was her lack of experience and inability to fully relax. I calmly said, “Do not move, whore. I’m in, but this is certainly not all. Remember how you wanted it hard and fast?” “Yes, Sir. This whore wants to be ass-fucked by you, hard and fast,” She replied between breaths, obviously anxious about what was next. “Then ask me nicely to fuck your whore ass. Ask me to fuck your ass hard, ask me to fuck it deep, and ask me to treat you like the whore you so thoroughly are,” I said, lording my position over her. “Sir,” she began, obviously nervous, scared, yet still with an obvious arousal in her voice, “Could you please fuck this whore’s whore ass? Can you please fuck this whore’s ass hard and deep, Sir? Could you fuck my ass like the whore I so thoroughly am, Sir?” I was disappointed she wasn’t as into her role as earlier such that she ad-libbed some dialogue, but she said what I told her to either way. “Don’t you dare pull away from me, whore. I’m about to get balls deep in your ass,” I told her. I slowly sank my dick into her, millimeter by millimeter. She continued pressing back on it without much resistance or noise. Her breathing began to get sharper, but she took over half of my dick before she almost pulled away suddenly. It was a momentary lapse, though, and she was soon pressing back again. My dick only got another few millimeters before there was significant resistance. “Oooooohhhh.” she let out, going from a normal tone to a lower one. As my dick started moving past the resistance, she looked up at the ceiling sharply, and let out a higher pitched “Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”, though not too loudly. As my dick continued without much left to sink into her rear, she almost stopped pushing back for a moment, but then started up again, all within a moment. It moved about half an inch in when she did that, and she took up a deep mantra of “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod…” As the very last bit of my dick slid into her ass, my promise of balls deep being realized, she slowly intoned a deep “Oh… fuck… me…” I rested there, pressing deeply into her ass, her pressing back and taking the whole thing on the first attempt. Her breaths were shallow and she was visibly shaking. I could see the side of her face as she moved it to look at the ground, and there were tears falling down her cheek. I said to her, almost allowing some pride to shine through, “That’s a good job taking my whole dick the first time. I don’t think that’s ever happened with an anal virgin before. However, you said ‘me’ instead of what you’re supposed to say.” Slowing her breaths consciously, she replied in a deep whisper, “Thank you, Sir… for the compliment… This whore is happy about tak… ing your whole dick… This whore apologizes… for…

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