Indian Summer

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The weekend was ours to spend in the moment of lush reds, oranges, yellows and browns. The city seemed to crowded, the sea told us to look to the West and the cries of autumn beckoned us to the hills. We decided to spend the weekend at my home lost amongst the hills, the fall season in full swing, blessed with perfect Indian Summer days.

Sunday, a lazy day. My bed warm and soft like the sacred cavern between my thighs that you explored for hours the night before. Nestled in and so warm the craving scent of our love making still hung in the air mingling with the crisp bite of fall night air. The damp sex aroma laced with shivery cool air called me from my dreams pulling me into the morning light waking my craving for more of you.

My eyes open slowly, I feel your breath running down my back, your arm wrapped around me nestled in the curve of my waist as your hand cradles a breast gently in your hand. My desire flows down my legs and I laid there devouring the delicious yearning that you always give me. A hunger for you, deep in the pit of my very being that could only be satisfied when we totally opened ourselves to each other and begin to feast. You are a banquet to me always a new exotic dish served up for me to explore through my senses becoming lost in a reality that only you create for me.

Painful, aching throbs throughout my body, a heart beat on the verge of an attack, calling to you to wake. You feel my need for you even in your sleep. Naturally you pull yourself closer to me, our bodies one even in rest. Legs entwined, your sex pushing into the warm, wet femininity. An arm wrapped around me the other reaches up as your fingers become lost within my auburn curls. Your face cradled within the nap of my neck, you can not be any closer and I slowly melt into you no longer alone but fused within all that you are. Slowly, my body begins to shake, a thin line of rich moisture forms under my breast as my breathing starts to shorten. Closing my eyes, I live within you. My nipples hard and painful reaching forward for your touch as my arm reaches back to envelop you closer into me. You sleep and I feel your smile as the warmth starts to race through me. A fire deep within my sacred heart, burning long, hard and strong. Yearning for you, relaxing I just let go.

The fire spreads between my legs so hot, so wild as it pushes up through my body. I can not hold on anymore. Shuddering,I cum, lost in you, a gasp from my soul flying from my mouth. You wake and know what you have done to me, even in your sleep.

Smiling and sleep ridden, whispering in my ear “Du Lac, I so like to wake to your soul ripening.” I roll anime porno over and kiss you deeply, your mouth so wet, filled with last nights sacred juices, I gush as I taste myself alive within your mouth.

Struggling to pull back, my eyes alive and full of passion I whisper “Thank you Muse” as we start to laugh as if we are children set free in a candy store.

It is a beautiful day edged in golden light. The suns last summer warmth spills onto the still green grass that calls for one last barefoot walk! Wrapped in a long gauze dress I leave you to sleep as I toss my toes through the morning dew. Cold and damp on my feet the dew clings to me.

Walking with the dew, I slowly come back to this world. Birdsong fills the air and a soft breeze blows across my face, lips parted, eyes partially closed I smile thinking of our morning.

I hear that you are up, some work to finish before we can start the day. My hammock calls to me. Indian summer sun hot and still intense my skin calls to feel the healing rays turn it to a golden brown. I take off my dress only bikini bottoms on, I lie in the hammock and let the sun move across me.

Floating away as the sun’s rays increase with the heat of the day, goosebumps rise as I become totally free into the last days of summer. I feel the sun fingers moving from my temples across my eye lids, light kisses moving down my cheek onto my neck. Stretching like a cat I am so content.

Breathing deeply from the center of my heart I start to float down towards another realm. The sun’s kisses move down my body. Softly licking the underside of my full breast, circling moving towards the nipple as it rises to meet the sun. Hard now and burning, my nipples are suckled by the Sun God. I sigh gently, as he continues down my body. Traveling down to my stomach, small beads of perspiration gather in my navel, a salty lake inviting one to deeply dive into the warm waters. Down my black covered mound, the heat increasing my new desire. Feather touching my legs the inside of my thighs down to the toes. My back arches to meet the heat, lost in all the sensuous gifts that Goddess blesses upon us. The colors of fall swirl through my mind. Joyous the ride over the tops of the God brushed hills. Screaming colors flashing through me, now lost in the experience of nature’s gifts I do not hear you come up behind me…

“Du Lac do not open your eyes, do you trust me?” I smile gently, slowly nodding my head speechless with the nearness of you. A dark cover covers my eyes, cold and silky as you tie the blindfold behind my head. Giggling, I already feeling the pressure of asyalı porno desire building within.

You smell clean, fresh, still wet from the hot shower. I hear placement of articles on the ground, grass cradling the toys we soon will enjoy. My hands above my head you tie them with the same glorious silk tie you wore last night. I know the feel of it by heart. Still rich with our passion from the night before. This beautiful red silk tie still vibrates with the want and need that we bred during our dinner.

Roaring energies coursing through my wrists as you tie them just tight enough for me struggle, leaving leverage so I can still get free. I hear water and feel the wave of coolness brush across my face. Waiting with my heart in my throat, trusting that you only want my purity to come forth. Knowing no harm will come to me. I keep hearing the movement of water in a bucket, with objects immersed in the water, I listen with all I have.

My breathing slowly becoming faster, small gasps of anticipation escape my full lips. I hear you breathing, moving near me. I can feel you, only increasing the excitement.

Standing over me straddling the hammock, your weight slowly swing the hammock as you sit between my legs. You hover over me, your lips inches from mine, my mouth parts, waiting, needing, the kiss soon to come. Your tongue slides along my parted lips prodding them to open accept your warm mouth deep on mine. The kiss, deep, passionate, giving me all that you have.

Ice cold hands cradle my breast, shocking alluring, now shivering, my body is yours. My back arches up and I squeal with pleasure. Your warm mouth on mine, exploring while the freezing hands lightly trace the outside of my breast, my nipples rising calling for your touch. My hands tied above my head, blind, I am lost in your aromas. Rich, deep, lusty I can already tell you want me again.

Your hardness rising against the inside of my thighs and the deep kisses slowly become one with our breath. The cold against the hot, sun kissed skin of my breast is more than I can take. Hips move upwards, feet planted on the ground, I need to feel you close to me.

The heat from my nipples warms your fingers, you pull them with a twisting that causes enough pain for pleasure to seep through. Moving to my throat, your mouth so warm, you suckle on the soft spot where my pulse beats wildly. Kissing my heart. Movement of your arms, arching backwards to you, ice cold liquid laced with warm apples and oak splashes across my chest. Wine droplets running down my ribs, you drink from the well of white wine that lies between the valley of backroom casting porno my breast.

Your tongue lapping up all the wonderful rich colors of fall that course through my blood. Moving to my navel, hands still cold travel so lightly down my sides as you drink from the lake at the base of my mound.

My legs open gracefully, the gates to heaven inviting you to enter. You whisper for me to turn over, I lie with my stomach flat on the hammock, the wine sliding down my spine pooling at the small of my back. Floating down the river that courses down my body, mouth so hungry, thirsty, so needing to be feed. I feel your hard cock pulsing through the thin material covering my ass.

Pushing, craving to come home. Fingers move under the band as you rip them free from my body. A mouth moving across my full buttocks, biting with fingers moving toward the sacred cave of the Goddess. I can not but push up to you, desire screams through me. I have lost my mind, now all I can do if feel what you make me live in this moment.

Bliss, ecstasy, one with the world as your finger slides easily into my femininity, drenched like a cave at the base of the sea, waves crashing and feeding the source of fresh female liquids.

Hot, warm wine of Du Lac. Whimpering moans float from my lips I sense your smile, you love to bring me here,lost in you and myself, no where to run just be in the moment. Your finger soaked with my own juices reaches and enters my tight ass. Slowly stroking me I relax as the sensations overwhelm me. “Du Lac do you trust me?” I can only cry “Yes!”

The hot throb of your cock slowly pushes me open. Ecstatic pain coursing through me as you enter my ass so tight, hot and waiting for you. The ultimate act of trust that I can give to you. Vulnerable and open, I feel you gracefully enter me as I lose my breath. The pain is joyful, you are so deep within me, holding it there grasping my hips filling me up with nowhere else to go.

Your desire and control radiate from you, wanting to let loose but not to hurt me. The rhythm of our bodies start to dance as you pull back your head, growing bigger I feel your heart beat in the center of my being. I scream “please now” and you let go.

Moving together, thrusting in and out, the heat of the sun beating on us cool to the touch of our skin. We are on fire. I can no longer take the holding back as my muscles clamp down on the head and shaft that is so deep within me.

A scream released, primal from the depths of my soul. Filling me with your male wine, pumping me full of the sacred liquid I love to receive. Your screams join me as we peak, lost within the moment of each other, here God lives. Bodies shake as we slowly come down from the mountain above this world. I feel your weight come down on my back as your lips search for my lips. We kiss deeply. No words, just us saying thank you on a perfect Indian summer day.

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